On October 31, 1983.

Paul McCartney_-_Pipes of peace

On October 31, 1983, “Parlaphone” label released “Pipes of Peace”, the fourth Paul McCartney studio album. “Pipes of Peace” was recorded in October/December 1980, February–March 1981, summer 1981, September–October 1982, and February-July 1983, and was produced by George Martin.


  • Paul McCartney: bass guitar, guitars, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, drums, vocals
  • Linda McCartney: keyboards, backing vocals
  • Michael Jackson: vocals (duet with McCartney) on Say Say Say and The Man
  • Eric Stewart: guitars, backing vocals
  • Denny Laine: guitars, keyboards, vocals
  • Hughie Burn: guitar
  • Geoff Whitehorn: guitar
  • Stanley Clarke: bass guitar, vocals
  • Gavin Wright: violin
  • Jerry Hey: strings, horn
  • Gary Herbig: flute
  • Chris Hammer Smith: harmonica
  • Andy Mackay: saxophone
  • Ernie Watts: saxophone
  • Gary Grant: horns
  • Ringo Starr: drums
  • Steve Gadd: drums
  • Dave Mattacks: drums
  • James Kippen: tabla
  • Petalozzi’s Children’s Choir: backing vocals

Track listing:

All compositions by Paul McCartney, except where noted..

  1. Pipes of Peace
  2. Say Say Say – Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
  3. The Other Me
  4. Keep Under Cover
  5. So Bad
  6. The Man – Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
  7. Sweetest Little Show
  8. Average Person
  9. Hey Hey – Paul McCartney and Stanley Clarke
  10. Tug of Peace
  11. Through Our Love



On October 31, 1983.

Cocteau Twins

On October 31, 1983, “4AD” label released “Head over Heels”, the second Cocteau Twins studio album. This was Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie first album as a duo. The album was recorded in 1983 at the “Palladium Studios” in Edinburgh, and was produced by Cocteau Twins and John Fryer.


  • Elizabeth Fraser– vocals
  • Robin Guthrie– guitar, bass guitar, drum machine
  • Ally – saxophone
  • 23 Envelope– sleeve art design

Track listing:

All compositions by Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie.

  1. When Mama Was Moth
  2. Five Ten Fiftyfold
  3. Sugar Hiccup
  4. In Our Angelhood
  5. Glass Candle Grenades
  6. In the Gold Dust Rush
  7. The Tinderbox
  8. Multifoiled
  9. My Love Paramour
  10. Musette and Drums

On October 30, 2000.


On October 30, 2000, “Island” label released “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”, the tenth U2 studio album.  It was recorded 1998 – 2000, at the” HQ”,” Windmill Lane Studios”,”Westland Studios” and“Totally Wired” in Dublin, and was produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. The album and its songs won seven “Grammy Awards”.  In 2012, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” at number 280 at its list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.  


  • Bono– vocals, guitar, synthesisers
  • The Edge– guitar, piano, vocals, synthesisers, strings
  • Adam Clayton– bass guitar
  • Larry Mullen Jr.– drums, percussion
  • Brian Eno– synthesisers, programming, backing vocals, string arrangement
  • Daniel Lanois– backing vocals, guitar
  • Paul Barrett – brass

Track listing:

Lyrics by Bono except where noted, music by Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr..

  1. Beautiful day
  2. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of – lyrics by Bono, The Edge
  3. Elevation
  4. Walk On
  5. Kite – lyrics by Bono, The Edge
  6. In a Little While
  7. Wild Honey
  8. Peace on Earth
  9. When I Look at the World – lyrics by Bono, The Edge
  10. New York
  11. Grace

On October 30, 1995.


On October 30, 1995, “island” label released “Different Class”, the fifth Pulp studio album. It was recorded 1994 – 1995, at the “Town House” in London, and was produced by Chris Thomas. The album was big commercial success, going four times platinum. In 2013, ”NME” magazine  ranked the “Different Class” at number 6 in its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Jarvis Cocker– vocals, guitars, vocoder, mellotron, micromoog, synare
  • Russell Senior– guitar, violin
  • Candida Doyle– organ, minimoog, piano
  • Steve Mackey– bass
  • Mark Webber– guitars, piano
  • Nick Banks– drums, cymbals, percussion
  • Matthew Vaughan, Olle Romo , Anthony Genn, Mark Haley – programming
  • Chris Thomas – guitar, keyboards
  • Anne Dudley– orchestral arrangement, conducting
  • Gavyn Wright – orchestra leader

Track listing:

Lyrics by Jarvis Cocker, music by Pulp

  1. Mis-Shapes
  2. Pencil Skirt
  3. Common People
  4. I Spy
  5. Disco 2000
  6. Live Bed Show
  7. Something Changed
  8. Sorted for E’s & Wizz
  9. Feeling Called Love
  10. Underwear
  11. Monday Morning
  12. Bar Italia


On October 30, 1971.

PinkFloyd Meddle

On October 30, 1971, “Harvest” label released “Meddle”, the sixth Pink Floyd studio album.  It was recorded January – August 1971, at the “AIR Studios”, “Abbey Road Studios”, and “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason. The album cover was designed by Hipgnosis.


  • David Gilmour– guitar, lead vocals, bass, harmonica
  • Roger Waters– bass, acoustic guitar, lead vocals
  • Richard Wright– Hammond organ, piano, co-lead vocals, Farfisa organ
  • Nick Mason– drums, percussion, vocal phrase
  • Seamus the Dog – vocals

Track listing:

  1. One of These Days – Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Nick Mason
  2. A Pillow of Winds – David Gilmour, Roger Waters
  3. Fearless – David Gilmour, Roger Waters
  4. San Tropez – Roger Waters
  5. Seamus – David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Roger Waters, Nick Mason
  6. Echoes – David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, Roger Waters

On October 30, 1967.

Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield Again

On October 30, 1967, “Atco” label released “Buffalo Springfield Again” the second Buffalo Springfield album.  It was recorded July – September 1967, and was produced by Ahmet Ertegün, Richie Furay, Jim Messina, Jack Nitzsche, Stephen Stills and Neil Young.


  • Stephen Stills- organ, lead and rhythm guitar, piano, keyboard, vocals
  • Neil Young- lead and rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Richie Furay- rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Dewey Martin- drums, vocals
  • Bruce Palmer- bass
  • Norris Badeaux – baritone saxophone
  • Hal Blaine – drums
  • James Burton- Dobro, guitar
  • Charlie Chin – banjo
  • Merry Clayton– vocal
  • David Crosby- backing vocal
  • Jim Fielder– bass
  • Jim Gordon– drums
  • Doug Hastings – guitar
  • Brenda Holloway – vocal
  • Patrice Holloway – vocal
  • Jim Horn– clarinet
  • Gloria Jones – vocal
  • Carol Kaye– bass
  • Shirley Matthews – vocal
  • Harvey Newmark – bass
  • Gracia Nitzsche – vocal
  • Jack Nitzsche- electric piano
  • Don Randi – piano, harpsichord
  • Chris Sarns – guitar
  • Russ Titelman– guitar
  • Bobby West – bass
  • Design: Loring Eutemey
  • Illustrations: Eve Babitz

Track listingL

  1. Soul – Neil Young
  2. A Child’s Claim to Fame – Richie Furay
  3. Everydays – Stephen Stills
  4. Expecting to Fly – Neil Young
  5. Bluebird – Stephen Stills
  6. Hung Upside Down – Stephen Stills
  7. Sad Memory – Richie Furay
  8. Good Time Boy – Richie Furay
  9. Rock & Roll Woman – Stephen Stills
  10. Broken Arrow – Neil Young


On October 28, 1977.


On October 28, 1977, “EMI” label released “News of the World”, the sixth Queen studio album. It was recorded July – September 1977, at “Sarm West” and “Wessex Studios” in London, and was produced by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, and co-produced by Mike Stone. The album featured tracks “We Will Rock You”, “We Are the Champions” and “Spread Your Wings”, and sold in more than 10 million copies worldwide. The album’s cover was a painting by American sci-fi artist Frank Kelly Freas.


  • Freddie Mercury: lead and backing vocals, piano, cowbell
  • Brian May: electricand acoustic guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals, maracas
  • Roger Taylor: drums, percussion, lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar, bass guitar
  • John Deacon: bass guitars, Spanish guitar

Track listing:

  1. We Will Rock You – Brian May
  2. We Are the Champions – Freddie Mercury
  3. Sheer Heart Attack – Roger Taylor
  4. All Dead, All Dead – Brian May
  5. Spread Your Wings – John Deacon
  6. Fight from the Inside – Roger Taylor
  7. Get Down, Make Love – Freddie Mercury
  8. Sleeping the Sidewalk – Brian May
  9. Who Needs You – John Deacon
  10. It’s Late – Brian May
  11. My Melancholy Blues – Freddie Mercury