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In May 1971.

In May 1971, “Track” label released “Smash Your Head Against the Wall”, the debut John Entwistle solo album. It was recorded November 1970 – January 1971, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Entwistle. It was the first solo album by any Who member.


  • John Entwistle– lead and backing vocals, bass guitar,  brass,  percussion, piano, keyboards, organ, flugelhorn, cover art concept
  • Neil Innes– percussion, backing vocals
  • Dave “Cyrano” Langston – electricand acoustic guitar, percussion, backing vocals
  • Keith Moon– percussion, backing vocals
  • Greg Ridley– bass
  • Jerry Shirley– drums, percussion
  • Vivian Stanshall– percussion
  • Graham Hughes – cover art concept, photography

Track listing:

All tracks by John Entwistle.

  1. My Size
  2. Pick Me Up (Big Chicken)
  3. What Are We Doing Here?
  4. What Kind of People Are They?
  5. Heaven and Hell
  6. Ted End
  7. You’re Mine
  8. 29 (Eternal Youth)
  9. I Believe in Everything

On March 24, 2010.

On March 24, 2010, James Joseph Marshall died aged 74. He was a photographer, best known for his photographs of famous rock musicians, including The Beatles (final paid live concert in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park), Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, The Allman Brothers Band, The Who, Guns N’ Roses and Santana. He was also the chief photographer at Woodstock.

On June 27, 2002.

John Entwistle

On June 27, 2002, John Alec Entwistle died aged 57. Being musician, singer, songwriter, composer, musician, film and music producer, he was best known as bass player of The Who. Nicknamed “The Ox” and “Thunderfingers, he was voted as the “Greatest Bass Guitarist of All Time” in a “Rolling Stone” magazine reader’s poll. In 1990, Entwistle was inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” as a member of The Who. As solo artist he has recorded seven albums:

  • Smash Your Head Against the Wall– 1971
  • Whistle Rymes – 1972
  • Rigor Mortis Sets In– 1973
  • Mad Dog– 1975
  • Too Late the Hero– 1981
  • The Rock– 1996
  • Music from Van Pires– 2000


On March 16, 1981.

The Who-Face-dances

On March 16, 1981, “Warner Bros” label release “Face Dances”, the ninth The Who studio album. It was recorded July – December 1980, at “Odyssey Recording Studios” in London, and was produced by Bill Szymczyk.


  • Roger Daltrey- lead vocals
  • Pete Townshend- guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, lead vocals
  • John Entwistle- bass guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals
  • Kenney Jones- drums
  • John “Rabbit” Bundrick- keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Michael Andrews -paintings
  • Brian Aris -photography
  • Clive Barker- paintings, photography, paintbox bronze on rear cover
  • Peter Blake- cover design, concept, paintings
  • Patrick Caulfield– paintings
  • Gavin Cochrane – photography
  • Richard Evans- graphic design
  • Richard Hamilton– paintings
  • David Hockney– paintings
  • Howard Hodgkin– paintings
  • David Inshaw– paintings
  • Bill Jacklin – paintings
  • Allen Jones– paintings
  • B. Kitaj– paintings
  • Tom Phillips– paintings
  • Patrick Procktor – paintings
  • Colin Self– paintings
  • Joe Tilson – paintings
  • David Tindle – paintings

Track listing:

All tracks by Pete Townshend, except where noted.

  1. You Better You Bet
  2. Don’t Let Go the Coat
  3. Cache Cache
  4. The Quiet One – John Entwistle
  5. Did You Steal My Money
  6. How Can You Do It Alone
  7. Daily Records
  8. You – John Entwistle
  9. Another Tricky Day

On December 15, 1967.


On December 15, 1967, “Track records” released “The Who Sell Out”, the third Who studio album.  It was recorded May – November 1967, at the “Talentmasters Studios” in New York, “IBC Studios”, “Pye Studios”, “De Lane Lea Studios”, “CBS Studios”, and “Kingsway Studios” in London, and in “Gold Star Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Kit Lambert.


  • Roger Daltrey– lead and backing vocals, percussion
  • John Entwistle– bass guitar, backing and lead vocals, horns, sound effectsSpeedy Keen,
  • Pete Townshend– guitar, backing and lead vocals, keyboards, pennywhistle, banjo, sonovox
  • Keith Moon– drums, backing vocals, percussion, sound effects, lead vocals
  • Al Kooper– keyboards, organ

Track listing:

All tracks by by Pete Townshend, except where noted.

  1. Armenia City in the Sky – Speedy Keen
  2. Heinz Baked Beans – John Entwistle
  3. Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand
  4. Odorono
  5. Tattoo
  6. Our Love Was, Is
  7. I Can See for Miles
  8. Can’t Reach You
  9. Medac
  10. Relax
  11. Silas Stingy – John Entwistle
  12. Sunrise
  13. Rael (1 and 2)


On December 9, 1966.

The Who A Quick One

On December 9, 1966, “Reaction” label released “A Quick One”, the second Who studio album. It was recorded September – November 1966, at the “IBC Studios” and “PYE Studios” in London, and was produced by Kit Lambert.


  • Roger Daltrey- lead vocals, trombone, bass drum
  • John Entwistle- bass guitar, backing and lead vocals, keyboards, French horn, trumpet
  • Pete Townshend- lead and rhythm guitars, backing and lead vocals, keyboards, penny-whistle
  • Keith Moon- drums, backing and lead vocals, percussion, tuba

Track listing:

All tracks by Pete Townshend, except where noted.

  1. Run Run Run
  2. Boris the Spider – John Entwistle
  3. I Need You – Keith Moon
  4. Whiskey Moon – John Entwistle
  5. Heat Wave – Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Edward Holland
  6. Cobwebs and Strange – Keith Moon
  7. Don’t Look Away
  8. See My Way – Roger Daltrey
  9. So Sad About Us
  10. A Quick One, While He’s Away

On December 3, 1965.


On December 3, 1965, “Brunswick Records” label released “My Generation”, the debut Who studio album. “My Generation” was recorded in April and October 1965, at the “IBC Studios” in London, and was produced by Shel Talmy.


  • Roger Daltrey– lead vocals, harmonica
  • John Entwistle– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Keith Moon– drums, percussion, backing vocals on “Instant Party Mixture”
  • Pete Townshend– six and twelve-string acoustic and electric guitars, backing and lead vocals
  • Perry Ford – piano
  • Nicky Hopkins– piano
  • The Ivy League– backing vocals
  • Jimmy Page– lead and rhythm guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by Pete Townshend, except where noted.

  1. Out in the Street
  2. I Don’t Mind – James Brown
  3. The Good’s Gone
  4. La-La-La-Lies
  5. Much Too Much
  6. My Generation
  7. The Kids Are Alright
  8. Please, Please, Please – James Brown, Johnny Terry
  9. It’s Not True
  10. I’m a Man – Bo Diddley
  11. A Legal Matter
  12. The Ox – Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Nicky Hopkins