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Buffy Sainte-Marie: She Used to Wanna Be a Balerina

In March 1971, “Vanguard” label released “She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina” the seventh Buffy Sainte-Marie album. It was recorded in 1970, and was produced by Jack Nitzsche and Buffy Sainte-Marie.


  • Buffy Sainte-Marie – vocals
  • Jesse Ed Davis – guitar
  • Neil Young – guitar 
  • Ry Cooder – guitar
  • Jack Nitzsche – piano
  • Merry Clayton – backing vocals
  • Gayle Levant – harp
  • Crazy Horse

Track listing:

All tracks by Buffy Sainte-Marie, except where noted.

  1. Rollin’ Mill Man – Gerry Goffin, Russ Titelman
  2. Smack Water Jack – Gerry Goffin, Carole King
  3. Sweet September Morning
  4. She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina
  5. Bells – Leonard Cohen
  6. Helpless – Neil Young
  7. Moratorium
  8. The Surfer – Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ariel Gonzales, Carlos Pardeiro
  9. Song of the French Partisan – Anna Marly, Hy Zaret
  10. Soldier Blue
  11. Now You’ve Been Gone for a Long Time

Thomas Tedesco

On November 10, 1997, Thomas J. Tedesco died aged 67. He was a musician (guitar), part of the loose collective of Los Angeles area’s session musicians known as The Wrecking Crew. As he played on hundreds studio recordings, “Guitar Player” magazine described him as “the most recorded guitarist in music history”. He recorded with the Beach Boys, Chet Baker, the Mamas & the Papas, the Everly Brothers, the Association, Bobby Darrin, Barbra Streisand, Jan and Dean, the 5th Dimension, Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Zappa, Ricky Nelson, Cher, Neil Diamond, Van Dyke Parks, Michael Franks, Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Richard Harris, Peggy Lee, Johnny Rivers, Al Kooper, Michael Nesmith, Paul Anka, Don Ellis, Minnie Riperton, Maria Muldaur, Leon Russell, Aretha Franklin, Art Garfunkel, J.J. Cale, Quincy Jones, Stephen Bishop, Kenny Loggins, Jack Nitzsche, Sarah Vaughan, Lalo Schifrin, Randy Newman, Hugh Masakela, and Joan Baez. Tedesco performed on soundtracks including The French Connection, Jaws, The Godfather, Field of Dreams, and The Deer Hunter. As a leader he released ten albums.

Jack Nitzsche

On August 25, 2000, Bernard Alfred Nitzsche aka Jack Nitzsche, died aged 63. He was a songwriter, composer, arranger, record producer, and musician, known for his work with Phil Spector, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Earl Palmer, Leon Russell, Roy Caton, Willy DeVille, Glen Campbell, and Graham Parker. He also worked in film scores, for films such as “Performance”, “The Exorcist” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Nitzsche released four solo albums and five OSR albums.

Willy DeVille

On August 6, 2009, William Paul Borsey Jr. aka Willy DeVille died aged 58. He was a singer and songwriter, founder of Mink DeVille, the house band at the New York club “CBGB”. With Mink DeVille, he released six albums and ten by his own name. DeVille collaborated with musicians from various music genres such as Jack Nitzsche, Doc Pomus, Dr. John, Mark Knopfler, Allen Toussaint, Eddie Bo, David Hidalgo, Efrain Toro, Mariachi Los Camperos, Jimmy Zavala, Zachary Richard, Jeff Baxter, Freebo, Jim Gilstrap, and Brian Ray.

On July 6, 1987.

On July 6, 1987, “Geffen” label released “Life”, the 19th Neil Young album overall, and the eleventh with Crazy Horse. It was recorded November 1986, at “Universal Amphitheatre” in Universal City, and “Record One” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Neil Young, David Briggs and Jack Nitzsche.


  • Neil Young– guitar, harmonica, keyboards
  • Crazy Horse

Poncho Sampedro – guitar, keyboards

Ralph Molina – drums

Billy Talbot – bass

  • Bryan Bell – programming, synth-bank
  • Michael Hoenig– programming
  • Niko Bolas– recording, mixing
  • Coke Johnson – recording, mixing
  • Tim Mulligan, Richard Landers, Brian Soucy – engineering
  • Chris Bellman – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Neil Young.

  1. Mideast Vacation
  2. Long Walk Home
  3. Around the World
  4. Inca Queen
  5. Too Lonely
  6. Prisoners of Rock ‘N’ Roll
  7. Cryin’ Eyes
  8. When Your Lonely Heart Breaks
  9. We Never Danced

Tim Buckley: Same

In October 1966, “Elektra” label released the debut, self-titled Tim Buckley album. It was recorded in August 1966, at “Sunset Sound” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Jac Holzman and Paul A. Rothchild.


  • Tim Buckley– vocals, guitar
  • Lee Underwood– guitar
  • Van Dyke Parks– piano, celesta, harpsichord
  • Jim Fielder– bass guitar
  • Billy Mundi– drums, percussion
  • Jack Nitzsche– string arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Tim Buckley, except where noted.

  1. I Can’t See You – Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley
  2. Wings
  3. Song of the Magician – Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley
  4. Strange Street Affair Under Blue – Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley
  5. Valentine Melody – Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley
  6. Aren’t You the Girl?
  7. Song Slowly Song – Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley
  8. It Happens Every Time
  9. Song for Jainie
  10. Grief in My Soul – Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley
  11. She Is –Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley
  12. Understand Your Man


In April 1976.

In April 1976, “A&M” label released “Young and Rich”, the second Tubes album. It was recorded in 1976 at “A&M Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Ken Scott.


  • Fee Waybill- vocals
  • Bill “Sputnik” Spooner- vocals, guitar
  • Roger Steen – vocals, guitar, harp
  • Rick “Gator” Anderson – vocals, bass
  • Vince Welnick- keyboards, synthesizer
  • Michael Cotten – synthesizer
  • “Preposterous” Prairie Prince- percussion
  • Re Styles (Shirley MacLeod) – “funky-pretty” vocals
  • Chuck Domanico– bass
  • Don Randi– piano
  • Alan Estes, Julius Wechter– percussion
  • Jay Migliori, Steve Douglas– saxophone
  • Bobby Shew– trumpet
  • George Bohanon– trombone
  • Allan Harshman, Assa Drori, Harry Bluestone, Herschel Wise, James Getzoff, Jesse Ehrlich, Leonard Malarsky, Lou Klass, Marshall Sosson, Marvin Limonick, Murray Adler, Nathan Ross, Ray Kelley, Samuel Boghossian, Virginia Majewski, William Kurasch – strings
  • Armand Kaproff, David Speltz – cello
  • Deniece Williams, Julia Tillman Waters, Maxine Williard Waters, The Ron Hicklin Singers – backing vocals
  • David Paich, Jack Nitzsche– arrangements
  • Ed Thacker – engineer
  • Michael Cotten, Prairie Prince – design
  • Harry Mittman, Norman Seeff– photography

Track listing:

  1. Tubes World Tour – Bill Spooner, Roger Steen, Fee Waybill
  2. Brighter Day – Roger Steen
  3. Pimp – Bill Spooner
  4. Stand Up and Shout – Ray Trainer, Mike Condello
  5. Don’t Touch Me There – Ron Nagle, Jane Dornacker
  6. Slipped My Disco – Bill Spooner, Roger Steen
  7. Proud to Be an American – Bill Spooner
  8. Poland Whole/Madam I’m Adam – Roger Steen, Bill Spooner
  9. Young and Rich – Bill Spooner

In March 1979.

In March 1979, “Arista” label released “Squeezing out Sparks” the fourth Graham Parker and the Rumour album. It was recorded 1977-1978, at “Lansdowne Studios” in London, and was produced by Jack Nitzsche. “Squeezing out Sparks” was voted album of the year in the 1979 “Village Voice Pazz & Jop Critics Poll”. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 334 on list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.


  • Graham Parker– lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Brinsley Schwarz– guitar, backing vocals
  • Martin Belmont– rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Bob Andrews– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Andrew Bodnar– bass
  • Steve Goulding– drums, backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Parker.

  1. Discovering Japan
  2. Local Girls
  3. Nobody Hurts You
  4. You Can’t Be Too Strong
  5. Passion Is No Ordinary Word
  6. Saturday Nite Is Dead
  7. Love Gets You Twisted
  8. Protection
  9. Waiting for the UFO’s
  10. Don’t Get Excited

In February 1971.


In February 1971, “Reprise” label released the debut, self – titled Crazy Horse album.  It was recorded in 1970, and was produced by Jack Nitzsche and Bruce Botnick. This was Danny Whitten’s last album release before his death from a drug overdose in 1972.


  • Danny Whitten— guitars, lead and backing vocals
  • Nils Lofgren— guitars, lead and backing vocals
  • Jack Nitzsche— piano, lead and backing vocals
  • Billy Talbot— bass, backing vocals
  • Ralph Molina— drums, lead and backing vocals
  • Ry Cooder— slide guitar
  • Gib Guilbeau— violin
  • Gary Burden— art direction
  • Joel Bernstein— photography

Track listing:

  1. Gone Dead Train – Russ Titelman, Jack Nitzsche
  2. Dance, Dance, Dance – Neil Young
  3. Look at All the Things – Danny Whitten
  4. Beggars Day – Nils Lofgren
  5. I Don’t Want to Talk About It – Danny Whitten
  6. Downtown – Danny Whitten, Neil Young
  7. Carolay – Russ Titelman, Kack Nitzsche
  8. Dirty, Dirty – Danny Whitten
  9. Nobody – Nils Lofgren
  10. I’ll Get By – Danny Whitten
  11. Crow Jane Lady – Jack Nitzsche

On September 24, 1965.


On September 24, 1965, “Decca” label released “Out of Our Heads”, the third Rolling Stones album. It was recorded 2 November 1964 – 6 September 1965, and was produced by Andrew Loog Oldham.


  • Mick Jagger– lead vocals, harmonica, percussion
  • Keith Richards– electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
  • Brian Jones– electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica, organ, percussion, backing vocals
  • Bill Wyman– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Charlie Watts– drums, percussion
  • Jack Nitzsche– harpsichord, percussion
  • Phil Spector– detuned “bass” guitar
  • Ian Stewart– piano

Track listing:

  1. She Said Yeah – Sonny Bono, Roddy Jackson
  2. Mercy, Mercy – Don Covay, Ronnie Miller
  3. Hitch Hike – Marvin Gaye, Clarence Paul, William “Mickey” Stevenson
  4. That’s How Strong My Love Is – Roosevelt Jamison
  5. Good Times – Sam Cooke
  6. Gotta Get Away – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  7. Talkin’ ‘Bout You – Chuck Berry
  8. Cry to Me – Bert Russell
  9. Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Going) – Barbara Lynn Ozen
  10. Heart of Stone – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  11. The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man – Nanker Phelge
  12. I’m Free – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards