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On July 4, 1995.

On July 4, 1995, “Virgin” label released “Seeds”, the second Brother Cane studio album. It was recorded in 1995, at Atlanta, Georgia, and was produced by Marti Frederiksen, Damon Johnson, David Anderson, Scott Collier, and Joey Huffman.


  • Damon Johnson– lead vocals, guitar
  • David Anderson – guitar
  • Scott Collier – drums
  • Roman Glick– bass
  • Joey Huffman- keyboards
  • Tim Palmer – mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Damon Johnson and Marti Frederiksen, except where noted.

  1. Horses & Needles
  2. Hung On a Rope
  3. And Fools Shine On
  4. Kerosene
  5. Breadmaker
  6. Rise On Water
  7. 20/20 Faith – Damon Johnson, Roman Glick, Scott Collier
  8. Bad Seeds – Damon Johnson, Marti Frederiksen, Dave Anderson
  9. Stain – Damon Johnson, Roman Glick
  10. Intempted
  11. Voice of Eujena
  12. High Speed Freezin’ – Damon Johnson, Scott Collier


On June 14, 1993.

On June 14, 1993, “Virgin” label released “Liberator”, the ninth Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark album. It was recorded in 1993, at “The Pink Museum” and “The Ministry” in Liverpool, and was produced by Andy McCluskey, Phil Coxon, and Barry White.


  • Andy McCluskey– programming
  • Phil Coxon– programming
  • Beverly Reppion – backing vocals
  • Nathalie James – backing vocals
  • Doreen Edwards – backing vocals
  • Stuart Boyle – guitar
  • Nigel Ipinson– piano, arrangement
  • Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares– a sample from “Bezrodna Nevesta” is used in track 7
  • Mark Phythian – engineer
  • Paul Butcher – assistant engineer
  • Ian Collins – assistant engineer
  • Pat O’Shaughnessy – assistant engineer
  • Mike Hunter – assistant engineer
  • Andrea Wright – assistant engineer
  • Tony Cousins – mastering
  • Gregg Jackman – mixing
  • Niall Flynn – assistant mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy McCluskey, except where noted.

  1. Stand Above Me – Andy McCluskey, Stuart Kershaw, Lloyd Massett
  2. Everyday – Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys, Stuart Kershaw
  3. King of Stone
  4. Dollar Girl
  5. Dream of Me (Based on Love’s Theme) – Andy McCluskey, Barry White
  6. Sunday Morning – Lou Reed, John Cale
  7. Agnus Day – Andy McCluskey, Christopher Tye, Shopsko
  8. Love and Hate You
  9. Heaven Is
  10. Best Years of Our Lives – Andy McCluskey, Stuart Kershaw
  11. Christine – Andy McCluskey, Stuart Kershaw
  12. Only Tears – Andy McCluskey, Stuart Kershaw

On June 2, 1997.

On June 2, 1997, “Virgin” label released “Dark Days in Paradise”, the eleventh Gary Moore studio album. It was recorded in 1997, and was produced by Chris Tsangarides, Andy Bradfield and Gary Moore.


  • Gary Moore– vocals, guitar
  • Magnus Fiennes– keyboards, programming
  • Gary Husband– drums
  • Dee Lewis – backing vocals
  • Phil Nicholas – keyboards, programming
  • Guy Pratt– bass

Track listing:

All tracks by Gary Moore.

  1. One Good Reason
  2. Cold Wind Blows
  3. I Have Found My Love in You
  4. One Fine Day
  5. Like Angels
  6. What Are We Here For?
  7. Always There For You
  8. Afraid of Tomorrow
  9. Where Did we Go Wrong

On May 10, 2011.

On May 10, 2011, “Virgin” label released “Give Till It’s Gone”, the tenth Ben Harper studio album. It was recorded 2010 – 2011, at “Groove Masters”, “Eldorado Recording Studios”, “Wire Recording” and “Radio 1, Austin”.


  • Ben Harper – vocals, slide guitar
  • Jackson Browne – vocals
  • Kyle Crusham – guitar, keyboards, organ, engineer
  • Jason Mozerksy – guitar
  • Jesse Ingalls – bass
  • Ringo Starr – drums
  • Jordan Richardson – drums
  • Jessy Greene – violin, string arrangements
  • Adam Lasus – engineer, mixing
  • Danny Kalb – engineer, mixing
  • Pete Lyman – engineer
  • Brian Gardner – mastering
  • Gavin Lurssen – mastering
  • Varnish Studio Inc – art direction, design

Track listing:

  1. Don’t Give Up on Me Now – Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky
  2. I Will Not Be Broken – Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky
  3. Rock’n’Roll Is Free – Ben Harper
  4. Feel Love – Ben Harper, Jason Mozerscky
  5. Clearly Severely – Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky, Jordan Richardson
  6. Spilling Faith – Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky, Jordan Richardson, Richard Starkey, Jesse Ingalls
  7. Get There from Here – Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky, Jordan Richardson, Richard Starkey, Jesse Ingalls
  8. Pray That Our Love Sees the Dawn – Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky
  9. Waiting On a Sign – Ben Harper, Jesse Ingalls
  10. Dirty Little Lover – Ben Harper, Jordan Richardson
  11. Do It for You, Do It for Us – Ben Harper, Jason Mozersky, Jesse Ingalls

On May 9, 1994.

On May 9, 1994, “Virgin” label released “Far From Home”, the eighth and final Traffic studio album. It was recorded 1974 – 1994, at Woodstock, Kilcoole, Eire, and was produced by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi.


  • Steve Winwood– lead and backing vocals, organs, piano, synthesizers, lead guitar, basses, flute, saxophone, congas, timbales, programming
  • Jim Capaldi– drums, backing vocals, percussion, art direction
  • Davy Spillane- Uilleann pipes
  • Mick Dolan- rhythm guitar, AKAI S1000 programming, engineering, mixing
  • Karim Benzezour – assistant mixing engineer
  • Tim Young – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi except where noted.

  1. Riding High
  2. Here Comes a Man
  3. Far from Home
  4. Nowhere is Their Freedom
  5. Holy Ground – Stevie Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Davy Spillane
  6. Some Kinda Woman
  7. Every Night, Every Day
  8. This Train Won’t Stop
  9. State of Grace
  10. Mozambique

On April 13, 1979.

On April 13, 1979, “Blue Plate” and “Virgin” labels released “Rainbow Dome Musick”, the sixth Steve Hillage album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy. It was ranked among the “1,000 Greatest Albums of All Time” by The Guardian.


 Steve Hillage– lead guitar, electric guitar, glissando guitar, Fender Rhodes, ARP synthesizer, Moog synthesizer

  • Miquette Giraudy– double sequencer, Fender Rhodes, ARP Omni, Tibetan bells
  • Rupert Atwill – Eventide Harmoniser
  • Rupert Atwill / Laserphaze – design

Tracks listing:

  1. Garden of Paradise – Miguette Giraudy, Steve Hillage
  2. Four Ever Rainbow – Steve Hillage

On April 8, 1991.

On April 8, 1991, “Virgin” label released the self – titled, and the only “Rain Tree Crow” album. It was a reunion project by the members of the band Japan. It was recorded1989 -1990, at “Miravel Studios” in Le Val, France, “Condulmer Studio Zerman di Mogliano” in Italy, “Marcus Studios”, “Eel Pie Studios” and “Air Studios” in London, “The Wool Hall” in Bath, Somerset, UK, “Ropewalk Studio in Dublin, Ireland, “Mega Studios” in Paris, and was produced by David Sylvian, Mick karn, Steve Jensen and Richard Barbieri.


  • David Sylvian – vocal, electric guitar, Hammond organ, electric piano, treatments, treatments, organ, percussion, Indian drum, harmonium, shortwave radio, horn arrangement, mixing, art director
  • Mick Karn– bass, saxophone, brass, pipes, wine glasses, horn arrangement
  • Richard Barbieri– synthesizer, water wheel
  • Steve Jansen– drums, Moroccan clay drum, fan drums, marimba, ceramic drums, tambourine, percussion, Hammond organ
  • Bill Nelson– guitar, blue guitar
  • Phil Palmer – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Michael Brook – bass conga
  • Djene Doumbouya – vocal
  • Djanka Djabate – vocal
  • Johnny Thirkell– trumpet, flugelhorn (as Phantom Horns)
  • Gary Barnacle– saxes (as Phantom Horns)
  • Gary Barnacle– saxophones (as Phantom Horns)
  • Johnny Thirkell– trumpet, flugelhorn (as Phantom Horns)
  • Brian Gascoigne – orchestration
  • Steve Nye– mixing
  • Pat McCarthy – mixing engineer
  • Tim Martin – engineer
  • Paonlo Carrer – assistant
  • Rupert Coulson – assistant
  • Louise McCormick – assistant
  • Bruce Davies – assistant
  • Paul Stevens – assistant
  • Richard Chadwick – co-ordinato
  • Shinya Fujiwara– cover photography
  • Russell Mills– design
  • Yuka Fujii – art director

Track listing:

All tracks by David Sylvian.

  1. Big Wheels in Shanty Town
  2. Every Colour You Are
  3. Rain Tree Crow
  4. Red Earth (As Summertime Ends)
  5. Pocket Full of Change
  6. Boat’s for Burning
  7. New Moon at Red Deer Wallow
  8. Black Water
  9. A Reassuringly Dull Sunday
  10. Blackcrow Hits Shoe Shine City
  11. Scratchings on the Bible Belt
  12. Cries and Whispers


On April 1, 1985.

On April 1, 1985, “Virgin” label released “25 O’Clock”, debut Dukes of Stratosphear album. It was recorded in December 1984, at “Chapel Lane Studios” in Hereford, UK, and was produced by John Leckie, Swami Anand Nagara, Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Dave Gregory and Ian Gregory.


  • Sir John Johns (Andy Partridge) – vocals, guitar, bass, sleeve art
  • The Red Curtain (Colin Moulding) – vocals, bass, rhythm guitar
  • Lord Cornelius Plum (Dave Gregory) – mellotron, piano, organ, fuzz-toneguitar
  • I.E.I. Owen (Ian “Eewee” Gregory) – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy Partridge except where noted

  1. 25 O’ Clock
  2. Bike Ride to the Moon
  3. My Love Explodes
  4. What in the World??… – Colin Moulding
  5. Your Gold Dress
  6. The Mole from the Ministry

On March 21, 2005.

On March 21, 2005, “Virgin” label released “Both Sides of the Gun”, the seventh Ben Harper album. It was recorded in 2004, at “The Boat Studios” in Silver Lake, California, and was produced by Ben Harper.


  • Ben Harper- vocals, slide guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, Weissenborn, bass guitar, drums, percussion, piano, vibes,
  • Juan Nelson- bass
  • Oliver Francis Charles- drums
  • Leon Mobley- percussion
  • Jason Yates – keys
  • Matt Cory- bass
  • Michael Ward- guitar, bass
  • JP Plunier- drums
  • Charlie Musselwhite- backing vocals
  • David Lindley- tambura
  • Greg Kurstin- Hammond B3
  • Marc Ford- guitar
  • Alyssa Park, Joel Pargman, Patrick Rosalez, Brett Banducci, Timothy Loo – strings
  • David Palmer- keys
  • Danny Kalb- guitar, sound engineer
  • Jan Ghazi- electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Nick Sandro- bass, backing vocals
  • Jason Mozersky- guitar
  • Jose Medeles- drums
  • Jesse Ingulls – bass
  • Jordan Richardson – drums
  • William Gus Seyffert – bass
  • Scott Thomas, Ellen Harper, Sue Chase, Michelle Griepentrog, Jennifer Ohrstrom, Natasha Cockrell – backing vocals
  • Danny Kalb – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Ben Harper, except where noted.


  1. Morning Yearning
  2. Waiting for You – Ben Harper, Michael Ward
  3. Picture in a Frame – Ben Harper, Michael Ward, Juan Nelson, Oliver Charles, Jason Yates, Leon Mobley
  4. Never Leave Lonely Alone
  5. Sweet Nothing Serenade
  6. Reason to Mourn
  7. More Than Sorry – Ben Harper, Danny Kalb
  8. Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now
  9. Happy Everafter in Your Eyes


  1. Better Way
  2. Both Sides of the Gun
  3. Engraved Invitation
  4. Black Rain – Ben Harper, Jason Yates
  5. Gather ‘Round the Stone
  6. Please Don’t Talk About Murder While I’m Eating
  7. Get It Like You Like It
  8. The Way You Found Me
  9. Serve Your Soul

On March 9, 1987.

On March 9, 1987, “10” and “Virgin” labels released “Wild Frontier”, the sixth Gary Moore studio album. It was recorded in 1986 and was produced by Peter Collins, Pete Smith, James “Jimbo” Barton and Gary Moore.


  • Gary Moore– lead and backing vocals, lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars
  • Neil Carter– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Bob Daisley– bass
  • Roland Kerridge – drum programming
  • James “Jimbo” Barton – engineer, mixing
  • Chris Porter– engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Gary Moore, except where noted.

  1. Over the Hills and Far Away
  2. Wild Frontier
  3. Take a Little Time
  4. The Loner
  5. Friday on My Mind – George Young, Harry Vanda
  6. Strangers in the Darkness – Gary Moore, Neil Carter
  7. Thunder Rising – Gary Moore, Neil Carter
  8. Johnny Boy