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The Isley Brothers: Soul on the Rocks

On January 24, 1967, “Tamla” label released “Soul on the Rocks”, the fifth studio album by Isley Brothers (The). It was recorded in 1966, at “Studio A”, Hitsville, Detroit, and was produced by Norman Whitfield, Smokey Robinson and Ivy Jo Hunter.


  • Ronald Isley – vocals
  • Rudolph Isley – vocals
  • O’Kelly Isley Jr. – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Got to have You Back – Ivy Jo Hunter, Leon ware, Stephen Bowden
  2. That’s the Way Love Is – Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong
  3. Whispers (Getting’ Louder) – David Scott, Barbara Acklin
  4. Tell Me It’s Just a Rumor baby – Harvey Fugua, Johnny Bristol, Vernon Bullock
  5. One Too Many Heartaches – Ivy Jo Hunter
  6. It’s Out of the Question – William “Smokey” Robinson, Berry Gordy
  7. Why When Love Is Gone – Ivy Jo Hunter
  8. Save Me from This Misery – Norman Whitfield, Roger Penzabene, Stephen Bowden
  9. Little Miss Sweetness – William “Smokey” Robinson
  10. Good Things – Robert Bruce, Leroy Kirkland
  11. Catching Up on Time – Clarence Paul, Leon Ware, Morris Broadnax
  12. Behind a Painted Smile – Ivy Jo Hunter, Beatrice Verdi

Marvin Gaye: Moods of Marvin Gaye

On May 23, 1966, “Tamla” label released “Moods of Marvin Gaye”, the seventh Marvin Gaye studio album. It was recorded 1965 – 1966, at “Hitsville” in Detroit, US, and was produced by Smokey Robinson, Brian Holland, Clarence Paul and Lamont Dozier.


  • Marvin Gaye – lead vocals
  • Marv Tarplin – guitar
  • The Funk Brothers – instrumentation
  • The Andantes – backing vocals
  • The Miracles – backing vocals
  • The Spinners – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. I’ll Be Doggone – Warren Moore, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Tarpin
  2. Little Darling (I Need You) – Holland – Dozier – Holland
  3. Take This Heart of Mine – Warren Moore, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Tarplin
  4. Hey Diddle Diddle – Johnny Bristol, Harvey Fugua, Marvin Gaye
  5. One More Heartache – Warren Moore, Smokey Robinson, Bobby Rogers, Marvin Tarplin, Ronald White
  6. Ain’t That Peculiar – Warren Moore, Smokey Robinson, Bobby Rogers, Marvin Tarplin
  7. Night Life – Walt Breeland, Paul Buskrik, Willie Nelson
  8. You’ve Been a Long Time Coming – Holland – Dozier – Holland
  9. Your Unchanging Love – Holland – Dozier – Holland
  10. You’re the One for Me – Morris Broadnax, Clarence Paul, Stevie Wonder
  11. I Worry ‘Bout You – Norman Mapp
  12. One for My Baby (and One More for the Road) – Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer

Eddie Kendricks: People…Hold On

In May 1972, “Tamla” label released “People…Hold On”, the second Eddie Kendricks studio album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Frank Wilson, Leonard Caston Jr. and Bobby Miller.


  • Eddie Kendricks – vocal
  • The Young Senators – rhythm
  • Cal Harris – Moog synthesizer
  • David Leacraft, David Van De Pitte, Leroy Fleming – arrangements
  • Weldon Arthur McDougal III – photography

Track listing:

  1. If You Let Me – Frank Wilson
  2. Let Me Run into Your Lonely Heart – Anita Poree, Frank Wilson
  3. Day By Day – Leonard Caston Jr., Terri McFaddin
  4. Girl You Need a Change of Mind – Anita Poree, Leonard Caston Jr.
  5. Someday We’ll Have a Better World – Norma Toney
  6. My People…Hold On – Anita Poree, Leonard Caston Jr.
  7. Date with the Rain – Bobby Miller
  8. Eddie’s Love – Anita Poree, Leonard Caston Jr.
  9. I’m on the Sideline – Penelope McClendon
  10. Just Memories – Anita Poree, Leonard Caston Jr.

On November 12, 1964.

On November 12, 1964, “Tamla” label released “Hello Broadway”, the fourth Marvin Gaye studio album. It was recorded in 1964, at “Graystone Ballroom” in Detroit, and was produced by Hal Davis and Marc Gordon.


  • Marvin Gaye – vocals
  • Jerry Long – arranger

Track listing:

  1. Hello Broadway – Ronald Miller, William O’Malley
  2. People – Bob Merrill, Jule Styne
  3. The Party’s Over – Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Jule Styne
  4. On the Street Where You Live – Frederick Loewe, Alan Jay Lerner
  5. What Kind of Fool Am I? – Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley
  6. My Kind of Town – Sammy Cahn, Jimmy Van Heusen
  7. Days of Wine and Roses – Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer
  8. This Is the Life – Charles Strouse, Lee Adams
  9. My Way – Richard Jacques, Ronald Miller
  10. Hello Dolly! – Jerry Herman
  11. Walk on the Wild Side – Mack David, Elmer Bernstein

On January 15, 1981.

On January 15, 1981, “Tamla” label released “In Our Lifetime?”, the sixteenth Marvin Gaye studio album. It was recorded 1979 – 1981, at “Marvin’s Room” in Los Angeles, “Seawest Recording Studio” in Honolulu, Hawaii, “Odyssey Studios” in London, and was produced by Marvin Gaye.


  • Marvin Gaye– vocals, keyboards, drums
  • Robert Ahwry, Gordon Banks– guitar
  • Frank Bates– bass, background vocals
  • Frank Blair– bass, drums
  • Ray Brown, Kenny Mason – trumpet
  • William Bryant – drums, keyboards
  • Elmira Collins – vibraphone, background vocals
  • Raymond Crossley – keyboards
  • Fernando Harkness – saxophone
  • Joe James – percussion
  • Gary Jones – percussion, conga
  • Lee Kentle – drums, background vocals
  • Nigel Martinez, Preston “Bugsy” Wilcox – drums
  • Joe Mayo– percussion
  • Sidney Muldrew – French horn
  • Curtis Anthony Nolen – guitar
  • Raphael Ravenscroft– alto saxophone
  • George Shaw, Nolan Andrew Smith – trumpet
  • Candace Bond – executive producer
  • Jon Walls – recording and mixing engineer
  • David Ritz– liner notes
  • Ron Slenzak– photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Marvin Gaye.

  1. Praise
  2. Life Is for Learning
  3. Love Party
  4. Funk Me
  5. Far Cry
  6. Love Me Now or Love Me Later
  7. Heavy Love Affair
  8. In Our Lifetime

On January 8, 1970.

On January 8, 1970, “Tamla” label released “That’s the Way Love Is”, the tenth Marvin Gaye studio album. It was recorded in 1969, at “Hitsville U.S.A.” in Detroit, and was produced by Norman Whitfield.


  • Marvin Gaye- lead vocals
  • The Andantes, The Originals- background vocals
  • The Funk Brothers- instrumentation

Track listing:

  1. Gonna Give Her All The Love I’ve Got – Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield
  2. Yesterday – John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  3. Groovin’ – Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere
  4. I Wish It Would Rain – Roger Penzabene, Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield
  5. That’s The Way Love Is – Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield
  6. How Can I Forget? – Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield
  7. Abraham, Martin & John – Dick Holler
  8. Gonna Keep On Tryin’ Till I Win Your Love – Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield
  9. No Time for Tears – Eddie Holland, Norman Whitfield
  10. Cloud Nine – Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield
  11. Don’t You Miss Me A Little Bit, Baby? – Roger Penzabene, Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield
  12. So Long – Eddie Holland,  Dean Taylor, Norman Whitfield

On August 3, 1973.

Stevie Wonder - Innervisions

On August 3, 1973, “Tamla” label released “Innervisions”, the sixteen Stevie Wonder studio album. It was recorded in 1973, at “The Record Plant” in Los Angeles; “Media Sound Studios” in New York, and was produced by Stevie Wonder, Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil.


  • Stevie Wonder – lead vocal, background vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes, harmonica, drums, Moog bass, Hohner clavinet , handclaps
  • Lani Groves – background vocal
  • Tasha Thomas– background vocal
  • Jim Gilstrap– background vocal
  • Malcolm Cecil– upright bass
  • Dean Parks– acoustic guitar
  • David T. Walker– electric guitar
  • Clarence Bell – Hammond organ
  • Ralph Hammer – acoustic guitar
  • Larry “Nastyee” Latimer – congas
  • Scott Edwards – electric bass
  • Yusuf Roahman – shaker
  • Sheila Wilkerson – bongos, Latin gourd
  • Willie Weeks– electric bass
  • Robert Margouleff, Malcolm Cecil – synthesizer programming
  • Efram Wolff – album art

Track listing:

All tracks by Stevie Wonder.

  1. Too High
  2. Visions
  3. Living for the City
  4. Golden Lady
  5. Higher Ground
  6. Jesus Children of America
  7. All in Love Is Fair
  8. Don’t You Worry ’bout a Thing
  9. He’s Misstra Know-It-All


On July 22, 1974.


On July 22, 1974, “Tamla” label released “Fulfillingness’ First Finale”, the  seventeen Stevie Wonder studio album. It was recorded in 1974, at “Record Plant Studios” and “Westlake Recording Studios” in Los Angeles; “Media Sound” and “Electric Lady Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Stevie Wonder, Robert Margouleff and  Malcolm Cecil. In 1974, the album won three  “Grammy Awards”, including “Album of the Year”; “Best Male Pop Vocal” and “Best Male Rhythm and Blues Vocal Performance” (for Boogie On Reggae Woman).


  • Stevie Wonder – lead and backing vocal, Fender Rhodes, Hohner clavinet, Moog bass, piano, hi-hat, cymbals, O.N.T.O. synthesizer, drums, handclaps, percussion
  • Michael Sembello– electric guitar
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow– pedal steel guitar
  • Michael Sembello – acoustic guitar
  • Reggie McBride – electric bass
  • James Jamerson– acoustic bass
  • Bobbye Hall– congas, bongos
  • Rocky Dzidzornu– congas
  • Robert Margouleff, Malcolm Cecil – synthesizers
  • Bobbye Hall –cuíca
  • Bob and Malcolm – Moog, programming
  • Jim Gilstrap– backing vocals
  • Deniece Williams – backing vocals
  • Paul Anka – backing vocals
  • Syreeta Wright– backing vocal
  • Shirley Brewer – backing vocal
  • Larry “Nastyee” Latimer – backing vocal
  • Minnie Riperton– backing vocal
  • The Jackson 5– backing vocals
  • Lani Groves – backing vocals
  • Shirley Brewer – backing vocals
  • The Persuasions– backing vocals
  • Sergio Mendes – Portuguese lyrics

Track listing:

  1. Smile Please – Stevie Wonder
  2. Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away – Stevie Wonder
  3. Too Shy to Say – Stevie Wonder
  4. Boogie On Reggae Woman – Stevie Wonder
  5. Creepin’ – Stevie Wonder
  6. You Haven’t Done Nothin – Stevie Wonder
  7. It Ain’t No Use – Stevie Wonder
  8. They Won’t Go When I Go – Stevie Wonder, Yvonne Wright
  9. Bird of Beauty – Stevie Wonder
  10. Please Don’t Go – Stevie Wonder

On May 21, 1971.


On May 21, 1971, “Tamla” label released “What’s Going On”, the eleventh Marvin Gaye studio album. It was recorded June –September 1970; March – May 1971,  at “Hitsville U.S.A.”, “Golden World”, and “United Sound Studios” in Detroit and “The Sound Factory” in Hollywood, and was produced by Marvin Gaye. “What’s Going On” was an immediate success both commercially and critically, and is regarded as one of the most important albums in the music history. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked it at number six on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. In 1985, readers of “NME” magazine voted “What’s Going On” the “Best Album of all Time”. “Guardian” ranked “What’s Going On at number one on its list of the “100 Best Albums Ever”.


  • Marvin Gaye – lead and backing vocals, piano, mellotron, box drum
  • The Detroit Symphony Orchestra conducted and arranged by David Van De Pitte
  • The Funk Brothers – instrumentation
  • Solo Horns – instrumentation
  • Joe Messina, Robert White– electric guitars
  • Jack Ashford– tambourine, percussion
  • Earl Van Dyke– keyboards
  • Johnny Griffith– celeste, keyboards
  • Max Janowsky – double bass
  • James Jamerson– bass guitar
  • Bob Babbitt– bass guitar
  • Chet Forest – drums
  • Eddie “Bongo” Brown– bongos, congas
  • Earl DeRouen – bongos, congas
  • Bobbye Hall– bongos
  • Jack Brokensha– vibraphone, percussion
  • Larry Nozero, Angelo Carlisi, George Benson, Tate Houston– saxophone
  • Eli Fontaine– alto saxophone
  • Wild Bill Moore– tenor saxophone
  • John Trudell, Maurice Davis – trumpet
  • Nilesh Pawar – oboe
  • Carl Raetz – trombone
  • Dayna Hardwick, William Perich – flutes
  • Gordon Staples, Zinovi Bistritzky, Beatriz Budinzky, Richard Margitza, Virginia Halfmann, Felix Resnick, Alvin Score, Lillian Downs, James Waring – violin
  • Edouard Kesner, Meyer Shapiro, David Ireland, Nathan Gordon – viola
  • Italo Babini, Thaddeus Markiewicz, Edward Korkigan – cello
  • Carole Crosby – harp
  • The Andantes – Jackie Hicks, Marlene Barrow, and Louvain Demps – backing vocals
  • Mel Farr, Charlie Sandersand  and Lem Barney of the Detroit Lions – backing vocals
  • Dave Bingof, The Detroit Pistons, Bobby Rogersof , The Miracles, Elgie Stover, Kenneth Stover – backing vocals
  • Curtis McNair – art direction
  • Katherine Marking – graphic design
  • Alana Coghlan – graphic design
  • James Hendin – photography

Track listing:

  1. What’s Going On – Al Cleveland, Marvin Gaye, Renaldo “Obie” Benson
  2. What’s Happening Brother – Marvin Gaye, James Nyx Jr.
  3. Flyin’ High (In the Friendly Sky) – Marvin Gaye, Anna Gordy Gaye, Elgie Stover
  4. Save the Children – Al Cleveland, Renaldo “Obie” Benson, Marvin Gaye
  5. God is Love – Marvin Gaye, Anna Gordy Gaye, James Nyx Jr.
  6. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) – Marvin Gaye
  7. Right On – Earl DeRouen, Marvin Gaye
  8. Wholy Holy – Renaldo “Oboe” Benson, Al Cleveland, Marvin Gaye
  9. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – Marvin Gaye, James Nyx Jr,

On March 16, 1976.

Marvin Gaye - I want you

On March 16, 1976, “Tamla” label released “I Want You”, the fourteenth Marvin Gaye studio album. It was recorded in 1975 and 1976, at “Marvin’s Room” and “Hitsville West” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Marvin Gaye, Leon Ware and Arthur “T-Boy” Ross.


  • Marvin Gaye – vocals
  • David T. Walker,Dennis Coffey, Jay Graydon, Melvin “Wah Wah” Watson, Ray Parker, Jr. – guitar
  • Jerry Peters, John Barnes, Sonny Burke – Fender Rhodes, piano
  • Chuck Rainey, Henry Davis, Ron Brown, Wilton Felder – bass
  • James Gadson – drums
  • Bobbye Hall Porter, Eddie “Bongo” Brown – bongos, congas
  • Gary Coleman, Jack Arnold – percussion
  • Coleridge- Taylor Perkinson – arranger
  • Ernie Barnes, Frank Mulvey – artwork

Track listing:

  1. I Want You (vocal) – Arthur “T-Boy” Ross, Leon Ware
  2. Come Live with Me Angel – Jacqueline Hilliard, Leon Ware
  3. After the Dance – Marvin Gaye, Leon Ware
  4. Feel All My Love Inside – Marvin Gaye, Leon Ware
  5. I Wanna Be Where You Are – Arthur “T-Boy” Ross, Leon Ware
  6. I Want You (Intro Jam) –  Arthur “T-Boy” Ross, Leon Ware
  7. All the Way Round – Arthur “T-Boy” Ross, Leon Ware
  8. Since I Had You – Marvin Gaye, Leon Ware
  9. Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again – Marvin Gaye, Arthur “T-Boy” Ross, Leon Ware
  10. I Want You (Jam) – Arthur “T-Boy” Ross, Leon Ware
  11. After the Dance (Vocal) – Marvin Gaye, Leon Ware