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On January 30, 1967.

On January 30, 1967, “Capitol” label released the self-titled, debut Stone Poneys album. It was recorded October – November 1966, and was produced by Nik Venet.


  • Linda Ronstadt – vocals, finger cymbals
  • Bobby Kimmel – vocals, guitar
  • Kenny Edwards – vocals, guitar
  • Jimmy Bond – bass, guitar
  • Pete Childs – guitar
  • Cyrus Faryar – bouzouki, guitar
  • John T. Forsha – guitar
  • Billy Mundi – drums
  • Tom Wood – vocals, rhythm guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by Bobby Kimmel and Ken Edwards, except where noted.

  1. Sweet Summer Blue and Gold
  2. If I Were You
  3. Just a Little Bit of Rain – Fred Neil
  4. Bicycle Song
  5. Orion – Tom Campbell
  6. Wild About My Lovin’ – traditional, arranged by Bobby Kimmel, Linda Ronstadt, Ken Edwards
  7. Back Home – Ken Edwards
  8. Meredith (On My Mind)
  9. Train and the River
  10. All the Beautiful Things
  11. 2:10 Train – Tom Campbell, Linda Albertano

On January 9, 1967.

On January 9, 1967, “Atlantic” label released “Collections”, the second Young Rascals album. It was recorded May – December 1966, and was produced by Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati, Gene Cornish, and Dino Danelli.


  • Felix Cavaliere – vocals, organ, piano
  • Gene Cornish – vocals, guitar, bass
  • Eddie Brigati – vocals, percussion
  • Dino Danelli – drums

Track listing:

  1. What Is the Reason – Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati
  2. Since I Fell for You – Buddy Johnson
  3. (I’ve Been) Lonely Too Long – Felix Cavaliere
  4. No Love to Give – Gene Cornish
  5. Mickey’s Monkey – Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland / Turn On Your Love Light – Deadric Malone, Joseph Scott
  6. Come On Up – Felix Cavaliere
  7. Too Many Fish in the Sea – Eddie Holland, Norman Whitfield
  8. More – Riz Ortolani, Nino Oliviero, Norman Newell, Marcello Ciorciolini
  9. Nineteen Fifty-Six – Gene Cornish
  10. Love Is a Beautiful Thing – Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati
  11. Land of a Thousand Dances – Chris Kenner

In December 1966.

In December 1966, “Impulse!” label released “Nine Flags”, the ninth Chico O’Farrill album. It was recorded in November 1966, in New York City, and was produced by Bob Thiele.


  1. Chico O’Farrill – arranger, conductor
  2. Clark Terry – trumpet, flugelhorn
  3. Art Farmer, Bernie Glow, Jimmy Nottingham – trumpet
  4. Harry DiVito, Urbie Green, J. J. Johnson, Benny Powell – trombone
  5. Julius Watkins – French horn
  6. Jerry Dodgion, Joe Firrantello, Eddie Wasserman, Frank Wess – woodwinds
  7. Seldon Powell – tenor saxophone
  8. Larry Coryell – guitar
  9. Pat Rebillot – piano
  10. George Duvivier – bass
  11. Gus Johnson, Don Lamond, Mel Lewis – drums
  12. Carl Hard – percussion 

Track listing:

All tracks by Chico O’Farrill.

  1. Live Oak
  2. Patcham
  3. Aromatic Tabac
  4. Dry Citrus
  5. Royal Saddle
  6. Panache
  7. Green Moss
  8. Manzanilla
  9. Clear Spruce
  10. The Lady From Nine Flags

On November 9, 2008.

On November 9, 2008, Zenzile Miriam Makeba died aged 76. She was singer, songwriter, actress, civil rights activist, and United Nations goodwill ambassador, nicknamed Mama Africa. She was the first African woman to win a “Grammy Award” (for “Best Folk Recording” in 1966 with Harry Belafonte for “An Evening with Belafonte and Makeba”). Makeba popularized African music among Western audience. Few of her popular songs were critical of apartheid, making her a symbol of opposition to the apartheid and white-minority government in South Africa. Upon her death, former Nelson Mandela said “her music inspired a powerful sense of hope in all of us.”

On August 30, 1969.

On August 30, 1966, “ESP” label released “Staying on the Watch”, the debut Sonny Simmons album. It was recorded in 1966 and was produced by Bernard Stollman.


  • Sonny Simmons- alto saxophone
  • Barbara Donald- trumpet
  • John Hicks- piano
  • Teddy Smith- bass
  • Marvin Patillo- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Sonny Simmons

  1. Metamorphosis
  2. A Distant Voice
  3. City of David
  4. Interplanetary Travelers

In August 1966.

In August 1966, “Atlantic” label released “The Exciting Wilson Pickett”, the third Wilson Pickett album. It was recorded May 1965 – May 1966, in Memphis, Tennessee, and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and was produced by Jerry Wexler, Steve Cropper, Jim Stewart, Rick Hall, and Tom Dowd.


  • Wilson Pickett– vocals
  • Tommy Cogbill, Donald Dunn– bass guitar
  • Steve Cropper, Jimmy Johnson, Chips Moman– guitar
  • Joe Hall, Isaac Hayes, Spooner Oldham– keyboards, piano
  • Roger Hawkins, Al Jackson Jr.– drums
  • Wayne Jackson, Gene “Bowlegs” Miller– trumpet
  • Charles “Packy” Axton, Andrew Love, Charles Chalmers– tenor saxophone
  • Floyd Newman – baritone saxophone
  • Steve Cropper – supervisor
  • Tom Dowd– engineer, supervisor
  • Rick Hall – engineer, supervisor
  • Jim Stewart– engineer, supervisor
  • Haig Adishian – cover design
  • Bob Rolontz– liner notes
  • Scott Galloway – liner notes
  • Nick Samardge – photography
  • Jerry Wexler– supervisor

Track listing:

  1. Land of 1000 Dances – Chris Kenner
  2. Something You Got – Chris Kenner
  3. 634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.) – Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd
  4. Barefootin’ – Robert Parker
  5. Mercy Mercy – Don Covay, Ronald Dean Miller
  6. You’re So Fine – Lance Finney, Willie Schofield, Bob West
  7. In the Midnight Hour – Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett
  8. Ninety-nine and a Half (Won’t Do) – Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett
  9. Danger Zone – Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett
  10. I’m Drifting – Homer Banks, Pickett, David Porter
  11. It’s All Over – Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett
  12. She’s So Good to Me – Bobby Womack

On August 3, 2000.

On August 3, 2000, Maurice Kinn, died aged 66. He was publisher, in 1953 bought “The New Musical Express”, and turned it into the world’s foremost music paper, between 1963 and 1966 he organized the annual “NME” poll-winners concerts, and staged the first all-star jazz concerts at the “Royal Albert Hall”, becoming one of the most influential figures of the world music scene in the 1950’ and 1960’.

In June 1967.

In June 1967, “Epic” label released “Side Trips”, the debut Kaleidoscope (US band) studio album. It was recorded 1966 – 1967, and was produced by Barry Friedman.


  • David Perry Lindley – banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, harp guitar, 7-string banjo
  • David Solomon Feldthouse – saz, bouzouki, resonator guitar, veena, goblet drum, dulcimer, fiddle, twelve-string guitar
  • Chris Darrow– bass, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, autoharp, harmonica, clarinet
  • Fenrus Epp – violin, viola, bass, piano, organ, harmonica
  • John Vidican – percussion
  • Mike Goldberg – production supervisor
  • Arnold Shaw – liner notes

Track listing:

  1. Egyptian Gardens – Solomon Feldthouse
  2. If the Night – Chris Darrow
  3. Hesitation Blues – Charlie Poole
  4. Please – Solomon Feldthouse, Mark Freedman
  5. Keep Your Mind Open – Chris Darrow
  6. Pulsating Dream – Chris Darrow, Solomon Feldthouse, David Lindley
  7. Oh Death – Dock Boggs
  8. Come on In – traditional, arranged by David Lindley
  9. Why Try – David Lindley
  10. Minnie the Moocher – Cab Calloway, Clarence Gaskill, Irving Mills

In May 1967.

In May 1967, “Atlantic” label released “Backlash”, the 14th Freddie Hubbard album. It was recorded in October 1966, at “Atlantic Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Arif Mardin.


  • Freddie Hubbard- trumpet, flugelhorn
  • James Spaulding- flute, alto saxophone
  • Albert Dailey- piano
  • Bob Cunningham- bass
  • Otis Ray Appleton– drums
  • Ray Barretto– percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Freddie Hubbard except where noted.

  1. Backlash – Donald Pickett
  2. The Return of the Prodigal Son – Harold Ousley
  3. Little Sunflower
  4. On the Que-Tee
  5. Up Jumped Spring
  6. Echoes of Blue – Bob Cunningham

On February 26, 1966.

On February 26, 1966, “Impulse” label released “Ascension”, the 21st John Coltrane album. It was recorded on June 28, 1965, at “Van Gelder Studio” in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, and was produced by Bob Thiele.


  • Freddie Hubbard– trumpet
  • Dewey Johnson– trumpet
  • Marion Brown– alto saxophone
  • John Tchicai– alto saxophone
  • John Coltrane– tenor saxophone
  • Pharoah Sanders– tenor saxophone
  • Archie Shepp– tenor saxophone
  • McCoy Tyner– piano
  • Art Davis– bass
  • Jimmy Garrison– bass
  • Elvin Jones– drums

Track listing:

Edition I

“Ascension – John Coltrane

Edition II

“Ascension – John Coltrane