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On October 26, 1981.


On October 26, 1981, “EMI” label released “Freeze-Frame”, the 12th J. Geils Band studio album.  It was recorded 1980 – 1981 at the “Long View Farm” in Massachusetts, and was produced by Seth Justman.


  • Peter Wolf- vocals
  • John Geils- guitar
  • Seth Justman- keyboard, vocals
  • Danny Klein- bass
  • Magic Dick- harmonica, saxophone
  • Stephen Bladd – percussion, drums, backing vocals
  • Randy Brecker, Tom “Bones” Malone, Lou Marini, George Young, Ronnie Cuber, Alan Rubin– horns
  • Cengiz Yaltkaya – conductor
  • Tawatha Agee, Cissy Houston, Fonzi Thornton, Luther Vandross, Ken Williams – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Seth Justman except where noted.

  1. Freeze-Frame – Seth Justman, Peter Wolf
  2. Rage in the Cage – Seth Justman, Peter Wolf
  3. Centerfold
  4. Do You Remember When – Seth Justman, Peter Wolf
  5. Insane, Insane Again
  6. Flamethrower
  7. River Blindness
  8. Angel in Blue
  9. Piss on the Wall – Seth Justman, Peter Wolf