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On January 26, 2009.

On January 26, 2009, “Domino” label released “Tonight”, the third Franz Ferdinand studio album. It was recorded 2007 – 2008, at “Old Govan Town Hall: in Govan, Scotland, “Mr. Dan’s Studio” in Buckeye, Arizona, and was produced by Dan Carey.


  1. Alex Kapranos– lead vocals, guitar, booklet
  2. Bob Hardy– bass guitar, booklet
  3. Paul Thomson– drums, percussion, backing vocals, booklet
  4. Nick McCarthy– guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, booklet
  5. John Dent – mastering
  6. Paul Savage, Alexis Smith, Dan Carey, Allen Johnston – engineers
  7. Dan Carey, Mike Fraser – mixing
  8. Eric Mosher – engineer assistant
  9. Matthew Cooper – artwork
  10. Rachel Graham – booklet
  11. Søren Solkær Starbird – front cover
  12. Jeremiah Olvera – personal assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Alex Kapranos, Bob Hardy, Paul Thomson and Nick McCarthy.

  1. Ulysses
  2. Turn It On
  3. No You Girls
  4. Send Him Away
  5. Twilight Omens
  6. Bite Hard
  7. What She came For
  8. Live Alone
  9. Can’t Stop Feeling
  10. Lucid Dreams
  11. Dream Again
  12. Katherine Kiss Me

In May 1977.

In May 1977, “United Artists” label released “Sneakin’ Suspicion”, the fourth Dr. Feelgood album. It was recorded in 1977, at “Rockfield Studios” and was produced by Bert de Coteaux.


  • Lee Brilleaux – vocals, guitar, harmonica, slide guitar
  • Wilko Johnson- guitar, backing vocals
  • John B. Sparks – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • The Big Figure – drums, percusison, backing vocals
  • Tim Hinkley- keyboards
  • Pat Moran – audio engineer
  • John Dent – mastering
  • Paul Henry – design
  • Gered Mankowitz- photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Wilko Johnson; except where noted.

  1. Sneakin’ Suspicion
  2. Paradise
  3. Nothin’ Shakin’ (But the Leaves on the Trees) – Cirino Colacrai, Eddie Fontaine, Johnny Gluck, Diane Lampert
  4. Time and the Devil
  5. Lights Out – Seth David, Mac Rebennack
  6. Lucky Seven – Lew Lewis
  7. All My Love
  8. You’ll Be Mine – Willie Dixon)
  9. Walking on the Edge
  10. Hey Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut – Ellas McDaniel

In April 1978.

In April 1978, “Columbia” label released the debut, self-titled The Only Ones album. It was recorded in 1978, and was produced by Robert Ash, Peter Perrett, John Perry, Alan Mair and Mike Kellie.


  • Peter Perrett– lead and background vocals; guitars; keyboards
  • John Perry– guitars; keyboards
  • Alan Mair– bass guitars
  • Mike Kellie– drums
  • Mick Gallagher– keyboards
  • Gordon Edwards – keyboards
  • Raphael & Friends – horns
  • Koulla Kakoulli – backing vocals
  • Robert Ash – engineer
  • Ed Hollis – various engineering
  • Steve Lillywhite– various engineering
  • John Burns – various engineering
  • Ian Maidman – various engineering
  • John Dent – mastering engineer
  • Peter “Kodick” Gravelle – cover photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Perrett.

  1. The Whole of the Law
  2. Another Girl, Another Planet
  3. Breaking Down
  4. City of Fun
  5. The Beast
  6. Creature of Doom
  7. It’s the Truth
  8. Language Problem
  9. No Peace for the Wicked
  10. The Immortal Story


On November 24, 1978.


On November 24, 1978, “Beggars Banquet” label released the debut, self – titled Tubeway Army album. It was recorded July – August 1978, at “Spaceward Cambridge”, and was produced by Gary Numan.


  • Gary Numan– guitars, lead vocals, keyboards
  • Paul Gardiner– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Jess Lidyard– drums
  • Mike Kemp –engineer, mixer
  • John Dent –digital remastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Gary Numan except White Light/White Heat by Lou Reed.

  1. Listen to the Sirens
  2. My Shadow in Vain
  3. The Life Machine
  4. Friends
  5. Something’s in the House
  6. Everyday I Die
  7. Steel and You
  8. My Love Is a Liquid
  9. Are You Real?
  10. The Dream Police
  11. Jo the Waiter
  12. Zero Bars (Mr. Smith)

On September 23, 1996.


On September 23, 1996, “Island” label released “Dance Hall at Louse Point”, the debut collaborative studio album by PJ Harvey and John Parish. It was recorded February – March 1996, at “Small World” in Yeovil, England, and was produced by PJ Harvey and John Parish.


  • John Dent – mastering
  • Mick Harvey– organ, bass, guitar, bass, drums
  • PJ Harvey – vocals
  • John Parish – engineer, all instruments

Track listing:

All tracks by PJ Harvey and John Parish; except where noted.

  1. Girl
  2. Rope Bridge Crossing
  3. City of No Sun
  4. That Was My Veil
  5. Urn with Dead Flowers in a Drained Pool
  6. Civil War Correspondent
  7. Taut
  8. Un Cercle Autour du Soleil
  9. Heela
  10. Is That All There Is? – Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
  11. Dance Hall at Louse Point
  12. Lost Fun Zone