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On March 11, 2014.

On March 11, 2014, “Arion Records/Audio Resources” labels released “Ode to Echo”, the fourteenth Glass Hammer studio album. It was recorded in 2013, at “Sound Resources” in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was produced by Fred Schendel and Steve Babb.


  • Carl Groves – lead vocals
  • Jon Davison– lead and backing vocals
  • Susie Bogdanowicz – lead and backing vocals
  • Alan Shikoh – electricacoustic and classical guitars, electric sitar
  • Steve Babb – bass, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Fred Schendel – keyboards, guitars, backing vocals
  • Aaron Raulston – drums
  • Walter Moore – vocals
  • Michelle Young– backing vocals
  • Randy Jackson– guitar, backing vocas
  • David Ragsdale- violin
  • Rob Reed – piano, Minimoogsolo
  • Bob Katz- mastering
  • Bret Noblitt – precision audio
  • Michał Xaay Loranc – cover, artwork, logo design
  • Julie Babb – band photography

Track listing:

  1. Garden of Hedon – lyrics by Carl Groves, music by Alan Shikoh, Fred Schendel, Steve Babb, Carl Groves
  2. Misantrog – lyrics by Carl Groves, music by Fred Schendel, Carl Groves
  3. Crowbone – lyrics by Robert Low, music by Fred Schendel
  4. I Am I – lyrics by Steve Babb, music by Steve Babb, Fred Schendel
  5. The Grey Hills – Steve Babb, music by Steve Babb, Carl Groves
  6. Porpoise Song – Gerry Goffin, Carole King
  7. Panegyric – Fred Schendell
  8. Ozymandias – lyrics by Carl Groves, music by Steve Babb, Carl Groves





On August 7, 1990.

On August 7, 1990, “Mercury” label released “Blaze of Glory”, the debut Jon Bon Jovi solo studio album. It includes songs from and inspired by the movie Young Guns II. It was recorded April – June 1990, and was produced by Jon Bon Jovi and Danny Kortchmar.


  • Jon Bon Jovi – vocals, backing vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica
  • Kenny Aronoff– drums, percussion
  • Jeff Beck– electric guitar
  • Robbin Crosby– guitar
  • Bob Glaub, Randy Jackson– bass
  • Elton John– piano, backing vocals
  • Danny Kortchmar– guitar
  • Dale Lavi, The Runners – hand claps
  • Myrna Matthews, Camilla Lento – backing vocals
  • Aldo Nova– guitars, keyboards, piano, tambourine
  • Phil Parlapiano – accordion
  • Lou Diamond Phillips– vocals
  • Little Richard– piano, vocals
  • Brian Scheuble, Ron Jacobs – engineer
  • Alan Silvestri– arranger
  • Benmont Tench– organ, piano
  • Julia Waters, Maxine Waters – backing vocals
  • Waddy Wachtel– guitar, slide guitar
  • Brian Scheuble, Rob Jacobs: engineering
  • JD Dworkow: production coordinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Jon Bon Jovi, except where noted.

  1. Billy Get Your Guns
  2. Miracle
  3. Blaze of Glory
  4. Blood Money
  5. Santa Fe
  6. Justice in the Barrel
  7. Never Say Die
  8. You Really Got Me Now
  9. Bang a Drum
  10. Dyin’ Ain’t Much of a Livin’
  11. Guano City – Alan Silvestri

On May 23, 2000.

On May 23, 2000, “Warner Bros” label released “Inside Job”, the fourth Don Henley solo studio album. It was recorded 1999-2000, and was produced by Don Henley and Stan Lynch.


  • Don Henley– drums, guitar, piano, lead vocals, keyboards
  • Jana Anderson – background vocals
  • Gregg Bissonette– drums
  • Stuart Brawley– songwriter, musician, engineer, programmer
  • Jebin Bruni – musician
  • Valerie Carter– background vocals
  • John Corey– musician
  • Kevin Dorsey – background vocals
  • Timothy Drury– musician
  • Don Felder– lead guitar, vocals
  • Michael Fisher – musician
  • Glenn Frey– guitar, vocals, piano, keyboards
  • Bob Glaub– bass
  • Stevie Gurr – musician
  • Dorian Holley– background vocals
  • Larry Klein– guitars
  • Kipp Lennon– background vocals
  • Mark Lennon – background vocals
  • Michael Lennon– background vocals
  • Joseph Powell – background vocals
  • Frank Simes– guitars
  • Steuart Smith– guitars
  • Benmont Tench– keyboards, organ, piano
  • Carmen Twillie– background vocals
  • Jimmie Vaughan– harmonica, vocals
  • Mervyn Warren– background vocals
  • Julia Waters – background vocals
  • Luther Waters – background vocals
  • Maxine Waters– background vocals
  • Oren Waters– background vocals
  • Jai Winding – bass
  • Stevie Wonder– keyboards, background vocals
  • Monalisa Young – background vocals
  • Terry Young – background vocals
  • Pat Lennon– background vocals
  • Michael Mishaw– background vocals
  • Lance Morrison – musician
  • Engineers: Stuart Brawley, Rob Jacobs
  • Assistant engineers: Charlie Bouis, Andy Haller, Daniel Mendez, Roger Sommers, Jeff Thomas, Ken Villeneuve, Ted Barela, Steve Griffen
  • Mixing: Rob Jacobs
  • Mastering: Stephen Marcussen
  • Digital editing: Stewart Whitmore
  • Technical support: Dave Hecht, Art Kelm
  • String arrangements: Randy Newman
  • Randy Newman– conductor
  • David Paich– keyboards
  • Dean Parks– guitars
  • Darryl Phinnessee – background vocals
  • Tim Pierce– guitars
  • Randy Jackson– musician

Track listing:

  1. Nobody Else in the World But You – Don Henley, Stan Lynch, Jai Winding
  2. Taking You Home – Stuart Brawley, Don Henley, Stan Lynch
  3. For My Wedding – Larry John McNally
  4. Everything Is Different Now – Don Henley, Scott F. Crago, Timothy Drury
  5. Workin’ It – Don Henley, Frank Simes, Stan Lynch
  6. Goodbye to a River – Don Henley, Stan Lynch, Jai Winding, Frank Simes
  7. Inside Job – Don Henley, Mike Campbell
  8. They’re Not Here, They’re Not Coming – Don Henley, Stan Lynch
  9. Damn It Rose – Don Henley, Stan Lynch
  10. Miss Ghost – Don Henley, Stan Lynch, Jai Winding
  11. The Genie – Don Henley, Stan Lynch, Stuart Brawley
  12. Annabel – Don Henley, John Corey
  13. My Thanksgiving – Don Henley, Stan Lynch, Jai Winding

In April 1986.

In April 1986, “Capitol” label released “Cocker”, the tenth Joe Cocker studio album. It was recorded in 1986, and was produced by Richie Zito, Terry Manning, Ron Nevison, Albert Hammond and Diane Warren and Bernard Edwards. The album was certified Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, and Platinum in Germany by “BVMI”.


  • Joe Cocker – lead vocals
  • Neal Schon, Richie Zito, Eddie Martinez, Cliff Goodwin, Dann Huff – guitars
  • Vito San Filippo, Bernard Edwards, Randy Jackson, Arthur Barrow, Mike Moran – bass
  • Mike Moran, Arthur Barrow, Jeff Lorber, Larry Marshall, Jeff Bova, Michael Boddicker, Howard Hersh – keyboards
  • Michael Baird, Anton Fig, Eric Parker – drums
  • Mel Collins, Andrew Love – saxophone
  • Dick Hyde, Steve Madaio, Joel Peskin – horns
  • Albert Hammond, Diane Warren, Curtis King, Maxine Green, Julia Tillman Waters, Leslie Smith, Joe Turano, Elesecia Wright, Maxine Waters – background vocals

Track listing:

  1. Shelter Me – Nick DiStefano
  2. A to Z – Tom Kimmel
  3. Don’t You Love Me Anymore – Albert Hammond, Diane Warren
  4. Living Without Your Love – Michael Bolton, Doug James
  5. Don’t Drink The Water – Richard Feldman, Pat Robinson
  6. You Can Leave Your Hat On – Randy Newman
  7. Heart of the Matter – Ronald Miller, Billy Aerts
  8. Inner City Blues – Marvin Gaye, James Nyx Jr.
  9. Love Is on a Fade – Stephen Allen Davis, Dennis Morgan
  10. Heaven -Terry Manning


On September 10, 1990.


On September 10, 1990, “Columbia” label released “Under the Red Sky”, the twenty-seventh Bob Dylan studio album. It was recorded January 1990, March–May 1990, and was produced by Jack Frost (Bob Dylan) and Don Was.


  • Bob Dylan – acoustic and electric guitar, piano, accordion, harp, vocals
  • Sweet Pea Atkinson– backing vocals
  • Rayse Biggs – trumpet
  • Sir Harry Bowens– backing vocals
  • David Crosby– backing vocals
  • Paulinho Da Costa– percussion
  • Robben Ford– guitar
  • Dan Bosworth – assistant engineering
  • Marsha Burns – production coordination
  • Ed Cherney – engineering, mixing
  • George Harrison– slide guitar
  • Bruce Hornsby– piano
  • Randy “The Emperor” Jackson– bass guitar
  • Elton John– piano
  • Al Kooper– organ, keyboards
  • David Lindley– bouzouki, guitar, slide guitar
  • David McMurray – saxophone
  • Steve Deutsch – assistant engineering
  • Judy Kirshner – assistant engineering
  • Donald Ray Mitchell – backing vocals
  • Jamie Muhoberac– organ
  • Jimmie Vaughan– guitar
  • Kenny Aronoff– drums
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan– guitar
  • Waddy Wachtel– guitar
  • David Was– backing vocals, bass guitar
  • Jim Mitchell – assistant engineering
  • Brett Swain – assistant engineering

Track listing:

All tracks by Bob Dylan.

  1. Wiggle Wiggle
  2. Under the Red Sky
  3. Unbelievable
  4. Born in Time
  5. V. Talkin’ Show
  6. 000 Men
  7. 2 x 2
  8. God Knows
  9. Handy Dandy
  10. Cat’s in the Well

On March 31, 1992.


On March 31, 1992, “Columbia” label released “Human Touch”, the ninth Bruce Springsteen studio album. It was recorded September 1989 – March 1991, at “A&M Studios”, and was produced by Bruce Springsteen, Jon Landau, Chuck Plotkin and Roy Bittan.


  • Bruce Springsteen– lead vocals, guitar, bass
  • Randy Jackson– bass
  • Jeff Porcaro– drums, percussion
  • Roy Bittan– keyboards
  • Sam Moore– backing vocals
  • Patti Scialfa– harmony vocals
  • David Sancious– Hammond organ
  • Bobby King– backing vocals
  • Tim Pierce– second guitar
  • Michael Fisher – percussion
  • Bobby Hatfield– harmony vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Bruce Springsteen, except where noted.

  1. Human Touch
  2. Soul Driver
  3. 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)
  4. Cross My Heart – Bruce Springsteen, Sonny Boy Williamson
  5. Gloria’s Eyes
  6. With Every Wish
  7. Roll of the Dice – Bruce Springsteen, Roy Bittan
  8. Real World – Bruce Springsteen, Roy Bittan
  9. All or Nothin’ at All
  10. Man’s Job
  11. I Wish I Were Blind
  12. The Long Goodbye
  13. Real Man
  14. Pony Boy – traditional

On January 18, 1982.

Mystical Adventures

On January 18, 1982, “Atlantic” label released Jean-Luc Ponty’s album  “Mystical Adventures”.  It was recorded August – September, 1981, at “Cherokee Recording Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Jean-Luc Ponty and Arif Mardin.

  • Jean-Luc Ponty– electric violin, organ, synthesizer, keyboards, vocals, acoustic violin
  • Paulinho Da Costa– percussion
  • Jamie Glaser– guitar
  • Rayford Griffin – drums
  • Randy Jackson– bass
  • Chris Rhyne – synthesizer, piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer bass, Oberheim 8 Voice, Prophet 5

Track listing:

All tracks by Jean-Luc Ponty, except where noted.

  1. Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part I
  2. Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part II
  3. Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part III
  4. Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part IV
  5. Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part V
  6. Rhythms of Hope
  7. As – Stevie Wonder, arr. by Jean-Luc Ponty
  8. Final Truth – Part I
  9. Final Truth – Part II
  10. Jig