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In August 1969.

In August 1969, “Columbia” label released the debut, self-titled Santana album. It was recorded in January and May 1969, at “Pacific Recording” in San Mateo, and was produced by Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, David Brown, Michael Shrieve, Michael Carabello, José “Chepito” Areas, Brent Dangerfield and David Rubinson. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 150 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of all Time”.


  • Carlos Santana– guitar, backing vocals
  • Gregg Rolie– lead vocals, Hammond organ, piano
  • David Brown– bass
  • Michael Shrieve– drums
  • Michael Carabello– congas, percussion
  • José “Chepito” Areas– timbales, congas, percussion
  • David Brown – engineer
  • Lee Conklin– album cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, David Brown, Michael Shrieve, Michael Carabello and José “Chepito” Areas, except where noted.

  1. Waiting
  2. Evil Ways – Clarence “Sonny” Henry
  3. Shades of Time – Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie
  4. Savor
  5. Jingo – Babatunde Olatunji
  6. Persuasion
  7. Treat
  8. You Just Don’t Care
  9. Soul Sacrifice- Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, David Brown, Marcus Malone

In April 1981.

In April 1981, “Columbia” label released “Zebop!”, the eleventh Santana studio album. It was recorded 1980-1981, and was produced by Carlos Santana and Bill Graham. The album was certified Platinum in the U.S. by “RIIA”.


  • Alex Ligertwood– vocals, background vocals
  • Carlos Santana– guitar, percussion, producer, vocals, background vocals
  • Chris Solberg – guitar, keyboards, vocals, background vocals
  • Alan Pasqua– keyboards, vocals, background vocals
  • Richard Baker – keyboards, organ, piano, synthesizer
  • David Margen – bass
  • Graham Lear– drums
  • Armando Peraza– bongos, percussion, vocals
  • Raul Rekow – congas, percussion, background vocals
  • Orestes Vilató– percussion, timbales, background vocals
  • Keith Olsen– engineer
  • Fred Catero– associate producer, engineer

Track listing:

  1. Changes – Cat Stevens
  2. E Papa Ré – Carlos Santana, Richard Baker, David Margen, Orestes Vilató, Alex Ligertwood
  3. Primera Invasion – Graham Lear, David Margen, Alan Pasqua, Carlos Santana
  4. Searchin’ – Alex Ligertwood, Carlos Santana, Chris Solberg
  5. Over and Over – Rick Meyers
  6. Winning – Russ Ballard
  7. Tales of Kilimanjaro – Alan Pasqua, Armando Peraza, Raul Rékow, Carlos Santana
  8. The Sensitive Kind – J. Cale
  9. American Gypsy – Russ Ballard, Graham Lear, Alex Ligertwood
  10. I Love You Much Too Much – Alexander Olshanetsky, Don Raye, Chaim Tauber
  11. Brightest Star – Alex Ligertwood, Carlos Santana
  12. Hannibal – Alex Ligertwood, Alan Pasqua, Raul Rékow, Carlos Santana


In April 1980.

In April 1980, “Columbia” label released “Middle Man”, the ninth Boz Scaggs album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Bill Schnee.


  • Boz Scaggs – guitars, vocals
  • Jeff Porcaro- drums
  • Carlos Santana- guitar
  • Lenny Castro- percussion
  • David Foster- synthesizer, keyboards, string arrangements
  • Don Grolnick- piano, keyboards
  • Joe Vitale- drums
  • James Newton Howard- keyboards, clavinet
  • David Hungate- bass
  • Steve Lukather- guitars
  • Rick Marotta- drums
  • David Paich- organ, synthesizer, keyboards
  • Ray Parker, Jr.- guitars
  • John Pierce – bass
  • Adrian Tapia – saxophone
  • Bill Thedford – background vocals
  • Julia Tillman Waters – background vocals
  • Oren Waters- background vocals
  • Paulette Brown – background vocals
  • Rosemary Butler- background vocals
  • Chuck “Fingers” Irwin – background vocals
  • David Lasley- background vocals
  • Bill Champlin- background vocals
  • Charlotte Crossley – background vocals
  • Venetta Fields- background vocals
  • Sharon Redd- background vocals
  • Larry Fast, Michael Boddicker, Steve Porcaro- synthesizer programming

Track listing:

All tracks by David Foster and Boz Scaggs, except where noted.

  1. Jojo – David Foster, David Lasley, Boz Scaggs
  2. Breakdown Dead Ahead
  3. Simone
  4. You Can Have Me Anytime
  5. Middle Man
  6. Do Like You Do in New York – Boz Scaggs
  7. Angel You
  8. Isn’t It Time – Boz Scaggs
  9. You Got Some Imagination – Steve Lukather, Scaggs, Bill Schnee


On April 15, 2015.

On April 15, 2015, “RCA” label released “Santana IV”, the twenty-third studio Santana album. It was recorded 2014-2015, and was produced by Carlos Santana. The title refers to the fact that this is the fourth album by most of the personnel who formed the late 1960s version of the group that performed at “Woodstock Festival”.


  • Gregg Rolie– lead vocals, Hammond B3 organ, keyboards, executive producer
  • Carlos Santana– guitar, vocals, executive producer
  • Neal Schon– guitar, vocals, executive producer
  • Michael Shrieve– drums, executive producer
  • Michael Carabello– congas, percussion, vocals, executive producer
  • Karl Perazzo – timbales, percussion, vocals
  • Benny Rietveld – bass
  • Ronald Isley– lead vocals

Track listing:

  1. Yambu – Carlos Santana, Karl Perazzo
  2. Shake It – Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Michael Carabello, Karl Perazzo
  3. Anywhere You Want to Go – Gregg Rolie
  4. Filmore East – Carlos Santana, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Michael Carabello, Karl Perazzo, Michael Shrieve
  5. Love Makes the World Go Round – Carlos Santana, Nuru Kane, Thierry Fourner
  6. Freedom in Your Mind – Carlos Santana, Kenneth Okulolo
  7. Choo Choo – Carlos Santana, Igor Len, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Michael Carabelo
  8. All Aboard – Carlos Santana
  9. Sueños – Carlos Santana, Benny Rietveld
  10. Caminando – Carlos Santana, Neal Schon, Michael Carabelo, Karl Perazzo
  11. Blues Magic – Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon
  12. Echizo – Neal Schon, Michael Shrieve
  13. Leave Me Again – Michael Sgrieve, Gregg Rolie, Carlos Santana
  14. You and I – Gregg Rolie
  15. Come as You Are – Neal Schon, Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, Michael Carabelo, Karl Perazzo
  16. Forgiveness – Neal Schon, Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, Claus Zundel


In February 1987.


In February 1987, “Columbia” label released “Freedom”, the fourteenth Santana studio album. It was recorded in 1986, and was produced by Jeffrey Cohen, Carlos Santana, Chester Thompson and Sterling Crew.


  • Carlos Santana– guitar, vocals
  • Tom Coster– keyboards
  • Chester D. Thompson – keyboards
  • Gregg Rolie– synthesizer, keyboards
  • Sterling Crew – keyboards/synths
  • Alphonso Johnson– bass
  • Graham Lear– drums
  • Armando Peraza– percussion, conga
  • Orestes Vilató– percussion, timbales
  • Raul Rekow – percussion, conga, vocals
  • Buddy Miles– vocals

Track listing:

  1. Veracruz – Jeffrey Cohen, Buddy Miles, Gregg Rolie, Carlos Santana
  2. She Can’t Let Go – Jeffrey Cohen, Tom Coster, Alphonso Johnson, Cory Lerios
  3. Once It’s Gotcha – Jeffrey Cohen, Tom Coster, Alphonso Johnson
  4. Love Is You – Carlos Santana, Chester D. Thompson
  5. Songs of Freedom – Tom Coster, Buddy Miles, Carlos Santana
  6. Deeper, Dig Deeper – Sterling Crew, Buddy Miles, Carlos Santana, Chester D.Thompson
  7. Praise – Sterling Crew, Buddy Miles, Carlos Santana, Chester D.Thompson
  8. Mandela – Armando Peraza
  9. Before We Go – Jim Capaldi, Carlos Santana
  10. Victim of Circumstance – Sterling Crew, Buddy Miles, Gary Rashid, Carlos Santana

In February 1985.


In February 1985, “Columbia” label released “Beyond Appearances”, the thirteenth Santana studio album. It was recorded March – November 1984, at “Record One” and “Plant Studios” in California, and was produced by Val Garay.


  • Carlos Santana– guitar, acoustic 12-string guitar, vocals
  • Alphonso Johnson– bass
  • Chester D. Thompson – synthesizer, bass, keyboards, organ
  • David Sancious– rhythm guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, guitar
  • Chester Cortez Thompson– drums, bass pedals
  • Greg Walker – lead and background vocals
  • Alex Ligertwood- rhythm guitar, lead and background vocals, harmony
  • Bryan Garofalo – bass
  • Steve Goldstein- synthesizer, keyboards
  • Craig Krampf- drums, DMX drum machine
  • Armando Peraza- bongos, percussion, shakers, congas
  • Orestes Vilato- bells, timbales, percussion, cymbals, woodblocks, vocals
  • Mitchell Froom- string synthesizer
  • Raul Rekow – chekere, congas, shakers, vocals
  • David Adelstein – synthesizer, DMX drum machine, synthesizer bass
  • John Woodhead – guitar
  • Anthony LaPeau – background vocals
  • Craig Hull – guitar
  • Bob Getter – string bass
  • Robbie Patton, David Adelstein – arrangements
  • Steve Goldstein – associate producer:
  • Recorded by Val Garay & Richard Bosworth
  • Assisted by Duane Saykora
  • Mixed by Val Garay
  • Assistant engineer: Wayne Lewis
  • Jim Gaines – mixing

Track listing:

  1. Breaking Out – Alphonso Johnson, Alex Ligertwood
  2. Written in Sand – Mitchell Froom, Jerry Stahl
  3. How Long – Robbie Patton
  4. Brotherhood – David Sancious, Carlos Santana, Chester D. Thompson
  5. Spirit – Alphonso Johnson, Ale Ligertwood, Raul Rekow
  6. Say It Again – Garay, Steve Goldstein, Lapeau
  7. Who Loves You – Carlos Santana, Chester D.Thompson, Orestes Vilato
  8. I’m the One Who Loves You – Curtis Mayfield
  9. Touchdown Raiders – Carlos Santana
  10. Right Now – Ale Ligertwood, Carlos Santana


In January 1977.


In January 1977, “Columbia” label released “Festival”, the eight Santana studio album. It was recorded in 1976, and was produced by David Rubinson & Friends, Inc.


  • Oren Waters– vocals, background vocals
  • Maxine Willard Waters – vocals, background vocals
  • Francisco Zavala – vocals, background vocals
  • Carlos Santana– guitar, bass, percussion, vocals, background vocals
  • Leon Patillo– keyboards, percussion, piano, vocals, background vocals
  • Tom Coster– keyboards, percussion, synthesizer, vocals
  • Pablo Téllez – bass, percussion, vocals, background vocals
  • Paul Jackson– bass
  • Gaylord Birch– drums, percussion, tympani
  • José “Chepitó” Areas– conga, percussion, timbales
  • Raul Rekow – conga, percussion, background vocals
  • Joel Badie – percussion, vocals, background vocals
  • Julia Waters – background vocals
  • Fred Catero– engineer
  • David Rubinson– engineer

Track listing:

  1. Carnaval – Tom Coster, Carlos Santana
  2. Let the Children Play – Leon Patillo, Carlos Santana
  3. Jugando – José Areas, Carlos Santana
  4. Give Me Love – Pablo Téllez
  5. Verão Vermelho – Nonato Buzar
  6. Let the Music Set You Free – Tom Coster, Leon Patillo, David Rubinson, Carlos Santana
  7. Revelations – Tom Coster, Carlos Santana
  8. Reach Up – Tom Coster, Leon Patillo, David Rubinson, Carlos Santana
  9. The River – Leon Patillo, Carlos Santana
  10. Try a Little Harder – Leon Patillo
  11. María Caracóles – Traditional