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On January 27, 1984.

On January 27, 1984, “Polydor” label released “4,000 Weeks’ Holiday”, album by Ian Dury & The Music Students. It was recorded in 1983, and was produced by Adam Kidron.


  • Ian Dury– vocals (credited by the pseudonym ‘D. Poundcake’)
  • Michael McEvoy;– bass, keyboards, synthesizers, brass arranger
  • Merlin Rhys-Jones – guitar
  • Tag Lamche – drums
  • Ray Cooper– percussion
  • Jamie Talbot– saxophones
  • Steve Sidwell– trumpet, clarinet
  • Neil Sidwell – trombone
  • Geoff Castle – synthesisers
  • Chaz Jankel– lead guitar
  • Ed Speight – lead guitar
  • Chris Taylor – drums
  • Rico Rodriguez– trombone
  • Davey Payne– saxophones
  • Jackie Challenor, Lorenza Johnson, Mae McKenna, Humphrey Dorsett, Andy Fairweather-Low- backing vocals
  • Alan Douglas – engineer
  • Keith Nixon – assistant engineer
  • Barney Bubbles- design

Track listing:

  1. (You’re My) Inspiration – Ian Dury, Michael McEvoy
  2. Friends – Ian Dury, Russell Hardy
  3. Tell Your Daddy – Ian Dury, Roderick Melvin
  4. Peter the Painter – Ian Dury, Michael McEvoy
  5. Ban the Bomb – Ian Dury, Russell Hardy
  6. Percy the Poet – Ian Dury, Michael McEvoy
  7. Very Personal – Ian Dury, Russell Hardy
  8. Take Me To The Cleaners – Ian Dury, Michael McEvoy
  9. The Man With No Face – Ian Dury, Russell Hardy
  10. Really Glad You Came – Ian Dury, Michael McEvoy

On April 16, 2012.

On April 16, 2012, “RacecarLOTTA Records” label released “Look Out Now!”, the second Gaddabouts album. It was recorded April – July 2011, and was produced by Steve Gadd.


  • Edie Brickell– vocals, guitar
  • Steve Gadd– vocals, drums, percussion
  • Andy Fairweather Low– vocals, guitars, bass harmonica
  • Pino Palladino– vocals, bass, tres, guitars
  • Ronnie Cuber– baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet
  • Larry Goldings– piano, keyboards, organ, accordion
  • Pedro Martínez – batá, bongos, congas, timbales, güiro, vocals
  • Axle Tosca – piano, vocals
  • Andrea Zahn – violin
  • Mike Mainieri– marimba, orchestra bells, vibraphone
  • Bob Mallory, Roy Hendrickson, Kirk Imamura, Tyler Hartman – ambient sounds, mumblings
  • Ingrid Ingrate, Greta Kline, Lulu, Bob Mallory, Pedro Martinez, Axle Tosca, Andy Fairweather Low – vocals
  • Andy Smith – engineer, mixing, recording
  • Greg Calbi – mastering
  • Bob Mallory, David Rowland – second engineers
  • Mike Burns – instrument technician
  • Amy Beth McNeely – art direction, design
  • Jennifer Delilah – cover painting

Track listing:

All tracks by Edie Brickel.

  1. Meat on Your Bones
  2. Look Out Now
  3. Wicked William
  4. House on Fire
  5. I’m a Van
  6. River Rises
  7. The Horse’s Mouth
  8. Blessed Days
  9. Devil’s Story
  10. Down
  11. Free
  12. The Mountain
  13. Don’t Take All Day
  14. How I Love You
  15. Can You Feel It
  16. Younger Woman
  17. Corruption

On March 23, 2004.

On March 23, 2004, “Reprise” label released “Me and Mr. Johnson”, album by Eric Clapton consisting of covers of songs written and originally recorded by Robert Johnson. It was recorded in 2004, at “The Town House” in London, and was produced by Simon Climie and Eric Clapton.


  • Eric Clapton– guitar, slide guitar, vocals
  • Andy Fairweather-Low– guitar
  • Doyle Bramhall II– guitar, slide guitar
  • Jerry Portnoy– harmonica
  • Billy Preston– organ
  • Chris Stainton– piano
  • Nathan East– bass
  • Steve Gadd– drums
  • Pino Palladino– bass
  • Jim Keltner– drums
  • Alan Douglas – recording engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Robert Johnson.

  1. When You Got a Good Friend
  2. Little Queen of Spades
  3. They’re Red Hot
  4. Me and the Devil Blues
  5. Traveling Riverside Blues
  6. Last Fair Deal Gone Down
  7. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
  8. Milkcow’s Calf Blues
  9. Kind Hearted Woman Blues
  10. Come on in My Kitchen
  11. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
  12. Love in Vain
  13. 32-20 Blues
  14. Hell Hound on My Trail


On January 25, 2011.

On January 25, 2011, “RacecarLOTTA” label released the debut, self-titled Gaddabouts album. It was recorded in 2010, and was produced by Steve Gadd.


  • Edie Brickell– vocals, guitar
  • Steve Gadd– drums, percussion
  • Andy Fairweather Low– vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Pino Palladino– bass, guitar
  • Joey DeFrancesco– piano, organ, Rhodes piano, melodica, trumpet
  • Gil Goldstein– accordion, Hammond B3 organ
  • Ronnie Cuber– baritone saxophone
  • Marcus Rojas– tuba
  • Luisito Quintero – congas
  • Dan Block– clarinet
  • Andy Smith – engineer, mixing
  • Greg Calbi – mastering
  • Phil Ramone – sequencing
  • Christian Baker, Dan Bucchi, Mark Johnson, Craig Luchen, Claudius Mittendorfer, Neo Tanusakdi, Tyler van Dalen – second engineers
  • Mike Burns – instrument technicians
  • Amy Beth McNeely – CD design
  • Jennifer Delilah – cover painting

Track listing:

All tracks by Edie Brickell.

  1. Never So Far Away
  2. Let It Slide
  3. Remind me
  4. My Heart
  5. They Say Everything
  6. Mad Dog
  7. Gonna Hold On
  8. Good Day
  9. Good for Me
  10. More Than Anybody
  11. Feelin’ Better


In September 1975.

In September 1975, “MCA” label released “Bandolier”, the fifth Budgie album. It was recorded in 1975, at “Rockfield Studios” in Monmouth, and “Mayfair Sound” in London, and was produced by Burke Shelley, Tony Bourge and Steve Williams. The cover art was by Patrick Woodroffe.


  • Burke Shelley– bass guitar, vocals
  • Tony Bourge– guitar, vocals
  • Steve Williams– drums
  • Richard Manwaring, Pat Moran, Ray Martinez – engineer
  • John Pasche – art direction
  • Pete Vernon – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Tony Bourge and Burke Shelley, except where noted..

  1. Breaking All the House Rules
  2. Slipaway
  3. Who Do You Want for Your Love?
  4. I Can’t See My Feelings
  5. I Ain’t No Mountain – Andy Fairweather Low
  6. Napoleon Bona-Part One
    Napoleon Bona-Part Two

In July 1972.

In July 1972, “Bearsville” label released the debut, self-titled Foghat album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Tom Dawes and Dave Edmunds.


  • Dave Peverett: vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Rod Price: lead and slide guitar, dobro
  • Tony Stevens: bass guitar, harmony vocals
  • Roger Earl: drums, percussion
  • Andy Fairweather Low: backing vocals
  • Dave Edmunds: additional guitars
  • John Ward: additional bass
  • Colin Earl: piano
  • Engineered by Ralph Downs, Kingsley Ward
  • Mixed by Dave Edmunds, Nick Jameson

Track listing:

  1. I Just Want to Make Love to You – Willie Dixon
  2. Trouble, Trouble – Dave Peverett
  3. Leavin’ Again (Again!) – Dave Peverett, Tony Stevens
  4. Fool’s Hall of Fame – Dave Peverett
  5. Sarah Lee – Dave Peverett, Rod Price
  6. Highway (Killing Me) – Dave Peverett, Rod Price
  7. Maybelline – Chuck Berry
  8. A Hole to Hide In – Dave Peverett, Rod Price, Roger Earl
  9. Gotta Get to Know You – Deadric Malone, Andre Williams


On June 13, 2000.

On June 13, 2000, “Duck” label released “Riding with the King”, album by Eric Clapton and B.B. King. It was recorded in 2000, and was produced by Eric Clapton and Simon Climie. The album was certified Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, Denmark by “IFPI Denmark”, Greece by “IFPI Greece”, Italy by “FIMI”, Japan by “RIAJ”, New Zealand by “RMNZ” and 2 x Platinum in US by “RIIA”.


  • B. King– guitar, co-lead vocals
  • Eric Clapton– guitar, co-lead vocals
  • Doyle Bramhall II– guitar, background vocals
  • Andy Fairweather Low– guitar
  • Jimmie Vaughan– guitar
  • Joe Sample– piano, Wurlitzer piano
  • Tim Carmon– organ
  • Nathan East– bass
  • Steve Gadd– drums
  • Arif Mardin– string arrangements
  • Susannah Melvoin– background vocals
  • Wendy Melvoin– background vocals
  • Paul Waller – programming
  • Alan Douglas – engineer, mixer
  • Tom Sweeney – engineering assistant
  • Mick Guzauski– mixer
  • Robert Sebree – artwork photography
  • Don Paulsen – artwork photography
  • Wherefore Art?– artwork design
  • Stephen Walker – artwork direction

Track listing:

  1. Riding With the King – John Hiatt
  2. Ten Long Years – Jules Taub,B. King
  3. Key to the Highway – Big Bill Broonzy,Charlie Segar
  4. Marry You – Doyle Bramhall II,Susannah Melvoin, Craig Ross
  5. Three O’Clock Blues – Lowell Fulson
  6. Help the Poor – Charles Singleton
  7. I Wanna Be – Doyle Bramhall II,Charlie Sexton
  8. Worried Life Blues – Sam Hopkins,Big Maceo Merriweather
  9. Days of Old – Jules Taub, B.B. King
  10. When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer – B. King, Jules Taub
  11. Hold On, I’m Comin – Isaac Hayes,David Porter
  12. Come Rain or Come Shine – Harold Arlen,Johnny Mercer