On April 15, 1982.

On April 15, 1982, “Columbia” label released “Lite Me Up”, the 28th Herbie Hancock album. It was recorded 1981 – 1982, at “George Massenburg Studio” in Los Angeles,  “El Dorado Studios” in Hollywood, “Garden Rake Studios”, and was produced by Herbie Hancock, Jay Graydon and Narada Michael Walden.


  • Herbie Hancock – vocals, clavinet, keyboards, Minimoog, piano, synthesizer, synthesizer drums, vocoder
  • Steve Lukather, David Williams, Jay Graydon – guitar
  • David Foster – piano
  • Michael Boddicker, Corrado Rustici, Frank Martin – synthesizer
  • Louis Johnson, Randy Jackson, Abraham Laboriel, Sr. – bass
  • Narada Michael Walden, Jeff Porcaro, John “J.R.” Robinson – drums
  • Paulinho da Costa – percussion
  • Gary Herbig – saxophone, woodwind
  • Jerry Hey – flugelhorn, trumpet
  • Chuck Findley – trombone, trumpet
  • William Frank “Bill” Reichenbach, Jr. – trombone
  • Wayne Anthony – lead vocals
  • Patrice Rushen – vocals, vocoder
  • Patti Austin, Paulette Williams, Jim Gilstrap, Venette Gloud, Linda Lawrence, John Lehman, Richard Page – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Lite Me Up! – Rod Temperton
  2. The Bomb – Herbie Hancock, Rod Temperton
  3. Gettin’ to the Good Part – Herbie Hancock, Rod Temperton
  4. Paradise – Bill Champlin, David Foster, Jay Graydon, Herbie Hancock
  5. Can’t Hide Your Love – Jeffrey Cohen, Herbie Hancock, Narada Michael Walden
  6. The Fun Tracks – Rod Temperton
  7. Motor Mouth – Rod Temperton
  8. Give It All Your Heart – Herbie Hancock, Rod Temperton

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