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In June 1985.

In June 1985, “Warner Bros” label released “B-Movie Matinee”, the second Nile Rodgers studio album. It was recorded in 1985, at “The Power Station” and “Atlantic Recording Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Nile Rodgers and Tommy “Rock” Jymi.


  • Nile Rodgers – lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Alfa Anderson – lead and backing vocals
  • Frank Simms, George Simms, David Spinner, Curtis King – backing vocals
  • Tommy Jymi, Rob Sabino – keyboards
  • Jimmy Bralower – guitars, bass, drums
  • James Farber – recording, mixing
  • Eric Mahler – second engineer
  • Bobby Warner, Malcolm Pollack, Josh Abbey – additional engineers
  • Steve Rinkoff, Dave Greenberg, Ira McLaughlin, Dan Nash – additional second engineers
  • Joe Sidore, Gus “Nan Desuka” Skinas – digital engineering
  • Budd Tunnick, Kevin Jones – production managers
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering
  • Mick Haggerty – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Nile Rodgers, except where noted.

  1. Plan-9 – Nile Rodgers, Jimmy Bralower
  2. State Your Mind – Martin Celay
  3. The Face in The Window – Eric Lowen, Rick Boston, Dan Navarro
  4. Doll Squad
  5. Let’s Go Out Tonight
  6. Groove Master
  7. Wavelength
  8. Stay Out Of The Light

On September 3, 1991.

On September 3, 1991, “Mercury” label released “Stranger in This Town”, the first Richie Sambora album. It was recorded in 1991 and was produced by Richie Sambora and Neil Dorfsman.


  • Richie Sambora- lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, strings arrangement, producer
  • David Bryan- keyboards, strings arrangement
  • Tico Torres- drums, percussion
  • Eric Clapton- guitar solo
  • Tony Levin- bass guitar, Chapman Stick
  • Randy Jackson- bass guitar
  • Dean Fasano, Franke Previte, Curtis King, Bekka Bramlett, Isabella Lento, Tawatha Agee, Brenda White-King – background vocals
  • Katie Agresta – vocal coach
  • Jeff Bova, Robbie Buchanan, Larry Fast, Jimmy Bralower, Chris Palmaro, Eric Persing – keyboards, programming
  • Rafael Padilla, Carol Steele – percussion
  • JD Dworkow – production coordination
  • Jeff Hendrickson, Lance Phillips, Frank Wolf – engineering
  • Bob Ludwig- mastering
  • Tim White, Darryl Estrine – photography
  • Margery Greenspan – art direction
  • Umi Kenyon – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Richie Sambora, except where noted.

  1. Rest in Peace – Richie Sambora, David Bryan
  2. Church of Desire
  3. Stranger in This Town – Richie Sambora, David Bryan
  4. Ballad of Youth – Richie Sambora, Tom Marolda
  5. One Light Burning – Richie Sambora, Tom Marolda, Bruce Foster
  6. Bluesman
  7. Rosie – Richie Sambora, Jon Bon Jovi, Desmond Child, Diane Warren
  8. River of Love
  9. Father Time – Richie Sambora, Desmond Child
  10. The Answer – Richie Sambora, Bruce Foster

On June 14, 2019.

On June 14, 2019, “Columbia” label released “Western Stars”, the nineteenth Bruce Springsteen studio album. It was recorded 2018 – 2019, at “Stone Hill” in New Jersey, and was produced by Ron Aniello.


  • Bruce Springsteen – vocals, acoustic, twelve-string and electric guitar, glockenspiel, synth, strings, banjo, percussion, organ, piano, sampler, celesta, organ solo, mellotron
  • Ron Anielo – electric upright bass, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, percussion, vibraphone, bass, synth, sampler, drums, organ, celesta, loops, backing vocal
  • Marc Muller – lap steel guitar
  • Jon Brion– electric guitar
  • Rob Lebert – electric and baritone guitar
  • Greg Leisz, Marc Muller, Marty Rifkin– pedal steel guitar
  • David Sancious– organ
  • Charlie Giordano, David Sancious, Matt Rollings- piano
  • Lenny Castro – congas
  • Gunnar Olsen, Jon Brion, Matt Chamberlain– drums
  • Charlie Giordano- accordion
  • Andrew Sterman– alto flute
  • Alden Banta – bassoon
  • Curt Ramm – flugelhorn
  • Charles Pillow- oboe
  • Leelanee Sterrett– French horn
  • Rachel Drehmann– French horn
  • Jon Brion– celesta
  • Ed Manion- saxophone
  • Lenny Castro- shaker
  • Jon Brion– Farfisa synthesizer
  • Jon Brion– Moog synthesizer
  • Lenny Castro- tambourine
  • Jon Brion- timpani
  • Clark Gayton, Dan Levine- trombone
  • Barry Danielian, Curt Ramm- trumpet
  • Avatar Strings – Desiree Elsevier, Robert Reinhart, Vivek Kamath- viola
  • Stone Hill Strings – Rebecca Young, Shmuel Katz- viola
  • Luis Villalobos, Soozie Tyrell- violin
  • Avatar Strings – Annaliesa Place, Liz Lim, Emily Popham, Hyunju Lee, Joanna Maurer, Jung Sun Yoo, Lisa Kim, Sharon Yamada, Suzanne Ornstein- violin
  • Stone Hill Strings – Hyunju Lee, Joanna Maurer, Lisa Kim- viola
  • Avatar Strings – Alan Stepansky, Nathan Vickery- cello
  • Stone Hill Strings – Alan Stepansky- cello
  • Lisa Kim – concertmaster
  • Rob Mathes – conductor, arrangements Avatar Strings
  • Scott Tibbs – conductor Stone Hill Stringa, production coordinator
  • Cindy Mizelle, Curtis King, Matthew Koma, Michelle Moore, Soozie Tyrell– backing vocals
  • Patti Scialfa – vocal, vocal arrangements
  • Tobby Scott – loops, programming
  • Rob Lebret, Ron Aniello, Ross Petersen, Toby Scott – engineer
  • Alec Dixon, Brett Rouche, Chris Steffen, Greg Koller – additional engineering
  • Bob Ludwigm- mastering
  • Tom Elmhirst – mixing
  • Joe Visciano – mixing assistant
  • Kevin Buell – technician
  • Michelle Holme – artwork, design
  • Danny Clinch – photography
  • Kalle Gustafsson – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Bruce Springsteen, except where noted.

  1. Hitch Hikin’
  2. The Wayfarer
  3. Tucson Train
  4. Western Stars
  5. Sleepy Joe’s Cafe
  6. Drive Fast (The Stuntman)
  7. Chasin’ Wild Horses
  8. Sundown
  9. Somewhere North of Nashville
  10. Stones
  11. There Goes My Miracle
  12. Hello Sunshine
  13. Moonlight Motel

On March 11, 1983.

On March 11, 1983, “Mirage Music” label released “Adventures in the Land of the Good Groove”, the first Nile Rodgers solo album. It was recorded in 1983, at “The Power Station” in New York City, and was produced by Nile Rodgers.


  • Nile Rodgers– lead and backing vocals, drums, guitar, keyboards
  • Sarah Dash– lead vocals
  • Carmine Rojas, Curtis King, David Spinner, Eddie Martinez, Fonzi Thornton, Frank Simms, George Simms, John Wright, Kenny Williams, Phillip Balou, Rachel Sweet– backing vocals
  • Bernard Edwards– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Tony Thompson– drums, backing vocals
  • Jeremy Steele – guitar
  • Raymond Jones – piano, keyboards
  • Rob Sabino– keyboards
  • Jason Corsaro – sound engineer
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Nile Rodgers.

  1. The Land of the Good Groove
  2. Yum-Yum
  3. Beet
  4. Get Her Crazy
  5. It’s All In Your Hands
  6. Rock Bottom
  7. My Love Song fort You
  8. Most Down


On November 14, 1983.

On November 14, 1983, “Atlantic” label released “Believer”, the seventh Chic studio album. It was recorded in 1983, and was produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards.


  • Nile Rodgers- lead vocals, rap, guitar
  • Bernard Edwards- vocals, bass guitar
  • Tony Thompson- drums
  • Alfa Anderson – lead vocals
  • Luci Martin – lead vocals
  • Brenda White, Fonzi Thornton, Curtis King – vocals
  • Rob Sabino- keyboards
  • Jason Corsaro – sound engineer
  • Lynn Dreese Breslin – art direction
  • Pater Sato- illustration

Track listing:

All tracks by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers.

  1. Believer
  2. You Are Beautiful
  3. Take a Closer Look
  4. Give Me the Lovin’
  5. Show Me Your Light
  6. You Got Some Love For Me
  7. In Love With Music
  8. Party Everybody

On January 14, 2014.

On January 14, 2014, “Columbia” label released “High Hopes” the eighteenth Bruce Springsteen studio album. It was recorded December 2012 – 2013, at “Thrill Hill” in Thrill Hill West; “Stone Hill Studi”; “Southern Tracks Recording Studio”, “Studios 301”, and was produced by Ron Aniello, Brendan O’Brien and Bruce Springsteen. The album was certified Platinum in Italy by “FIMI”.


  • Bruce Springsteen– lead vocals, guitar, percussion, bass, percussion loop, organ, synthesizers, piano, banjo, mandolin, vibraphone, drums, harmonium
  • Roy Bittan– piano, organ
  • Clarence Clemons– saxophone
  • Danny Federici– organ
  • Nils Lofgren– guitar, background vocals
  • Patti Scialfa– background vocals
  • Garry Tallent– bass
  • Steven Van Zandt– guitar, background vocals
  • Max Weinberg– drums
  • Ron Aniello – drum loops, percussion loops, bass, synthesizers, guitar, 12–string guitar, farfisa organ, accordion, vibraphone
  • Tom Morello– guitar, lead vocals
  • Jake Clemons– saxophone
  • Charles Giordano– organ, accordion
  • Ed Manion– saxophone
  • Soozie Tyrell– violin, background vocals
  • Sam Bardfeld – violin
  • Everett Bradley – background vocals, percussion
  • Barry Danielian – trumpet
  • Josh Freese– drums
  • Clark Gayton– trombone, tuba
  • Stan Harrison– saxophone
  • Curtis King, Cindy Mizelle, Michelle Moore, Evan Springsteen, Jessica Springsteen, Samuel Springsteen – background vocals
  • Curt Ramm – trumpet, cornet
  • Cillian Vallely- uilleann pipes, low whistle, tin whistle

Track listing:

All tracks by Bruce Springsteen, except where noted.

  1. High Hopes – Tim Scott McConnell
  2. Harry’s Place
  3. American Skin (41 Shots)
  4. Just Like Fire Would – Chris Bailey
  5. Down in the Hole
  6. Heaven’s Wall
  7. Frankie Fell in Love
  8. This Is Your Sword
  9. Hunter of Invisible Game
  10. The Ghost of Tom Joad
  11. The Wall
  12. Dream Baby Dream – Martin Rev, Alan Vega


On September 1, 1984.

On September 1, 1984, “EMI America” label released “Tonight”, the sixteenth David Bowie studio album. It was recorded May – June 1984, at “Le Studio” in Quebec, Canada, and was produced by David Bowie, Derek Bramble and Hugh Padgham.


  • David Bowie– vocals
  • Derek Bramble – guitar; guitar synthesizer; bass guitar; synthesiser; backing vocals
  • Carlos Alomar– guitars
  • Omar Hakim– drums
  • Carmine Rojas– bass guitar
  • Guy St. Onge – marimba
  • Sammy Figueroa– percussion
  • Tina Turner– lead vocals
  • Iggy Pop– backing
  • Robin Clark, George Simms, Curtis King – backing vocals

The Borneo Horns

  • Stanley Harrison– alto saxophone; tenor saxophone
  • Lenny Pickett– tenor saxophone; clarinet
  • Steve Elson – baritone saxophone
  • Arif Mardin– string arrangements; synthesisers

Track listing:

  1. Loving the Alien – David Bowie
  2. Don’t Look Down – Iggy Pop, James Williamson
  3. God Only Knows – Brian Wilson, Tony Asher
  4. Tonight – David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Ricky Gardiner
  5. Neighborhood Threat – David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Ricky Gardiner
  6. Blue Jean – David Bowie
  7. Tumble and Twirl – David Bowie, Iggy Pop
  8. I Keep Forhettin – Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller
  9. Dancing With the Big Boys – David Bowie, Carlos Alomar

In July 1985.

In July 1985, “Epic” label released “Flash”, the fourth Jeff Beck studio album. It was recorded in 1985, and was produced by Jeff Beck, Tony Hymas, Nile Rodgers and Arthur Baker. At the 1986 “Grammy Awards” Jeff Beck won the award for “Best Rock Instrumental Performance”.


  • Jeff Beck– lead vocals, guitar
  • Jimmy Hall– lead vocals, background vocals
  • Rod Stewart– lead vocals
  • Karen Lawrence– lead vocals
  • Jan Hammer– Fairlight CMI
  • Tony Hymas, Duane Hitchings, Robert Sabino– keyboard
  • Carmine Appice, Jay Burnett, Jimmy Bralower, Barry DeSouza, Tony “Thunder” Smith– drums
  • Doug Wimbish– bass
  • Tina B, Curtis King, David Simms, Frank Simms, George Simms, David Spinner – background vocals
  • David Charles, Jason Corsaro, Eddie DeLena, Rob Eaton, Chris Lord-Alge, Tom Lord-Alge, Eric Mohler, Tony Tavener, Nigel Walker, Andy Wallace – engineering

Track listing:

  1. Ambitious – Nile Rodgers
  2. Gets Us All in the End – Arthur Baker, Tina B
  3. Escape – Jan Hammer
  4. People Get Ready – Curtis Mayfield
  5. Stop Look and Listen – Nile Rodgers
  6. Get Workin’ – Nile Rodgers
  7. Ecstasy – David Bendeth, Simon Climie
  8. Night After Night – Nile Rodgers
  9. You Know We Know – Tony Hymas

In April 1986.

In April 1986, “Capitol” label released “Cocker”, the tenth Joe Cocker studio album. It was recorded in 1986, and was produced by Richie Zito, Terry Manning, Ron Nevison, Albert Hammond and Diane Warren and Bernard Edwards. The album was certified Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, and Platinum in Germany by “BVMI”.


  • Joe Cocker – lead vocals
  • Neal Schon, Richie Zito, Eddie Martinez, Cliff Goodwin, Dann Huff – guitars
  • Vito San Filippo, Bernard Edwards, Randy Jackson, Arthur Barrow, Mike Moran – bass
  • Mike Moran, Arthur Barrow, Jeff Lorber, Larry Marshall, Jeff Bova, Michael Boddicker, Howard Hersh – keyboards
  • Michael Baird, Anton Fig, Eric Parker – drums
  • Mel Collins, Andrew Love – saxophone
  • Dick Hyde, Steve Madaio, Joel Peskin – horns
  • Albert Hammond, Diane Warren, Curtis King, Maxine Green, Julia Tillman Waters, Leslie Smith, Joe Turano, Elesecia Wright, Maxine Waters – background vocals

Track listing:

  1. Shelter Me – Nick DiStefano
  2. A to Z – Tom Kimmel
  3. Don’t You Love Me Anymore – Albert Hammond, Diane Warren
  4. Living Without Your Love – Michael Bolton, Doug James
  5. Don’t Drink The Water – Richard Feldman, Pat Robinson
  6. You Can Leave Your Hat On – Randy Newman
  7. Heart of the Matter – Ronald Miller, Billy Aerts
  8. Inner City Blues – Marvin Gaye, James Nyx Jr.
  9. Love Is on a Fade – Stephen Allen Davis, Dennis Morgan
  10. Heaven -Terry Manning


On January 12, 1999.


On January 12, 1999, “Columbia” label released “By Your Side”, the fifth studio   Black Crowes album. It was recorded in 1998, at “Avatar Studios” in New York City, and was produced by  Kevin Shirley.


  • Chris Robinson– vocals, harmonica
  • Rich Robinson– guitar
  • Steve Gorman– drums
  • Eddie Harsch– keyboards
  • Sven Pipien– bass guitar
  • Dirty Dozen Brass Band– horns
  • Zoe Thrall – flute
  • Curtis King, Cindy Mizelle, Tawatha Agee, Brenda White King, Vanees Thomas – background vocals
  • David Campbell– arranger
  • Kevin Shirley– engineer, mixing
  • Rich Alvy – engineer
  • Pat Thrall– editing
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Leon Zervos – mastering
  • John Cheuse – art direction, design
  • Josef Astor – photography
  • Will Kennedy – digital imaging

Track listing:

All tracks by Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson.

  1. Go Faster
  2. Kickin’ My Heart Around
  3. By Your Side
  4. Horse Head
  5. Only a Fool
  6. Heavy
  7. Welcome to the Goodtimes
  8. Go Tell the Congregation
  9. Diamond Ring
  10. Then She Said My Name
  11. Virtue and Vice