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On July 6, 2010.

On July 6, 2010, “Epic” label released “The Wild Trapeze”, the debut Brandon Boyd solo album. It was recorded in 2010, and was produced by Dave Fridmann.


  • Brandon Boyd- vocals, guitar, drums, bass, timpani, chimes, glockenspiel
  • Dave Fridmann- keyboards
  • Jon Theodore- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Brandon Boyd.

  1. The Wild Trapeze
  2. Here Comes Everyone
  3. Dance While the Devil Sleeps
  4. A Night without Cars
  5. Revenge of the Spectral Tiger
  6. Courage and Control
  7. Runaway Train
  8. Last Night a Passenger
  9. Mirror of Venus
  10. All Ears Avow!

On July 6, 2006.

On July 6, 2006, “4AD” label released “Return to Cookie Mountain”, the second TV on the Radio studio album. It was recorded in 2006, and was produced by David Andrew Sitek.


  • Kyp Malone – vocals, bass, guitar
  • David Bowie, Kazu Makino, Omega “C Taylor” Moon, Katrina Ford, Shanina Robinson – vocals
  • David Andrew Sitek – samples, guitars, bass, flute, keys, synth, magic
  • Gerard Smith – piano, drums, bass, electric sitar
  • Jaleel Bunton – drums, guitars, piano, percussion, Rhodes
  • Jeremy Wilms – cello
  • Martin Perna – baritone saxophone
  • Tunde Adebimpe – vocals, percussion
  • Choir – Jaleel Bunton, Akwetey & Aku Orraca-Tetteh, Devang Shah, Aaron Aites, Tunde Adebimpe, Gerard Smith
  • Akwetey, Aku, Devang Shah (Dragons of Zynth) – percussion
  • Martin Perna, Chris Taylor – horns
  • Stuart D. Bogie – bass harmonica, bass clarinet
  • Chris Taylor – clarinet, horn arrangements

Track listing:

  1. I Was a Lover – Kyp Malone, David Andrew Sitek
  2. Hours – Tunde Adebimpe
  3. Province – Kip Malone, David Andrew Sitek
  4. Playhouses – Kip Malone
  5. Wolf Like Me – Tunde Adebimpe
  6. A Method – Tunde Adebimpe
  7. Let the Devil In – Kip Malone
  8. Dirtywhirl – Tunde Adebimpe
  9. Blues from Down Here – Kip Malone
  10. Tonight – Tunde Adebimpe
  11. Wash the Day – Kip Malone, David Andrew Sitek, Tunde Adebimpe

Samples used:

  • Teardrop by Massive Attack
  • Lou Reed’s 1975 album Metal Machine Music


On July 6, 1987.

On July 6, 1987, “WEA” label released the fifth, self-titled Echo & the Bunnymen studio album. It was recorded in 1987, at “Conny’s Studio” in Cologne,  “ICP” in Brussels, “The Workhouse” in London, “Amazon Studios” in Liverpool, and was produced by Laurie Latham, Gil Norton, Ian McCulloch, Will Sergeant, Les Pattinson and Pete de Freitas.


  • Ian McCulloch– lead vocals, guitar, piano
  • Will Sergeant– guitar
  • Les Pattinson– bass guitar
  • Pete de Freitas– drums
  • Henry Priestman– keyboards
  • Jake Brockman– keyboards
  • Ray Manzarek– keyboards
  • Stephen Morris– drums
  • Bruce Lampcov – mixing
  • Alex Haas – mixing assistant
  • Don Rodenbach – mixing assistant
  • Paul Gomersall, Stuart Barry – engineering
  • Brian Gardner– mastering
  • Anton Corbijn– photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Will Sergeant, Ian McCulloch and Les Pattinson except where noted.

  1. The Game
  2. Over You
  3. Bedbugs and Ballyhoo – Will Sergeant, Ian McCulloch, Henry Pattinson, Pete de Freitas
  4. All in Your Mind – Will Sergeant, Ian McCulloch, Henry Pattinson, Pete de Freitas
  5. Bombers Bay
  6. Lips Like Sugar
  7. Lost and Found
  8. New Direction
  9. Satellite – Will Sergeant, Ian McCulloch, Henry Pattinson, Pete de Freitas
  10. All My Life


On July 6, 1979.


On July 6, 1979, “Warner Bros” label released the debut, self-titled The B-52’s album. It was recorded 1978 – 1979, at at “Compass Point Studios” in Nassau, Bahamas, and was produced by Chris Blackwell. The album cover was designed by Tony Wright. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 152 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Fred Schneider– vocals, cowbell, toy piano, walkie talkie, keyboard bass
  • Kate Pierson– vocals, Farfisa organ, keyboard bass, guitar
  • Keith Strickland– percussion, drums, “Planet Claire” sounds
  • Cindy Wilson– vocals, bongos, tambourine, guitar
  • Ricky Wilson– guitars, smoke alarm
  • Ted Jensen – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by The B-52’s, except where noted.

  1. Planet Claire – Henry Mancini, Fred Schneider, Keith Strickland
  2. 52 Girls – Jeremy Ayers,Ricky Wilson
  3. Dance This Mess Around
  4. Rock Lobster – Fred Schneider, Ricky Wilson
  5. Lava
  6. There’s a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)
  7. Hero Worship – Robert Waldrop, Ricky Wilson
  8. 6060-842 – Kate Pierson, Fred Schneider,Keith Strickland, Ricky Wilson
  9. Downtown – Tonny Hatch

On July 6, 1975.


On July 6, 1975, “TK” label released the second self-titled KC and the Sunshine Band album. It was recorded 1974 – 1975, and was produced by Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch. The album contains band’s two biggest hits, “That’s the Way (I Like It)” and “Get Down Tonight”.


  • Harry Wayne Casey– keyboards, vocals
  • Jerome Smith – guitar
  • Richard Finch– bass guitar, drum, percussion
  • Robert Johnson – drums
  • Oliver C. Brown– percussion
  • Fermin Goytisolo – percussion
  • Ken Faulk – trumpet
  • Vinnie Tanno – trumpet
  • Mike Lewis – tenor saxophone
  • Whit Sidener – baritone saxophone
  • Beverly Champion – background vocals
  • Margaret Reynolds – background vocals
  • Jeanette Williams – background vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch, except where noted.

  1. Let It Go (Part One)
  2. That’s the Way (I Like It)
  3. Get Down Tonight
  4. Boogie Shoes
  5. Ain’t Nothing Wrong
  6. I’m So Crazy (‘Bout You) – Harry Wayne Casey, Richard Finch, Willie Clarke
  7. What Makes You Happy
  8. I Get Lifted
  9. Let It Go (Part Two)

On July 6, 1973.

Passion Play

On July 6, 1973, “Chrysalis” label released “A Passion Play”, the sixth Jethro Tull studio album. It was recorded December 1972-January 1973,at “Château d’Hérouville”, in Val-d’Oise;  March 1973, at “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by Ian Anderson and Terry Ellis.


  • Ian Anderson– flute, acoustic guitar, soprano and sopranino saxophones, vocals
  • Martin Barre– electric guitars
  • John Evan– piano, organ, synthesisers, vocals
  • Jeffrey Hammond– bass guitar, narrator
  • Barriemore Barlow– drums, timpani, glockenspiel, marimba
  • David Palmer– orchestral arrangements
  • Robin Black – sound engineer
  • Brian Ward – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Ian Anderson, except where noted.

  1. A Passion Play, Part I”

Act 1 – Ronnie Pilgrim’s funeral – a winter’s morning in the cemetery.

  • Lifebeats
  • Prelude
  • The Silver Cord
  • Re-Assuring Tune

Act 2 – The Memory Bank – a small but comfortable theatre with a cinema-screen (the next morning).

  • Memory Bank
  • Best Friends
  • Critique Oblique

VIII.  Forest Dance #1

  1. A Passion Play, Part II

Interlude – The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles.

  • The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles – Ian Anderson, Jeffrey Hammond, John Evan

Act 3 – The business office of G. Oddie & Son (two days later).

  • Forest Dance #2
  • The Foot of Our Stairs
  • Overseer Overture

Act 4 – Magus Perdé’s drawing room at midnight.

  • Flight from Lucifer
  • 10:08 to Paddington
  • Magus Perdé
  • Epilogue


On July 6, 1972.


On July 6, 1972, “Island” label released “Trilogy”, the third Emerson, Lake & Palmer studio album. It was recorded October 1971 – January 1972,at “Advision Studios” in London, and was produced by Greg Lake. The album cover was designed by “Hipgnosis”.


  • Keith Emerson: Hammond organ C3, Steinway piano, Moog synthesizer III-C, Mini-Moog model D, Zurna
  • Greg Lake: vocals, electricand acoustic guitars, bass guitar
  • Carl Palmer: drums, percussion
  • Eddy Offord: engineer
  • Barry Diament: mastering

Track listing:

  1. The Endless Enigma (Part One) – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake
  2. Fugue – Keith Emerson
  3. The Endless Enigma (Part Two) – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake
  4. From the Beginning – Greg Lake
  5. The Sheriff – Keith Emerson, Greg lake
  6. Hoedown – Aaron Copland, arr. Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Carl Palmer
  7. Trilogy – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake
  8. Living Sin – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Carl Palmer
  9. Abaddon’s Bolero – Keith Emerson