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In October 1974.

In October 1974, “Epic” label released “Lost in a Dream”, the fourth REO Speedwagon studio album. It was recorded in 1974, and was produced by Bill Halverson.


  • Mike Murphy – lead vocals
  • Gary Richrath– guitar, lead vocals
  • Neal Doughty– keyboards
  • Gregg Philbin – bass, backing vocals
  • Alan Gratzer – drums, backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Give Me a Ride (Roller Coaster) – Mike Murphy
  2. Throw the Chains Away – Gary Richrath
  3. Sky Blues – Neal Doughty
  4. You Can Fly – Mike Murphy
  5. Lost in a Dream – Bruce Hall, Mike Murphy
  6. Down by the Dam – Gary Richrath
  7. Do Your Best – Mike Murphy
  8. Wild as the Western Wind – Gary Richrath
  9. They’re on the Road – Gary Richrath
  10. I’m Feeling Good – Neal Doughty, Mike Murphy

On July 9, 1996.

On July 9, 1996, “Castle Records” label released “Building the Bridge”, the fourteenth REO Speedwagon studio album. It was recorded in 1996, and was produced by Greg Ladanyi and Steve Croes.


  • Kevin Cronin– lead vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Dave Amato– lead guitar, background vocals
  • Neal Doughty– keyboards
  • Bruce Hall– bass, background and lead vocals
  • Bryan Hitt– drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Can’t Stop Rockin’ – Dave Amato, Kevin Cronin, Bruce Hall
  2. I Still Love You – Kevin Cronin, Stephen Stills
  3. Building the Bridge – Kevin Cronin
  4. When I Get Home – Kevin Cronin
  5. Then I Met You – Kevin Cronin
  6. Look the Other Way – Kevin Cronin
  7. After Tonight – Bruce Hall
  8. Hey Wait a Minute – Bruce Hall
  9. One True Man – Kevin Cronin
  10. She’s Gonna Love Me – Dave Amato, Kevin Cronin
  11. Ballad of the Illinois Opry – Kevin Cronin

In February 1987.


In February 1987, “Epic” label released “Life as We Know It”, the twelfth REO Speedwagon studio album. It was recorded April – December 1986, at “Rumbo Recorders” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Kevin Cronin, Gary Richrath, Alan Gratzer and David DeVore.


  • Kevin Cronin– lead vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitar
  • Gary Richrath- lead guitar
  • Neal Doughty– keyboards
  • Bruce Hall– bass, background vocals
  • Alan Gratzer – drums, percussion, background vocals

Track listing:

  1. New Way to Love – Kevin Cronin
  2. That Ain’t Love – Kevin Cronin
  3. In My Dreams – Kevin Cronin, Tom Kelly
  4. One Too Many Girlfriends – Kevin Cronin
  5. Variety Tonight – Neal Doughty
  6. Screams and Whispers – Tom Kelly, Gary Richrath, Billy Steinberg
  7. Can’t get You Out of My Heart – Kevin Cronin, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg
  8. Over the Edge – Tom Kelly, Gary Richrath, Billy Steinberg
  9. Accidents Can Happen – Bruce Hall, Jeffery B. Hall
  10. Tired of Getting Nowhere – Kevin Cronin