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On February 10, 2020.

On February 10, 2020, Lyle David Mays died aged 66. He was musician (piano, keyboards) and composer, arranged and composed for One O’Clock Lab Band, toured with Woody Herman, but was best known as a member of the Pat Metheny Group. For his work with Pat Metheny, Mays won eleven “Grammy Awards”.

On April 5, 1994.

On April 5, 1994, “Blue Note” label released “I Can See Your House from Here”,  album by John Scofield and Pat Metheny. It was recorded in December 1993, at “The Power Station” in New York City, and was produced by Lee Townsend.


  • John Scofield – electric and acoustic guitar (left stereo channel)
  • Pat Metheny – electric guitar, nylon-string acoustic guitar, guitar synthesizer(right stereo channel)
  • Steve Swallow– bass guitar
  • Bill Stewart– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Pat Metheny except where noted.

  1. I Can See Your House from Here – John Scofield
  2. The Red One
  3. No Matter What – John Scofield
  4. Everybody’s party – John Scofield
  5. Message to My Friend
  6. No Way Jose – John Scofield
  7. Say the Brother’s Name
  8. Quiet Rising
  9. One Way to Be
  10. You Speak My Language – John Scofield

On February 24, 1998.

On February 24, 1998, “Verve” label released “The Sound of Summer Running”, the second Marc Johnson studio album. It was recorded in 1997, at “Avatar Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Lee Townsend. The album title was borrowed from a story by Ray Bradbury.


  • Marc Johnson– double bass
  • Bill Frisell– acoustic and electric guitars
  • Pat Metheny– electric and acoustic guitars, 42-string Pikasso guitar
  • Joey Baron– drums, tambourine
  • Joe Ferla – engineer
  • Greg Calbi – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Marc Johnson, except where noted.

  1. Faith in You
  2. Ghost Town – Bill Frisell
  3. Summer Running
  4. With My Boots On
  5. Union Pacific
  6. Porch Swing
  7. Dingy-Dong Day
  8. The Adventures of Max and Ben – Bill Frisell
  9. In a Quiet Place – Eliane Elias, Marc Johnson
  10. For a Thousand Years – Pat Metheny


On January 29, 2008.

On January 29, 2008, “Nonesuch” label released “Day Trip”, the 36th Pat Metheny album. It was recorded on October 19, 2005, at “Right Track Recording” in New York City, and was produced by Pat Metheny.


  • Pat Metheny– acoustic and electric guitar, guitar synthesizer
  • Christian McBride– double bass
  • Antonio Sánchez– drums

Track listing:

All music by Pat Metheny.

  1. Son of Thirteen
  2. At Last You’re Here
  3. Let’s Move
  4. Snova
  5. Calvin’s Keys
  6. Is This America? (Katrina 2005)
  7. When We Were Free
  8. Dreaming Trees
  9. The Red One
  10. Day Trip

On January 26, 2010.

On January 26, 2010, “Nonesuch” label released “Orchestrion”, the 40th Pat Metheny album. It was recorded in October 2008, at “Legacy/MSR Studio” in New York City, and was produced by Pat Metheny.


  • Pat Metheny– guitar and orchestrionics

Track listing:

All tracks by Pet Metheny.

  1. Orchestration
  2. Entry Point
  3. Expansion
  4. Soul Search
  5. Spirit of the Air

On January 23, 1990.

On January 23, 1990, “GRP” label released “Reunion”, the 41st Gary Burton album. It was recorded May 6 – 10, 1989, at “Studio A – Power Station” in New York City, and was produced by Gary Burton.


  • Gary Burton– vibraphone, marimba
  • Pat Metheny– guitar
  • Mitchel Forman– piano, keyboards
  • Will Lee– bass guitar
  • Peter Erskine– drums, percussion
  • Dan Gellert – assistant engineer
  • Dave Grusin, Larry Rosen– executive producers
  • Rob Eaton – recording, mixing

Track listing:

  1. Autumn – Polo Orti
  2. Reunion – Mitchel Forman
  3. Origin – Mitchel Forman
  4. Will You Say You Will – Vince Mendoza
  5. House on the Hill – Pat Metheny
  6. Panama – Paul Meyers
  7. Chairs and Children – Vince Mendoza
  8. Wasn’t Always Easy – Pat Metheny
  9. The Chief – Pat Metheny
  10. Tiempos Felice – Polo Orti
  11. Quick and Running – Polo Orti

On December 1, 2002.

On December 1, 2002, “Warner Music Poland” label released “Upojenie” (Rapture), album by Anna Maria Jopek and Pat Metheny. It was recorded in 2002, in Warsaw, Poland, and was produced by Marcin Kydryński and Pat Metheny. The album was certified Platinum in Poland by “ZPAV”.


  • Anna Maria Jopek– vocals, electric piano
  • Pat Metheny– guitars, guitar synthesizer, 42-string guitar, synthesizers
  • Henryk Miśkiewicz – soprano saxophone
  • Piotr Nazaruk – flute, recorder, hammered dulcimer, banjo, vocals, percussion
  • Leszek Możdżer– piano
  • Pawel Bzim Zarecki – synthesizers, organ, percussion
  • Mateusz Pospieszalski – synthesizer
  • Bernard Maseli – vibraphone
  • Darek Oleszkiewicz– double bass
  • Marcin Pospieszalski – bass guitar
  • Marek Napiórkowski– guitar
  • Cezary Konrad – drums
  • Mino Cinelu– percussion
  • Wojciech Kowalewski – percussion
  • Barney – alien voices
  • Orchestra conducted by Mateusz Pospieszalski

Track listing:

  1. Cichy zapada zmrok – traditional
  2. Przypływ, odpływ, oddech czasu – Pet Metheny, lyrics by Magda Czapińska
  3. Tam, gdzie nie sięga wzrok – Pet Metheny, Lyle Mays, lyrics by Magda Czapińska
  4. Biel – Marcin Kydryński
  5. Czarne słowa – Anna Maria Jopek
  6. Letter from Home – Pet Metheny
  7. Are You Going with Me? – Pet Metheny, Lyle Mays
  8. Zupełnie inna ja – Pet Metheny, lyrics by Marcin Kydryński
  9. Mania mienia – Pet Metheny, lyrics by Andrzej Poniedzielski
  10. By on był tu – Pet Metheny, lyrics by Andrzej Poniedzielski
  11. Upojenie – Anna Maria Jopek, Stanisław Grochowiak
  12. Piosenka dla Stasia – Marcin Kydryński
  13. Me jedyne niebo – Pet Metheny, lyrics by Marcin Kydryński
  14. Polskie drogi – Andrzej Kurylewicz