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In December 1975.

In December 1975, “ECM” label released “Solstice”, the fourth Ralph Towner album. It was recorded in 1975, at “Arne Bendiksen Studio” in Oslo, and was produced by Manfred Eicher.


  • Ralph Towner– 12-string and classical guitar, piano
  • Jan Garbarek– tenor and soprano saxophone, flute
  • Eberhard Weber– bass, cello
  • Jon Christensen– drums, percussion

Track listing:

All compositions by Ralph Towner except where noted.

  1. Oceanus
  2. Visitation
  3. Drifting Petals
  4. Nimbus
  5. Winter Solstice
  6. Piscean Dance
  7. Red and Black
  8. Sand – Eberhard Weber



On November 7, 2005.


On November 7, 2005, “EMI” label released “Aerial”, the eighth Kate Bush studio album. It was recorded 1996 – 2005, and was produced by Kate Bush. “Aerial” is the only Bush’s double album. The album was certified Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, and Platinum in UK by “BPI”.


  • Kate Bush – vocals, piano, keyboards
  • Peter Erskine, Stuart Elliott, Steve Sanger – drums
  • Eberhard Weber, John Giblin, Del Palmer– bass
  • Bosco D’Oliveira – percussion
  • Dan McIntosh – electric and acoustic guitars
  • Gary Brooker– hammond organ
  • Rolf Harris– didgeridoo
  • Lol Creme, Gary Brooker, Paddy Bush– backing vocals
  • Michael Wood – vocal
  • Chris Hall – accordion
  • Richard Campbell, Susan Pell – viols
  • Eligio Quinteiro – renaissance guitar
  • Robin Jeffrey – renaissance percussion
  • Rolf Harris– as The Painter
  • Albert McIntosh (Bertie – Kate Bush’s son) – as The Sun
  • Del Palmer– recording and mixing engineer
  • James Guthrie– mastering
  • Bill Dunne – “Bertie” stringarrangement
  • Michael Kamen– orchestral arrangements; London Metropolitan Orchestra conducted by Michael Kamen at Abbey Road Studios
  • Simon Rhodes – engineer
  • Chris Bolster – assistant engineer
  • Josephine Bartolinni – Italian translation

Track listing:

All tracks by Kate Bush.

  1. King of Mountain
  2. Π
  3. Bertie
  4. Bartolozzi
  5. How to Be Invisible
  6. Joanni
  7. A Coral Room
  8. Prelude
  9. Prologue
  10. An Architect’s Dream
  11. The Painter’s Link
  12. Sunset
  13. Aerial Tal
  14. Somewhere in Between
  15. Nocturn
  16. Aerial

On September 16, 1985.


On September 16, 1985, “EMI Records” released “Hounds of Love”, the fifth Kate Bush studio album . It was recorded January 1984 – June 1985, at “Wickham Farm Home Studio” in Welling, and was produced by Kate Bush. ”Hounds of love” received critical acclaim on its release and became one of her bestselling albums ever.


  • Kate Bush– vocals, Fairlight CMI, piano
  • Stuart Elliott– drums
  • Del Palmer– bass, handclapping,backing vocals, Fairlight basson, Linn programming
  • Alan Murphy– guitar
  • Paddy Bush– violins, balalaika, backing vocals, didjeridu, harmonic vocals , fujara
  • Charlie Morgan– drums, handclapping
  • Jonathan Williams – cello
  • Youth– bass
  • Morris Pert– percussion
  • Eberhard Weber– bass
  • The Medici Sextet – strings
  • Dave Lawson– string arrangements
  • Brian Bath – backing vocal, guitar
  • John Carder Bush – backing vocals, narration
  • Dónal Lunny– bouzouki, Irish bouzouki
  • John Sheahan– whistles
  • Kevin McAlea– synthesiser sequences, synthesiser
  • Danny Thompson– double bass
  • Liam O’Flynn– uilleann pipes
  • The Richard Hickox Singers– choir
  • Richard Hickox– vocals, choir master
  • Michael Berkeley– vocal arrangements
  • John Williams– guitar

All tracks by Kate Bush.

  1. Running Up That Hill
  2. Hounds of Love
  3. The Big Sky
  4. Mother Stands for Comfort
  5. Cloudbusting
  6. And Dream of Sheep
  7. Under Ice
  8. Walking the Witch
  9. Watching You Without Me
  10. Jig of Life
  11. Hello Earth
  12. The Morning Fog

On September 13, 1982.


On September 13, 1982, “EMI” label released “the Dreaming”, the  fourth Kate Bush album. It was recorded September 1980 – May 1982 and was produced by Kate Bush. “The Dreaming” was ranked on number 71 on “Slint Magazine” list of “Best Albums of the 1980s”; “Mojo” magazine’s “Top 50 Eccentric Albums of All Time” list and “The Word” magazine’s “Great Underrated Albums of Our Time” list.


  • Kate Bush – piano, strings, arranger, keyboards, vocals, producer, Fairlightdigital sampling synthesizer
  • Ian Bairnson- acoustic guitar, vocals, background vocals
  • Brian Bath – electric guitar
  • Alan Murphy- electric guitar
  • Paddy Bush- harmonica, mandolin, strings, stick, vocals, background vocals, bullroarer
  • Geoffrey Downes- trumpet, trumpet arrangement
  • Rolf Harris- Didgeridoo
  • Seán Keane- violin
  • Dónal Lunny- bouzouki
  • Liam O’Flynn- pipe, penny whistle, uilleann pipes
  • Dave Lawson- synthesizer, Synclavier digital synthesizer & sampler, string arrangements
  • Del Palmer- bass, vocals, fretless bass
  • Jimmy Bain- bass
  • Danny Thompson- bass
  • Eberhard Weber- double bass
  • Stuart Elliott- percussion, drums, stick
  • Preston Heyman- drums, stick
  • Esmail Sheikh – drums
  • Percy Edwards- sound effects, vocals
  • Stewart Arnold – vocals, background vocals
  • Gordon Farrell – vocals
  • Paul Hardiman- vocals, engineer, mixing
  • Gary Hurst – vocals, background vocals
  • David Gilmour- vocals, background vocals
  • Richard Thornton – vocals, choir, chorus
  • Bill Whelan- horn arrangements, string arrangements

All compositions by Kate Bush.

  1. Sat in Your Lap
  2. There Goes a Tenner
  3. Pull Out the Pin
  4. Suspended In Gaffa
  5. Leave it Open
  6. The Dreaming
  7. Night of the Swallow
  8. All the Love
  9. Houdini
  10. Get Out of My House