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The Law: Same

On March 19, 1991, “Atlantic” label released the self-titled, debut, and the only Law (The) album. It was recorded in 1991, and was produced by Chris Kimsey, Ahmet Ertegün, Paul Rodgers, Howard Albert, Ron Albert, Kenney Jones and Shane Keister.


  • Paul Rodgers – lead vocals, guitars, piano
  • Jim Barber – lead guitar
  • Kenney Jones – drums
  • David Gilmour – guitar
  • Chris Rea – guitar
  • Bryan Adams – guitar
  • Mike Hehir – guitars
  • John Astley, Steve Pigott – keyboards, programming
  • Albhy Galuten – synthesizer
  • George Hawkins – bass
  • Tom Pool – drums
  • Joe Lala – percussion
  • The Memphis Horns – horns
  • John Jones – programming
  • Christopher Marc Potter – engineer, mixing 
  • Alex Sadkin – engineer
  • Ahmet Ertegün, Shane Keister – mixing
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering

Track listing:

  1. For a Little Ride – Mark Mangold, Benny Mardones
  2. Miss You in a Heartbeat – Phil Collen
  3. Stone Cold – Tamara Champlin
  4. Come Save Me (Julianne) – Charlie Black, Cliff Downs, Austin Roberts
  5. Laying Down the Law – Paul Rodgers
  6. Nature of the Beast – Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance
  7. Stone – Chris Rea
  8. Anything for You – Steve Diamond, Eric McCusker
  9. Best of My Love – Jerry Lynn Williams
  10. Tough Love – Paul Rodgers
  11. Missing You Bad Girl – Paul Rodgers

Dan Fogelberg: The Innocent Age

In August 1981, “Fool Moon” and “Epic” labels released “The Innocent Age”, the seventh Dan Fogelberg album. It was recorded in 1981, at “Northstar Studios” in Boulder, CO, “Caribou Ranch” in Nederland, CO, “Rudy Records” and “Wally Heider Studios” in Hollywood, “Sunset Sound” in Los Angeles, “Record Plant” in Sausalito, CA,  and was produced by Dan Fogelberg and Marty Lewis.


  • Dan Fogelberg – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, tambourine, piano, electric piano, synthesizer, bass, sitar, percussion, bells, arranger, photography
  • Al Perkins – pedal steel guitars
  • Marty Lewis – tambourine
  • Mike Utley – piano
  • Joni Mitchell – vocals
  • Emmylou Harris – vocals
  • Heart Of Darkness Chorale – vocals
  • Richie Furay – harmony vocals
  • Mike Brewer – harmony vocals
  • Kenny Passarelli – bass
  • Norbert Putnam – basss
  • Jimmie Fadden – harmonica
  • Don Alias – African drums, Quido, congas, shaker, cowbell
  • Russ Kinkel – drums, percussion, cymbal
  • Motor City Marty – percussion
  • Joe Lala – congas, cymbal
  • Michael Brecker – soprano and tenor saxophone
  • Tom Scott – tenor saxophone
  • Jerry Hey – piccolo flute, trumpet 
  • David Duke – French horn
  • The UCLA Band – orchestra
  • Sid Sharp – violin
  • Jesse Ehrlich – cello
  • Gayle Levant – harp
  • Glen Spreen – brass arrangements
  • Lawrence Fogelberg – arrangements
  • Marty Lewis – engineer, mixing
  • Kosh – design
  • Andy Katz – photography
  • David Awells – liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Dan Fogelberg, except where noted.

  1. Nexus
  2. The Innocent Age
  3. The Sand and the Foam
  4. In the Passage
  5. Lost in the Sun
  6. Run for the Roses
  7. Leader of the Band
  8. Same Old Lang Syne
  9. Stolen Moments
  10. The Lion’s Share
  11. Only the Heart May Know
  12. The Reach
  13. Aireshire Lament
  14. Times Like These
  15. Hard to Say
  16. Empty Cages – Dan Fogelberg, Russ Kinkel, Norbert Putham, Michael Utley
  17. Ghost

Neil Diamond: Beautiful Noise

On June 11, 1976, “Columbia” label released “Beautiful Noise”, the tenth Neil Diamond album. It was recorded 1975 – 1976, at “Shangri La Studio”, “Kendun Recorders” and “Village Recorders” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Robbie Robertson.


  • Neil Diamond – vocals, acoustic and rhythm guitar, dobro
  • Robbie Robertson – guitar
  • Richard Bennett – guitar 
  • Jesse Ed Davis – guitar
  • Larry Knechtel – piano, Fender Rhodes
  • Alan Lindgren – piano, synthesizer
  • David Paich – Fender Rhodes, piano
  • Garth Hudson – Hammond organ, Lowrey organ
  • James Newton Howard – ARP, synthesizer
  • Dr. John – Hammond organ
  • Bob James – piano, arrangement, Fender Rhodes
  • Tommy Morgan – harmonica
  • Bob Boucher – bass guitar, ARP
  • Dennis St. John – drums, percussion
  • Jim Keltner – drums
  • Russ Kunkel – drums
  • Jim Gordon – drums, congas, harmony vocals
  • Joe Lala – percussion, tambourine, congas
  • Bob Findley – trumpet
  • Jerome Richardson – flute, clarinet
  • Linda Press – backing vocals
  • Nick DeCaro – arrangements, accordion

Track listing:

All tracks by Neil Diamond, except where noted.

  1. Beautiful Noise
  2. Stargazer
  3. Lady Oh
  4. Don’t Think…Feel
  5. Surviving the Life
  6. If You Know What I Mean
  7. Street Life
  8. Home Is a Wounded Heart
  9. Jungletime
  10. Signs
  11. Dry Your Eyes – Neil Diamond, Robbie Robertson

Joe Lala

On March 18, 2014, Joseph Anthony Lala died aged 66. He was musician (percussion), singer and actor, worked with many musicians and bands including The Byrds, Ringo Starr, Bill Wyman, Stephen Stills, Barbra Streisand, Dan Fogelberg, Manassas, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Neil Young, Dione Warwick, The Stills-Young Band, Rod Stewart, Graham Nash, The Bee Gees, Neil Diamond, Jackson Browne, Whitney Houston and Joe Walsh, but was best known as founding member and leader of the band Blues Image.

In July 1969.

In July 1969, “Atco” label released the self-titled, debut Blues Image album. It was recorded in 1969 and was produced by Bill Halverson.


  • Mike Pinera– lead and backing vocals, guitar
  • Skip Konte– piano, organ; backing vocals
  • Malcolm Jones – bass
  • Manuel Bertematti – drums
  • Joe Lala- percussion; lead and backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Mike Pinera, Skip Konte, Malcolm Jones, Mauel Bertematti and Joe Lala.

  1. Take Me to the Sunrise
  2. Leaving My Troubles Behind
  3. Outside Was Night
  4. In Front Behind You
  5. Lay Your Sweet Love on Me
  6. (Do You Have) Somethin’ to Say
  7. Lazy Day Blues
  8. Yesterday Could Be Today
  9. Reality Does Not Inspire

On June 24, 1980.

On June 24, 1980, “Asylum” label released “Hold Out”, the sixth Jackson Browne album. It was recorded 1979 – 1980, at “The Sound Factory”, “Record One” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Jackson Browne and Greg Ladanyi.


  • Jackson Browne – lead vocals, acoustic piano, guitar
  • David Lindley– electric guitar, lap steel guitar
  • Craig Doerge– acoustic piano, Hammond organ, string synthesizer, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric piano
  • Bill Payne– Hammond organ, string synthesizer
  • Bob Glaub– bass guitar
  • Russ Kunkel– drums
  • Rick Marotta– hi-hat, tom-toms, drums
  • Joe Lala– percussion
  • Danny Kortchmar– maracas
  • Rosemary Butler– background vocals
  • Doug Haywood – background vocals
  • Rusty Conway, Donald Miller – production assistant
  • Greg Ladanyi – engineer
  • Brent Averill, Niko Bolas, James Ledner, Jim Nipar, Sergio Reyes, Karen Siegal, George Ybarra – assistant engineer
  • Buford Jones – mixing
  • Doug Sax– mastering
  • Dawn Patrol – album cover
  • Jimmy Wachtel – design, photography

 Track listing:

All tracks by Jackson Browne except where noted.

  1. Disco Apocalypse
  2. Hold Out
  3. That Girl Could Sing
  4. Boulevard
  5. Of Missing Persons
  6. Call It a Loan – Jackson Browne, David Lindley
  7. Hold On Hold Out – Jackson Browne, Craig Doerge

On June 18, 1973.

On June 18, 1973, “ABC – Dunhill” label released “The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get”, the second Joe Walsh studio album. It was recorded 1972 – 1973 and was produced by Joe Walsh and Bill Szymczyk.


  • Joe Walsh– lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, synthesizer
  • Kenny Passarelli– lead and backing vocals, bass, guitar
  • Joe Vitale– lead and backing, drums, percussion, piano, keyboards, flute
  • Rocke Grace – lead and backing vocals, keyboards
  • Joe Lala– percussion
  • Venetta Fields– backing vocals
  • Clydie King– backing vocals
  • Bill Szymczyk– engineering, mixing
  • Mike D. Stone– engineering
  • Ronnie Alpert – engineering
  • Al Blazek – engineering
  • Jimmy Wachtel– album design
  • Bob Jenkins– photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Joe Walsh, except where noted.

  1. Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale, Kenny Passarelli, Rock Grace
  2. Book Ends – Joe Vitale
  3. Wolf
  4. Midnight Moodies – Rocke Grace
  5. Happy Ways – Kenny Passarelli, Bernard Zoloth
  6. Meadows
  7. Dreams
  8. Days Gone By – Joe Vitale
  9. Day Dream (Prayer)


On November 1, 1998.

On November 1, 1998, “Atlantic” label released “American Dream”, the fifth studio and ninth overall Crosby, Stills & Nash album, also the second one with Neil Young. It was recorded April 24, 1987 – September 16, 1988, at “Redwood Digital” in Woodside, California, and was produced by Niko Bolas, David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, Neil Young.


  • David Crosby– vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Stephen Stills– vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, bass synthesizer, synthesizer, handclaps, percussion
  • Graham Nash– vocals, piano, electric guitar, sound effects, keyboards, harmonica
  • Neil Young– vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica, percussion
  • Joe Vitale – vocals, drums, sound effects, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion, vibraphone
  • Mike Finnigan– organ, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Bob Glaub– bass
  • Joe Lala– percussion, drums
  • Chad Cromwell– drums
  • The Bluenotes: Tommy Bray, Claude Callilet, Larry Cragg, John Fumo, Steve Lawrence – horns
  • Brian Bell – synthesizer programming
  • Rhett Lawrence– synthesizer programming
  • Niko Bolas, Tim Mulligan, Tim Foster, Brentley Walton – handclaps
  • Bill Boydston, Don Gooch, Bill Lazerus – sound effects
  • The Volume Dealers Choir: Kelly Ashmore, Betsy Aubrey, Tom Banghart, Cha Blevins, Niko Bolas, Craig Doerge, Scott Gordon, R. Mac Holbert, Stanley Johnston, Bill Krause, Debbie Meister, Tim Mulligan, Susan Nash, Jay Parti, Steve Perry, Vince Slaughter, Joe Vitale, Paul Williamson – backing vocals
  • Gary Long, Tim McCollan, Brentley Walton – engineer
  • Tom Banghart, Bob Vogt – mixing
  • Gary Burden– art direction, design
  • Delana Bettoli – border illustration
  • Henry Diltz, Aaron Rapoport– photography
  • Tim Mulligan – assistant producer

Track listing:

  1. American Dream – Neil Young
  2. Got it Made – Stephen Stills, Neil Young
  3. Name of Love – Neil Young
  4. Don’t Say Goodbye – Graham Nash, Joe Vitale
  5. This Old House – Neil Young
  6. Night Time for the Generals – David Crosby, Craig Doerge
  7. Shadowland – Rick Ryan, Graham Nash, Joe Vitale
  8. Drivin’ Thunder – Stephen Stills, Neil Young
  9. Clear Blue Skies – Graham Nash
  10. That Girl – Stephen Stills, Joe Vitale, Bob Glaub
  11. Compass – David Crosby
  12. Soldiers of Peace – Graham Nash, Craig Doerge, Joe Vitale
  13. Feel Your Love – Neil Young
  14. Night Song – Stephen Stills, Neil Young

On June 18, 1976.

On June 18, 1976, “Riva” label released “A Night on the Town”, the seventh Rod Stewart album. It was recorded December 1975 – April 1976, at “Cherokee Recording Studios” in Hollywood, “Muscle Shoals Sound” in Sheffield, “Criteria” in  Miami” in Nederland, CO, and was produced by Tom Dowd. The cover art is based on Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s painting “Bal du moulin de la Galette”.


  • Rod Stewart – vocals
  • Steve Cropper, Billy Peek, Joe Walsh, Jesse Ed Davis, David Lindley, Fred Tackett– guitar
  • John Barlow Jarvis, David Foster, Barry Beckett, J. Smith – keyboards
  • Donald Dunn, Bob Glaub, David Hood, Willie Weeks, Lee Sklar– bass guitar
  • Roger Hawkins, Andy Newmark, Al Jackson Jr., Rick Shlosser– drums
  • Tommy Vig, Joe Lala– percussion
  • Jerry Jumonville, Plas Johnson– tenor saxophone
  • Tower of Power Horn section – French horn
  • Jimmy Horowitz, Mel Lewis, Arif Mardin– string arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Rod Stewart, except where noted.

Slow Side

  1. Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright)
  2. The First Cut Is the Deepest – Cat Stevens
  3. Fool for You
  4. The Killing of Georgie (Part I and II)

Fast Side

  1. The Balltrap
  2. Pretty Flamingo – Mark Barkan
  3. Big Bayou – Gib Guilbeau
  4. The Wild Side of Life – Arlie Carter, William Warren
  5. Trade Winds – Ralph MacDonald, William Salter

On May 22, 1984.

On May 22, 1984, “Full Moon” label released “Windows and Walls”, the eighth Dan Fogelberg album. It was recorded in 1984, and was produced by Dan Fogelberg and Marty Lewis.


  • Dan Fogelberg – lead and backing vocals, synthesizer; electric, acoustic, and rhythm guitars; bass guitar; percussion; electricand acoustic pianos, tambourine, string arrangements
  • Gary Burden – pedal steel
  • Katharine Burden – violin, cello
  • Dave Falkenberry – lap steel, dobro
  • Charlie Fernandez – acoustic bass
  • Max Gronenthal – background vocals
  • Michael Hanna – organ, synthesizer, electric and acoustic pianos, chimes
  • Russ Kunkel– castanets, drums, loop
  • Joe Lala– percussion, conga, tambourine, triangle, cowbell
  • Kenny Passarelli– bass
  • Jeff Porcaro– drums, tambourine
  • Mike Porcaro– bass
  • Norbert Putnam– bass
  • Timothy B. Schmit– background vocals
  • Tom Scott– clarinet
  • Sid Sharp – concertmaster
  • Michael Hanna, Glen Spreen – string arrangements
  • Joe Vitale– drums
  • Rhubarb by Gary and Katherine Burden, Charlie and Dave on Tucson,
  • Marty Lewis – engineer
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Kosh, Ron Larson – design
  • Andy Katz – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Dan Fogelberg

  1. The Language of Love
  2. Windows and Walls
  3. The Loving Cup
  4. Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)
  5. Let Her Go
  6. Sweet Magnolia (And the Traveling Salesman)
  7. Believe in Me
  8. Gone Too Far