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On June 24, 1980.

On June 24, 1980, “Asylum” label released “Hold Out”, the sixth Jackson Browne album. It was recorded 1979 – 1980, at “The Sound Factory”, “Record One” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Jackson Browne and Greg Ladanyi.


  • Jackson Browne – lead vocals, acoustic piano, guitar
  • David Lindley– electric guitar, lap steel guitar
  • Craig Doerge– acoustic piano, Hammond organ, string synthesizer, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric piano
  • Bill Payne– Hammond organ, string synthesizer
  • Bob Glaub– bass guitar
  • Russ Kunkel– drums
  • Rick Marotta– hi-hat, tom-toms, drums
  • Joe Lala– percussion
  • Danny Kortchmar– maracas
  • Rosemary Butler– background vocals
  • Doug Haywood – background vocals
  • Rusty Conway, Donald Miller – production assistant
  • Greg Ladanyi – engineer
  • Brent Averill, Niko Bolas, James Ledner, Jim Nipar, Sergio Reyes, Karen Siegal, George Ybarra – assistant engineer
  • Buford Jones – mixing
  • Doug Sax– mastering
  • Dawn Patrol – album cover
  • Jimmy Wachtel – design, photography

 Track listing:

All tracks by Jackson Browne except where noted.

  1. Disco Apocalypse
  2. Hold Out
  3. That Girl Could Sing
  4. Boulevard
  5. Of Missing Persons
  6. Call It a Loan – Jackson Browne, David Lindley
  7. Hold On Hold Out – Jackson Browne, Craig Doerge

In August 1986.

In August 1986, “Columbia” label released “Fahrenheit”, the sixth Toto studio album. It was recorded in 1986, at “Record One”; “Manor Studio”; “The Complex” in Los Angeles; “Bill Schnee Studios”; “The Villa” in Hollywood, and was produced by Joseph Williams, Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Mike Porcaro and Jeff Porcaro .


  • Joseph Williams– lead vocals, backing vocals
  • Steve Lukather– guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals
  • David Paich– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Steve Porcaro– synthesizers
  • Mike Porcaro– bass guitar
  • Jeff Porcaro– drums, percussion
  • David Sanborn- saxophone
  • Miles Davis- trumpet
  • Amin Bhatia– synthesizer
  • Lenny Castro, Paulinho da Costa, Steve Jordan, Jim Keltner, Joe Porcaro – percussion
  • Paulette Brown, Michael Sherwood, Tony Walters, Fergie Frederiksen, Don Henley, Michael McDonald – backing vocals
  • Jerry Hey- horn arrangements
  • Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Charles Loper, Bill Reichenbach Jr., Tom Scott, Larry Williams – horns
  • Engineers: Tom Knox , Shep Lonsdale
  • Additional engineering: Dan Garcia, Murray Dvorkin, John Jessel, Julie Last, Doug Linnell, Teruo “Mu” Murakami, Jack Joseph Puig, Mike Ross and Duane Seykora
  • Technicians: Keith Albright, Brent Averill, Bob Bradshaw, Paul Jamieson, John Jessel, Art Kelm, Roger Linn, Roger Nichols, Eli Slawson
  • Mixing: Greg Ladanyi, Tom Knox
  • Production coordination: Chris Littleton
  • Art direction: Tony Lane, Nancy Donald
  • Photography: Michael Going
  • Sleeve photography: Jim Shea

Track listing:

  1. Till the End – David Paich, Joseph Williams
  2. We Can Make It Tonight – Barry Bregman, Jeff Porcaro, Joseph Williams
  3. Can’t Stand It Any Longer – David Paich
  4. Can’t Stand It Any Longer – Steve Lukather, David Paich, Joseph Williams
  5. I’ll Be Over You – Randy Goodrum, Steve Lukather
  6. Fahrenheit – David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Joseph Williams
  7. Somewhere Tonight – Steve Lukather, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro
  8. Could This Be Love – David Paich, Joseph Williams, Fergie Frederiksen
  9. Lea – Steve Porcaro
  10. Don’t Stop Me Now – Steve Lukather, David Paich