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On December 19, 1993.

On December 19, 1993, Michael James Dick aka Michael Clarke, died aged 47. He was musician (drums, percussion), member of Firefall, The Flying Burrito Brothers,  but was best known as drummer of The Byrds.


On January 6, 2007.

On January 6, Peter E. “Sneaky Pete” Kleinow died aged 72. He was musician, songwriter and a motion picture special effects artist, best known as a member of the Flying Burrito Brothers. He worked as a session musician for  Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, Ringo Starr, Stevie Wonder, Spencer Davis, Linda Ronstadt, Joan Baez, Jackson Browne, The Byrds, Joe Cocker, Rita Coolidge, Eagles, The Everly Brothers, George Harrison and The Steve Miller Band.

On September 8, 1997.

On September 8, 1997, Derek Taylor died aged 65. He was journalist, writer, publicist and music producer, best known as publicist for the Beatles. He has also worked as press officer for The Byrds, The Beach Boys and the Mamas and the Papas. In 1967 he helped organization of the “Monterey Pop Festival” together with Lou Adler and John Philips.

On September 2, 2001.

On September 2, 2001, Jay Migliori died aged 70. He was saxophonist, best known as a founding member of Supersax, a tribute band to Charlie Parker. In his five decades long career, he has performed and recorded with many famous jazz and rock musicians and bands, including Woody Herman,Frank Sinatra, Onzy Matthews, Maynard Ferguson, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Nat Adderley, Gene Ammons, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, Dick Dale, Neil Diamond, Hampton Hawes, Harry Nilsson, Van Dyke Parks, Neil Young and Frank Zappa.

On May 28, 2012.

On May 28, 2012, “Kscope” label released “Childhood’s End”, the ninth Ulver studio album. It was recorded in 2008 and 2011, at “Crystal Canyon Studios” in Oslo, and was produced by Kristoffer Rygg, Tore Ylwizaker, Jørn H. Sværen and Daniel O’Sullivan. Album cover features a photograph by Hoang Van Danh of Phan Thi Kim Phuc fleeing a napalm attack by the South Vietnamese Air Force in 1972. The album is a collection of covers of “60s psychedelic tracks.


  • Kristoffer Rygg- vocals, programming
  • Tore Ylwizaker – keyboards, programming
  • Jørn H. Sværen – miscellaneous
  • Daniel O’Sullivan- guitar, bass, keyboards
  • Tomas Pettersen, Lars Pedersen – drums
  • Alexander Kloster-Jensen – electric guitar
  • Lars Christian Folkvord – bass
  • Espen Jørgensen, Trond Mjøen – electric and acoustic guitar
  • Mats Engen – bass, vocals, backing vocals
  • Sisi Sumbundu, Ingvild Langgård – vocals
  • Anders Møller – tambourine, shaker, congas
  • Ole Alexander Halstensgård – electronic effects

Track listing:

  1. Bracelets of Fingers (The Pretty Things) – Dick Taylor, Phil May, Wally Walter
  2. Everybody’s Been Burned (The Byrds) – David Crosby
  3. The Trap (Bonniwell’s Music Machine) – Sean Bonniwell
  4. In the Past (We the People) – Wayne Proctor
  5. Today (Jefferson Airplane) – Marty Balin, Paul Kantner
  6. Can You Travel in the Dark Alone? (Gandalf) – Peter Sando
  7. I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) (The Electric Prunes) – Annette Tucker, Nancie Mantz
  8. Street Song (The 13th Floor Elevators) – Stacy Sutherland
  9. 66-5-4-3-2-1 (The Troggs) – Reg Presley
  10. Dark Is the Bark (The Left Banke) – George Cameron, Steve Martin Caro, Tom Finn
  11. Magic Hollow (The Beau Brummels) – Ron Elliott, Sal Valentino
  12. Soon There’ll Be Thunder (Common People) – Denny, Jerrald Robinett
  13. Velvet Sunsets (Music Emporium) – William Cosby, Thom Wade
  14. Lament of the Astral Cowboy (Curt Boettcher) – Curt Boettcher
  15. I Can See the Light (The Fleur de Lys) – Bryn Haworth, Gordon Haskell
  16. Where Is Yesterday (The United States of America) – Dorothy Moskowitz, Ed Bogas, Gordon Marron

On November 17, 1971.


On November 17, 1971,”Columbia” label released “Farther Along”, the eleventh  Byrds album. It was recorded July 1971, at “CBS Studios” in London, and August 1971, at “Columbia Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by The Byrds.


  • Roger McGuinn- guitar, vocals
  • Clarence White- guitar, mandolin, vocals
  • Skip Battin- electric bass, piano, vocals
  • Gene Parsons- drums, guitar, harmonica, pedal steel guitar, banjo, vocals

Track listing:

  1. Tiffany Queen – Roger McGuinn
  2. Get Down Your Line – Gene Parsons
  3. Farther Along – traditional, arranged Clarence White
  4. B. Class Road – Gene Parsons, Stuart Dawson
  5. Bugler – Larry Murray
  6. America’s Great National Pastime – Skip Battin, Kim Fowley
  7. Antique Sandy – Roger McGuinn, Skip Battin, Gene Parsons, Clarence White, Jimmi Seiter
  8. Precious Kate – Skip Battin, Kim Fowley
  9. So Fine – Johnny Otis
  10. Lazy Waters – Bob Rafkin
  11. Bristol Steam Convention Blues – Gene Parsons, Clarence White


On November 10, 1969.


On November 10, 1969, “Columbia” label released “Ballad of Easy Rider”, the eighth Byrds album. It was recorded June – August, 1969, at “Columbia Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Terry Melcher. The album got it name after the song “Ballad of Easy Rider”, ( by Roger McGuinn with help from Bob Dylan), as the theme song for the 1969 film, Easy Rider.


  • Roger McGuinn – guitar, vocals
  • Clarence White- lead guitar, vocals
  • John York- electric bass, vocals
  • Gene Parsons- drums, guitar, banjo, vocals
  • Byron Berline- fiddle
  • Glen D. Hardin- organ
  • Terry Melcher- backing vocal, string section

Track listing:

  1. Ballad of Easy Rider – Roger McGuinn
  2. Fido – John York
  3. Oil in My Lamp – traditional, arranged Gene Parsons, Clarence White
  4. Tulsa County Blue – Pamela Polland
  5. Jack Tarr the Sailor – traditional, arranged Roger McGuinn
  6. Jesus Is Just Alright – Arthur Reynolds
  7. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Bob Dylan
  8. There Must Be Someone – Vern Gosdin, Cathy Gosdin, Rex Gosdin
  9. Gunga Din – Gene Parsons
  10. Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) – Woody Guthrie, Martin Hoffman
  11. Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins – Zeke Manners, Scott Seely