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On March 9, 2020.

On March 9, 2020, Keith Alan Olsen died aged 74. He was music producer and sound engineer, worked on more than 100 albums. As producer he earned 24 Platinum and 14 multi-Platinum album certifications. He has worked with many artists including Eternity’s Children, The Millennium, James Gang, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Sons of Champlin, Grateful Dead, Bob Weir, Foreigner, Santana, The Babys, Rick Springfield, Pat Benatar, Sammy Hagar, Rick Springfielld, Heart, Kim Carnes, Joe Walsh, 38 Special, Bad Company, Saga, Whitesnake, Starship,  Carlos Santana, Ozzy Osbourne, Night Ranger, Kingdom Come, Magnum, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Journey, Eddie Money, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Scorpions.

On February 3, 2018.

On February 3, 2018, Leon “Ndugu” Chancler died aged 65. He was musician (drums, percussion), composer, music producer and university professor. He recorded and performed with numerous famous artists including Mile Davis, Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Hutcherson,  Eddie Harris, Patti LaBelle, John Lee Hooker, Donna Summer, George Benson, Robbie Robertson, Syreeta Wright, Hampton Hawes, Kenny Rogers, LeAnn Rimes, George Duke, Sheena Easton, Peabo Bryson, Joe Henderson, Lionel Richie, Cheryl Lynn, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Tina Turner, Patrice Rushen, Jennifer Holliday, Harold Land, Minnie Riperton, Azar Lawrence, Santana, Lalo Schifrin, Julian Priester, Thelonious Monk and Herbie Hancock.

On June 7, 2019.

On June 7, 2019, “Concord” label released “Africa Speaks”, the twenty-fifth Santana studio album. It was recorded in 2019, at “Shangri-La” in Malibu, and was produced by Rick Rubin.


  • Carlos Santana– guitars, percussion, backing vocals, executive production, conception, arrangement, musical direction
  • Buika– lead vocals
  • David K. Mathews – Hammond B3 organ, keyboards
  • Salvador Santana– keyboards
  • Tommy Anthony – guitars, musical GPS
  • Benny Rietveld – bass guitar
  • Cindy Blackman Santana– drums
  • Karl Perazzo – timbales, congas, percussion
  • Ray Greene – trombone, backing vocals
  • Laura Mvula– additional vocals
  • Andy Vargas – backing vocals
  • Greg Fidelman, Rob Bisel – recording
  • Dana Nielsen – mixing, recording
  • Sara Lynn Killion, Dylan Neustadter, Tyler Beans – assistant
  • Jim Reitzel – additional engineering
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Dave Hanych, Eric Lynn – production coordination
  • Colin Willard, Jeremy Hatcher, Garry Purchit, Gabe Smith, Chloe Poswillo, Ethan Schneiderman – production assistant
  • Rudy Gutierrez – artwork
  • Heather Griffin-Vine – graphic art

Track listing:

  1. Afika Speaks – Carlos Santana, David Axelrod, Buika
  2. Batonga – Carlos Santana, Buika
  3. Oye Este Mi Canto – Carlos Santana, Buika, John Ademola Haastrup
  4. Yo Me Lo Merezco – Carlos Santana, Buika, Jay U Xperience, Stoneface, Drago Uboma
  5. Blue Skies – Carlos Santana, Buika, Laura Mvula, Mike Odumosu
  6. Paraisos Quemados – Carlos Santana, Buika, Mohammed Jabry
  7. Breaking Down the Door – Carlos Santana, Manu Chao, Buika, Drew Gonsalves, Ivan Duran, Rafael de Leon
  8. Les Invisibles – Carlos Santana, Buika, Rachid Taha, Steve Hillage
  9. Luna Hechicera – Carlos Santana, Buika, Ismaël Lô
  10. Bembele – Carlos Santana, Buika, Phillpp Kullmannn, Bojan Vuletic, Michael Timo Ehnes
  11. Candombe Cumbele – Carlos Santana, Buika, Easy Kabaka Brown

On April 23, 1979.

On April 23, 1979, Douglass Haywood Rauch died aged 28. He was musician (bass), known for his unique and pioneering use of thumb in a downward and upward motion, technique now commonly referred to as “double thumbing”. Rauch performed and recorded with Buzzy Linhart, Voices of East Harlem, Bunky and Jake, Carly Simon, Loading Zone, Gábor Szabó, Tony Williams, David Bowie, Lenny White, Billy Cobham, Papa John Creach, Betty Davis, John McLaughlin, the George Duke Band and Jan Hammer, but was best known as member of Santana.

On April 14, 2014.

On April 14, 2014, Armando Peraza died aged 79. He was musician (percussion, congas, bongos, timbales), recorded and performed with Machito’s Big Band, Charlie Parker, Slim Gaillard, Perez Prado, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Mingus, Dexter Gordon, Tony Martinez, Gato Barbieri, Cal Tjader, George Shearing, Randy Weston, Peggy Lee, Mongo Santamaria, Shelly Manne, Judy Garland, Victor Feldman, Stan Kenton Band, Harvey Mandel and Santana. As leader, Peraza recorded one album, “Wild Thing” in 1968.

On March 25, 1997.

On March 25, 1997, “Miramar” label released “Abraxas Pool”, album ex-Santana members Mike Shrieve, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, José “Chepito” Areas, Alphonso Johnson, and Mike Carabello. It was recorded in 1996, at “Gush Studios” in Oakland, California, and was produced by Mike Shrieve, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, José “Chepito” Areas, Alphonso Johnson, and Mike Carabello.


  • Gregg Rolie- vocals and keyboards
  • Neal Schon- guitars
  • Alphonso Johnson- bass
  • Michael Shrieve- drums
  • Michael Carabello – congas
  • José Areas– timbales
  • Carlos E. Franco, Necia Dallas, Davona Bundy – vocals
  • Wole Alade, Ronald Marshall – drums
  • Scott Boorey, Michael Rosen – engineers
  • Robert Alan Craft – assistant engineer
  • Tom Size – mixing
  • Robb Davidson – editing
  • Mark Guenther – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Boom Ba Ya Ya – Michael Shrieve, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Michael Carabello
  2. A Million Miles Away – Michael Shrieve, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon
  3. Baila Mi Cha-Cha – José Areas
  4. Waiting for You – Gregg Rolie, Michael Shrieve
  5. Going Home – Gregg Rolie
  6. Szabo – Neal Schon, Michael Shrieve
  7. Guajirona – José Areas
  8. Cruzin’ – Gregg Rolie
  9. Don’t Give Up – Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Michael Shrieve
  10. Ya Llego – José Areas, Michael Carabello, Adrian Areas
  11. Jingo – Michael Olatunji


In October 1974.

In October 1974, “CBS” label released “Borboletta” (Butterfly in Portuguese), the sixth Santana studio album.  It was recorded in 1974, and was produced by Carlos Santana, Michael Shrieve and Tom Coster.


  • Carlos Santana– guitar, percussion, congas, gong, vocals
  • Leon Patillo– vocals, piano, electric piano, organ
  • Flora Purim– vocals
  • Jules Broussard – sopranoand tenor saxophones
  • Tom Coster– piano, Hammond organ, electric piano, organ, Moog synthesizer
  • Stanley Clarke– bass guitar
  • David Brown– bass guitar
  • Michael Shrieve– drums
  • Leon “Ndugu” Chancler– drums
  • Airto Moreira– drums, percussion, sound effects, triangle, vocals
  • Armando Peraza– percussion, congas, bongos, soprano saxophone
  • José Areas– timbales, congas
  • Michael Carpenter – echoplex

Track listing:

  1. Spring Manifestations – Airto Moreira, Flora Purim
  2. Canto de los Flores – Tom Coster, Santana Band
  3. Life is Anew – Carlos Santana, Michael Shrieve
  4. Give and Take – Carlos Santana, Tom Coster, Michael Shrieve
  5. One With the Sun – Earlyrin Martini, Jerry Martini
  6. Aspirations – Tom Coster, Carlos Santana
  7. Practice What You Preach – Carlos Santana
  8. Mirage – Leon Patillo
  9. Here and Now – Armando Peraza, Carlos Santana
  10. Flor de Canela – Carlos Santana, Doug Rauch
  11. Promise of a Fisherman – Dorival Caymmi
  12. Borboletta – Airto Moreira

In September 1971.

In September 1971, “Columbia” label released the self-titled, third Santana studio album. It was recorded January – July 1971, at “Columbia Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, David Brown, Michael Shrieve, José “Chepito” Areas and Mike Carabello. It was the band last album by the Woodstock-era lineup.


  • Carlos Santana– guitar, vocals
  • Gregg Rolie– lead vocals, keyboards, piano
  • Neal Schon– guitar
  • David Brown– bass, engineer
  • Michael Shrieve– drums, percussion
  • José “Chepito” Areas– percussion, conga, timbales, drums
  • Mike Carabello– percussion, conga, tambourine, vocals
  • Rico Reyes – percussion, vocals, lead vocals
  • Thomas “Coke” Escovedo– percussion, vocals
  • Luis Gasca – trumpet
  • Mario Ochoa – piano solo
  • Tower of Power– horn section
  • Linda Tillery– background vocals
  • Greg Errico– tambourine
  • John Fiore – engineer

Track listing:

  1. Batuka – José Areas, David Brown, Michael Carabello, Gregg Rolie, Michael Shrieve
  2. No One to Depend On – Michael Carabello, Coke Escovedo, Gregg Rolie
  3. Taboo – José Areas, Gregg Rolie
  4. Toussaint L’Overture – José Areas, David Brown, Michael Carabello, Gregg Rolie, Carlos Santana, Michael Shrieve
  5. Everybody’s Everything – Milton Brown, Tyrone Moss, Carlos Santana
  6. Guajira – José Areas, David Brown, Rico Reyes
  7. Jungle Strut – Gene Ammons
  8. Everything’s Coming Our Way – Carlos Santana
  9. Para los Rumberos – Tito Puente





In September 1970.

In September 1970, “CBS” label released “Abraxas”, the second Santana studio album. It was recorded April – May 1970, at “Wally Heider Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Fred Catero and Carlos Santana. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 207 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. The album was certified 3 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”; Platinum in France by “SNEP”, and 5 x Platinum in US by the “RIIA”.


  • Carlos Santana– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Gregg Rolie– keyboards, lead vocals
  • David Brown– bass
  • Michael Shrieve– drums
  • José “Chepito” Areas– percussion, conga, timbales
  • Michael Carabello– percussion, conga
  • Rico Reyes – percussion, backing vocals
  • Alberto Gianquinto – piano
  • Steven Saphore – tabla
  • Robert Venosa– artwork, graphic design
  • John Fiore David Brown – audio engineer
  • Mati Klarwein– illustrations
  • Robert Honablue – mastering engineeroriginal recording

Track listing:

  1. Singing Winds, Crying Beasts – Mike Carabello
  2. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen – Peter Green/Gábor Szabó
  3. Oye Como Va – Tito Puente
  4. Incident at Neshabur – Alberto Gianquinto, Carlos Santana
  5. Se a Cabo – José Areas
  6. Mother’s Daughter – Gregg Rolie
  7. Samba Pa Ti – Carlos Santana
  8. Hope You’re Feeling Better – Gregg Rolie
  9. El Nycoya – José Areas


On August 30, 1969.

On August 30, 1969, “Columbia” label released the debut, self-titled Santana album. It was recorded in January and May 1969, at “Pacific Recording” in San Mateo, and was produced by Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, David Brown, Michael Shrieve, Michael Carabello, José “Chepito” Areas, Brent Dangerfield and David Rubinson. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 150 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of all Time”.


  • Carlos Santana– guitar, backing vocals
  • Gregg Rolie– lead vocals, Hammond organ, piano
  • David Brown– bass
  • Michael Shrieve– drums
  • Michael Carabello– congas, percussion
  • José “Chepito” Areas– timbales, congas, percussion
  • David Brown – engineer
  • Lee Conklin– album cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, David Brown, Michael Shrieve, Michael Carabello and José “Chepito” Areas, except where noted.

  1. Waiting
  2. Evil Ways – Clarence “Sonny” Henry
  3. Shades of Time – Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie
  4. Savor
  5. Jingo – Babatunde Olatunji
  6. Persuasion
  7. Treat
  8. You Just Don’t Care
  9. Soul Sacrifice- Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, David Brown, Marcus Malone