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Aldous Harding: Warm Chris

On March 25, 2022, “4AD” label released “Warm Chris”, the fourth Aldous Harding studio album. It was recorded in 2021, and was produced by John Parish.


  • Aldous Harding – vocals, acoustic guitar, humming, piano, electric piano, bell
  • H. Hawkline – vocals, banjo, Fender Rhodes, guitar, electric guitar, bass,  Hammond organ, design, layout, photography
  • John Parish – vocals, bass, drums, Fender Rhodes, electric guitar, humming, keyboards, mixing, Hammond organ, percussion, producer, shaker, slide guitar, tambourine
  • Seb Rochford – drums
  • Gavin Fitzjohn – baritone saxophone, flugelhorn, horn
  • Jason Williamson – vocals
  • Hopey Parish – vocals
  • Ali Chant – vocals, mixing
  • Joe Jones – engineer
  • Jason Mitchell – mastering
  • Steve Prescott – photographer assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Aldous Harding.

  1. Ennui
  2. Tick Tock
  3. Fever
  4. Warm Chris
  5. Lawn
  6. Passion Babe
  7. She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain
  8. Staring at the Henry Moore
  9. Bubbles
  10. Leathery Whip

Placebo: Never Let Me Go

On March 25, 2022, “So Recordings” label released “Never Let Me Go”, the eighth Placebo studio album. It was recorded 2019 – 2021, and was produced by Adam Noble, Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal.


  • Brian Molko – vocals, electric guitar, drum machine, keyboards, loops, percussion, synthesizer, whip, creative direction
  • Stefan Olsdal – electric bass, electric guitar, keyboards, piano, synthesizer, backing vocals, engineer
  • Matthew Lunn – drums
  • Pietro Garrone – drums
  • Adam Noble – programming, engineer, mixing
  • William Lloyd – programming, keyboard programming, engineer
  • Robin Schmidt – mastering
  • Cody Jet Molko – backing vocals
  • Phil Lee – creative direction, design
  • Rachel Bungey – design
  • Stuart Ford – design
  • Mads Perch – band photography

Track listing:

All tracks are written by Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal, except where noted.

  1. Forever Chemicals – Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal, Steve Ludwin
  2. Beautiful James
  3. Hugz
  4. Happy Birthday in the Sky
  5. The Prodigal
  6. Surrpunded by Spies
  7. Try Better Next Time
  8. Sad White Reggae
  9. Twin Demons
  10. Chemtrails
  11. This Is What You Wanted
  12. Went Missing
  13. Fix Yourself – Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal, William Lloyd

Taylor Hawkins

On March 25, 2022, Oliver Taylor Hawkins died aged 50. He was musician (drums, percussion, guitar, piano), singer and songwriter, worked with Sass Jordan, Alanis Morissette and band Sylvia. In 2004, Hawkins formed his project Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, but was best known as drummer of Foo Fighters. In 2005, magazine ”Rhythm” voted him “Best Rock Drummer”.

Bill Connors: Swimming With a Hole in My Body

On March 25, 1980, “ECM” label released “Swimming with a Hole in My Body” the fifth Bill Connors album. It was recorded in August 1979, at “Talent Studio” in Oslo, and was produced by Manfred Eicher.


  • Bill Connors – acoustic guitar
  • Jan Erik Kongshaug – engineer
  • Barbara Wojirsch – design
  • Dieter Rehm – design
  • Isio Saba – photography
  • Joel Meyerowitz – cover photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Bill Connors

  1. Feet First
  2. Wade
  3. Sing and Swim
  4. Frog Stroke
  5. Surrender to the Water
  6. Survive
  7. With Strings Attached
  8. Breath

White Denim: Stiff

On March 25, 2016, “Downtown” label released “Stiff” the seventh White Denim studio album. It was recorded 2015 – 2016, at “Echo Mountain” in Asheville, North Carolina, and was produced by Ethan Johns.


  • James Petralli – vocals, guitar
  • Steve Terebecki – bass, synthesizer, group vocals
  • Jonathon Horne – guitar, group vocals
  • Jeff Olson – drums, percussion, synthesizer, group vocals

Track listing:

  1. Had 2 Know (Personal)
  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)
  3. Holda You (I’m Psycho)
  4. There’s a Brain in My head
  5. Take It Easy (Ever After Lasting Love)
  6. (I’m the One) Big Big Fun
  7. Real Deal Momma
  8. Mirrored in Reverse
  9. Thank You

Circa Zero: Circus Hero

On March 25, 2014, “429 Records” label released “Circus Hero” the only Circa Zero album. It was recorded in May 2013, at “Bowl of Cherries Studios” in Venice, California, and was produced by Andy Summers and Rob Giles.


  • Andy Summers – guitar
  • Rob Giles – vocals. bass guitar, drums
  • Dan Epand – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy Summers and Rob Giles.

  1. Levitation
  2. Underground
  3. The Story Ends Here
  4. Say Goodnight
  5. Gamma Ray
  6. Night Time Travelers
  7. Shoot Out the Stars
  8. Underwater
  9. Summer Lies
  10. No Highway
  11. Light the Fuse & Run
  12. Whenever You Hear the Rain
  13. Hot Camel

Peace: In Love

On March 25, 2013, “Columbia” label released “In Love” the debut Peace album. It was recorded in November 2012, at “Chapel Studios” in Lincolnshire, “SARM Studios” and “Strongroom Studios” in London, and was produced by Jim Abbiss.


  • Harrison Koisser – lead vocals, guitar
  • Samuel Koisser – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Douglas Castle – lead guitar
  • Dominic Boyce – drums, backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks are written by Harrison Koisser, Sam Koisser, Douglas Castle and Dominic Boyce, except where noted.

  1. Higher Than the Sun
  2. Follow Baby
  3. Lovesick
  4. Float Forever
  5. Wraith
  6. Delicious
  7. Waste of Paint
  8. Toxic
  9. Sugarstone
  10. California Daze

Roseanna Vitro & Kenny Werner: The Delirium Blues Project

On March 26, 2008,  “Half Note” label released “The Delirium Blues Project: Serve or Suffer”, first album released by Roseanna Vitro and Kenny Werner. It was recorded in August 2007, at “Blue Note” in New York City, and was produced by Jeffrey Levenson.


  • Roseanna Vitro– vocals, arrangements
  • Kenny Werner– keyboards, arrangements
  • Randy Brecker– trumpet
  • James Carter– tenor saxophone
  • Ray Anderson– trombone
  • Geoff Countryman– baritone saxophone
  • Adam Rogers– guitar
  • John Pattitucci– acoustic and electric bass
  • Rocky Bryant – drums

Track listing:

  1. What Is Hip? – Emilio Castillo, John David Garibaldi, Stephen M. Kupka
  2. Goodnight Nelda Grebe, the Telephone Company Has Cut Us Off – Tracy Nelson
  3. Blue – Gildo Mahones, Jon Hendricks
  4. Be Cool – Joni Mitchell
  5. Half Moon – Janis Joplin
  6. In the Dark – Lillian “Lil” Green
  7. Cheater Man – Spooner Oldham, Dan Penn
  8. Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy – Mose Allison
  9. Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down – Eric Bibb, Maria Muldaur

Luther Allison: Reckless

On March 25, 1997, “Alligator” label released “Reckless”, the 22nd Luther Allison album. It was recorded in 1996, and was produced by Jim Gaines.


  • Luther Allison – vocals, guitar
  • Marla Glen – vocal

Track listing:

All tracks by Luther Allison and James Solberg, except where noted.

  1. Low Down and Dirty – Bernard Allison
  2. You Can Run but You Can’t Hide – Paul Butterfield, Henry Glover
  3. Living in the House of the Blues – Jerry Williams
  4. You Can, You Can
  5. Will It Ever Change?
  6. Just As I Am
  7. There Comes a Time
  8. Drowning at the Bottom
  9. Playin’ a Losin’ Game – Bernard Allison, Luther Allison
  10. It’s a Blues Thing
  11. Cancel My Check
  12. Pain in the Streets
  13. You’re Gonna Make Me Cry – Deadric Malone
  14. I’m Back

Red Crayola: Coconut Hotel

On March 25, 1995, “Drag City” label released “Coconut Hotel”, the seventh Red Crayola album. It was recorded in 1967, and was produced by Mayo Thompson, Steve Cunningham and Rick Barthelme.


  • Rick Barthelme – drums
  • Steve Cunningham – bass guitar
  • Mayo Thompson– vocals, guitar
  • Walt Andrus – recording
  • Les Blank – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Steve Cunningham and Mayo Thompson.

  1. Boards
  2. Water Pour
  3. One – Second Pieces (No. 1 – 36)
  4. Organ Buildup
  5. Vocal
  6. Free Guitar
  7. One – Minute Imposition
  8. Piano
  9. Guitar