On June 7, 2019.

On June 7, 2019, “Concord” label released “Africa Speaks”, the twenty-fifth Santana studio album. It was recorded in 2019, at “Shangri-La” in Malibu, and was produced by Rick Rubin.


  • Carlos Santana– guitars, percussion, conception, arrangement, musical direction, backing vocals, executive producer
  • Buika– lead vocals
  • David K. Mathews – Hammond B3 organ, keyboards
  • Salvador Santana– keyboards
  • Tommy Anthony – guitars, musical GPS
  • Benny Rietveld – bass guitar
  • Cindy Blackman Santana– drums
  • Karl Perazzo – timbales, congas, percussion
  • Ray Greene – trombone, backing vocals
  • Laura Mvula– additional vocals
  • Andy Vargas – backing vocals
  • Greg Fidelman, Rob Bisel – recording
  • Dana Nielsen – mixing, recording
  • Jim Reitzel – additional engineering
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Sara Lynn Killion, Dylan Neustadter, Tyler Beans – assistant
  • Rudy Gutierrez – artwork
  • Heather Griffin-Vine – graphic art
  • Dave Hanych, Eric Lynn – production coordination
  • Colin Willard, Jeremy Hatcher, Garry Purchit, Gabe Smith, Chloe Poswillo, Ethan Schneiderman – production assistant

Track listing:

  1. Afika Speaks – Carlos Santana, David Axelrod, Buika
  2. Batonga – Carlos Santana, Buika
  3. Oye Este Mi Canto – Carlos Santana, Buika, John Ademola Haastrup
  4. Yo Me Lo Merezco – Carlos Santana, Buika, Jay U Xperience, Stoneface, Drago Uboma
  5. Blue Skies – Carlos Santana, Buika, Laura Mvula, Mike Odumosu
  6. Paraisos Quemados – Carlos Santana, Buika, Mohammed Jabry
  7. Breaking Down the Door – Carlos Santana, Manu Chao, Buika, Drew Gonsalves, Ivan Duran, Rafael de Leon
  8. Les Invisibles – Carlos Santana, Buika, Rachid Taha, Steve Hillage
  9. Luna Hechicera – Carlos Santana, Buika, Ismaël Lô
  10. Bembele – Carlos Santana, Buika, Phillpp Kullmannn, Bojan Vuletic, Michael Timo Ehnes
  11. Candombe Cumbele – Carlos Santana, Buika, Easy Kabaka Brown

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