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On October 1972.

In October 1972, “A&M” label released the debut, self-titled Stealers Wheel album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Apple Studios” in London, and was produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. The cover painting was by John Patrick Byrne.


  • Gerry Rafferty- guitar, lead vocals
  • Joe Egan- keyboards, lead vocals
  • Paul Pilnick – lead guitar
  • Tony Williams- bass
  • Rod Coombes– drums
  • Geoff Emerick, John Mills – engineering

Track listing:

  1. Late Again – Joe Egan, Gerry Rafferty
  2. Stuck in the Middle With You – Joe Egan, Gerry Rafferty
  3. Another Morning – Joe Egan
  4. I Get By – Joe Egan
  5. Outside Looking In – Gerry Rafferty
  6. Johnny’s Song – Gerry Rafferty
  7. Net to Me – Joe Egan, Gerry Rafferty
  8. José – Joe Egan
  9. Gets So Lonely – Joe Egan
  10. You Put Something Better Inside Me – Joe Egan, Gerry Rafferty

In September 1978.

In September 1978, “ARC” label released “Mr. Gone”, the ninth Weather Report album. It was recorded in May 1978, at “Devonshire Sound Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Joe Zawinul and Jaco Pastorius.


  • Joe Zawinul- modified Rhodes 88 electric piano, acoustic piano, two ARP 2600 synthesizers, Oberheim polyphonic synthesizer, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 synthesizer, Mu-Tron Bi-Phase and Mu-Tron Volume Wah effects, kalimba, thumbeki drums, sleigh bells, melodica, high hat, voice
  • Wayne Shorter- tenor, alto and soprano saxophone, voice
  • Jaco Pastorius- bass, drums, timpani, voice
  • Peter Erskine- drums , high hat , voice
  • Tony Williams, Steve Gadd- drums
  • Manolo Badrena- voice solo
  • Jon Lucien, Deniece Williams- voice
  • Maurice White- vocal
  • Alex Kazanegras – engineer
  • Dave Mancini – second engineer
  • Nancy Donald – cover design
  • Lou Beach – cover illustration

Track listing:

  1. The Pursuit of the Woman with the Feathered Hat – Joe Zawinul
  2. River People – Jaco Pastorius
  3. Young and Fine – Joe Zawinul
  4. The Elders – Wayne Shorter, arranged by Joe Zawinul
  5. Gone – Joe Zawinul
  6. Punk Jazz – Jaco Pastorius
  7. Pinocchio – Wayne Shorter
  8. And Then – music – Joe Zawinul, lyrics – Sam Guest

In August 1980.

In August 1980, “Columbia” label released “The Swing of Delight”, the last of three solo albums to be released under his temporary  Sanskrit name Devadip Carlos Santana, given to him by Sri Chinmoy. The others two albums were “Illuminations” in 1974 and “Oneness” in 1979. It was recorded in 1980, and was produced by David Rubinson & Friends, Inc.


  • Devadip Carlos Santana – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, percussion, vocals, design concept
  • Wayne Shorter– soprano sax, tenor sax
  • Premik Russell Tubbs– soprano sax, tenor sax
  • Herbie Hancock– acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hohner Clavinet, synthesizers (Clavitar, Prophet 5, Yamaha CS-80, Oberheim 8 Voice, brass, strings)
  • Ron Carter– acoustic bass
  • David Margen – bass
  • Harvey Mason, Graham Lear, Tony Williams– drums
  • Armando Peraza– congas, bongos, percussion
  • Raul Rekow – congas, percussion, vocals
  • Orestes Vilató– timbales, percussion, vocals
  • Engineer assistant – Bob Kovach
  • Engineer digital – Jeff Mestler, Paul Stubblebine
  • Steve Cain, Bryan Bell, David Rubinson, Leslie Ann Jones
  • Remastered by – Kouji Suzuki
  • Front cover art – Sri Chinmoy
  • Inside art – Tadanori Yokoo
  • Photography by – Roger Ressmeyer

Track listing:

  1. Swapan Tari – Sri Chinmoy
  2. Love Theme from “Spartacus” – Alex North
  3. Phuler Matan – Sri Chinmoy
  4. Song for My Brother- Carlos Santana
  5. Jharna Kala – Sri Chinmoy
  6. Gardenia – Carlos Santana
  7. La Llave – Carlos Santana
  8. Golden Hours – Carlos Santana
  9. Sher Khan, the Tiger – Wayne Shorter

On October 25, 2014.


On October 25, 2014, John Symon Asher “Jack” Bruce aka Jack Bruce died aged 71. Being musician, singer and songwriter, he is best known as member and bass player of Cream. In his more than five decades long career, Bruce has performed and recorded with various famous musician including: Alexis Corner, Graham Bond, John Mayall, Manfred Mann, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Michael Gibbs, Tony Williams, Leslie West, Corky Laing, Carla Bley, Lou Reed, Michael Mantler, Charlie Mariano, John McLaughlin, Cozy Powell, Bernie Marsden, Trevor Rabin, Robin Trower, Mose Allison, Allan Holdsworth, Kip Hanrahan, Mark Nauseef, Miroslav Tadic, Anton Fier, Kenji Suzuki, Dick Heckstall – Smith, John Stevens, Vernon Reid, Cindy Blackman and John Medeski. In March 2011, “Rolling Stone” magazine  readers selected Bruce as the eighth greatest bass guitarist of all time.

On July 30, 1969.

Miles Davis-In a Silent Way

On July 30, 1969, “Columbia” label released “In a Silent Way” album by Miles Davis. It was recorded in one session on February 18, 1969, at “CBS 30th Street Studio” in New York City, and was produced by Teo Macero. The album is regarded by fans and critics as one of Davis’s greatest and most influential works.


  • Miles Davis– trumpet
  • Wayne Shorter– soprano saxophone
  • John McLaughlin– electric guitar
  • Chick Corea– electric piano
  • Herbie Hancock– electric piano
  • Joe Zawinul– organ
  • Dave Holland– double bass
  • Tony Williams– drums
  • Original recording engineer – Stan Tonkel
  • Cover photography – Lee Friedlander
  • Back cover photography – John G. Walter
  • Back cover notes – Frank Glenn

Track listing:

  1. Shhh/Peaceful – Miles Davis
  • Shhh
  • Peaceful
  • Shhh
  1. In a Silent Way/It’s About That Time – Joe Zawinul, Miles Davis
  • In a Silent Way
  • It’s About That Time
  • In a Silent Way

On July 22, 1968.

MilesDavis_Miles In The Sky

On July 22, 1968, “Columbia” label released “Miles in the Sky”, studio album by Miles Davis. It was recorded January 16 and May 15-17, 1968, at “Columbia Studio B” in New York, and was produced by Teo Marcero. It was first Miles album to include electric bass and electric piano.


  • Miles Davis– trumpet, cornet
  • Wayne Shorter– tenor saxophone
  • Herbie Hancock– piano, electric piano
  • Ron Carter– bass, electric bass
  • Tony Williams– drums
  • George Benson– electric guitar

Track listing:

  1. Stuff – Miles Davis
  2. Paraphernalia – Wayne Shorter
  3. Black Comedy – Tony Williams
  4. Country Son – Miles Davis

On November 2, 1976.

Miles Davies Water Babies

On November 2, 1976, “Columbia” label released “Water Babies”, Miles Davis studio album. “Water Babies” is a collection of “leftovers” from 1967’s “Nefertiti”, “Filles de Kilimanjaro” and 1968’s “In a Silent Way” sessions. The recording sessions took place on June 7, 13, 23, 1967, at “Columbia 30th Street Studio” in New York; and November 11–12, 1968, at “Columbia Studio B” in New York. The album was produced by Teo Macero.


  • Miles Davis– trumpet
  • Wayne Shorter– tenor saxophone
  • Herbie Hancock– piano
  • Ron Carter– bass
  • Tony Williams– drums
  • Chick Corea– electric piano
  • Dave Holland– bass

All compositions by Wayne Shorter, except where noted.

  1. Water Babies
  2. Capricorn
  3. Sweet Pea
  4. Two Faced
  5. Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process – Miles Davis and Tony Williams