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On September 24, 1993.

On September 24, 1993, “Epic” label released “East River Drive”, the 15th Stanley Clarke album. It was recorded in 1993, at “Cherokee Studios”, “Contemporary Artist”, “Le Gonks West Studio”, “Rumba Recorders”, “Universal Scoring Stage”, and was produced by Stanley Clarke.


  • Stanley Clarke– bass, tenor bass, background vocals
  • Gerald Albright– alto and soprano saxophones
  • George Howard– bass, soprano saxophone
  • Doug Webb– soprano saxophone
  • Todd Cochran– keyboards
  • George Duke– keyboards
  • Steve Hunt– keyboards
  • Deron Johnson– keyboards
  • Kenny Kirkland– piano
  • Doc Powell– guitar
  • Paul Jackson Jr.– guitar
  • Armand Sabal-Lecco– guitar, piccolo bass, background vocals
  • Michael Thompson– guitar
  • Hubert Laws– flute
  • Jean-Luc Ponty– violin
  • Poncho Sanchez– conga
  • Alphonso Johnson– bass
  • Abraham Laboriel– bass
  • Charles Fambrough– double bass
  • Jimmy Earl– bass
  • Ramon Banda – percussion
  • Darryl Jackson – percussion
  • Munyungo Jackson – percussion
  • Bill Summers– percussion
  • Gerry Brown– drums
  • Dennis Chambers– drums
  • John Robinson– drums
  • Carlos Vega– drums
  • Howard Hewett– vocals
  • Alexis England – background vocals
  • Laura Robinson – background vocals
  • Anjani Thomas– background vocals
  • George DelBarrio – conductor, string arrangements
  • Brian Gardner– mastering
  • Dan Humann – engineer, mixing
  • Allen Sides – engineer
  • Steve Sykes – engineer, mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Stanley Clarke except where noted.

  1. Justice’s Groove
  2. Fantasy Love – Stanley Clarke, Howard Hewett
  3. Zabadoobeedé? (Yabadoobeeda)
  4. East River Drive
  5. I’m Home Africa – Stanley Clarke, Jimmy Earl, Steve Hunt
  6. Theme from Boyz ‘n the Hood
  7. Christmas in Rio
  8. What If I Forget the Champagne
  9. Never Lose Your Heart/There Lies the Passion
  10. Illegal
  11. Lord of the Low Frequencies
  12. Funk Is Its Own Reward

On December 9, 1979.

On December 9, 1979, “MCA” label released “Street Life”, the twelve Crusaders (as The Crusaders) album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Wilton Felder, Stix Hooper and Joe Sample.


  • Joe Sample- keyboards
  • Randy Crawford- vocals
  • Paulinho Da Costa- percussion
  • Wilton Felder- saxophone, bass guitar
  • Stix Hooper- drums
  • Arthur Adams- guitar
  • Roland Bautista- guitar
  • Oscar Brashear- trumpet
  • Garnett Brown- trombone
  • Barry Finnerty- guitar
  • William Green – saxophone
  • Paul Jackson Jr.- guitar
  • James Jamerson- bass guitar
  • Alphonso Johnson- bass guitar
  • Robert O’Bryan – trumpet
  • Jerome Richardson- saxophone
  • Billy Rogers – guitar

Track listing:

  1. Street Life – Will Jennings, Joe Sample
  2. My Lady – Wilton Felder
  3. Rodeo Drive (High Steppin’) – Joe Sample
  4. Carnival of the Nigh – Wilton Felder
  5. The Hustler – Stix Hooper
  6. Night Faces – Joe Sample

On March 25, 1997.

On March 25, 1997, “Miramar” label released “Abraxas Pool”, album ex-Santana members Mike Shrieve, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, José “Chepito” Areas, Alphonso Johnson, and Mike Carabello. It was recorded in 1996, at “Gush Studios” in Oakland, California, and was produced by Mike Shrieve, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, José “Chepito” Areas, Alphonso Johnson, and Mike Carabello.


  • Gregg Rolie- vocals and keyboards
  • Neal Schon- guitars
  • Alphonso Johnson- bass
  • Michael Shrieve- drums
  • Michael Carabello – congas
  • José Areas– timbales
  • Carlos E. Franco, Necia Dallas, Davona Bundy – vocals
  • Wole Alade, Ronald Marshall – drums
  • Scott Boorey, Michael Rosen – engineers
  • Robert Alan Craft – assistant engineer
  • Tom Size – mixing
  • Robb Davidson – editing
  • Mark Guenther – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Boom Ba Ya Ya – Michael Shrieve, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Michael Carabello
  2. A Million Miles Away – Michael Shrieve, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon
  3. Baila Mi Cha-Cha – José Areas
  4. Waiting for You – Gregg Rolie, Michael Shrieve
  5. Going Home – Gregg Rolie
  6. Szabo – Neal Schon, Michael Shrieve
  7. Guajirona – José Areas
  8. Cruzin’ – Gregg Rolie
  9. Don’t Give Up – Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Michael Shrieve
  10. Ya Llego – José Areas, Michael Carabello, Adrian Areas
  11. Jingo – Michael Olatunji


On October 21, 1981.

On October 21, 1981, “Arista” label released “Bobby and the Midnites”, the first Bob Weir and Bobby and the Midnites album. It was recorded in 1981, and was produced by Gary Lyons.


  • Bob Weir– vocals, guitar
  • Billy Cobham– vocals, drums
  • Bobby Cochran– vocals, guitar
  • Alphonso Johnson– vocals, bass guitar
  • Matt Kelly– vocals, harmonica
  • Brent Mydland– vocals, keyboards, Hammond B3
  • Gary Lyons, Gregg Mann, Pete Thea, John Cutler
  • George Marino – mastering
  • John Marlow – lyric supervision
  • Victor Moscoso – art direction
  • Elizabeth Fenimore – photography

Track listing:

  1. Haze – Brent Mydland, Essra Mohawk, Bob Weir, Bobby Cochran, Matthew Kelly
  2. Too Many Losers – Bobby Cochran, Bob Weir
  3. Far Away – Bob Weir, Bobby Cochran, Matthew Kelly
  4. Book of Rules – Alphonso Johnson, Barry Llewellyn
  5. Me, Without You – John Perry Barlow, Alphonso Johnson
  6. Josephine – Bob Weir
  7. (I Want to) Fly Away – John Perry Barlow, Bob Weir
  8. Carry Me – Bob Weir
  9. Festival – Bob Weir

In May 1975.

In May 1975, “Columbia” label released “Tale Spinnin’”, the sixth Weather Report album. It was recorded February-April 1975, at “Wally Heider Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter.


  • Josef Zawinul- Rhodes piano, acoustic piano, melodica, TONTO synthesizer, ARP 2600 synthesizer, organ, steel drums, oud, mzuthra, West African talking drum, xylophone, cymbals, vocals
  • Wayne Shorter- Soprano and tenor saxophones
  • Alphonso Johnson- electric bass
  • Leon “Ndugu” Chancler- drums, tympani, marching cymbals
  • Alyrio Lima – percussion
  • Bruce Botnick- recording engineer, mixing
  • Wayne Shorter– mixing
  • Teresa Alfieri, John Berg – cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by Joe Zawinul except where noted.

  1. Man in the Green Shirt
  2. Lusitanos – Wayne Shorter
  3. Between the Thighs
  4. Badia
  5. Freezing Fire – Wayne Shorter
  6. Five Short Stories

In February 1985.


In February 1985, “Columbia” label released “Beyond Appearances”, the thirteenth Santana studio album. It was recorded March – November 1984, at “Record One” and “Plant Studios” in California, and was produced by Val Garay.


  • Carlos Santana– guitar, acoustic 12-string guitar, vocals
  • Alphonso Johnson– bass
  • Chester D. Thompson – synthesizer, bass, keyboards, organ
  • David Sancious– rhythm guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, guitar
  • Chester Cortez Thompson– drums, bass pedals
  • Greg Walker – lead and background vocals
  • Alex Ligertwood- rhythm guitar, lead and background vocals, harmony
  • Bryan Garofalo – bass
  • Steve Goldstein- synthesizer, keyboards
  • Craig Krampf- drums, DMX drum machine
  • Armando Peraza- bongos, percussion, shakers, congas
  • Orestes Vilato- bells, timbales, percussion, cymbals, woodblocks, vocals
  • Mitchell Froom- string synthesizer
  • Raul Rekow – chekere, congas, shakers, vocals
  • David Adelstein – synthesizer, DMX drum machine, synthesizer bass
  • John Woodhead – guitar
  • Anthony LaPeau – background vocals
  • Craig Hull – guitar
  • Bob Getter – string bass
  • Robbie Patton, David Adelstein – arrangements
  • Steve Goldstein – associate producer:
  • Recorded by Val Garay & Richard Bosworth
  • Assisted by Duane Saykora
  • Mixed by Val Garay
  • Assistant engineer: Wayne Lewis
  • Jim Gaines – mixing

Track listing:

  1. Breaking Out – Alphonso Johnson, Alex Ligertwood
  2. Written in Sand – Mitchell Froom, Jerry Stahl
  3. How Long – Robbie Patton
  4. Brotherhood – David Sancious, Carlos Santana, Chester D. Thompson
  5. Spirit – Alphonso Johnson, Ale Ligertwood, Raul Rekow
  6. Say It Again – Garay, Steve Goldstein, Lapeau
  7. Who Loves You – Carlos Santana, Chester D.Thompson, Orestes Vilato
  8. I’m the One Who Loves You – Curtis Mayfield
  9. Touchdown Raiders – Carlos Santana
  10. Right Now – Ale Ligertwood, Carlos Santana


On December 25, 2016.


On December 25, 2016, Alphonse Lee Mouzon died aged 68. He was a composer, arranger, producer and actor, and the owner of Tenacious Records. He has recorded and performed with many famous musicians and music acts including Arild Andersen, Donald Byrd,  Herbie Hancock, Bobbi Humphrey, Joachim Kühn, Les McCann, McCoy Tyner, Wayne Shorter, Weather Report, Eugene McDaniels, Betty Davis, Infinity, Doug Carn, Norman Connors, Willie Colon, Poussez, Al Di Meola, Torsten de Winkel, Hellmut Hattler, Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Fania All-Stars, Carlos Garnett, George Gruntz, Tim Hardin, Miki Howard, Paul Jackson, Paul Jackson Jr., Alphonso Johnson and Patrick Moraz.

On March 24, 1974.

mysterious traveler

On March 24, 1974, “Columbia” label released “Mysterious Traveller”, the fifth Weather Report album. It was recorded February 1974 – May 1974 in “Devonshire Sound” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter. In 1974, readers of “Down Beat” magazine voted “Mysterious Traveller” album of the year.


  • Joe Zawinul- electric and acoustic piano, synthesizer, guitar, kalimba, organ, tamboura, clay drum, tack piano, melodica
  • Wayne Shorter- soprano and tenor saxophone, tack piano
  • Miroslav Vitouš- upright bass
  • Alphonso Johnson- bass guitar
  • Ishmael Wilburn- drums
  • Skip Hadden- drums
  • Dom Um Romão- percussion, drums
  • Ray Barrettopercussion
  • Meruga – percussion
  • Steve Little -timpani
  • Don Ashworth -ocarinas and woodwinds
  • Isacoff -tabla, finger cymbals
  • Edna Wright – vocals
  • Marti McCall – vocals
  • Jessica Smith – vocals
  • James Gilstrad – vocals
  • Billie Barnum – vocalists

Track listing:

  1. Nubian Sundance – Joe Zawinul
  2. American Tango – Miroslav Vitouš, Zawinul
  3. Cucumber Slumber – Alphonso Johnson, Joe Zawinul
  4. Mysterious Traveller – Wayne Shorter
  5. Blackthorn Rose – Wayne Shorter
  6. Scarlet Woman – Alphonso Johnson, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul
  7. Jungle Book – Joe Zawinul