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On March 21, 1969.

On March 21, 1969, “Apple” label released “Is This What You Want?”, the debut Jackie Lomax album. It was recorded June –January 1969, at “Sound Recorders Studio” in Los Angeles, “EMI Studios” and “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by George Harrison and Jackie Lomax.


  • Jackie Lomax – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass
  • George Harrison – acoustic and electric guitars
  • Larry Knechtel – piano, electric piano, organ
  • Paul McCartney – bass, electric guitar, drums, backing vocals
  • Eric Clapton – electric guitar
  • Nicky Hopkins – piano, organ
  • Klaus Voormann – bass
  • Joe Osborn – bass
  • Spike Heatley – standup bass
  • Hal Blaine – drums
  • Ringo Starr – drums
  • Bishop O’Brien – drums
  • Tony Newman – drums
  • Pete Clark – drums, percussion
  • Alan Branscombe – saxophone
  • Paul Beaver – Moog synthesizer
  • Bernie Krause – Moog synthesizer
  • Mal Evans – sound effects
  • Alan Pariser – sound effects
  • John Barham – string and brass arrangements
  • uncredited – female backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Jackie Lomax, except where noted.

  1. Speak to Me
  2. Is This What You Want?
  3. How Can You Say Goodbye
  4. Sunset
  5. Sour Milk Sea – George Harrison
  6. Fall Inside Your Eyes
  7. Little Yellow Pills
  8. Take My Word
  9. The Eagle Laughs at You
  10. Baby You’re a Lover
  11. You’ve Got Me Thinking
  12. I Just Don’t Know

On September 26, 1974.

On September 26, 1974, “Apple” label released “Walls and Bridges”, the fifth John Lennon studio album. It was recorded July – August 1974, at “Record Plant East” in New York City, and was produced by John Lennon.


  • John Lennon– lead, harmony and backing vocals, rhythm, acoustic and lead guitar, piano, whistling, percussion, arrangements
  • Ken Ascher– piano, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, mellotron
  • Jim Keltner– drums
  • Arthur Jenkins– percussion
  • Nicky Hopkins– piano
  • Klaus Voormann– bass guitar
  • Bobby Keys– tenor saxophone
  • Jesse Ed Davis– lead guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Eddie Mottau– acoustic guitar
  • The Philharmonic Orchestrange– arranged and conducted by Ken Ascher
  • Little Big Horns – Ron Aprea(alto saxophone), Bobby Keys (tenor saxophone), Frank Vicari (tenor saxophone), Howard Johnson (baritone saxophone), Steve Madaio (trumpet)
  • Julian Lennon– drums
  • Elton John– piano, Hammond organ, harmony background vocals
  • Harry Nilsson– backing vocals
  • The 44th Street Fairies: Joey Dambra, Lori Burton, May Pang – background vocals
  • Shelly Yakus– engineer
  • Jimmy Iovine– overdub engineer
  • Roy Cicala– remix engineer
  • May Pang – production coordinator
  • Roy Kohara – art direction
  • Bob Gruen– photography

Track listing:

All by John Lennon, except where noted.

 Going Down on Love

  1. Whatever Gets You Thru the Night
  2. Old Dirt Road – John Lennon, Harry Nilsson
  3. What You Got
  4. Bless You
  5. Scare
  6. #9 Dream
  7. Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox)
  8. Steel and Glass
  9. Beef Jerky
  10. Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down and Out)
  11. Ya Ya – Lee Dorsey, Clarence Lewis, Morgan Robinson, Morris Levy


On May 30, 1973.

On May 30, 1973, “Apple” label released “Living in the Material World”, the fourth George Harrison studio album. It was recorded October 1972–March 1973; February 1971, at “Apple Studios” and “Abbey Road” studios in London; “FPSHOT” in Oxfordshire, and was produced by George Harrison and Phil Spector.


  • George Harrison– lead and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, dobro, sitar
  • Nicky Hopkins– piano, electric piano
  • Gary Wright– organ, harmonium, electric piano, harpsichord
  • Klaus Voormann– bass guitar, standup bass, tenor saxophone
  • Jim Keltner– drums, percussion
  • Ringo Starr– drums, percussion
  • Jim Horn– saxophones, flute, horn arrangement
  • Zakir Hussain– tabla
  • John Barham– orchestral and choral arrangements
  • Leon Russell– piano
  • Jim Gordon– drums, tambourine
  • Pete Ham– acoustic guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by George Harrison.

  1. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
  2. Sue Me, Sue You Blues
  3. The Light That Has Lighted the World
  4. Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long
  5. Who Can See It
  6. Living in the Material World
  7. The Lord Loves the One (That Loves the Lord)
  8. Be Here Now
  9. Try Some, Buy Some
  10. The Day the World Gets ‘Round
  11. That Is All


On December 13, 1971.

On December 13, 1971, “Apple” label released “Straight Up”, the third Badfinger album. It was recorded May – October 1971, at “Abbey Road Studios”, “AIR Studios” and “Command Studios” in London, and was produced by Todd Rundgren and George Harrison.


  • Pete Ham– lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, piano, organ, harmonica
  • Tom Evans– lead and backing vocals, bass guitar, twelve string guitar
  • Joey Molland– lead and backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitar
  • Mike Gibbins– drums, percussion
  • George Harrison– slide guitar, guitar
  • Leon Russell– piano, guitar
  • Bobby Diebold – bass guitar
  • Klaus Voormann– electric piano
  • Bill Collins – accordion
  • Gene Mahon – design
  • Richard DiLello– design, photography
  • Peter Mew, Mike Jarratt – engineer
  • Marcia McGovern – pre-production director
  • Roberta Ballard – production manager

Track listing:

  1. Take It All – Pete Ham
  2. Baby Blue – Pete Ham
  3. Money – Tom Evans
  4. Flying – Tom Evans, Joey Molland
  5. I’d Die Babe – Joey Molland
  6. Name of the Game – Pete Ham
  7. Suitcase – Joey Molland
  8. Sweet Tuesday Morning – Jeoy Molland
  9. Day After Day – Pete Ham
  10. Sometimes – Joey Molland
  11. Perfection – Pete Ham
  12. It’s Over – Tom Evans

On July 19, 1990.

On July 19, 1990, “Stardog” label released “Apple”, the only Mother Love Bone album. It was recorded September – November 1989, at “The Plant” in Sausalito, in California, “London Bridge Studios” in Seattle, and was produced by Bruce Calder, Terry Date, Mark Dearnley, Andrew Wood, Bruce Fairweather, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Greg Gilmore.


  • Andrew Wood– lead vocals, piano
  • Bruce Fairweather– lead guitar
  • Stone Gossard– rhythm guitar
  • Jeff Ament– bass
  • Greg Gilmore– drums
  • Scott Blockland – assistant engineering
  • Kaylin Frank – production coordination
  • Dennis Herring, Davitt Sigerson– pre-production
  • Klotz – design
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering
  • Lance Mercer – photo
  • Tim Palmer– mixing
  • Denny Swofford – assistance

Track listing:

All lyrics written Andrew Wood. All music by Jeff Ament, Bruce Fairweather, Greg Gilmore, Stone Gossard and Andrew Wood.

  1. This Is Shangrila
  2. Stardog Champion
  3. Holy Roller
  4. Bone China
  5. Come Bite the Apple
  6. Stargazer
  7. Heartshine
  8. Captain Hi-Top
  9. Man of Golden Words
  10. Capricorn Sister
  11. Gentle Groove
  12. Danny Boy
  13. Crown of Thorns


In February 1974.


In February 1974, “Warner Bros” label released the fifth, self-titled Badfinger album. It was recorded June – November 1973, at “Olympic Studios” and “Air Studios” in London, and was produced by Chris Thomas. It was the first of two albums released by the band on the “Warner” label after leaving “Apple” label.


  • Pete Ham– guitar, piano, vocals
  • Tom Evans– bass, vocals
  • Joey Molland– guitar, vocals
  • Mike Gibbins– drums, vocals
  • John Kosh – album cover

Track listing:

  1. I Miss You – Pete Ham
  2. Shine On – Pete Ham, Tom Evans
  3. Love Is Easy – Joey Molland
  4. Song for a Lost Friend – Pete Ham
  5. Why Don’t We Talk? – Tom Evans
  6. Island – Joey Molland
  7. Matted Spam – Pete Ham
  8. Where Do We Go from Here? – Tom Evans
  9. My Heart Goes Out – Mike Gibbins
  10. Lonely You – Pete Ham
  11. Give It Up – Joey Molland
  12. Andy Norris – Joey and Cathy Molland

On December 6, 1968.


On December 6, 1968, “Apple” label released the self-titled, debut James Taylor album. It was recorded July – October 1968, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by Peter Asher. It was the first recording by a non-British artist released by “Apple” label, and would also be Taylor’s only release on that label.


  • James Taylor– acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, percussion
  • Peter Asher– percussion, vocals
  • Louis Cennamo– bass
  • Richard Hewson– strings, bassoon, oboe
  • Skaila Kanga – harp
  • Paul McCartney– bass
  • Bishop O’Brien – drums, percussion
  • Freddie Redd– keyboards
  • Don Shinn– keyboards
  • Mick Wayne– guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by James Taylor, except where noted.

  1. Don’t Talk Now
  2. Something’s Wrong
  3. Knocking ‘Round the Zoo
  4. Sunshine Sunshine
  5. Taking It In
  6. Something in the Way She Moves
  7. Carolina in My Mind
  8. Brighten Your Night With My Day
  9. Night Owl
  10. Rainy Day Man – James Taylor, Zach Wiesner
  11. Circle Round the Sun – traditional arr. James Taylor
  12. Blues Is Just a Bad Dream

On November 9, 1970.


On November 9, 1970 “Apple” label released “No Dice” the second Badfinger studio album. It was recorded April – August 1970, at “Abbey Road Studios” and “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by Geoff Emerick and Mal Evans.


  • Pete Ham– lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, piano, tack piano, Rhodes piano
  • Tom Evans– lead and backing vocals, bass guitar
  • Joey Molland– lead and backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitars
  • Mike Gibbins – drums, backing vocals, lead vocals
  • Mike Jarrett – mixing
  • John Kurlander – engineer
  • Richard Lush – engineer
  • Keith H – session musician
  • Steve Kolanijan – liner notes, sleeve notes
  • Mike Jarratt – engineer, mixing
  • Marcia McGovern – pre-production
  • Roberta Ballard – production manager
  • Gene Mahon – design
  • Richard DiLello– design, photography

Track listing:

  1. I Can’t Take It – Peter Ham
  2. I Don’t Mind – Tome Evans, Joey Molland
  3. Love Me Do – Joey Molland
  4. Midnight Caller – Pete Ham
  5. No Matter What – Pete Ham
  6. Without You – Pete Ham, Tome Evans
  7. Blodwyn – Pete Ham
  8. Better Days – Tome Evans, Joey Molland
  9. It Had to be – Mike Gibbins
  10. Watford John – Tome Evans, Mike Gibbins, Pete Ham, Joey Molland
  11. Believe Me – Tome Evans
  12. We’re for the Dark – Pete Ham

On October 20, 1969.


On October 20, 1969, “Apple” label released “Wedding Album”, the final of the three experimental albums by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It followed “Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins” and  “Unfinished Music No. 2: Life with the Lions”. It was recorded 25–31 March 1969, at Room 902, Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam, and 22 and 27 April 1969, at “Abbey Road Studios” in London, and was produced by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.


  • John Lennon– guitars, keyboards, heartbeat sounds, vocals
  • Yoko Ono– vocals, rare sounds, heartbeat sounds
  • Klaus Voormann– electric guitar, bass guitar
  • Nicky Hopkins– piano, chimes
  • Hugh McCracken– piano, chimes

Track listing:

All tracks by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, except where noted.

  1. John & Yoko
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Who Has Seen the Wind? – Yoko Ono
  4. Listen, the Snow Is Falling – Yoko Ono
  5. Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow) – Yoko Ono


On September 22, 1975.


On September 22, 1975, “Apple” label released “Extra Texture (Read All About It)”, the sixth George Harrison studio album. It was recorded February 1971, April –June 1975, August–September 1974, at “A&M Studios” in Los Angeles; “FPSHOT” in Oxfordshire, and “Abbey Road Studios” in London, and was produced by George Harrison.


  • George Harrison– vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, ARP synthesizer, Moog synthesizer, piano, backing vocals
  • David Foster– piano, organ, ARP synthesizer, electric piano, tack piano, string arrangement
  • Gary Wright– organ, electric piano, ARP synthesizer
  • Jim Keltner– drums, percussion
  • Jesse Ed Davis– electric guitar
  • Klaus Voormann– bass
  • Paul Stallworth – bass, background vocals
  • Leon Russell– piano
  • Tom Scott– saxophones
  • Chuck Findley– trumpet, trombone
  • Nicky Hopkins– piano
  • Jim Horn– saxophone
  • Jim Gordon– drums, percussion
  • Carl Radle– bass
  • Billy Preston– electric piano
  • Willie Weeks– bass
  • Andy Newmark– drums
  • Legs Larry Smith– vocal
  • Ronnie Spector– vocal
  • Norm Kinney – percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by George Harrison.

  1. You
  2. The Answer’s at the End
  3. This Guitar (Can’t Keep from Crying)
  4. Ooh Baby (You Know That I Love You)
  5. World of Stone
  6. A Bit More of You”
  7. Can’t Stop Thinking About You
  8. Tired of Midnight Blue
  9. Grey Cloudy Lies
  10. His Name Is Legs (Ladies and Gentlemen)