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In May 1957.

In May 1957, “Chess” label released “After School Session”, the debut Chuck Berry album. It was recorded May 1955 – January 1957, in Chicago, Illinois, and was produced by Leonard Chess and Philip Chess.


  • Chuck Berry – vocals, guitar, steel guitar
  • Johnnie Johnson – piano
  • Otis Spann – piano
  • Jimmy Rogers – guitar
  • L. C. Davis – tenor saxophone
  • Jerome Green – maracas
  • Willie Dixon – bass
  • Fred Below – drums
  • Jasper Thomas – drums
  • Ebby Hardy – drums
  • Vartan – art direction
  • Don Snowden – liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Chuck Berry.

  1. School Days
  2. Deep Feeling
  3. Too Much Monkey Business
  4. Wee Wee Hours
  5. Roly Poly
  6. No Money Down
  7. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  8. Berry Pickin’
  9. Together (We Will Always Be)
  10. Havana Moon
  11. Downbound Train
  12. Drifting Heart

On March 3, 1975.

On March 3, 1975, “A&M” label released “Frampton”, the fourth Peter Frampton studio album. It was recorded October 1974 – February 1975, at “Ronnie Lane’s Mobile Studio” in Clearwell Castle, Gloucestershire, and was produced by Peter Frampton.


  • Peter Frampton- lead vocals, acoustic, lead and rhythm guitar, piano, organ, talkbox, bass guitar
  • Andy Bown- bass guitar
  • John Siomos- drums, percussion
  • Poli Palmer– vibes
  • Chris Kimsey, Andy Knight – engineer
  • George Marino – mixing, mastering
  • Doug Sax, Arnie Acosta – mastering
  • Vartan, Roland Young, Junie Osaki – art direction
  • Mike Zagaris – photography
  • Beth Stempel, Bill Levenson – supervisor, coordinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Frampton.

  1. Day’s Dawning
  2. Show Me the Way
  3. One More Time
  4. The Crying Clown
  5. Fanfare
  6. Nowhere’s Too Far (for My Baby)
  7. Nassau
  8. Baby, I Love Your Way
  9. Apple of Your Eye
  10. Penny for Your Thoughts
  11. (I’ll Give You) Money

On May 28, 1977.

On May 28, 1977, “A&M” label released “I’m in You”, the fifth Peter Frampton album. It was recorded November 197 – April 1977, at “Electric Lady Studios” in Greenwich Village, in New York, “The Record Plant” and “The Hit Factory” in New York City, and was produced by Peter Frampton, Chris Kimsey, Bob Mayo and Frankie D’Augusta. The album was certified Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Peter Frampton– acoustic, electric and slide guitar, bass guitar, piano, organ, Moog synthesizer, minimoog, ARP String Synthesizer, ARP Axxe, clavinet, harmonica, drums, percussion, vocals, talk box, engineer, mixing
  • Bob Mayo– organ, Hammond B-3, synthesizer, Moog synthesizer, ARP String Synthesizer, ARP Axxe, clavinet, melodica, electric piano, piano, Fender Rhodes, accordion, electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Stanley Sheldon– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • John Siomos– drums, percussion, tambourine
  • Richie Hayward– drums, percussion, congas
  • Stevie Wonder– harmonica
  • Mick Jagger– backing vocals
  • Mike Finnigan– backing vocals
  • Ringo Starr– drums, percussion
  • Chris Kimsey, Bob Mayo, Frankie D’Augusta – engineer, mixing
  • George Marino, Doug Sax, Arnie Acosta – mastering
  • Vartan, Roland Young, Ryan Rogers – art direction
  • Neal Preston, Irving Penn – photography
  • Beth Stempel, Bill Levenson – supervisor, coordinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Frampton; except where noted:

  1. I’m in You
  2. (Putting My) Heart on the Line
  3. Thomas (Don’t You Know How I Feel)
  4. Won’t You Be My Friend
  5. You Don’t Have to Worry
  6. Tried to Love
  7. Rocky’s Hot Club
  8. (I’m a) Road Runner – Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Edward Holland, Jr.
  9. Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) – Lee Garrett, Lula Mae Hardaway, Stevie Wonder, Syreeta Wright

In December 1960.

In December 1960, “Checker Records” label released “Bo Diddley Is a Gunslinger”, the fifth Bo Diddley studio album. It was recorded October 1959 – February 1960, and was produced by Leonard Chess, Phil Chess and Bo Diddley.


  • Bo Diddley(Ellas McDaniel) – lead vocals, lead guitar
  • Jerome Green – maracas, backing vocals
  • Willie Dixon, Bobby Baskerville – bass
  • Jesse James Johnson – electric bass
  • Billy Downing, Clifton James – drums
  • Lafayette Leake, Otis Spann, Billy Stewart– piano
  • Peggy Jones – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Gene Barge– tenor saxophone
  • Johnny Carter, Harvey Fuqua, Lily “Bee Bee” Jamieson, Gloria Morgan, Nate Nelson – backing vocals
  • Vartan – art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Ellas McDaniel, except where noted.

  1. Gunslinger
  2. Ride on Josephine
  3. Doing the Craw-Daddy
  4. Cadillac
  5. Somewhere
  6. Cheyenne
  7. Sixteen Tons – Merle Travis, arranged byEllas McDaniel
  8. Whoa Mule (Shine)
  9. No More Lovin’
  10. Diddling

On October 5, 1968.


On October 5, 1968, “Cadet” label released “Electric Mud” the fifth Muddy Waters studio album with Rotary Connection. It was recorded May 1968, at “Ter Mar Studios” in Chicago, Illinois, and was produced by Marshall Chess and Charles Stepne.


  • Muddy Waters– vocal
  • Gene Barge – tenor saxophone, producer
  • Phil Upchurch– guitars
  • Roland Faulkner – guitars
  • Pete Cosey– guitars
  • Charles Stepney– organ, arranger, producer
  • Louis Satterfield– bass
  • Morris Jennings – drums
  • Stu Black – engineer
  • Meire Murakami – design
  • Bill Sharpe – cover design
  • Abner Spector – mixing
  • Vartan – art direction

Track listing:

  1. I Just Want to Make Love to You – Willie Dixon
  2. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man – Willie Dixon
  3. Let’s Spend the Night Together – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  4. She’s Alright – Morganfield
  5. Mannish Boy – Morganfield
  6. Herbert Harper’s Free Press News – Sidney Barnes, Robert Thurston
  7. Tom Cat – Charles Williams
  8. The Same Thing – Willie Dixon


On October 3, 1980.


On October 3, 1980, “A&M” label released “Zenyatta Mondatta” the third Police studio album. It was recorded July – August 1980, at “Wisseloord Studios” in Hilversum, Netherlands, and was produced by The Police and Nigel Gray.The album won The Police two “Grammy Awards” including “Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal” for “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” and “Best Rock Instrumental Performance” for “Behind My Camel”. The album was certified Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”; Platinum in France by “SNEP”; Platinum in UK by “BPI”, and 2 x Platinum in the US by “RIIA”.


  • Sting– bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, synthesizer
  • Andy Summers– guitar, backing vocals, guitar-synths, bass guitar, piano
  • Stewart Copeland– drums, backing vocals
  • Nigel Gray– engineering
  • Watalu Asanuma, Adrian Boot, Miles Copeland, Anton Corbijn, Danny Quatrochi – photography
  • Janette Beckman– cover photo, photography
  • Simon Ryan – design
  • Vartan– reissue art director
  • Michael Ross – art direction, design, photography
  • Bob Ludwig– remastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Sting, except where noted.

  1. Don’t Stand So Close to Me
  2. Driven to Tears
  3. When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around
  4. Canary in a Coalmine
  5. Voices Inside My Head
  6. Bombs Away – Stewart Copeland
  7. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
  8. Behind My Camel – Andy Summers
  9. Man in a Suitcase
  10. Shadows in the Rain
  11. The Other Way of Stopping – Stewart Copeland




On March 19, 1974.


On March 19, 1974, “Island” label released “Buddha and the Chocolate Box”, the eighth Cat Stevens studio album. It was recorded in February 1974, at “Sound Techniques Studios” in London, and was produced by Cat Stevens and Paul Samwell-Smith.


  • Cat Stevens – vocals, synthesizer, guitar, keyboards, design, concept, illustrations
  • Barry – vocals, singer
  • Mathieu Bitton – package design, reissue package design
  • Robin Black – mixing
  • Brigette – vocals, choir, chorus, singer
  • Clifford – vocals, choir, chorus, singer
  • Gerry Conway– drums, vocals
  • Suzanne Cox – vocals, singer
  • Danny – vocals, singer
  • Alun Davies– vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Victor Gamm – engineer, mixing
  • Roland Harker – banjo
  • Alan Harris – mixing
  • Jacqui – vocals, choir, chorus, singer
  • Ted Jensen– mastering
  • Jimmy – vocals, choir, chorus, singer
  • Joanne – vocals, choir, chorus, singer
  • Joy – vocals, singer
  • Judy – vocals, choir, chorus, singer
  • Larry – vocals, singer
  • Bruce Lynch– bass
  • Suzanne Lynch– vocals, soloist
  • Rick McCollum– vocals, singer
  • Del Newman– strings, arranger, string arrangements
  • Roger Quested – mixing
  • Jean Roussel– strings, arranger, keyboards, string arrangements
  • Ruby – vocals, singer
  • Jim Ryan – guitar
  • Mark Warner – guitar
  • John Wood– engineer
  • Sunny – vocals, choir, chorus, singer
  • Vartan – art direction
  • Roland Young – design, concept

Track listing:

All tracks by Cat Stevens

  1. Music
  2. Oh Very Young
  3. Sun/C79
  4. Ghost Town
  5. Jesus
  6. Ready
  7. King of Trees
  8. A Bad Penny
  9. Home in the Sky