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On June 12, 2017.

On June 12, 2017, “Little Idiot” label released “More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse”, the fourteenth Moby studio.It was recorded 2014 – 2016, and was produced by Moby.


  • Moby – vocals, photography
  • Mindy Jones– vocals
  • Gavin Lurssen – mastering
  • Mark Needham – mixing
  • Jonathan Nesvadba – studio assistance, technical support
  • Tyler Spratt – mixing assistance
  • Melissa Danis – photography assistance
  • Mike Jones – design
  • Jonathan Nesvadba – photography assistance

Track listing:

All tracks by Moby.

  1. Silence
  2. A Softer War
  3. There’s Nothing Wrong with the World There’s Something Wrong with Me
  4. Trust
  5. All the Hurts We Made
  6. In This Cold Place
  7. If Only a Correction of All We’ve Been
  8. It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye
  9. A Happy Song



On May 20, 2013.

On May 20, 2013, “Inside Out” label released “Dimensionaut”, the debut Sound of Contact album. It was recorded 2010–2012, at “Greenhouse Studios” in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and was produced by Simon Collins and Dave Kerzner.


  • Simon Collins– lead vocals, drums, percussion
  • Matt Dorsey – backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars
  • Dave Kerzner– backing vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
  • Kelly Nordstrom – electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars
  • Hannah Stobart– vocals
  • Wells Cunningham – cello
  • Chris “Hollywood” Holmes – recording engineer
  • Nick Davis – mixing
  • Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Sound of Contact – Simon Collins, Dave Kerzner
  2. Cosmic Distance Ladder – Simon Collins, Matt Dorsey, Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom
  3. Pale Blue Dot – Simon Collins, Matt Dorsey, Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom
  4. I Am (Dimensionaut) – Simon Collins, Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom
  5. Not Coming Down – Simon Collins, Dave Kerzner, Gene Barnett Siegel
  6. Remote View – Simon Collins, Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom
  7. Beyond Illumination – Simon Collins, Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom, Hannah Stobart
  8. Only Breathing Out – Simon Collins, Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom
  9. Realm of In-Organic Beings – Simon Collins, Dave Kerzner
  10. Closer To You – Simon Collins, Matt Dorsey, Dave Kerzner
  11. Omega Point – Simon Collins, Matt Dorsey, Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom
  12. Möbius Slip – Simon Collins, Matt Dorsey, Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom
  • Part One:  In The Difference Engine
  • Part Two:  Perihelion Continuum
  • Part Three:  Salvation Found
  • Part Four:  All Worlds All Times


On April 15, 2014.

On April 15, 2014, “Sub Pop” label released “Do to the Beast”, the seventh Afghan Whigs studio album. It was recorded in 2014, at “Burbank” in Joshua Tree, Silverlake,” Algiers Point” in New Orleans, Cincinnati, and was produced by Greg Dulli.


  • Greg Dulli- vocals, rhythm guitar, mixing
  • Dave Rosser, Jon Skibic, Mark McGuire – guitars
  • John Curley- bass
  • Patrick Keeler – drums
  • Kerry Brown, Rick Nelson, David Rosser, Justin Smith, Christopher Thorn, John Curley – engineer
  • Gavin Lurssen – mastering
  • Mike Napolitano, Mathias Schneeberger – engineer, mixing
  • Christopher Friedman – artwork, layout
  • Amanda Demme– photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Greg Dulli.

  1. Parked Outside
  2. Matamoros
  3. It Kills
  4. Algiers
  5. Lost in the Woods
  6. The Lottery
  7. Can Rova
  8. Royal Cream
  9. I Am Fire
  10. These Sticks


On February 17, 2017.

On February 17, 2017, “PAX AM” label released “Prisoner”, the 16th Ryan Adams studio album. It was recorded in 2016, and was produced by Ryan Adams.


  • Ryan Adams– guitar, bass guitar, lead vocals, synthesizer, piano, harmonica, cover painting, photography
  • Johnny T. Yerington – drums, percussion, photography
  • Charlie Stavish – bass, engineer, mixing
  • Mike Viola– guitar
  • Daniel Clarke – organ
  • Jason Boesel– drums
  • Joe Sublett – saxophone
  • Beatriz Artola – engineer, mixing
  • Phil Joy – engineer
  • Reuben Cohen, Gavin Lurssen– mastering
  • Rachel Jones, Lee Foster – assistant engineer
  • Scott Newton Noah Abrams – photography
  • Andy West – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Ryan Adams, except where noted.

  1. Do You Still Love Me? – Ryan Adams, Daniel Clarke
  2. Prisoner – Ryan Adams, Mike Viola
  3. Doomsday
  4. Haunted House
  5. Shiver and Shake
  6. To Be Without You
  7. Anything I Say to You Now
  8. Breakdown
  9. Outbound Train
  10. Broken Anyway
  11. Tightrope
  12. We Disappear

On June 3, 2013.

On June 3, 2013, “Matador Records” label released “…Like Clockwork”, the sixth Queens of the Stone Age album. It was recorded August 2012-March 2013, at “Pink Duck Studios” in Burbank, California, and was produced by Josh Homme, James Lavelle, Troy Van Leeuwen, Dean Feritta and Michael Shuman. The album cover art was by British artist Boneface. “NME” magazine ranked it at number 335 in its list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Josh Homme– lead vocals, guitar, slide guitar, glass,  shakers, piano, Moog synthesizer, Roland SH-201,drums,  percussion, air ,frog and looper, twelve-string guitar, bass guitar
  • Troy Van Leeuwen– guitar, backing vocals, Moog synthesizer, shakers,  handclaps, lap steel guitar, twelve-string guitar, drone guitar, Korg synthesizer, percussion, acoustic guitar,  twelve-string slide guitar
  • Dean Fertita– keyboards, guitar, backing vocals, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, glass, slide guitar, Moog and Korg synthesizers, Rhodes piano, Korg MS-10, clavinet
  • Michael Shuman– bass guitar, backing vocals, cymbals, tambourine, twelve-string guitar, Moog synthesizer, guitar, claves, shakers and handclaps, mellotron
  • Dave Grohl– drums, percussion
  • Joey Castillo– drums, percussion, handclaps
  • Nick Oliveri– backing vocals
  • Mark Lanegan– backing vocals
  • Trent Reznor– co-lead vocals, kick and snare, backing vocals
  • Jake Shears– backing vocals
  • Alex Turner– backing vocals
  • Elton John– backing vocals, piano
  • Jon Theodore– drums, percussion
  • Charlie May– piano
  • Philip Sheppard– strings and arrangements
  • James Lavelle– arrangements
  • Mark Rankin– recording, mixing
  • Joe Barresi– mixing
  • Alain Johannes– additional engineering
  • Justin Smith – additional engineering
  • Gavin Lurssen– mastering
  • Boneface – design, illustrations
  • Liam Brazier – animations

Track listing:

All lyrics by Josh Homme; all music by Troy Van Leewen, Dean Fertita, Michael Shuman and Josh Homme,except where noted.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
  2. I Sat by the Ocean
  3. The Vampyre of Time and Memory
  4. If I Had a Tail
  5. My God Is the Sun
  6. Kalopsia
  7. Fairweather Friends – Mark Lanegan, Troy Van Leewen, Dean Fertita, Michael Shuman, Josh Homme
  8. Smooth Sailing
  9. I Appear Missing
  10. …Like Clockwork

On March 11, 2003.

On March 11, 2003, “Virgin” label released “Diamonds on the Inside”, the fifth Ben Harper album. It was recorded in 2002, and was produced by Ben Harper.


  • Ben Harper – organ, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, electric guitar, vocals, synthesiser bass, tongue drum
  • Al Yasha Anderson – guitar solo
  • Carla Benson – background vocals
  • Ron Blake – trumpet
  • Leo Chelyapov – clarinet
  • John Ingram – background vocals
  • Greg Kurstin– synthesizer, piano, celeste, Hammond organ, electric piano, background vocals, clavinet, mellotron
  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo– vocals
  • Greg Leisz– pedal steel
  • Timothy Loo – cello
  • Misty Love – background vocals
  • Leon Mobley– percussion, sound effects, background vocals
  • Juan Nelson – bass, background vocals
  • Nicky Panicci (a.k.a. Nicky P.) – acoustic guitar, guitar, electric guitar
  • David Ralicke – trombone
  • Darrel Sims – viola
  • Amy Wilkins – harp
  • Rebecca Yeh – cello
  • Josef Zimmerman – upright bass
  • Engineers: Todd Burke, Rick “Soldier” Will
  • Assistant engineers: Kevin Dean, June Murakawa
  • Mixing: Todd Burke
  • Mastering: Gavin Lurssen
  • Arrangers: Ben Harper, Greg Kurstin
  • Assistants: Josh Florian, Rail Jon Rogut
  • Advisor: Ben Elder
  • Design: Mike King
  • Layout Design: Mike King
  • Photography: Warren Darius Aftahi, Blue Sky, Jon Shapiro
  • Research: Ben Elder

Track listing:

All tracks by Ben Harper except where noted.

  1. With My Own Two Hands
  2. When It’s Good
  3. Diamonds On The Inside
  4. Touch from Your Lust
  5. When She Believes
  6. Brown Eyed Blues – Ben Harper, Juan Nelson
  7. Bring the Funk – Charles, Ben Harper, Greg Kurstin, Leon Mobley, Juan Nelson
  8. Everything
  9. Amen Omen
  10. Temporary Remedy
  11. So High So Low
  12. Blessed to Be a Witness
  13. Picture of Jesus
  14. She’s Only Happy in the Sun – Dean Butterworth, Ben Harper



On October 23, 2007.


On October 23. 2007, “Rounder” label released “Raising Sand”, album by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. It was recorded in 2007, at “Sound Emporium” in  Nashville; “Electro Magnetic Studios” and “The Village Recorder” in Los Angeles; “Sage & Sound” in Hollywood, and was produced by T Bone Burnett. The album was certified Platinum in UK by “BPI”; Platinum in the US by “RIIA”, and Platinum in Sweden by “IFPI”.


  • Robert Plant– vocals
  • Alison Krauss– vocals, fiddle
  • Riley Baugus– banjo
  • Jay Bellerose– drums
  • Norman Blake– acoustic guitar
  • T Bone Burnett– acoustic and electric guitar, six-string bass guitar
  • Dennis Crouch – acoustic bass
  • Greg Leisz– pedal steel guitar
  • Marc Ribot– acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, electric guitar
  • Mike Seeger– autoharp
  • Patrick Warren– Keyboards, pump organ, toy piano
  • Gavin Lurssen– mastering engineering
  • Stacy Parrish– audio engineering
  • Mike Piersante– audio engineering, mixing

Track listing:

  1. Rich Woman – Dorothy LaBostrie, McKinley Millet
  2. Killing the Blues – Roly Jon Salley
  3. Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us – Sam Phillips
  4. Polly Come Home – Gene Clark
  5. Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) – The Everly Brothers
  6. Through the Morning, Through the Night – Gene Clark
  7. Please Read the Letter – Charlie Jones, Michael Lee, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  8. Trampled Rose – Kathleen Brennan, Tom Waits
  9. Fortune Teller – Allen Toussaint
  10. Stick With Me Baby – Mel Tillis
  11. Nothin – Townes Van Zandt
  12. Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson – Milton Campbell
  13. Your Long Journey – Doc Watson, Rosa Lee Watson