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On January 14, 2014.

On January 14, 2014, “Columbia” label released “High Hopes” the eighteenth Bruce Springsteen studio album. It was recorded December 2012 – 2013, at “Thrill Hill” in Thrill Hill West; “Stone Hill Studi”; “Southern Tracks Recording Studio”, “Studios 301”, and was produced by Ron Aniello, Brendan O’Brien and Bruce Springsteen. The album was certified Platinum in Italy by “FIMI”.


  • Bruce Springsteen– lead vocals, guitar, percussion, bass, percussion loop, organ, synthesizers, piano, banjo, mandolin, vibraphone, drums, harmonium
  • Roy Bittan– piano, organ
  • Clarence Clemons– saxophone
  • Danny Federici– organ
  • Nils Lofgren– guitar, background vocals
  • Patti Scialfa– background vocals
  • Garry Tallent– bass
  • Steven Van Zandt– guitar, background vocals
  • Max Weinberg– drums
  • Ron Aniello – drum loops, percussion loops, bass, synthesizers, guitar, 12–string guitar, farfisa organ, accordion, vibraphone
  • Tom Morello– guitar, lead vocals
  • Jake Clemons– saxophone
  • Charles Giordano– organ, accordion
  • Ed Manion– saxophone
  • Soozie Tyrell– violin, background vocals
  • Sam Bardfeld – violin
  • Everett Bradley – background vocals, percussion
  • Barry Danielian – trumpet
  • Josh Freese– drums
  • Clark Gayton– trombone, tuba
  • Stan Harrison– saxophone
  • Curtis King, Cindy Mizelle, Michelle Moore, Evan Springsteen, Jessica Springsteen, Samuel Springsteen – background vocals
  • Curt Ramm – trumpet, cornet
  • Cillian Vallely- uilleann pipes, low whistle, tin whistle

Track listing:

All tracks by Bruce Springsteen, except where noted.

  1. High Hopes – Tim Scott McConnell
  2. Harry’s Place
  3. American Skin (41 Shots)
  4. Just Like Fire Would – Chris Bailey
  5. Down in the Hole
  6. Heaven’s Wall
  7. Frankie Fell in Love
  8. This Is Your Sword
  9. Hunter of Invisible Game
  10. The Ghost of Tom Joad
  11. The Wall
  12. Dream Baby Dream – Martin Rev, Alan Vega


On January 27, 2009.


On January 27, 2009, “Columbia” label released “Working on a Dream”, the sixteenth Bruce Springsteen studio album. It was recorded Summer 2007 – Fall 2008, and was produced by Brendan O’Brie.


  • Bruce Springsteen– lead vocals, guitars, harmonica, keyboards, percussion, glockenspiel
  • Roy Bittan– piano, organ, accordion
  • Clarence Clemons– saxophone, vocals
  • Danny Federici– organ
  • Nils Lofgren– guitars, vocals
  • Patti Scialfa– vocals
  • Garry Tallent– bass
  • Steven Van Zandt– guitars, vocals
  • Max Weinberg– drums
  • Soozie Tyrell[45]– violin, vocals
  • Patrick Warren – organ, piano
  • Jason Federici – accordion
  • Eddie Horst – stringand horn

Track listing:

All tracks by Bruce Springsteen.

  1. Outlaw Pete
  2. My Lucky Day
  3. Working on a Dream
  4. Queen of the Supermarket
  5. What Love Can Do
  6. This Life
  7. Good Eye
  8. Tomorrow Never Knows
  9. Life Itself
  10. Kingdom of Days
  11. Surprise, Surprise
  12. The Last Carnival
  13. The Wrestler (bonus track)


On November 21, 1995.


On November 21, 1995, “Columbia” label released “The Ghost of Tom Joad”, the eleventh Bruce Springsteen studio album. It was recorded March–September 1995, at “Thrill Hill West”, Springsteen’s home studio in Los Angeles, and was produced by Bruce Springsteen and Chuck Plotkin. In 1997, the album won “Grammy Award” for “Best Contemporary Folk Album”.


  • Bruce Springsteen– guitar, keyboards, harmonica, vocals
  • Danny Federici– accordion, keyboards
  • Gary Mallaber– drums
  • Garry Tallent– bass
  • Jim Hanson – bass
  • Marty Rifkin – pedal steel guitar
  • Soozie Tyrell– violin, background vocals
  • Lisa Lowell – background vocals
  • Patti Scialfa– background vocals
  • Toby Scott – engineer
  • Greg Goldman – recording assistant
  • Terry Magovern – research
  • Sandra Choron – art direction
  • Eric Dinyer – cover art
  • Pam Springsteen– interior photographs

Track listing:

All tracks by Bruce Springsteen.

  1. The Ghost of Tom Joad
  2. Straight Time
  3. Highway 29
  4. Youngstown
  5. Sinaloa Cowboys
  6. The Line
  7. Balboa Park
  8. Dry Lightning
  9. The New Timer
  10. Across the Border
  11. Galveston Bay
  12. My Best Was Never Good Enough

On June 4, 1984.

Born in the USA

On June 4, 1984, “Columbia” label released “Born in the U.S.A.”, the seventh Bruce Springsteen studio album. It was recorded January 1982 – March 1984, at “The Power Station” and “The Hit Factory” in New York City, and was produced by Jon Landau, Chuck Plotkin, Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt. With total sale of over 30 million copies worldwide, “Born in the U.S.A.” is Springsteen commercially most successful album and one of the highest-selling albums ever. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 85 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of all Time”. In 2013, “NME” magazine ranked it at number 428 on its list album of the “Greatest Albums of all Time”.


  • Bruce Springsteen– lead vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Roy Bittan– piano, synthesizer, background vocals
  • Clarence Clemons– saxophone, percussion, background vocals
  • Danny Federici– organ, glockenspiel, piano
  • Garry Tallent– bass guitar, background vocals
  • Steven Van Zandt– acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmony vocals
  • Max Weinberg– drums, background vocals
  • Richie “La Bamba” Rosenberg– background vocals
  • Ruth Davis – background vocals

Track listing

All tracks by Bruce Springsteen.

  1. Born in the U.S.A.
  2. Cover Me
  3. Darlington Country
  4. Working on the Highway
  5. Downbound Train
  6. I’m on Fire
  7. No Surrender
  8. Bobby Jean
  9. I’m goin’ Down
  10. Glory Days
  11. Dancing in the Dark
  12. My Hometown


On April 29, 1981.


On April 29, 1981, “EMI” label released “Dedication”,  the third Gary U.S. Bonds album. It was recorded in 1981, and was produced by Steven Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen, Gary U.S. Bonds, Rob Parissi and Lanny Lambert.


  • Gary U.S. Bonds- lead vocals
  • Bruce Springsteen- guitars, background vocals
  • Steven Van Zandt- bass, fuzz bass, guitar, bongos, background vocals
  • Roy Bittan- keyboards
  • Clarence Clemons- saxophone, background vocals
  • Danny Federici- accordion, keyboards
  • Max Weinberg– drums
  • Chuck Jackson– vocals
  • Ben E. King– vocals
  • Ellie Greenwich- background vocals
  • Carol Williams – background vocals
  • John Clemente – bass
  • Rusty Cloud – keyboards
  • Luis Conte– guitar
  • Rick Gazda – trumpet, background vocals
  • Ula Hedwig – background vocals
  • Brenda Hilliard – background vocals
  • La Bamba– trombone
  • Eddie Manion- tenor saxophone
  • Mike Micara – drums
  • Rob Parissi – guitar
  • Michael Spengler – trumpet
  • Joey Stann- baritone saxophone, background vocals
  • Carole Sylvan – background vocals
  • Brenda Joyce Hillard – background vocals
  • Mikie Harris – background vocals
  • Larry Alexander – engineer
  • Tony Bongiovi – engineer
  • Bob Clearmountain– engineer
  • Neil Dorfsman– engineer
  • Larry Emerine – mastering
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Garry Rindfuss – assistant engineer
  • Bill Scheniman – engineer
  • Garry Tallent – associate producer
  • Raymond Willhard – assistant engineer
  • Dave Greenberg – assistant engineer
  • Jimmy Wachtel- design, photography
  • Jeffry Hendirkcson – assistant engineer
  • Gloria Von Jansky – hand lettering
  • Dane Lawing – art direction

Track listing:

  1. Jole Blon – traditional arranged by  Michael Hurley, Moon Mullican
  2. This Little Girl – Bruce Springsteen
  3. Your Love- Bruce Springsteen
  4. Dedication – Bruce Springsteen
  5. Daddy’s Come Home – Steven Van Zandt
  6. It’s Only Love – John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  7. The Pretender – Jackson Browne
  8. Way Back When – Gary U.S. Bonds, George Bruno
  9. From a Buick 6 – Bob Dylan
  10. Just Like a Child – Leroy Anderson, John Clemente, Lou Conte


On march 27, 1979.


On March 27, 1979, “Chrysalis” label released “You’re Never Alone with a Schizophrenic”, the fourth Ian Hunter solo album. It was recorded in 1979, at “The Power Station” in New York City, and was produced by Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter.


  • Ian Hunter– lead vocals, guitar, piano, Moog, ARP, organ, harmony vocals, percussion
  • Mick Ronson– guitars, lead vocals, harmony vocals, percussion
  • Roy Bittan– ARP, organ, Moog, piano, harmony vocals
  • Max Weinberg– drums
  • Garry Tallent– bass
  • John Cale– piano & ARP
  • George Young – tenor saxophone
  • Lew Delgatto – baritone saxophone
  • Ellen Foley– harmony vocals
  • Rory Dodd– harmony vocals
  • Eric Bloom– harmony vocals
  • Mastered by George Marinoat Sterling Sound, NYC
  • Bob Clearmountain– engineer
  • Don Berman, Scott Litt- additional recording
  • Georgina Karvellas – illustration

Track listing:

All tracks by Ian Hunter except where noted.

  1. Just Another Night – IanHunter and Mick Ronson
  2. Wild East
  3. Cleveland Rocks
  4. Ships
  5. When the Daylight Comes
  6. Life After Death
  7. Standin’ in My Light
  8. Bastard
  9. The Outsider


On March 5, 1996.


On March 5, 1996, “E-Squared” label released “I Feel Alright”, the sixth Steve Earl studio album. It was recorded in 1995, and was produced by Ray Kennedy, Richard Bennett and Richard Dodd.


  • Steve Earle — guitars, harmonica, vocals
  • Richard Bennett, Ray Kennedy – guitars
  • Kelly Looney, Garry Tallent, Roy Huskey, Jr., Ric Kipp – bass
  • Custer, Greg Morrow – drums
  • Ken Moore – organ
  • Richard Bennett – harmonium
  • Custer, Richard Bennett, Greg Morrow, Dub Cornett – percussion
  • Custer & Logan, The Fairfield Four, Lucinda Williams, Ms. Williams’ stunt double Siobhan Maher – vocals
  • Strings arranged and conducted by Kris Wilkerson
  • Carl Gordetzky, Pamela Sixfin, Richard Grosjean – violins
  • Lee Larrison – viola
  • Robert Mason – cello
  • Tony Fitzpatrick – album artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Steve Earle

  1. Feel Alright
  2. Hard-Core Troubadour
  3. More Than I Can Do
  4. Hurtin’ Me, Hurtin’ You
  5. Now She’s Gone
  6. Poor Boy
  7. Valentine’s Day
  8. The Unrepentant
  9. CCKMP
  10. Billy and Bonnie
  11. South Nashville Blues
  12. You’re Still Standin’ There


On January 5, 1973.


On January 5, 1973, “Columbia” label released “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.”, the debut Bruce Springsteen studio album. It was recorded July – September 1972, at “914 Sound Studios” in New York, and was produced by Mike Appel and Jim Cretecos. The album had a poor commercial success (only 25.000. copies sold in the first year), but received positive reviews by the music critics. Magazine “Rolling Stone” ranked the album on number 379 on its list of “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Bruce Springsteen– lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, handclaps
  • Clarence Clemons– saxophone, backing vocals, handclaps
  • Vini “Mad Dog” Lopez– drums, backing vocals, handclaps
  • David Sancious– piano, organ, keyboards
  • Garry Tallent– bass guitar
  • Richard Davis– upright double bass
  • Harold Wheeler– piano
  • Steven Van Zandt– sound effects
  • John Berg – cover design
  • Fred Lombardi – back cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by Bruce Springsteen.

  1. Blinded by the Light
  2. Growin Up
  3. Mary Queen of Arkansas
  4. Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street
  5. Lost in the Flood
  6. The Angel
  7. For You
  8. Spirit in the Night
  9. It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City

On October 9, 1987.

Tunnel of Love

On October 9, 1987, “Columbia” label released “Tunnel of Love”, the eighth Bruce Springsteen studio album.  It was recorded January – July 1987, and was produced by Bruce Springsteen, Jon Landau and Chuck Plotkin. in 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked it at number 467 on their list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Bruce Springsteen– lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, keyboards, harmonica, percussion, drum machines
  • Roy Bittan– piano, synthesizers
  • Clarence Clemons– backing vocals
  • Danny Federici– organ
  • Nils Lofgren– guitar, backing vocals
  • Patti Scialfa– backing vocals
  • Garry Tallent– bass guitar
  • Max Weinberg– drums, percussion

Track listing:

All compositions by Bruce Springsteen.

  1. Ain’t Got You
  2. Tougher Than the Rest
  3. All That Heaven Will Allow
  4. Spare Parts
  5. Cautious Man
  6. Walk Like a Man
  7. Tunnel of Love
  8. Two Faces
  9. Brilliant Disguise
  10. One Step Up
  11. When You’re Alone
  12. Valentine’s Day