On February 25, 1973.

At the Right Place

On February 25, 1973, “Atco” label released “In the Right Place”, the sixth Dr. John studio album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Allen Toussaint.


  • Leo Nocentelli- lead guitar
  • Art Neville– organ
  • George Porter, Jr.– bass
  • Joseph Modeliste– drums
  • Allen Toussaint: piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, conga drums and tambourine, background vocals, vocal arrangements, arrangement, conducting.
  • Mac Rebennack: vocals, piano, organ, percussion
  • Ralph MacDonald: percussion
  • David Spinozza: guitar
  • Gary Brown: electric and acoustic saxophones.
  • The Bonaroo Horn Section: horns.
  • Robbie Montgomery, Jessie Smith: backing vocals.
  • James Flournoy Holmes: design, paintings.

Track listing:

All tracks by Mac Rebennack; except where noted.

  1. Right Place Wrong Time
  2. Same Old Same Old
  3. Just the Same
  4. Qualified – Jessie Hill, Mac Rebennack
  5. Traveling Mood – James Waynes
  6. Peace Brother Peace
  7. Life – Allen Toussaint
  8. Such a Night
  9. Shoo Fly Marches On
  10. I Been Hoodood
  11. Cold Cold Cold – Alvin Robinson, Jessie Hill, Mac Rebennack

On February 25, 1973.


On February 25, 1973, “Warner Bros” released “Billion Dollar Babies”, the sixth Alice Cooper studio album. It was recorded August 1972 – January 1973, at “The Galecie Estate” in Greenwich, “The Record Plant” in New York and “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by Bob Ezrin. The album was certified Platinum in US by the “RIAA”.


  • Alice Cooper– vocals, harmonica
  • Glen Buxton– guitar
  • Michael Bruce– rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Dennis Dunaway– bass, backing vocals
  • Neal Smith– drums, backing vocals
  • Donovan– vocals
  • Steve “The Deacon” Hunter– guitar and pedal steel
  • Mick Mashbir– guitar
  • Dick Wagner– guitar
  • Bob Dolin – keyboards
  • David Libert– backing vocals
  • Bob Ezrin– keyboards
  • Pacific Eye & Ear – design
  • A.R.- design, concept
  • Greg Allen – art direction, design
  • Hugh Brown – art direction
  • David P. Bailey –photography, cover photo
  • Neal Preston – photography
  • Lynn Goldsmith– photography

Track listing:

  1. Hello Hooray – Rolf Kempf
  2. Raped and Freezin’ – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce
  3. Elected – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neil Smith, Glen Buxton
  4. Billion Dollar Babies – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Reggie Vinson
  5. Unfinished Sweet – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Neil Smith
  6. No More Mr. Nice Guy – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce
  7. Generation Landslide – Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neil Smith
  8. Sick Things – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Bob Ezrin
  9. Marv Ann – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce
  10. Love the Dead – Alice Cooper, Bob Ezrin


On February 25, 1972.

Nick Drake Pink Moon

On February 25, 1972, “Island” label released “Pink Moon”, the third and final Nick Drake studio album.  It was recorded on 30 – 31 October 1971, at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by John Wood. Released two years before Drake’s death in November 1974, “Pink Moon” was recorded without a backing band, featuring just Drake on vocals, acoustic guitar and a brief piano riff overdubbed onto the title track.


  • Nick Drake– vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
  • Michael Trevithick –artwork
  • Keith Morris– photography
  • C.S. Associates –typography

Track listing:

All tracks by Nick Drake.

  1. Pink Moon
  2. Place to Be
  3. Road
  4. Which Will
  5. Horn
  6. Things Behind the Sun
  7. Know
  8. Parasite
  9. Free
  10. Harvest Breed
  11. From the Morning

On February 24, 1997.


On February 24, 1997, “Island” label released “Orblivion”, the fourth Orb studio album. It was recorded in May 1996, and was produced by Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann.


  • Alex Paterson
  • Andy Hughes
  • Thomas Fehlmann

Track listing:

  1. Delta MKII
  2. Ubiquity
  3. Asylum
  4. Bedouin
  5. Molten Love
  6. Pi
  7. A.L.T.
  8. Toxygene
  9. Log of Deadwood
  10. Secrets
  11. Passing of Time
  12. 72
    •  0:06 – sample
    • 5:00 – silence
    • 6:37  – hidden track


On February 24, 1982.


On February 24, 1982, “Bearsville” label released “Swing to the Right”, album by Utopia. It was recorded in 1981, at “Utopia Sound Studio” and was produced by Todd Rundgren, Roger Powell, Kasim Sulton and John Wilcox.


  • Todd Rundgren– vocals, guitar
  • Roger Powell– keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
  • Kasim Sulton– bass, keyboards, vocals
  • John “Willie” Wilcox – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Todd Rundgren, Roger Powell, Kasim Sulton and John Wilcox, except where noted.

  1. Swing to the Right
  2. Lysistrata
  3. The Up
  4. Junk Rock
  5. Shinola
  6. For the Love of Money – Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff, Anthony Jackson
  7. Last Dollar on Earth
  8. Fahrenheit 451
  9. Only Human
  10. One World

On February 24, 1978.


On February 24, 1978, “Bronze” label released “Watch”, a studio album with several live tracks by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. It was recorded in 1977, at “Workhouse Studios” in London, and was produced by Manfred Mann, Chris Slade, Pat King, Dave Flett and Chris Hamlet Thompson.


  • Manfred Mann– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Chris Slade– drums, percussion
  • Pat King– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Dave Flett– lead guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Chris Hamlet Thompson– vocals, guitar
  • Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Stevie Lange, Victy Silva, Kim Goddy – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Circles – Alan Mark
  2. Drowning on Dry Land/Fish Soup – Chris Slade, Dave Flett, Manfred Mann
  3. Chicago Institute – Peter Thomas, Manfred Mann, Dave Flett
  4. California – Sue Vickers
  5. Davy’s on the Road Again – John Simon, Robbie Robertson
  6. Martha’s Madman – Lane Tietgen
  7. Lane Tietgen – Bob Dylan

On February 24, 1975.


On February 25, 1975, “Swan Song” label released “Physical Graffiti”, the sixth studio Led Zeppelin album. The double album was recorded July – December 1970, January and March 1971, May 1972, January and February 1974, at multiple locations, and was produced by Jimmy Page. The album included unreleased tracks from earlier recording sessions: one outtake from “Led Zeppelin III”, three tracks from “Led Zeppelin IV”, and three tracks from “Houses of the Holy”, including the unused title track. “Physical Graffiti” was certified 16× Platinum in the US by “RIAA”, and 2× Platinum in UK by “BPI”. In 1996, “Mojo” magazine ranked the album at number 47 on its list of “The 100 Greatest Albums Ever Made”; in 2000, “Q” magazine ranked the album at number 32 on its list of the “100 Greatest British Albums Ever”; in 2001 “Classic Rock” magazine ranked the album at number 5 at its list of  “100 Greatest Rock Album Ever”; in 2003, the TV network  “VH1” named it the 71st “Greatest album ever”; in 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “Physical Graffiti” at number 70 on its list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”; in 2006 “Guitar World” magazine ranked the album at number 9 at its list of “Reader’s Poll: 100 Greatest Guitar Albums”.  In 1976, the album won “Grammy Award for Best Recording Package”.


  • John Bonham– drums, percussion
  • John Paul Jones– bass guitar, organ, acoustic and electric piano, mellotron, guitar, mandolin, VCS3 synthesiser, Hohner clavinet, Hammond organ, string arrangement
  • Jimmy Page– electric, acoustic, lap steel and slide guitar, mandolin
  • Robert Plant– lead vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar
  • Ian Stewart– piano
  • Peter Corriston– artwork, design, cover design
  • Mike Doud – artwork, design, cover design
  • Elliot Erwitt, P. Fallon, Roy Harper– photography
  • Dave Heffernan – illustrations

Track listing:

All tracks by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, except where noted.

  1. Custard Pie
  2. The Rover
  3. In My Time of Dying – John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  4. Houses of the Holy
  5. Trampled Under Foot – John Paul Jones, Robert Plant
  6. Kashmir – John Bonham, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  7. In the Light – John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  8. Bron-Yr-Aur – Jimmy Page
  9. Down by the Seaside
  10. Ten Years Gone
  11. Night Flight – John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  12. The Wanton Song
  13. Boogie with Stu – John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Ian Stewart
  14. Black Country Woman
  15. Sick Again