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Lindisfarne: Nicely Out of Tune

In November 1970, “Charisma” label released “Nicely Out of Tune”, the debut Lindisfarne album. It was recorded in 1970, and was produced by John Anthony.


  • Alan Hull – vocals, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, organ, piano, electric piano
  • Ray Jackson – vocals, mandolin, harmonica, flatulette
  • Rod Clements – vocals, electric bass, organ, piano, violin, guitars
  • Simon Cowe – vocals, lead, acoustic and 12-string guitars, mandolin, banjo
  • Ray Laidlaw – drums

Track listing:

  1. Lady Eleanor – Alan Hull
  2. Road to Kingdom Come – Rod Clements
  3. Winter Song – Alan Hull
  4. Turn a Deaf Ear – Rab Noakes
  5. Clear White Light (Pt. 2) – Alan Hull
  6. We Can Swing Together – Alan Hull
  7. Alan in the River with Flowers – Alan Hull
  8. Down – Alan Hull
  9. The Things I Should Have Said – Rod Clements
  10. Jackhammer Blues – Woody Guthrie
  11. Scarecrow Song – Alan Hull

Al Stewart: Past, Present and Future

In October 1973, “CBS” label released “Past, Present and Future”, the fifth Al Stewart studio album. It was recorded in April 1973, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Anthony.


  • Al Stewart – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Tim Renwick – electric guitar
  • Peter Berryman – acoustic guitar
  • Isaac Guillory – acoustic and classical guitar
  • B.J. Cole – steel guitar
  • Peter Wood – keyboards, piano, accordion
  • Rick Wakeman – piano, keyboards
  • Tim Hinkley – keyboards
  • Bob Andrews – keyboards
  • Bob Sargeant – keyboards
  • Francis Monkman – Moog synthesizer
  • Alistair Anderson – English concertina
  • Bruce Thomas – bass
  • Brian Odgers – bass
  • John Wilson – drums
  • Frank Ricotti – percussion
  • Roger Taylor – percussion
  • Richard Hewson – string arrangements
  • Haim Romano – mandolin
  • Dave Swarbrick – mandolin
  • Luciano Bravo – steel band
  • Lennox James – steel band
  • Michael Oliver – steel band
  • Krysia Kocjan – backing vocals
  • John Donelly – backing vocals
  • Mick Welton – backing vocals
  • Kevin Powers – backing vocals
  • Mike “Clay” Stone – engineer
  • Mario Grattarola – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Al Stewart.

  1. Old Admirals
  2. Warren Harding
  3. Soho (Needless to Say)
  4. The Last Day of June 1934
  5. Post World War Two Blues
  6. Roads to Moscow
  7. Terminal Eyes
  8. Nostradamus

On January 1, 1972.

On January 1, 1972, “CBS” label released “Orange”, the fourth Al Stewart album. It was recorded in September 1971, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Anthony.


  • Al Stewart – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Rick Wakeman– keyboards
  • Tim Renwick– guitar
  • Bob Andrews– keyboards
  • Cal Batchelor – guitar
  • John Donnelly – background vocals
  • Graham Hunt – drums
  • Brian Odgers – bass
  • Roger Pope – drums
  • Kevin Powers – background vocals
  • Brinsley Schwarz– guitar
  • Bruce Thomas– bass
  • Tim Walker – Spanish guitar
  • Mick Welton – background vocals
  • John Wilson– drums
  • David Hentschel– engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Al Stewart, except where noted.

  • You Don’t Even Know Me
  • Amsterdam
  • Songs Out of Clay
  • The News from Spain
  • I Don’t Believe You – Bob Dylan
  • Once an Orange, Always an Orange
  • I’m Falling
  • Night of the 4th of May

In October 1971.

In October 1971, “Charisma” label released “Pawn Hearts”, the fourth Van der Graaf Generator studio album. It was recorded June – July 1971, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Anthony.


  • Peter Hammill– lead vocals, acoustic and slide guitar, electric piano, piano
  • David Jackson– tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones, flute, vocals
  • Hugh Banton– Hammond E & C and Farfisa Professional organs, piano, Mellotron, ARP synthesizer, bass pedals, bass guitar, psychedelic razor, vocals
  • Guy Evans– drums, tympani, percussion, piano
  • Robert Fripp– electric guitar
  • Robin Cable, David Hentschel, Ken Scott– engineering
  • Howard – brightest hope
  • Paul Whitehead– sleeve design
  • Keith Morris – inner sleeve photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Hammill, except where noted.

  1. Lemmings (Including ‘Cog’)
  2. Man Erg
  3. A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers”
  • Eyewitness
  • Pictures/Lighthouse – Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton
  • Eyewitness
  • H.M.
  • Presence of the Night
  • Kosmos Tours – Guy Evans
  • (Custard’s) Last Stand
  • The Clot Thickens – Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton, Guy Evans, David Jackson
  • Land’s End (Sineline) – David Jackson
  • We Go Now – David Jackson, Hugh Banton


In July 1971.

In July 1971, “Charisma” label released “Fool’s Mate”, the debut Peter Hammill  solo album. It was recorded in April 1971, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Anthony. The album cover design was by Paul Whitehead.


  • John Anthony- background vocals, producer
  • Hugh Banton- organ, piano, keyboards, background vocals
  • Rod Clements- bass, violin
  • Guy Evans- percussion, drums, background vocals
  • Robert Fripp- electric guitar
  • Peter Hammill – acoustic guitar, guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
  • David Jackson- saxophone
  • Ray Jackson- harmonica, mandolin, harp, background vocals
  • Nic Potter- bass
  • Martin Pottinger – drums
  • Paul Whitehead– drums
  • Robin Cable – engineer
  • Paul Whitehead – artwork
  • Sebastian Rich – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Hammill; except where noted.

  1. Imperial Zeppelin – Peter Hammill, Chris Judge Smith
  2. Candle
  3. Happy
  4. Solitude
  5. Vision
  6. Re-Awakening
  7. Sunshine
  8. Child
  9. Summer Song (In The Autumn)
  10. Viking – Peter Hammill, Chris Judge Smith
  11. The Birds
  12. I Once Wrote Some Poems

In May 1977.

In May 1977, “A&M” label released “Now”, the third Tubes album. It was recorded in 1976, at “His Masters Wheels” and “Funky Features” in San Francisco, “The Record Plant” in  Los Angeles; “The Record Plant” in  Sausalito,  and was produced by John Anthony.


  • Fee Waybill – vocals
  • Bill “The Swami” Spooner- vocals, guitar
  • Michael Cotten – synthesizer
  • Rick Anderson – bass
  • Mingo Lewis – drums, percussion
  • Prairie Prince- drums
  • Roger Steen – guitar, vocals
  • Vince Welnick- keyboards
  • Harry Duncan – harmonica
  • Don Van Vliet- soprano saxophone
  • Roberta Burger – violin
  • Re Styles – vocals
  • Bud Scoppa – voices
  • Don Wood – engineer, production assistant
  • Roland Young – art direction
  • Michael Cotten, Prairie Prince – design

Track listing:

  1. Smoke (La Vie en Fumér) – Bill Spooner, Michael Cotten, Vince Welnick
  2. Hit Parade – Bill Spooner, Vince Welnick
  3. Strung Out on Strings – Bill Spooner, Roger Steen, Michael Evans
  4. Golden Boy – Bill Spooner, Michael Evans
  5. My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains – Don Van Vliet
  6. God-Bird-Change – Mingo Lewis
  7. I’m Just a Mess – Bill Spooner, Roger Steen
  8. Cathy’s Clone – Fee Waybill, Bill “The Swami” Spooner, Michael Cotton, Mingo Lewis, Prairie Prince, Roger Steen, Re Styles, Vince Welnick, Rick Anderson
  9. This Town – Lee Hazlewood
  10. Pound of Flesh – Ron Nagle, Scott Mathews
  11. You’re No Fun – Michael Cotten, Vince Welnick


In February 1970.


In February 1970, “Charisma” label released “The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other”, the second Van der Graaf Generator album. It was recorded in December 1969, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Anthony. The album was ranked at number 15 in the “Q” and “Mojo” “Classic Special Edition Pink Floyd & The Story of Prog Rocklist of “40 Cosmic Rock Albums”


  • Peter Hammill– acoustic guitar and lead vocals; piano
  • Hugh Banton– Farfisa organ, piano and backing vocals
  • Guy Evans– drums and percussion
  • Nic Potter– bass guitar and electric guitar
  • David Jackson– tenor and alto sax, flute and backing vocals
  • Mike Hurwitz –cello
  • Gerry Salisbury –cornet
  • Van der Graaf Generator – arrangements
  • Robin Geoffrey Cable – recording and engineering

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Hammill, except where noted.

  1. Darkness
  2. Refugees
  3. White Hammer
  4. Whatever Would Robert Have Said?
  5. Out of My Book
  6. After the Flood

In December 1970.


In December 1970, “Charisma” label released “H to He, Who Am the Only One”. the third Van der Graaf Generator album. It was recorded June–November 1970, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Anthony.


  • Peter Hammill – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
  • Robert Fripp– guitar
  • Hugh Banton – vocals, Hammond  and  Farfisa  organs,  piano, oscillator, bass guitar
  • David Jackson – vocals, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone and devices, flute
  • Nic Potter– bass guitar
  • Guy Evans – drums, tympani, percussion
  • Robin Cable – engineer
  • David Hentschel – engineer assistant
  • Paul Whitehead – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Hammill, except where noted

  1. Killer – Peter Hammil, Chris Judge Smith, Hugh Banton
  2. House with No Door
  3. The Emperor in His War Room
  • The Emperor
  • The Room
  1. Lost
  • The Dance in Sand and Sea
  • The Dance in Frost
  1. Pioneers Over c


On July 13, 1973.


On July 13, 1973, “EMI” label released the debut, self-titled Queen album. It was recorded December 1971 – November 1972, at “De Lane Lea” and “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Anthony, Roy Thomas Baker, Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and  John Deacon. “Guitarist” magazine ranked the album at number 19 on its list of the “Most Influential Guitar Albums of all Time”; in 2008, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album song “Keep Yourself Alive” at number 31 on its list of the “100 Greatest Guitar Songs Of All Time”. The album was certified Platinum in Poland by “ZPAV”.


  • Freddie Mercury – lead and backing vocals, piano, Hammond organ
  • Brian May – acoustic and electric guitars, piano, vocal bridge, backing vocals
  • Roger Taylor – lead and backing vocals, drums, percussion, vocal bridge
  • John Deacon – bass guitar
  • John Anthony– backing vocals
  • Roy Thomas Baker– engineer
  • Mike “Clay” Stone – engineer
  • Ted Sharpe – engineer

Track listing:

  1. Keep Yourself Alive – Brian May
  2. Doing All Right – Brian May, Tim Staffell
  3. Great King Rat – Freddie Mercury
  4. My Fairy King – Freddie Mercury
  5. Liar – Freddie Mercury
  6. The Night Comes Down – Brian May
  7. Modern Times Rock’n’Roll – Roger Taylor
  8. Son and Daughter – Brian May
  9. Jesus – Freddie Mercury
  10. Seven Seas of Rhye – Freddie Mercury

On November 12, 1971.

Nurseryn Cryme

On November 12, 1971, “Charisma” label released “Nursery Cryme”, the third Genesis studio album. It  was recorded in April 1971, at the “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Anthony. This was band’s first album with drummer Phil Collins and guitarist Steve Hackett.


  • Peter Gabriel – lead vocals, flute, bass drums, tambourine
  • Steve Hackett– electric and 12-string guitars
  • Tony Banks– organ, backing vocals, Mellotron, acoustic and electric pianos, 12-string guitar
  • Mike Rutherford– bass, backing vocals, bass pedals, 12-string guitar
  • Phil Collins– drums, backing vocals, lead vocals, percussion
  • Mike Stone – tape jockey
  • Paul Whitehead– sleeve design

Track listing

All tracks by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, and Mike Rutherford.

  1. The Musical Box
  2. For Absent Friends
  3. The Return of the Giant Hogweed
  4. Seven Stones
  5. Harold the Barrel
  6. Harlequin
  7. The Fountain of Salmacis