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In October 1973.

In October 1973, “United Artists” label released “Please Don’t Ever Change”, the fifth Brinsley Schwarz album. It was recorded in July 1973, and was produced by Vic Maile, Brinsley Schwarz, Ian Gomm, Billy Rankin and Nick Lowe.


  • Brinsley Schwarz – vocals, guitar, alto saxophone, piano
  • Ian Gomm – vocals, guitar
  • Bob Andrews – vocals, piano, organ
  • Nick Lowe – vocals, bass guitar
  • Billy Rankin – drums
  • Kingsley Ward, Len Foster, Vic Maile – engineers
  • Waldo’s Design – sleeve

Track listing:

All tracks by Nick Lowe, except where noted.

  1. Hooked on Love – Ian Gomm
  2. Why Do We Hurt the One We Love
  3. I Worry (‘Bout You Baby)
  4. Don’t Ever Change – Gerry Goffin, Carole King
  5. Home in My Hand – Ronnie Self
  6. Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)
  7. I Won’t Make It Without You
  8. Down in Mexico
  9. Speedoo – Esther Navarro
  10. The Version (Hypocrite) – Leroy Sibbles

In July 1983.

In July 1983, “Arista” label released “The Real Macaw”, the seventh Graham Parker album. It was recorded in 1983 and was produced by David Kershenbaum.

  • Graham Parker – lead and backing vocals, “blue and hollow” guitars
  • Brinsley Schwarz- “orange and black” guitars
  • George Small – keyboards
  • Kevin Jenkins – bass
  • Gilson Lavis– drums
  • Sarah Larson – violin
  • Mel Collins– saxophone
  • Morris Pert– percussion
  • Andy Ebsworth – Linn drum programming

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Parker

  1. Just Like a Man
  2. You Can’t Take Love for Granted
  3. Glass Jaw
  4. Passive Resistance
  5. Sounds Like Chains
  6. Life Gets Better
  7. A Miracle a Minute
  8. Beyond a Joke
  9. Last Couple on the Dance Floor
  10. Anniversary
  11. (Too Late) The Smart Bomb


On May 23, 1980.

On May 23, 1980, “Stiff Records” labels released “The Up Escalator”, the fifth Graham Parker and The Rumour album. It was recorded in 1983, and was produced by Jimmy Iovine.


  • Graham Parker – vocals, guitar
  • Bruce Springsteen- background vocals
  • Nicky Hopkins- acoustic piano
  • Jimmy Maelen- percussion
  • Martin Belmont- guitar
  • Danny Federici- organ
  • Steve Goulding- drums
  • Brinsley Schwarz- guitar, background vocals
  • Peter Wood- synthesizer
  • Andrew Bodnar- bass

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Parker.

  1. No Holding Back
  2. Devil’s Sidewalk
  3. Stupefaction
  4. Jolie Jolie
  5. Love Without Greed
  6. Endless Night
  7. Paralyzed
  8. Maneuvers
  9. Empty Lives
  10. The Beating of Another Heart


On January 1, 1972.

On January 1, 1972, “CBS” label released “Orange”, the fourth Al Stewart album. It was recorded in September 1971, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by John Anthony.


  • Al Stewart – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Rick Wakeman– keyboards
  • Tim Renwick– guitar
  • Bob Andrews– keyboards
  • Cal Batchelor – guitar
  • John Donnelly – background vocals
  • Graham Hunt – drums
  • Brian Odgers – bass
  • Roger Pope – drums
  • Kevin Powers – background vocals
  • Brinsley Schwarz– guitar
  • Bruce Thomas– bass
  • Tim Walker – Spanish guitar
  • Mick Welton – background vocals
  • John Wilson– drums
  • David Hentschel– engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Al Stewart, except where noted.

  • You Don’t Even Know Me
  • Amsterdam
  • Songs Out of Clay
  • The News from Spain
  • I Don’t Believe You – Bob Dylan
  • Once an Orange, Always an Orange
  • I’m Falling
  • Night of the 4th of May

In January 1975.

In January 1975, “United Artists” label released “Down by the Jetty”, the debut Dr. Feelgood album. It was recorded June – November 1974, and was produced by Vic Maile.


  • Lee Brilleaux- lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, slide guitar
  • Wilko Johnson- guitar, piano, backing and lead vocals
  • John B. Sparks – bass
  • The Big Figure – drums
  • Bob Andrews- organ, saxophone
  • Brinsley Schwarz- saxophone
  • Dave Charles, Kingsley Ward, Pat Moran – engineers

Track listing:

All tracks by Wilko Johnson; except where noted.

  1. She Does It Right
  2. Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker
  3. The More I Give
  4. Roxette
  5. One Weekend
  6. That Ain’t the Way to Behave
  7. I Don’t Mind
  8. Twenty Yards Behind
  9. Keep It Out of Sight
  10. All Through the City
  11. Cheque Book – Mickey Jupp
  12. Oyeh! – Mick Green
  13. Bony Moronie / Tequila – Larry Williams, Danny Flores- live recording

In October 1976.

In October 1976, “Vertigo” label released “Heat Treatment”, the second Graham Parker and The Rumour album. It was recorded in 1976, at “Rockfield Studios” in Wales, and was produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange and Nick Lowe.


  • Graham Parker– vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Bob Andrews– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Brinsley Schwarz– guitar, backing vocals
  • Steve Goulding– drums, backing vocals
  • Andrew Bodnar– Fender bass
  • Martin Belmont– guitar, backing vocals
  • John “Viscount” Earle– saxophones
  • Danny Ellis – trombone
  • Albie Donnelly – saxophones
  • Dick Hanson – trumpet

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Parker.

  1. Heat Treatment
  2. That’s What They All Say
  3. Turned Up Too Late
  4. Black Honey
  5. Hotel Chambermaid
  6. Pourin’ It All Out
  7. Back Door Love
  8. Something You’re Going Through
  9. Help Me Shake It
  10. Fools’ Gold


In September 1972.

In September 1972, “United Artists” label released “Nervous on the Road”, the fourth Brinsley Schwarz studio album. It was recorded April – May 1972, at “Rockfield Studios” in Wales, and was produced by Dave Robinson.


  • Brinsley Schwarz- guitar, alto and tenor saxophone, vocals
  • Ian Gomm- guitars, vocals
  • Billy Rankin- drums
  • Bob Andrews- keyboards, alto saxophone, vocals
  • Nick Lowe- bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Ralph Down, Kingsley “Magic Fingers” Ward – engineers
  • Jet Power – cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by Nick Lowe; except where noted.

  1. It’s Been So Long – Ian Gomm
  2. Happy Doing What We’re Doing – Nick Lowe, Bob Andrews
  3. Surrender to the Rhythm
  4. Don’t Lose Your Grip On Love
  5. Nervous On The Road (But Can’t Stay At Home)
  6. Feel A Little Funky
  7. I Like It Like That – Chris Kenner, Allen Toussaint
  8. Brand New You, Brand New Me
  9. Home In My Hand – Ronnie Self
  10. Why, Why, Why, Why, Why

In July 1976.

In July 1976, “Vertigo” label released “Howlin’ Wind”, the debut Graham Parker and The Rumour album. It was recorded in 1976, at “Eden Studios” in London, and was produced by Nick Lowe.


  • Graham Parker– vocals, acoustic guitar, Fender rhythm guitar
  • Brinsley Schwarz– guitar, Hammond organ, backing vocals
  • Bob Andrews– Lowrey organ, Hammond organ, piano, backing vocals
  • Martin Belmont– guitar, backing vocals
  • Steve Goulding– drums, backing vocals
  • Andrew Bodnar– Fender bass
  • Stewart Lynas – brass arrangement
  • Herschel Holder – trumpet
  • Dave Conners – first tenor saxophone
  • Brinsley Schwarz – second tenor saxophone
  • Danny Ellis– trombone
  • John “Viscount” Earle– saxophone
  • Paul Bailey – guitar
  • Dave Otway – drums
  • Paul Riley– bass guitar
  • Noel Brown – slide guitar, dobro
  • Dave Edmunds– guitar
  • Ed Deane– slide guitar
  • Stewart Lynas – alto saxophone

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Parker.

  1. White Honey
  2. Nothin’s Gonna Pull Us Apart
  3. Silly Thing
  4. Gypsy Blood
  5. Between You and Me
  6. Back to Schooldays
  7. Soul Shoes
  8. Lady Doctor
  9. You’ve Got to Be Kidding
  10. Howlin’ Wind
  11. Not If It Pleases Me
  12. Don’t Ask Me Questions


In April 1988.

In April 1988, “RCA” label released “The Mona Lisa’s Sister”, the ninth Graham Parker studio album. It was recorded in 1988, and was produced by Graham Parker and Brinsley Schwarz.. In 1989, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “The Mona Lisa’s Sister” at number 97 on its list of the “100 Best Albums of the 1980s”.


  • Graham Parker- lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Brinsley Schwarz- electric guitar, backing vocals, percussion
  • Andrew Bodnar- bass guitar
  • James Hallawell- keyboards
  • Terry Williams- drums
  • Pete Thomas- drums
  • Andy Duncan- drums
  • Christie Chapman- backing vocals
  • Jon Jacobs- engineer
  • Martin Edwards- assistant engineer
  • Jack Drummond – cover painting
  • Jolie Parker – photographs

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Parker, except where noted.

  1. Don’t Let It Break You Down
  2. Under the Mask of Happiness
  3. Back in Time
  4. I’m Just Your Man
  5. OK Hieronymus
  6. Get Started. Start a Fire
  7. The Girl Isn’t Ready
  8. Blue Highways
  9. Success
  10. I Don’t Know
  11. Cupid – Sam Cooke

In March 1979.

In March 1979, “Arista” label released “Squeezing out Sparks” the fourth Graham Parker and the Rumour album. It was recorded 1977-1978, at “Lansdowne Studios” in London, and was produced by Jack Nitzsche. “Squeezing out Sparks” was voted album of the year in the 1979 “Village Voice Pazz & Jop Critics Poll”. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 334 on list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.


  • Graham Parker– lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Brinsley Schwarz– guitar, backing vocals
  • Martin Belmont– rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Bob Andrews– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Steve Goulding– drums, backing vocals
  • Andrew Bodnar– bass

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Parker except where notes..

  1. Discovering Japan
  2. Local Girls
  3. Nobody Hurts You
  4. You Can’t Be Too Strong
  5. Passion Is No Ordinary Word
  6. Saturday Nite Is Dead
  7. Love Gets You Twisted
  8. Protection
  9. Waiting for the UFO’s
  10. Don’t Get Excited