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In November 1981.

In November 1981, “Epic” label released “Take No Prisoners” the fourth Molly Hatchet studio album. It was recorded in 1981, at “Compass Point Studios” in Nassau, Bahamas, “Record Plant Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Tom Werman.


  • Jimmy Farrar – vocals
  • Dave Hlubek – electris and slide guitar
  • Steve Holland – guitar
  • Duane Roland – electric and slide guitar
  • Banner Thomas – bass
  • Bruce Crump – drums
  • Jai Winding – keyboard
  • Paulinho da Costa – congas
  • Tom Werman – percussion
  • Tower of Power horn section – horns
  • Mindy Sterling, Laurie Bono, Katey Sagal – backing vocals
  • Joyce ‘Baby Jean’ Kennedy – additional vocals
  • Gary Ladinsky – engineer, mixing
  • Cary Pritkin – assistant engineer
  • George Marino – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Bloody Reunion – Jimmy Farrar, Dave Hlubek, Duane Roland, Banner Thomas
  2. Respect Me in the Morning – Jimmy Farrar, Duane Roland
  3. Long Tall Sally – Robert Blackwell, Enotris Johnson, Richard Penniman
  4. Loss of Control – Bruce Crump, Duane Roland, Banner Thomas
  5. All Mine – Banner Thomas
  6. Lady Luck – Dave Hlubek
  7. Power Play – Steve Holland
  8. Don’t Mess Around – Duane Roland, Banner Thomas
  9. Don’t Leave Me Lonely – Bruce Crump, Steve Holland
  10. Dead Giveaway – Dave Hlubek

On September 21, 1979.

On September 21, 1979, “Epic” label released “Dream Police”, the fourth Cheap Trick studio album. It was recorded 1978 – 1979, at “Record Plant” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Tom Werman. The album was certified Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Robin Zander – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Rick Nielsen – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Tom Petersson – lead and backing vocals, bass guitar
  • Bun E. Carlos – drums, percussion
  • Jai Winding – organ, piano, keyboards, synth
  • Steve Lukather – guitar
  • Gary Ladinsky – engineer
  • Mike Beiriger – engineers
  • Ken Adamany – assistant engineer
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Steve Dessau – design 
  • Paula Scher – design
  • Reid Miles – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Rick Nielsen, except where noted.

  1. Dream Police
  2. Way of the World – Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen
  3. The House Is Rockin’ (With Domestic Problems) – Tom Petersson, Rick Nielsen
  4. Gonna Raise Hell
  5. I’ll Be with You Tonight – Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Bun E. Carlos, Tom Petersson
  6. Voices
  7. Writing on the Wall
  8. I Know What I Want
  9. Need Your Love – Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson

On June 16, 1986.

On June 16, 1986, “Arista” label released “Change of Address”, the ninth Krokus studio album. It was recorded September 1985 – May 1986, at “Artisan Sound Recorders” in Hollywood, and was produced by Tom Werman and Fernando von Arb.


  • Marc Storace– vocals
  • Fernando von Arb– lead guitar
  • Mark Kohler – rhythm guitar
  • Tommy Keiser – bass
  • Jeff Klaven – drums, percussion
  • Paul Fox– keyboards
  • Jai Winding – keyboards
  • Leon Gaer – bass
  • Allan Holdsworth– guitar solo
  • David Mansfield– acoustic guitar
  • ‘The Brat Choir’ with Nina Werman and friends – backing vocals
  • Tom Kelly, Tommy Funderburk, Bob Garlyle – backing vocals
  • Tom Werman– mixing
  • Duane Baron – engineer
  • Peter Barker – assistant engineer
  • David Eaton – mixing assistant
  • Jürg Naegeli – pre-production engineer

 Track listing:

All tracks by Fernando von Arb, Jeff Klaven, Marc Storace, except where noted.

  1. Now (All Through the Night)
  2. Hot Shot City – Tommy Keiser, Mark Kohler, Jeff Klaven, Mark Storace
  3. School’s Out – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith
  4. Let This Love Begin – Fernando von Arb, Klaven
  5. Burning Up the Night – Fernando von Arb, Mark Storace
  6. Say Goodbye
  7. World on Fire
  8. Hard Luck Hero
  9. Long Way from Home

In September 1977.

In September 1977, “Epic” label released “In Color”, the second Cheap Trick studio album. It was recorded in 1977, at “Kendun Recorders” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Tom Werman. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 443 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. In 1979, “In Color” was certified Platinum in Canada by “CRIA”, and in 2001, Platinum in US by “RIIA”.


  • Robin Zander- lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Rick Nielsen- lead guitars, vocals
  • Tom Petersson- bass, vocals
  • Bun E. Carlos– drums
  • Antonino Reale– engineer
  • George Marino- mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Rick Nielsen, except where noted.

  1. Hello There
  2. Big Eyes
  3. Downed
  4. I Want You to Want Me
  5. You’re All Talk – Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson
  6. Oh Caroline
  7. Clock Strikes Ten
  8. Southern Girls – Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson
  9. Come On, Come On
  10. So Good to See You

In September 1975.

In September 1975, “Epic” label released the debut, self-titled Ted Nugent solo studio album. It was recorded in 1975, at “The Sound Pit” in Atlanta, Georgia, and was produced by Tom Werman and Lew Futterman.


  • Ted Nugent– lead and rhythm guitar, vocals, percussion, arrangements, lead vocals
  • Derek St. Holmes– lead vocals, rhythm guitar, arrangements
  • Rob Grange– bass guitar, 8 String bass, bass phase effect, arrangements
  • Cliff Davies– drums, vibraphone, backing vocals, arrangements, lead vocals
  • Steve McRay – keyboards
  • Brian Staffeld – percussion
  • Tom Werman– percussion
  • Anthony Reale – engineer, mixing
  • Howard Fritzson – art direction
  • Al Clayton – photography
  • Gerard Huerta – lettering

Track listing:

All tracks by Ted Nugent.

  1. Stranglehold
  2. Stormtroopin’
  3. Hey Baby
  4. Just What the Doctor Ordered
  5. Snakeskin Cowboys
  6. Motor City Madhouse
  7. Where Have You Been All My Life
  8. You Make Me Feel Right at Home
  9. Queen of the Forest

On September 1, 1978.

On September 1, 1978, “Epic” label released the self-titled, debut Molly Hatchet  album. It was recorded in 1978, at “The Sound Pit” in Atlanta, Georgia, and was produced by Tom Werman and Pat Armstrong. The album cover is a painting by Frank Frazetta entitled “The Death Dealer”. In 1980, the album was certified Platinum in US by the “RIIA”.


  • Danny Joe Brown- vocals
  • Dave Hlubek- guitar
  • Steve Holland – guitar
  • Duane Roland- guitar
  • Banner Thomas – bass
  • Bruce Crump- drums
  • Tom Werman- percussion, mixing
  • Jai Winding – keyboards
  • Tim Lindsey – bass
  • Richard Schoff – sound engineer
  • Mike Beriger – assistant engineer

Track listing:

  1. Bounty Hunter – Danny Joe Brown, Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland
  2. Gator Country – Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland, Banner Thomas
  3. Big Apple – Danny Joe Brown, Dave Hlubek
  4. The Creeper- Danny Joe Brown, Bruce Crump, Steve Holland
  5. The Price You Pay – Cecil Berrier, Danny Joe Brown, Steve Holland, Bob Huckaba
  6. Dreams I’ll Never See – Gregg Allman
  7. I’ll Be Running – Danny Joe Brown, Dave Hlubek, Banner Thomas
  8. Cheatin’ Woman – Steve Holland
  9. Trust Your Old Friend – Bruce Crump, Duane Roland


In May 1978.

In May 1978, “Epic” label released “Heaven Tonight”, the third Cheap Trick studio album. It was recorded 1977-1978, at “Record Plant” and “Sound City Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Tom Werman. In 1979 the album was certified Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada” and Platinum in US by “RIIA” in 1995.


  • Robin Zander– lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Rick Nielsen– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Tom Petersson– bass, backing vocals
  • Bun E. Carlos– drums
  • Jai Winding – keyboards
  • Gary Ladinsky – engineer
  • Mike Beiriger – assistant engineer
  • George Marino– mastering
  • Jim Charne, Paula Scher– design
  • Reid Miles- photography

Track listing:

All songs by Rick Nielsen, except where noted.

  1. Surrender
  2. On Top of the World
  3. California Man – Roy Wood
  4. High Roller – Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, Robin Zander
  5. Auf Wiedersehen – Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson
  6. Takin’ Me Back
  7. On the Radio
  8. Heaven Tonight – Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson
  9. Stiff Competition
  10. How Are You – Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson
  11. Oh Claire – Bun E. Carlos, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, Robin Zander