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In November 1981.

In November 1981, “Epic” label released “Take No Prisoners” the fourth Molly Hatchet studio album. It was recorded in 1981, at “Compass Point Studios” in Nassau, Bahamas, “Record Plant Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Tom Werman.


  • Jimmy Farrar – vocals
  • Dave Hlubek – electris and slide guitar
  • Steve Holland – guitar
  • Duane Roland – electric and slide guitar
  • Banner Thomas – bass
  • Bruce Crump – drums
  • Jai Winding – keyboard
  • Paulinho da Costa – congas
  • Tom Werman – percussion
  • Tower of Power horn section – horns
  • Mindy Sterling, Laurie Bono, Katey Sagal – backing vocals
  • Joyce ‘Baby Jean’ Kennedy – additional vocals
  • Gary Ladinsky – engineer, mixing
  • Cary Pritkin – assistant engineer
  • George Marino – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Bloody Reunion – Jimmy Farrar, Dave Hlubek, Duane Roland, Banner Thomas
  2. Respect Me in the Morning – Jimmy Farrar, Duane Roland
  3. Long Tall Sally – Robert Blackwell, Enotris Johnson, Richard Penniman
  4. Loss of Control – Bruce Crump, Duane Roland, Banner Thomas
  5. All Mine – Banner Thomas
  6. Lady Luck – Dave Hlubek
  7. Power Play – Steve Holland
  8. Don’t Mess Around – Duane Roland, Banner Thomas
  9. Don’t Leave Me Lonely – Bruce Crump, Steve Holland
  10. Dead Giveaway – Dave Hlubek

On March 4, 1957.

On March 4, 1957, “Specialty” label released “Here’s Little Richard”, the debut Little Richard album. It was recorded September 1955 – October 1956. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 50 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”, and ranked the track “Tutti Frutti” at number 43 on its list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”.


  • Little Richard (Richard Penniman) – vocals, piano
  • Edgar Blanchard – guitar
  • Frank Fields – bass
  • Earl Palmer – drums
  • Lee Allen – tenor saxophone
  • Alvin “Red” Tyler – baritone saxophone
  • Huey Smith – piano
  • Justin Adams – guitar
  • William “Frosty” Pyles – guitar
  • Roy Montrell – guitar
  • Nathaniel Douglas – guitar
  • Lloyd Lambert – bass
  • Olsie Richard Robinson – bass
  • Oscar Moore – drums
  • Charles Connor – drums
  • Renald Richard – trumpet
  • Clarence Ford – tenor and baritone saxophone
  • Wilbert Smith – tenor saxophone
  • Grady Gaines – tenor saxophone
  • Joe Tillman – tenor saxophone
  • Clifford Burks – tenor saxophone
  • Jewell Grant – baritone saxohone

Track listing:

  1. Tutti Frutti – Richard Penniman, Dorothy LaBostrie, Joe Lubin
  2. True, Fine Mama – Richard Penniman
  3. Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave – Leo Price
  4. Ready Teddy – Robert Blackwell, John Marascalco
  5. Baby – Richard Penniman
  6. Slippin’ and Slidin’ – Richard Penniman, Eddie Bocage, Al Collins, James Smith
  7. Long Tall Sally – Enotris Johnson, Robert Blackwell, Richard Penniman
  8. Miss Ann – Richard Penniman, Enotris Johnson
  9. Oh Why? – Winfield Scott
  10. Rip It Up – Robert Blackwell, John Marascalco
  11. Jenny, Jenny – Enotris Johnson, Richard Penniman
  12. She’s Got It – John Marascalco, Richard Penniman

On October 19, 1956.

On October 19, 1956, “RCA Victor” label released “Elvis” (also known as Elvis Presley No. 2), the second Elvis Presley studio album. It was recorded January – September 1956, at “RCA Studio 1” in New York City, “Radio Recorders Studio 1” in Hollywood, and was produced by Steve Sholes.


  • Elvis Presley – vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
  • Scotty Moore – electric guitar
  • Shorty Long – piano
  • Gordon Stoker – piano
  • Bill Black – double bass
  • D. J. Fontana – drums
  • The Jordanaires – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Rip It Up – Robert Blackwell, John Marascalco
  2. Love Me – Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller
  3. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again – Gene Sullivan, Wiley Walker
  4. Long Tall Sally – Robert Blackwell, Enotris Johnson, Richard Penniman
  5. First in Line – Aaron Schroeder, Ben Weisman
  6. Paralyzed – Otis Blackwell, Elvis Presley
  7. So Glad You’re Mine – Arthur Crudup
  8. Old Shep – Red Foley
  9. Ready Teddy – Robert Blackwell, John Marascalo
  10. Any Place in Paradise – Joe Thomas
  11. How’s the World Treating You – Chet Atkins, Boudleaux Bryant
  12. How Do You Think I Feel – Webb Pierce, Wayne Walker

On May 9, 2020.

On May 9, 2020, Richard Wayne Penniman aka Little Richard died aged 87. He was singer, songwriter and musician (piano), one of the most important and influential persons in the popular music. His charismatic showmanship and dynamic music, characterized by frenetic piano playing, pounding back beat and raspy shouted vocals, laid the foundation for rock and roll, but also had important role in formation of other music genres such as soul and funk. For his work Little Richard received numerous awards and was honored by many institutions. In 1986, he was inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”; in 1993 he received “Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award”, he was inducted into the “Songwriters Hall of Fame”, received “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the “Recording Academy”;  “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the “Rhythm and Blues Foundation”, and received a “Rhapsody & Rhythm Award” from the “National Museum of African American Music”. In 2012, his song “Tutti Frutti” was included in the “National Recording Registry” of the “Library of Congress”, stated that his “unique vocalizing over the irresistible beat announced a new era in music”. Three of his songs “Tutti Frutti,” “Lucille” and “Long Tall Sally” are inducted into the “Grammy Hall of Fame”.


On June 19, 1964.

Long Tall Sally

On June 19, 1964, “Parlaphone” label released “Long Tall Sally”, the fifth Beatles  EP. It was recorded March and June 1964, at “EMI Studios” in London, and was produced by George Martin. The EP was released in mono and was first British EP that included songs not previously released on an album or single in the UK. The cover photograph was by Robert Freeman.


  • John Lennon: lead vocal, guitar
  • Paul McCartney: lead vocal, bass
  • George Harrison: guitar
  • Ringo Starr: drums, cowbell, lead vocal
  • George Martin: piano

Track listing:

  1. Long Tall Sally – Enotris Johnson, Richard Penniman,  Robert Blackwell
  2. I Call Your Name – John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  3. Slow Down – Larry Williams
  4. Matchbox – Carl Perkins