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On October 7, 2016.

On October 7, 2016, “BMG” label released “Friends”, the fourth White Lies studio album. It was recorded in 2016, at “Studio One” in London, ”The Distillery” in Bath, and was produced by Richard Wilkinson, Harry McVeigh, Charles Cave and Jack Lawrence-Brown.


  1. Harry McVeigh – lead vocals, guitar
  2. Charles Cave – bass guitar, backing vocals
  3. Jack Lawrence-Brown – drums
  4. Phil Parsons – engineer
  5. John Davis – mastering
  6. David Wrench, Marta Salogni – mixing
  7. Markus Bagå – art direction, design
  8. Big Active – creative director
  9. Steve Gullick – photography

Track listing:

  1. Take It Out on Me
  2. Morning in LA
  3. Hold Back Your Love
  4. Don’t Want to Feel It All
  5. Don’t Want to Feel It All
  6. Summer Didn’t Change a Thing
  7. Swing
  8. Come On
  9. Right Place
  10. Don’t Fall


On September 8, 2017.

On September 8, 2017, “Megaforce Records” label released “Shade”, the sixth Living Colour studio album. It was recorded 2013 – 2017, and was produced by Andre Betts.


  • Vernon Reid– acoustic and electric guitar
  • Corey Glover– vocals
  • Will Calhoun– vocals, drums, photography
  • Doug Wimbish– bass
  • Andre Betts – keyboards, arranger, engineer,programming, remixing, band photography
  • Roosevelt Collier – lap steel guitar
  • Marc Cary – organ
  • George Clinton – vocals
  • Bernard Fowler – vocals
  • Jason Craig – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Freedom of Expression (F.O.X.) – Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish
  2. Preachin’ Blues – Robert Johnson
  3. Come On – Andre Betts, Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish
  4. Program – Andre Betts, Bernard Hawkins, Kendra Jones
  5. Who Shot Ya? – Christopher Wallace
  6. Always Wrong – Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish
  7. Blak Out – Andre Betts, Kendra Jones, Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish
  8. Pattern in Time – Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish
  9. Who’s That – Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish
  10. Glass Teeth – Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish
  11. Invisible – Andre Betts, Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish
  12. Inner City Blues – Marvin Gaye
  13. Two Sides – Andre Betts, Kendra Jones, Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish

On August 23, 1994.

On August 23, 1994, “Blanco y Negro” label released “Stoned & Dethroned”, the fifth Jesus and Mary Chain album. It was recorded January – November 1993, and was produced by Jim Reid and William Reid.


  • Jim Reid– vocals guitar, bass, shaker
  • William Reid– vocals, guitar, bass
  • Ben Lurie– guitar, harmonica, organ, bass
  • Steve Monti– drums, percussion
  • Hope Sandoval, Shane MacGowan– vocals
  • Alan Moulder, Dick Meaney – engineer, mixing
  • Stylorouge– design
  • Sophie Muller– photography

Track listing:

All tracks by William Reid, except where noted.

  1. Dirty Water
  2. Bullet Lovers
  3. Sometimes Always
  4. Come On – Jim Reid
  5. Between Us
  6. Hole – Jim Reid
  7. Never Saw It Coming
  8. She – Jim Reid
  9. Wish I Could
  10. Save Me – Jim Reid, William Reid
  11. Till It Shines
  12. God Help Me
  13. Girlfriend
  14. Everybody I Know
  15. You’ve Been a Friend – Jim Reid
  16. These Days
  17. Feeling Lucky


In September 1977.

In September 1977, “Epic” label released “In Color”, the second Cheap Trick studio album. It was recorded in 1977, at “Kendun Recorders” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Tom Werman. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 443 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. In 1979, “In Color” was certified Platinum in Canada by “CRIA”, and in 2001, Platinum in US by “RIIA”.


  • Robin Zander- lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Rick Nielsen- lead guitars, vocals
  • Tom Petersson- bass, vocals
  • Bun E. Carlos– drums
  • Antonino Reale– engineer
  • George Marino- mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Rick Nielsen, except where noted.

  1. Hello There
  2. Big Eyes
  3. Downed
  4. I Want You to Want Me
  5. You’re All Talk – Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson
  6. Oh Caroline
  7. Clock Strikes Ten
  8. Southern Girls – Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson
  9. Come On, Come On
  10. So Good to See You

In August 1976.

In August 1976, “Epic” label released the debut, self-titled Jaco Pastorius album. It was recorded in October 1975, at “Camp Colomby Studios”; “Columbia Recording Studios C&B” in New York City and was produced by Bobby Colomby.


  • Jaco Pastorius – electric bass
  • Don Alias– congas, bongos, percussion, okonkoko iya, afuche
  • Herbie Hancock- clavinet, Fender Rhodes, electric piano, piano
  • Narada Michael Walden– drums
  • Sam Moore, Dave Prater– vocals
  • Randy Brecker, Ron Tooley – trumpet
  • Peter Graves – bass trombone
  • David Sanborn- alto sax
  • Michael Brecker- tenor sax
  • Howard Johnson- baritone sax
  • Alex Darqui – Fender Rhodes electric piano
  • Lenny White, Bobby Economou – drums
  • David Nadien, Harry Lookofsky, Paul Gershman, Joe Malin, Harry Cykman, Harold Kohon, Matthew Raimondi, Max Pollinkoff, Arnold Black – violin
  • Stewart Clarke, Manny Vardi, Julian Barber, Al Brown – viola
  • Charles McCracken, Kermit Moore, Beverly Lauridsen, Alan Shulman– cello
  • Michael Gibbs- string arrangement
  • Wayne Shorter- soprano sax
  • Othello Molineaux – steel drums
  • Leroy Williams – steel drums
  • Peter Gordon – French horn
  • Hubert Laws- piccolo, flute
  • Richard Davis– bass
  • Homer Mensch– bass
  • Michael Gibbs- string arrangement, conductor

Track listing:
All tracks by Jaco Pastorius, except where noted.

  1. Donna Lee – Miles Davis
  2. Come On, Come Over – Jaco Pastorius, Bob Herzog
  3. Continuum
  4. Kuru/Speak Like a Child – Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock
  5. Portrait of Tracy
  6. Opus Pocus
  7. Okonkolé Y Trompa – Jaco Pastorius, Don Alias
  8. (Used to Be a) Cha-Cha
  9. Forgotten Love


On July 9, 1983.

On July 9, 1983, “Innervision” label released “Fantastic”, the debut Wham! studio album. It was recorded 1981 – 1983, at “Maison Rouge Studios” in London, and was produced by Steve Brown, George Michael and Bob Carter. The album was certified Platinum in New Zealand by “RMNZ”, and 3 x Platinum in UK by the “BPI”.


  • George Michael – vocals, background vocals, keyboards
  • Robert Ahwai, Andrew Ridgeley – guitar
  • Jess Bailey, Bob Carter, Anne Dudley, Tommy Eyre – keyboards
  • Baps, Guy Barker, Raoul, Colin Graham, Chris Hunter, Roddy Lorimer, Iain MacKintosh, Ian Ritchie, Paul Cox, Geoff Daley, Martin Drover – horn
  • Graham Broad, Trevor Murrell– drums
  • Jimmy Chambers, George Chandler Linda Hayes, Shirlie Holliman, Tony Jackson, Josie James, Katie Kisson, Stevie Lang, C. Lee, Sylvia Mason – background vocals
  • Andy Duncan – drums, percussion
  • Deon Estus, Brad Lang, John McKenzie– bass
  • Luis Jardim, Tony Moroni – percussion
  • Dave Mortimer – shouts
  • Paul Ridgeley – guitar, shouts
  • Chris Craymer, Janusz Guttner – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by George Michael, except where noted.

  1. Bad Boys
  2. A Ray of Sunshine
  3. Love Machine – Pete Moore, Billy Griffin
  4. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) – Michael Andrew Ridgeley
  5. Club Tropicana – Michael Andrew Ridgeley
  6. Nothing Looks the Same in the Light
  7. Come On
  8. Young Guns (Go for It!)