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On January 24, 1989.

On January 24, 1989, “Def American” label released the self-titled, debut Masters of Reality album. It was recorded 1988 – 1989, at “Atlantic Studios”, “Chung King Studios”, “Platinum Isle” in New York City, “Sound City Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Rick Rubin.


  • Chris Goss– vocals, guitar
  • Tim Harrington – lead guitar
  • Googe – bass
  • Vinnie Ludovico – drums
  • Owl – additional keyboards
  • David Bianco – engineer, mix engineer
  • Steve Ett – engineer
  • Brian Jenkins – assistant engineer
  • John Leamy– cover painting

Track listing:

All tracks by Chris Goss and Tim Harrington.

  1. Theme for the Scientist of the Invisible
  2. Domino
  3. The Blue Garden
  4. Gettin’ High
  5. The Candy Song
  6. Magical Spell
  7. The Eyes of Texas
  8. Sleep Walkin’
  9. Lookin’ to Get Rite
  10. John Brown
  11. Kill the King

On June 25, 1996.

On June 25, 1996, “Epic” label released “Dust”, the seventh and final Screaming Trees studio album. It was recorded 1995-1996 at “Capitol Studios” and “Sunset Sound Factory” in Hollywood, and “The Hit Factory” in New York, and was produced by George Drakoulias.


  • Gary Lee Conner– acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals, sitar
  • Van Conner- bass, backing vocals, guitar
  • Mark Lanegan- lead vocals, guitar
  • Barrett Martin-  percussion,  cello,  drums,  conga,  harmonium, tabla, djembe
  • George Drakoulias- percussion
  • Chris Goss, Brian Jenkins, 21st Street Singers – backing vocals
  • Mike McCready- guitar solo
  • Jeff Nolan – guita
  • Benmont Tench- organ, electric piano, mellotron, piano
  • Mark Danielson – front cover artwork
  • Danny Clinch – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Van Conner, Gary Lee Conner, Mark Lanegan except where noted.

  1. Halo of Ashes – Van Conner, Gary Lee Conner, Mark Lanegan, Barrett Martin
  2. All I Know
  3. Look at You
  4. Dying Days
  5. Make My Mind
  6. Sworn and Broken
  7. Witness
  8. Traveler
  9. Dime Western – Van Conner, Gary Lee Conner, Mark Lanegan, Barrett Martin
  10. Gospel Plow – Van Conner, Gary Lee Conner, Mark Lanegan, Barrett Martin

On June 12, 2007.

On June 12, 2007, “Interscope” label released “Era Vulgaris”, the fifth Queens of the Stone Age stone album. It was recorded July 2006 – April 2007, and was produced by Chris Goss and Joshua Homme.


  • Josh Homme– lead and backing vocals, lead and acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, lap steel guitar, keyboard, electric piano, Rhodes piano, “badly tuned” piano, organ, percussion
  • Troy Van Leeuwen– keyboard, lead guitar , crazy delay” guitar, lap steel guitar, backing vocals, bass, the percussion part that’s a bitch, Moog, rhodes
  • Joey Castillo– drums, percussion, percussion ball
  • Alain Johannes– bass, acoustic and counterpoint guitar, harmonic guitar, counterpoint fiddle, cig” fiddle, marxaphone, backing vocals
  • Chris Goss– keyboard, the chicken pluckin guitar, twinkley bits, organ, electric piano, bass, backing vocals
  • Julian Casablancas– vocals, casio guitar
  • Serrina Sims, Brody Dalle-Homme, Liam Lynch– backing vocals
  • Mark Lanegan– harmony vocals
  • Alain Johannes − engineer
  • Alain Johannes, Joe Barresi− mixing
  • Justin Smith − mixing assistant
  • Stephen Marcussen − mastering
  • Jason Noto − design, illustrations
  • Mark A. Williams − A&R

Track listing:

All tracks by Joshua Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen and Joey Castillo, except where noted.

  1. Turnin’ on the Screw
  2. Sick Sick Sick – Joshua Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, Joey Castillo
  3. I’m Designer
  4. Into the Hollow
  5. Misfit Love
  6. Battery Acid
  7. Make It wit Chu – Joshua Homme, Alain Johannes, Melchiondo
  8. 3’s & 7’s
  9. Suture Up Your Future
  10. River in the Road
  11. Run, Pig, Run

On May 22, 2012.

On May 22, 2012, “Cooking Vinyl” label released “Choice of Weapon”, the ninth Cult album. It was recorded March 2011-January 2012, and was produced by Chris Goss and Bob Rock.


  • Ian Astbury- lead vocals
  • Billy Duffy- guitars, background vocals
  • Chris Wyse- bass
  • John Tempesta– drums
  • Jamie Edwards- keyboards, strings
  • Chris Goss- guitars, background vocals
  • J. Celi- background vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy.

  1. Honey from a Knife
  2. Elemental Light
  3. The Wolf
  4. Life>Death
  5. For the Animals
  6. Amnesia
  7. Wilderness Now
  8. Lucifer
  9. A Pale Horse
  10. This Night in the City Forever


On August 27, 2002.


On August 27, 2002, “Interscope” label released “Songs for the Deaf”, the third Queens of the Stone Age studio album. It was recorded October–November 2001, March–June 2002, at “The Site” in San Rafael, California, “Conway Recording Studios”;“Barefoot” in Hollywood, and was produced by  Josh Homme, Adam Kasper and  Eric Valentine.The album features Foo Fighters and former Nirvana member Dave Grohl as a guest drummer. In 2008, “Songs for the Deaf” was certified Platinum in Europe by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry” (IFPI).


  • Josh Homme– vocals, guitar
  • Nick Oliveri– bass, vocals
  • Mark Lanegan– vocals
  • Dave Grohl– drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Alain Johannes– e-bow, organ, piano, flamenco guitar, theremin, lap steel guitar
  • Natasha Shneider– e-bow, organ, piano, theremin
  • Gene Trautmann– drums
  • Dean Ween– guitar
  • Brendon McNichol– lead guitar
  • Chris Goss– guitar, keyboard, backing vocals
  • Paz Lenchantin– strings
  • Ana Lenchantin– strings
  • Molly McGuire– accordion
  • John Gove –horns
  • Kevin Porter – horns
  • Brad Kintscher – horns
  • Chris Goss- recording, assisting production
  • Alain Johannes– recording
  • Brian Gardner – mastering
  • Dan Druff– guitar technician
  • Hutch– sound technician
  • Bob Brunner “Mates” – pre-production

The album songsare interluded by staged bits of radio chatter with guest DJs. In order of appearance:

  • Blag Dahliaas DJ “Kip Kasper” of KLON – KLONE Radio of Los Angeles
  • Alain Johannesas DJ “Héctor Bonifacio Echeberria Cervantes de la Cruz Arroyo Rojas”
  • Chris Gossas DJ “Elastic Ass” of KRDL – Kurdle 109 of Chino Hills
  • C-Minus as DJ for KOOL
  • Casey Chaosas station ad promoting “All Death Metal, all the time.”
  • Jeordie Whiteas DJ Tom Sherman of Banning College Radio
  • Lux Interioras DJ for AM580
  • Jesse Hughesas Preacher
  • Natasha Shneideras DJ for WOMB – The Womb
  • Dave Catchingas DJ for WANT of Wonder Valley

Track listing:

All tracks by Joshua Homme and Nick Oliveri, except where noted.

  1. The Real Song for the Deaf
  2. You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire – Josh Homme, Mario Lalli
  3. No One Knows – Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan
  4. First It Giveth
  5. A Song for the Dead – Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan
  6. The Sky Is Fallin’
  7. Six Shooter
  8. Hangin’ Tree – Josh Homme, Alan Johannes
  9. Go With the Flow
  10. Gonna Leave You
  11. Do It Again
  12. God is in the Radio
  13. Another Love Song
  14. A Song for the Deaf” (Contains a hidden outtake version of “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” with all lyrics replaced with manic laughter.) – Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan
  15. Mosquito Song

On August 10, 2004.


On August 10, 2004, “Beggars Banquet” released “Bubblegum”, the sixth Mark Lanegan album. It was recorded 2003 – 2004, was produced by Mark Lanegan,  Chris Goss, Alain Johannes, and was released under the name “Mark Lanegan Band”.


  • Mark Lanegan- vocals, guitar
  • PJ Harvey- vocals
  • Chris Goss- guitar, piano, vocals, choir vocal
  • Tracey Chisholm – tape manipulation, drum machines
  • Molly McGuire- bass, background vocals
  • Aldo Struyf – feedback, synthesizer, piano, organ, tape manipulation
  • David Catching- organ, guitar, lead guitar
  • Wendy Rae Fowler- piano, vocals, background vocals, choir vocal
  • Joshua Homme- guitar, bass, drums, lead guitar
  • Keni Richards – drums
  • Jim Vincent – electronic drums
  • Mike Johnson- lead guitar
  • Ian Moore- background vocals
  • Bukka Allen – organ
  • Alain Johannes- lead guitar, guitars, bass, drums, electronic drums, strings, synthesizer, background vocals, keyboards, organ
  • Natasha Shneider- background vocals
  • Brett Netson- background vocals
  • Greg Dulli- background vocals
  • Nick Oliveri- background vocals, bass, choir vocal
  • Jonathan Russo – bass
  • Izzy Stradlin- vocals
  • Duff McKagan- vocals
  • Troy Van Leeuwen- piano, guitar
  • Joey Castillo- drums
  • John Kastner – guitar, background vocals
  • Eddie Nappi – bass
  • Dimitri Coats- lead guitar, drums, piano
  • Mathias Schneeburger – guitar, background vocals, piano
  • Melanie Campbell – bass

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Lanegan.

  1. When Your Number Isn’t Up
  2. Hit the City
  3. Wedding Dress
  4. Methamphetamine Blues
  5. One Hundred Days
  6. Bombed
  7. Strange Religion
  8. Sideways in Reverse
  9. Come to Me
  10. Like Little Willie John
  11. Can’t Come Down
  12. Morning Glory Wine
  13. Head
  14. Driving Death Valley Blues
  15. Out of Nowhere

On May 8, 2001.

Field songs

On May 8, 2001, “Beggars Banquet” label released “Field Songs”, the fifth Mark Lanegan solo album. It was recorded in 2001, and was produced by John Angello and Martin Feveyear.


  • John Agnello – recorder, vocals, mastering, mixing
  • Mark Boquist – drums
  • Allen Davis – acoustic guitar, bass
  • Martin Feveyear- Hammond organ, recorder, vocals, mastering, mixing
  • Chris Goss- synthesizer, vocals
  • Mark Hoyt – vocals
  • Mike Johnson- acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Wurlitzer organ, piano, background vocals
  • Mark Lanegan- guitar, vocals
  • Marek – piano
  • Duff McKagan- drums , Fender Rhodes
  • Wendy Rae Fowler- vocals
  • Brett Netson – acoustic guitar
  • Keni Richards – piano, drums, mellotron
  • Bill Rieflin- drums
  • Ben Shepherd- acoustic guitar , electric guitar, bass, lap steel guitar, vocals, piano
  • Chris Strother – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Lanegan except where noted.

  1. One Way Street
  2. No Easy Action
  3. Miracle
  4. Pill Hill Serenade
  5. Don’t Forget Me
  6. Kimiko’s Dream House – Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Mark Lanegan
  7. Resurrection Song
  8. Field Song
  9. Low
  10. Blues for D – Mark Lanegan, Ben Shepherd
  11. She Done Too Much
  12. Fix