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On January 1, 1981.

On January 1, 1981, “Radio Records” label released “Say No More”, the ninth Badfinger studio album. It was recorded November 1979, October–November 1980, in Miami, Florida, and was produced by Jack Richardson and Steve Wittmack.


  • Tom Evans – vocals, bass, guitar
  • Joey Molland – vocals, guitar, piano
  • Tony Kaye – organ, piano
  • Glenn Sherba – guitar
  • Richard Bryans – drums

Track listing:

  1. I Got You – Joey Molland
  2. Come On – Tom Evans
  3. Hold On – Tom Evans, Joe Tansin
  4. Because I Love You – Joey Molland
  5. Rock ‘N’ Roll Contract – Tom Evans
  6. Passin’ Time – Joey Molland
  7. Three Time Loser – Joey Molland
  8. Too Hung Up on You – Tom Evans
  9. No More – Joey Molland
  10. Crocadillo – Tom Evans, Rod Roach

On November 29, 2001.

On November 29, 2001, George Harrison died aged 58. He was musician (guitar), singer, songwriter, and music and movie producer, lead guitarist and occasional lead vocalist of The Beatles. His interest in folk music and especially in Indian music had serious influence on the band’s Hindu-aligned spirituality in the later years. Some of his songs composed for the band include “Here Comes the Sun”, “Something”, “Taxman”, “Within You Without You”, and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. After The Beatles broke-up in 1970, Harrison released the album “All Things Must Pass” which included the track “My Sweet Lord”, his most successful single, and the first solo single by any member of The Beatles that sold over million copies. In 1971, together with Ravi Shankar he organized “Concert for Bangladesh”, the first big benefit concert in the music history. In 1974, Harrison founded the music label “Dark Horse Records”, and co-founded movie label “Hand Made Films” in 1978. In 1988, with Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, and Roy Orbison, he co-founded the supergroup The Travelling Wilburys. As a guitarist he recorded for Badfinger, Billy Preston, Bob Dylan, Duane Eddy, Randy Newman, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Ronnie Wood, and Tom Petty. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked Harrison at number 11 in their list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”. In 1988, as a member of The Beatles he was inducted in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”, and in 2004, posthumously for his solo career. As a solo artist, Harrison released twelve studio and two live albums.

On November 14, 2000.

On November 14, 2000, “Snapper” label released “Head First”, the tenth and final Badfinger studio album. It was recorded December 1974–January 1975, at “Apple Studios” in London, and was produced by Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise.


  • Pete Ham – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Tom Evans – vocals, bass, synthesizer
  • Bob Jackson – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Mike Gibbins – vocals, drums, percussion


  1. Lay Me Down
  2. Turn Around
  3. Keep Believing
  4. Rockin’ Machine
  5. Passed Fast
  6. Saville Row
  7. Moonshine
  8. Rock and Roll Contract
  9. Back Again
  10. Hey, Mr. Manager

On October 2, 2018.

On October 2, 2018, Geoffrey Emerick died aged 72. He was recording studio audio engineer and producer, worked with America, Elvis Costello, Badfinger, Art Garfunkel, Jeff Beck, Gino Vannelli, Supertramp, Cheap Trick, Nazareth, Chris Bell, Split Enz, Trevor Rabin, Nick Heyward, Big Country, Gentle Giant, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Ultravox, Matthew Fisher, Kate Bush, Nellie McKay and Robin Trower, but he was best known for his work with The Beatles, on their albums Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles and Abbey Road. For his work in the music recording field, Emerick won “European Edison Award” and four “Grammy Awards”.

On December 13, 1971.

On December 13, 1971, “Apple” label released “Straight Up”, the third Badfinger album. It was recorded May – October 1971, at “Abbey Road Studios”, “AIR Studios” and “Command Studios” in London, and was produced by Todd Rundgren and George Harrison.


  • Pete Ham– lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, piano, organ, harmonica
  • Tom Evans– lead and backing vocals, bass guitar, twelve string guitar
  • Joey Molland– lead and backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitar
  • Mike Gibbins– drums, percussion
  • George Harrison– slide guitar, guitar
  • Leon Russell– piano, guitar
  • Bobby Diebold – bass guitar
  • Klaus Voormann– electric piano
  • Bill Collins – accordion
  • Gene Mahon – design
  • Richard DiLello– design, photography
  • Peter Mew, Mike Jarratt – engineer
  • Marcia McGovern – pre-production director
  • Roberta Ballard – production manager

Track listing:

  1. Take It All – Pete Ham
  2. Baby Blue – Pete Ham
  3. Money – Tom Evans
  4. Flying – Tom Evans, Joey Molland
  5. I’d Die Babe – Joey Molland
  6. Name of the Game – Pete Ham
  7. Suitcase – Joey Molland
  8. Sweet Tuesday Morning – Jeoy Molland
  9. Day After Day – Pete Ham
  10. Sometimes – Joey Molland
  11. Perfection – Pete Ham
  12. It’s Over – Tom Evans

In November 1974.

In November 1974, “Warner Bros” label released “Wish You Were Here”, the sixth Badfinger album. It was recorded April – May 1974, at “Caribou Ranch” in Nederland, Colorado; “AIR Studios” in London, and was produced by Chris Thomas.


  • Pete Ham– vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Joey Molland– vocals, guitar
  • Mike Gibbins– drums, keyboards, lead vocals
  • Tom Evans– vocals, bass
  • Average White Horns– horns

Track listing:

  1. Just a Chance – Pete Ham
  2. Your So Fine – Mike Gibbins
  3. Got to Get Out of Here – Joey Molland
  4. Know One Knows – Pete Ham
  5. Dennis – Pete Ham
  6. In the Meantime/Some Other Time – Mike Gibbins, Joey Molland
  7. Love Time – Joey Molland
  8. King of the Load (T) – Tom Evans
  9. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke – Pete Ham, Joey Molland

In February 1974.


In February 1974, “Warner Bros” label released the fifth, self-titled Badfinger album. It was recorded June – November 1973, at “Olympic Studios” and “Air Studios” in London, and was produced by Chris Thomas. It was the first of two albums released by the band on the “Warner” label after leaving “Apple” label.


  • Pete Ham– guitar, piano, vocals
  • Tom Evans– bass, vocals
  • Joey Molland– guitar, vocals
  • Mike Gibbins– drums, vocals
  • John Kosh – album cover

Track listing:

  1. I Miss You – Pete Ham
  2. Shine On – Pete Ham, Tom Evans
  3. Love Is Easy – Joey Molland
  4. Song for a Lost Friend – Pete Ham
  5. Why Don’t We Talk? – Tom Evans
  6. Island – Joey Molland
  7. Matted Spam – Pete Ham
  8. Where Do We Go from Here? – Tom Evans
  9. My Heart Goes Out – Mike Gibbins
  10. Lonely You – Pete Ham
  11. Give It Up – Joey Molland
  12. Andy Norris – Joey and Cathy Molland

On November 9, 1970.


On November 9, 1970 “Apple” label released “No Dice” the second Badfinger studio album. It was recorded April – August 1970, at “Abbey Road Studios” and “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by Geoff Emerick and Mal Evans.


  • Pete Ham– lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, piano, tack piano, Rhodes piano
  • Tom Evans– lead and backing vocals, bass guitar
  • Joey Molland– lead and backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitars
  • Mike Gibbins – drums, backing vocals, lead vocals
  • Mike Jarrett – mixing
  • John Kurlander – engineer
  • Richard Lush – engineer
  • Keith H – session musician
  • Steve Kolanijan – liner notes, sleeve notes
  • Mike Jarratt – engineer, mixing
  • Marcia McGovern – pre-production
  • Roberta Ballard – production manager
  • Gene Mahon – design
  • Richard DiLello– design, photography

Track listing:

  1. I Can’t Take It – Peter Ham
  2. I Don’t Mind – Tome Evans, Joey Molland
  3. Love Me Do – Joey Molland
  4. Midnight Caller – Pete Ham
  5. No Matter What – Pete Ham
  6. Without You – Pete Ham, Tome Evans
  7. Blodwyn – Pete Ham
  8. Better Days – Tome Evans, Joey Molland
  9. It Had to be – Mike Gibbins
  10. Watford John – Tome Evans, Mike Gibbins, Pete Ham, Joey Molland
  11. Believe Me – Tome Evans
  12. We’re for the Dark – Pete Ham

On January 9, 1970.


On January 9, 1970, “Apple” label released “Magic Christian Music”, the debut Badfinger album.  It was recorded 1968 – 1969 at the “Abbey Road Studios”, “Trident Studios”, “IBC Studios” and “Olympic Studios” in London, and was produced by Paul McCartney, Mal Evans, and Tony Visconti.


  • Pete Ham– guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Tom Evans– guitar, vocals, bass
  • Ron Griffiths – bass, vocals
  • Mike Gibbins– drums, vocals
  • Paul McCartney– piano on “Rock of All Ages”, percussion on “Come and Get It”
  • Nicky Hopkins– piano on “See-Saw Granpa”
  • Bill Collins – piano on “Knocking Down Our Home”

Track listing:

  1. Come and Get It – Paul McCartney
  2. Crimson Ship – Pete Ham, Tom Evans
  3. Dear Angie – Ron Griffins
  4. Fisherman – Tom Evans
  5. Midnight Sun – Pete Ham
  6. Beautiful and Blue – Tom Evans
  7. Rock of All Ages – Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Mike Gibbins
  8. Carry on Till Tomorrow – Pete Ham, Tom Evans
  9. I’m in Love – Pete Ham
  10. Walk Out in the Rain – Pete Ham
  11. Angelique – Tom Evans
  12. Knocking Down Our Home – Pete Ham
  13. Give it a Try – Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Mike Gibbons, Ron Griffits
  14. Maybe Tomorrow – Tom Evans


On November 26, 1973.

Badfinger - Ass

On November 26, 1973, “Apple” label released “Ass”, the fourth Badfinger studio album. This was band’s last album released for “Apple” label. The album was recorded in 1972 and 1973 at the “Apple Studio”, “Olympic Studios” and “Morgan Studios” in London, and in “The Manor Studio” in Oxfordshire, and was produced by Chris Thomas, Badfinger and Todd Rundgren.


  • Pete Ham– guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals
  • Tom Evans– bass, vocals
  • Joey Molland– guitar, piano, vocals
  • Mike Gibbins– drums, vocals

Track listing:

  1. Apple of My Eye – Pete Ham
  2. Get Away – Joey Molland
  3. Icicles – Joey Molland
  4. The Winner – Joey Molland
  5. Blind Owl – Tom Evans
  6. Constitution – Joey Molland
  7. When I Say – Tom Evans
  8. Cowboy – Mike Gibbins
  9. I Can Love You – Joey Molland
  10. Timeless – Pete Ham