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On April 8, 2003.

On April 8, 2003, “American” label released “Rainy Day Music”, the seventh  Jayhawks album. It was recorded in 2002, at “Sunset Sound Recording Studio” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Ethan Johns,


  • Gary Louris– guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Marc Perlman – bass, guitar, mandolin, drums
  • Tim O’Reagan – drums, percussion, guitar, conga, vocals
  • Stephen McCarthy – guitar, pedal steel guitar, banjo, lap steel guitar, vocals
  • Richard Causon – piano, accordion, harmonium, keyboards, Hammond organ
  • Ethan Johns– dulcimer, guitar, drums, piano, percussion, harmonium, pump organ, guitar loops
  • Bernie Leadon– banjo
  • Jakob Dylan– vocals
  • Matthew Sweet– vocals
  • Chris Stills – vocals, percussion
  • Ethan Johns –engineer
  • Ed Ackerson – engineer
  • Richard Dodd – mastering
  • Craig Allen – design
  • Martyn Atkins – photography
  • Chris Reynolds – assistant engineer
  • Rick Rubin– art direction

Track listing:

All songs by Gary Louris except where noted.

  1. Stumbling Through the Dark – Gary Louris, Matthew Sweet
  2. Tailspin
  3. All the Right Reasons
  4. Save It for a Rainy Day
  5. Eyes of Sarahjane
  6. One Man’s Problem
  7. Don’t Let the World Get in Your Way -Tim O’Reagan
  8. Come to the River
  9. Angelyne
  10. Madman
  11. You Look So Young
  12. Tampa to Tulsa – Tim O’Reagan
  13. Will I See You in Heaven – Marc Perlman
  14. Stumbling Through the Dark (Reprise) – Gary Louris, Matthew Sweet




On October 6, 1992.


On October 6, 1992, “Columbia” label released “Grave Dancers Union”, the sixth Soul Asylum studio album. It was recorded May 1992, at “The Powerstation” and “River Sound” in New York City; “Pachyderm Discs” and  “Cannon Falls” in Minnesota, and “Cherokee Studios” in  Hollywood, and was produced by Michael Beinhorn. The cover illustration is by Czech erotic art photographer Jan Saudek. In 1993, the album song “Runaway Trains” won “Grammy Award” for “Best Rock Song”.


  • Dave Pirner– guitar, arranger, vocals, horn arrangements
  • Dan Murphy– guitar, vocals
  • Karl Mueller– bass
  • Grant Young– drums
  • Sterling Campbell– drums, percussion
  • Booker T. Jones III– organ, Hammond organ
  • Kraig Johnson,Gary Louris – background vocals
  • Meridian String Quartet – strings
  • Sonny Kompanek – arranger, conductor
  • Michael Beinhorn– arranger, celeste, glockenspiel, horn arrangements
  • Chris Shaw – engineer
  • Eric Anderson, Bruce Ross – additional engineering
  • David Michael Dill, Dan Gellert, Bill Smith – assistant engineers
  • Andy Wallace– mixing
  • David Leonard– mixing
  • Steve Sisco – mixing assistant
  • Wally Traugott – mastering
  • Francesca Restrepo – art direction, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Dave Pirner.

  1. Somebody to Shove
  2. Black Gold
  3. Runaway Train
  4. Keep It Up
  5. Homesick
  6. Get on Out
  7. New World
  8. April Fool
  9. Without a Trace
  10. Growing into You
  11. 99%
  12. The Sun Maid