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On February 11, 1977.

On February 11, 1977, “Deram” label released “Songwriter”, the second Justin Hayward album. It was recorded June – December 1976, at “Threshold” in London, and was produced by Tony Clarke, Justin Hayward and Martin Wyatt.


  • Justin Hayward – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, bass, violin, cello, flute, tambourine
  • Jim Cockey – violin
  • Tom Tompkins – viola
  • Tim Tompkins – cello
  • Mel Galley– bass
  • Terry Rowley – guitar
  • Dave Holland– drums
  • Ken Freeman– keyboards
  • Doremi Hayward – backing vocals
  • Peter Knight- strings arranger, conductor
  • Tony Clarke, Derek Varnals, Dave Baker – engineer
  • Dean Rod – assistant engineer
  • Gary Ladinkski – mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Justin Hayward.

  1. Tightrope
  2. Songwriter Part 1
  3. Songwriter Part 2
  4. Country Girl
  5. One Lonely Room
  6. Lay It on Me
  7. Stage Door
  8. Raised on Love
  9. Doin’ Time
  10. Nostradamus



On October 25, 1984.

On October 25, 1984, “Warner Bros” label released “Bright Red”, the fifth Laurie Anderson studio album. It was recorded 1983 – 1984, at “The Lobby” and “Skyline Studios” in New York City and “Westside Studios” in London, and was produced by Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson.


  • Laurie Anderson – vocals, keyboards
  • Brian Eno- treatments, keyboards
  • Marc Ribot– guitar
  • Lou Reed– vocals, guitar
  • Adrian Belew- guitar
  • Arto Lindsay– vocals
  • Phillip Ballou – background vocals
  • Cyro Baptista– percussion
  • Joey Baron– drums
  • Ben Fenner – bass
  • Guy Klucevsek– accordion
  • Gerry Leonard– guitar
  • Greg Cohen– guitar, bass
  • Jamie West-Oram– guitar
  • Kevin Killen – treatments
  • Neil Conti– shaker
  • Dougie Browne – drums
  • Peter Scherer – keyboards
  • Greg Cohen– music director
  • Kevin Killen – engineer, mixing
  • Joe Ferla – additional basic tracks engineer
  • Ben Fenner – overdubs engineer
  • Alec Head – additional overdubs engineer
  • Hiro Ishihara, Andy Baker, Danton Supple, Miles Green – assistant engineer
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering
  • Yolanda Cuomo – linear notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Laurie Anderson except where noted

Bright Red

  1. Speechless (the Eagle and the Weasel)
  2. Bright Red – additional lyrics from Isaiah
  3. The Puppet Motel – lyrics by Laurie Anderson, music by Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno
  4. Speak My Language
  5. World Without End
  6. Freefall
  7. Muddy River – lyrics by Laurie Anderson, music by Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno


  1. Beautiful Pea Green Boat – additional lyrics from “The Owl and the Pussycat” by Edward Lear
  2. Love Among the Sailors
  3. Poison – lyrics by Laurie Anderson, music by Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno
  4. In Our Sleep – lyrics by Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, music by Laurie Anderson
  5. Night in Baghdad
  6. Tightrope – lyrics by Laurie Anderson, music by Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno
  7. Same Time Tomorrow

On March 6, 2000.

On March 6, 2000, “Universal Records” label released “Unwind”, the second Oleander album. It was recorded 1999 – 2000, and was produced by Rich Mouser.


  • Doug Eldridge – bass guitar
  • Thomas Flowers – leadvocals, rhythm guitar
  • Ric Ivanisevich – lead guitar
  • Scott Devours– drums, percussion
  • Kaylene Peoples – string arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Thomas Flowers, Doug Eldridge and Ric Ivanisevich.

  1. Come To Stay
  2. Yours If You Like
  3. Are You There?
  4. Halo
  5. Benign
  6. Unwind
  7. Goodbye
  8. Jimmy Shaker Day
  9. Back Home Years Ago
  10. Tightrope
  11. She’s Up, She’s Down
  12. Champion



On February 17, 2017.

On February 17, 2017, “PAX AM” label released “Prisoner”, the 16th Ryan Adams studio album. It was recorded in 2016, and was produced by Ryan Adams.


  • Ryan Adams– guitar, bass guitar, lead vocals, synthesizer, piano, harmonica, cover painting, photography
  • Johnny T. Yerington – drums, percussion, photography
  • Charlie Stavish – bass, engineer, mixing
  • Mike Viola– guitar
  • Daniel Clarke – organ
  • Jason Boesel– drums
  • Joe Sublett – saxophone
  • Beatriz Artola – engineer, mixing
  • Phil Joy – engineer
  • Reuben Cohen, Gavin Lurssen– mastering
  • Rachel Jones, Lee Foster – assistant engineer
  • Scott Newton Noah Abrams – photography
  • Andy West – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Ryan Adams, except where noted.

  1. Do You Still Love Me? – Ryan Adams, Daniel Clarke
  2. Prisoner – Ryan Adams, Mike Viola
  3. Doomsday
  4. Haunted House
  5. Shiver and Shake
  6. To Be Without You
  7. Anything I Say to You Now
  8. Breakdown
  9. Outbound Train
  10. Broken Anyway
  11. Tightrope
  12. We Disappear

On January 22, 2016.


On January 22, 2016, “Suede Ltd.” label released “Night Thoughts”, the seventh Suede studio album. It was recorded in 2014, and was produced by Ed Buller and Neil Codling. The album was accompanied by a feature film, directed by Roger Sargent.


  • Brett Anderson– vocals
  • Mat Osman– bass guitar
  • Simon Gilbert– drums, percussion
  • Richard Oakes– guitars
  • Neil Codling– synthesizer, piano
  • Andy Hughes– engineer
  • Paul-Edouard Laurendeau – engineer
  • Cenzo Townsend– mixing
  • Joel M. Peters – assistant engineer
  • Tony Cousins – mastering
  • Oli Langford – strings arrangement, violin, viola
  • Danny Keane – cello
  • Tom Fry – double bass
  • James Mainwaring – baritone saxophone

Track listing:

  1. When You Are Young – Brett Anderson, Neil Codling
  2. Outsiders – Brett Anderson, Neil Codling
  3. No Tomorrow – Brett Anderson, Richard Oakes
  4. Pale Snow – Brett Anderson, Neil Codling, Richard Oakes
  5. I Don’t Know How to Reach You – Brett Anderson, Neil Codling, Richard Oakes
  6. What I’m Trying to Tell You – Brett Anderson, Neil Codling, Richard Oakes
  7. Tightrope – Brett Anderson, Neil Codling
  8. Learning to Be – Brett Anderson, Richard Oakes
  9. Like Kids – Brett Anderson, Richard Oakes
  10. I Can’t Give Her What She Wants – Brett Anderson, Richard Oakes
  11. When You Were Young – Brett Anderson, Neil Codling
  12. The Fur and the Feathers – Brett Anderson, Richard Oakes, Neil Codling

On December 5, 1994.


On December 5, 1994, “Geffen” label released “Second Coming”, the second Stone Roses studio album. It was recorded 1992 – 1994, at “Forge Studios” in Wales, and was produced by Simon Dawson and Paul Schroeder. The album was dedicated to Philip Hall, the band’s publicist, who died of cancer in 1993. “Second Coming” was certified Platinum in UK by “BPI”.


  • Ian Brown– lead vocals, harmonica, recording of running water
  • John Squire– electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, backing vocals, recording, collage
  • Mani– bass guitar
  • Reni– drums, backing vocals, vocals, recording of running water
  • Simon Dawson – keyboards,Jew’s harp, castanets, Wurlitzer electric piano, acoustic piano, engineering
  • Paul Schroeder – engineering
  • John Leckie– recording
  • Mark Tolle – recording
  • Al “Bongo” Shaw – recording
  • Nick Brine – assistant engineering;tambourine

Track listing:

All tracks by John Squire, except where noted.

  1. Breaking into Heaven
  2. Driving South
  3. Ten Storey Love Song
  4. Daybreak – Ian Brown,Gary Mounfield, John Squire, Alan Wren
  5. Your Star Will Shine
  6. Straight to the Man – Ian Brown
  7. Begging You – John Squire, Ian Brown
  8. Tightrope
  9. Good Times
  10. Tears
  11. How Do You Sleep
  12. Love Spreads
  13. Untitled – Ian Brown, Gary Mounfield, John Squire, Alan Wren

On September 11, 1976.


On September 11, 1976, “Jet” label released Electric Light Orchestra sixth studio album “A New World Record”.  It was recorded in July 1976, at the “Musicland Studios” in Munich, and was produced by Jeff Lynne. The album included the hit singles “Telephone Line”, “Livin’ Thing”, “Do Ya” and “Rockaria!”, became their first top ten album in the UK, sold five million copies within the first year of its release and reached multi-platinum status both in the US and UK. The album cover features the famous ELO logo, designed by Kosh, for the first time.


  • Jeff Lynne– vocals, lead, rhythm and slide guitars, percussion, Wurlitzer electric piano, Minimoog, acoustic guitar, twelve-string acoustic guitar, producer
  • Bev Bevan– drums, Minimoog drum, percussion, timpani, gong, backing vocals
  • Richard Tandy– piano, Minimoog, Micromoog, electric guitars, clavinet, Concert Spectrum strings, Mellotron, Wurlitzer electric piano, percussion, vocals
  • Kelly Groucutt– vocals, bass guitar, percussion, backing vocals
  • Mik Kaminski– violin
  • Hugh McDowell– cello
  • Melvyn Gale– cello
  • Mary Thomas – operatic vocals
  • Patti Quatro, Brie Brandt, Addie Lee – uncredited vocals
  • Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy, Louis Clark – orchestra and choral arrangements
  • Louis Clark – orchestra conductor

Track listing:

All compositions by Jeff Lynne.

  1. Tightrope
  2. Telephone Line
  3. Rockaria!
  4. Mission (A world Record)
  5. So Fine
  6. Livin’ Thing
  7. Above the Clouds
  8. Do Ya
  9. Shangri-La