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On November 19, 2001.

On November 19, 2001, “SPV” label released “Not for Beginners”, the sixth Ronnie Wood album. It was recorded in 2001, and was produced by Ronnie Wood, Mark Wells, and Martin Wright.


  • Ronnie Wood – vocals, guitar
  • Mark Wells – vocals, guitar, bass, drums
  • Bob Dylan – guitar
  • Scotty Moore – guitar
  • Jesse Wood – guitar
  • Willie Weeks – bass
  • Ian Jenning – double bass
  • Mick Jones – guitar, keyboards
  • Ian McLagan – piano
  • D.J. Fontana – drums
  • Andy Newmark – drums
  • Martin Wright – vocals, drums, percussion
  • Kelly Jones – vocals
  • Leah Wood – vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Ronnie Wood; except where noted.

  1. Wayside
  2. Rock ‘n Roll Star – Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn
  3. Whadd’ya Think
  4. This Little Heart
  5. Leaving Here – Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland
  6. Hypershine
  7. R U Behaving Yourself?
  8. Be Beautiful
  9. Wake Up You Beauty
  10. Interfere
  11. Real Hard Rocker
  12. Heart, Soul and Body
  13. King of Kings – Bob Dylan

On May 28, 2008.

On May 28, 2008, Jerald Kolbrak aka Jerry Cole died aged 68. He was guitarist, started the career in the bands The Champs (together with Glen Campbell), and Gee Cee’s. He has worked as session musician with many famous musicians and bands including The Byrds, Nancy Sinatra, The Beach Boys, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Roger McGuinn, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Aretha Franklin, The Righteous Brothers, Little Richard, Dean Martin, Merle Haggard, Ray Charles, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Lou Rawls, Johnny Rivers, Gregg Allman, Lee Hazlewood, Blood Sweat & Tears, Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, Steely Dan and Isaac Hayes.

In January 1973.

In January 1973, “Ariola” label released “Roadmaster”, the fourth Gene Clark album. It was compiled from various unreleased recordings for” A&M Records” made in 1970 through 1972, produced by Jim Dickson and Chris Hinshaw.


  • Gene Clark– vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
  • Chris Hillman– vocals, bass guitar
  • David Crosby – vocals, guitars
  • Roger McGuinn– vocals, guitars
  • Michael Clarke– drums
  • Bud Shank– flute
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow– pedal steel guitar
  • Bernie Leadon, Rick Roberts– guitars, vocals
  • Clarence White– electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Spooner Oldham– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Chris Ethridge– bass guitar
  • Byron Berline– fiddle
  • Chris Hinshaw – recording engineer
  • Henry Diltz – photography
  • Barry Ballard – liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Gene Clark except where noted.

  1. She’s the Kind of Girl
  2. One in a Hundred
  3. Here Tonight
  4. Full Circle Song
  5. In a Misty Morning
  6. Rough and Rocky – Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs
  7. Roadmaster – Freddy Weller, Spooner Oldham
  8. I Really Don’t Want to Know – Howard Barnes, Don Robertson
  9. I Remember the Railroad
  10. She Don’t Care About Time
  11. Shooting Star

On March 25, 1988.

On March 25, 1988, “Geffen” label released “To the Power of Three”, the debut 3 album. It was recorded in 1987, at “E-Zee Studios”, “West Side Studios” in London, and was produced by Carl Palmer and Robert Berry.


  • Keith Emerson– keyboards
  • Robert Berry– vocals, guitars, bass
  • Carl Palmer– drums
  • Suzie O’List – backing vocals
  • Kim Liatt J. Edwards – backing vocals
  • Lana Williams – backing vocals
  • David Thoener – mixing
  • Steve McNeill – engineering
  • Ian Remmer – engineering
  • Peter Jones – engineering
  • Nick Davis– engineering
  • Greg Fulginiti– mastering
  • The Cream Group, London – art direction
  • Mike Smallcombe – photography

Track listing:

  1. Talkin’ Bout – Robert Berry
  2. Lover to Lover – Keith Emerson, Robert Berry, Carl Palmer
  3. Chains – Sue Shifrin, Bob Marlette
  4. Desde la Vida
  • (I) La Vista – Keith Emerson, Robert Berry, Carl Palmer
  • (II) Frontera – Keith Emerson
  • (III) Sangre de Toro – Keith Emerson, Carl Palmer
  1. Eight Miles High – Gene Clark, Roger McGuinn, David Crosby
  2. Runaway – Robert Berry
  3. You Do or You Don’t – Robert Berry
  4. On My Way Home – Keith Emerson


In November 1969.

In November 1969, “Polydor” label released “Eight Miles High”, the fifth Golden Earring album. It was recorded in 1969, and was produced by Fred Haayen.


  • George Kooymans– vocals, guitar
  • Rinus Gerritsen– bass, keyboard
  • Barry Hay– vocals, flute, rhythm guitar
  • Sieb Warner – percussion, drums

Track listing:

All tracks by George Kooymans except where noted.

  1. Landing – Rinus Gerritsen
  2. Song of a Devil’s Servant
  3. One Huge Road
  4. Everyday’s Torture
  5. Eight Miles High – Gene Clark, David Crosby, Roger McGuinn

On June 26, 1990.

On June 26, 1990, “Atlantic” label released “Live It Up”, the fourth Crosby, Stills & Nash album. It was recorded February 1989 – February 1990, and was produced by David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, Joe Vitale and Stanley Johnston.


  • David Crosby– vocals; electric guitar
  • Stephen Stills– vocals; guitars, bass
  • Graham Nash– vocals; acoustic guitar
  • Joe Vitale– drums; synthesizers; keyboards; percussion
  • Craig Doerge– keyboards
  • Bob Glaub, Leland Sklar– bass
  • John David Souther, The Williams Family – vocals
  • Branford Marsalis– soprano saxophone
  • Mike Landau, Roger McGuinn– guitar
  • Peter Frampton— guitar
  • Bruce Hornsby– piano, accordion
  • Tony Beard – percussion programming; electric guitar
  • Mike Fisher, Michito Sanchez, Vince Charles – percussion
  • Rand Wetherwax – sound design including radio broadcast voices of Simon Jonesand Harry S. Truman

Track listing:

  1. Live It Up – Joe Vitale
  2. If Anybody Had a Heart – Joh David Souther, Danny Kortchmar
  3. Tomboy – Stephen Stills
  4. Haven’t We Lost Enough – Stephen Stills, Kevin Cronin
  5. Yours and Mine – Craig Doerge, David Crosby, Graham Nash
  6. (Got to Keep) Open – Stephen Stills, Graham Nash
  7. Straight Line – Tony Beard
  8. House of Broken Dreams – Graham Nash
  9. Arrows – Michael Hedges, David Crosby
  10. After the Dolphin – Graham Nash, Craig Doerge



In September 1974.

In September 1974, “Columbia” label released “Peace on You”, Roger McGuinn second album. It was recorded in 1974, at “The Record Plant” and “Wally Heider’s Studio” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Bill Halverson.


  • Roger McGuinn – vocals, guitar, bass
  • Dan Fogelberg- guitar, vocals
  • Al Kooper- guitar, piano, clavinet, arrangements, conductor
  • Donnie Dacus- guitar, vocals
  • Paul “Harry” Harris- keyboards
  • Russ Kunkel- drums, percussion
  • Al Perkins- steel guitar
  • Leland Sklar- bass
  • Tommy Tedesco- flamenco guitar
  • Mark Volman, William McLeish Smith, Gwendolyn Edwards, Paul Stallworth, Howard Kaylan, Brooks Hunnicutt, Brenda Gordon, Tim Coulter, Brian Russell, Jorge Calderon – vocals
  • Lee Kiefer – arranger, conductor

Tracks listing:

All tracks by Roger McGuinn and Jacques Levy except where noted.

  1. Peace On You – Charlie Rich
  2. Without You
  3. Going To The Country – Donnie Dacus
  4. (Please Not) One More Time – Al Kooper
  5. Same Old Sound – Roger McGuinn
  6. Do What You Want To Do – Donnie Dacus
  7. Together
  8. Better Change – Dan Fogelberg
  9. Gate Of Horn
  10. The Lady

In June 1972.

In June 1973, “Columbia” label released the debut, self-titled Roger McGuinn solo album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Wally Heider Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Roger McGuinn.


  • Roger McGuinn– vocals, guitars, banjo, Moog synthesizer, harmonica
  • Gene Clark, Spanky McFarlane– vocals
  • David Crosby, Graham Nash– guitars, vocals
  • Jerry Cole– guitar
  • Buddy Emmons– pedal steel guitar
  • Bruce Johnston– piano, vocals
  • Spooner Oldham– organ, piano
  • David Vaught, Chris Ethridge, Chris Hillman, Leland Sklar– bass
  • John Guerin, Michael Clarke, Jim Gordon– drums
  • Charles Lloyd- saxophone
  • Hal Blaine– tambourine, percussion
  • Bob Dylan– harmonica
  • Jimmy Joyce Children’s Chorus—vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Roger McGuinn and Jacques Levy, except where noted.

  1. I’m So Restless
  2. My New Woman
  3. Lost My Drivin’ Wheel – David Wiffen
  4. Draggin’
  5. Time Cube – Roger McGuinn, R. J. Hippard
  6. Bag Full Of Money
  7. Hanoi Hannah
  8. Stone – Spooner Oldham, Dan Penn
  9. Heave Away – traditional, arr. by Roger McGuinn
  10. M’ Linda
  11. The Water Is Wide – traditional, arr. by Roger McGuinn

On November 17, 1971.


On November 17, 1971,”Columbia” label released “Farther Along”, the eleventh  Byrds album. It was recorded July 1971, at “CBS Studios” in London, and August 1971, at “Columbia Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by The Byrds.


  • Roger McGuinn- guitar, vocals
  • Clarence White- guitar, mandolin, vocals
  • Skip Battin- electric bass, piano, vocals
  • Gene Parsons- drums, guitar, harmonica, pedal steel guitar, banjo, vocals

Track listing:

  1. Tiffany Queen – Roger McGuinn
  2. Get Down Your Line – Gene Parsons
  3. Farther Along – traditional, arranged Clarence White
  4. B. Class Road – Gene Parsons, Stuart Dawson
  5. Bugler – Larry Murray
  6. America’s Great National Pastime – Skip Battin, Kim Fowley
  7. Antique Sandy – Roger McGuinn, Skip Battin, Gene Parsons, Clarence White, Jimmi Seiter
  8. Precious Kate – Skip Battin, Kim Fowley
  9. So Fine – Johnny Otis
  10. Lazy Waters – Bob Rafkin
  11. Bristol Steam Convention Blues – Gene Parsons, Clarence White


On November 10, 1969.


On November 10, 1969, “Columbia” label released “Ballad of Easy Rider”, the eighth Byrds album. It was recorded June – August, 1969, at “Columbia Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Terry Melcher. The album got it name after the song “Ballad of Easy Rider”, ( by Roger McGuinn with help from Bob Dylan), as the theme song for the 1969 film, Easy Rider.


  • Roger McGuinn – guitar, vocals
  • Clarence White- lead guitar, vocals
  • John York- electric bass, vocals
  • Gene Parsons- drums, guitar, banjo, vocals
  • Byron Berline- fiddle
  • Glen D. Hardin- organ
  • Terry Melcher- backing vocal, string section

Track listing:

  1. Ballad of Easy Rider – Roger McGuinn
  2. Fido – John York
  3. Oil in My Lamp – traditional, arranged Gene Parsons, Clarence White
  4. Tulsa County Blue – Pamela Polland
  5. Jack Tarr the Sailor – traditional, arranged Roger McGuinn
  6. Jesus Is Just Alright – Arthur Reynolds
  7. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Bob Dylan
  8. There Must Be Someone – Vern Gosdin, Cathy Gosdin, Rex Gosdin
  9. Gunga Din – Gene Parsons
  10. Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) – Woody Guthrie, Martin Hoffman
  11. Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins – Zeke Manners, Scott Seely