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On August 13, 1956.

On August 13, 1956, “Decca” label released “Rock ‘n Roll Stage Show”, the fourth Bill Haley and His Comets album. It was recorded in March 1956, in New York City, and was produced by Milt Gabler.


  • Bill Haley– vocal, rhythm guitar
  • Franny Beecher– vocal, lead guitar
  • Billy Williamson– vocal, steel guitar
  • Johnny Grande– piano, accordion
  • Al Rex– vocal, double bass
  • Ralph Jones– drums
  • Rudy Pompilli- tenor saxophone

Track listing:

  1. Calling All Comets – Bill Haley, Milt Gabler, Rudy Pompilli
  2. Rockin’ Thru the Rye – Bill Haley, Milt Gabler, Rusty Keefer, Catherine Cafra
  3. A Rockin’ Little Tune – Johnny Grande, Billy Williamson
  4. Hide and Seek – Paul Winley, Ethel Byrd
  5. Hey Then, There Now – Rudy Pompilli, Ralph Jones
  6. Goofin’ Around – Franny Beecher, Johnny Grande
  7. Hook, Line and Sinker – Bill Haley, Edward A. Khoury, Ronnie Bonner
  8. Rudy’s Rock – Bill Haley, Rudy Pompilli
  9. Choo Choo Ch’Boogie – Milt Gabler, Denver Darling, Vaughn Horton
  10. Blue Comet Blues – Franny Beecher, Al Rex
  11. Hot Dog Buddy Buddy – Bill Haley
  12. Tonight’s the Night – Bill Haley, Catherine Cafra


In November 1970.

In November 1970, “Warner Bros” label released “Air Conditioning”, the debut Curved Air studio album. It was recorded in July 1969, at “Island Studios” in London, and was produced by Mark Edwards.


  • Sonja Kristina– lead vocals
  • Darryl Way– violin, backing vocals
  • Francis Monkman– guitars, keyboards
  • Rob Martin – bass
  • Florian Pilkington-Miksa– drums

Track listing:

  1. It Happened Today – Francis Monkman, Sonja Kristina Linwood
  2. Stretch – Darryl Way, Francis Monkman
  3. Screw – Darryl Way, Sonja Kristina Linwood
  4. Blind Man – Darryl Way, Rob Martin
  5. Vivaldi – Darryl Way
  6. Hide and Seek – Darryl Way, Sonja Kristina Linwood
  7. Propositions – Francis Monkman
  8. Rob One – Rob Martin
  9. Situations – Darryl Way, Rob Martin
  10. Vivaldi (With Cannons) – Darryl Way, Francis Monkman

On March 9, 1984.

Humans Lib

On March 9, 1984, “WEA” label released “Human’s Lib”, the debut Howard Jones album. It was recorded in 1983, and was produced by Rupert Hine and Colin Thurston. In its first week of release the album sold 100,000 copies, and later has been certified 2× Platinum in UK by the “BPI”.


  • Howard Jones – vocals, synthesizers, keyboards, drum machines
  • Davey Payne, Stephen W. Tayler– saxophone
  • Stuart Fowler – photography
  • Steg – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Howard Jones, except where noted.

  1. Conditioning – music by Howard Jones, lyrics by Bill Bryant
  2. What Is Love? – music by Howard Jones, lyrics by Bill Bryant and Howard Jones
  3. Pearl in the Shell
  4. Hide and Seek
  5. Hunt the Self – music by Howard Jones, lyrics by Bill Bryant and Howard Jones
  6. New Song
  7. Don’t Always Look at the Rain
  8. Equality – music by Howard Jines, lyrics by Bill Bryant and Howard Jones
  9. Natural – music by Howard Jones, lyrics by Bill Bryant
  10. Human’s Lib – music by Howard Jones, lyrics by Bill Bryant