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On January 20, 1978.

On January 20, 1978, “Columbia” label released “Infinity”, the fourth Journey studio album. It was recorded October–December 1977 at “His Master’s Wheels Studio” in San Francisco  and “Cherokee Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Roy Thomas Baker.


  • Steve Perry– lead vocals
  • Neal Schon– electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
  • Gregg Rolie– lead and backing vocals, keyboards
  • Ross Valory– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Aynsley Dunbar– drums, percussion
  • Roy Thomas Baker– mixing
  • Geoff Workman – engineer

Track listing:

  1. Lights – Steve Perry, Neal Schon
  2. Feeling That Way – Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie, Aynsley Dunbar
  3. Anytime – Gregg Rolie, Roger Silver, Robert Fleischman, Neal Schon, Ross Valory
  4. Lă Do Dā – Steve Perry, Neal Schon
  5. Patiently – Steve Perry, Neal Schon
  6. Wheel in the Sky – Neal Schon, Robert Fleischman, Diane Valory
  7. Somethin’ to Hide – Steve Perry, Neal Schon
  8. Winds of March – Matt Schin, Neal Schon, Robert Fleischman, Gregg Rolie, Steve Perry
  9. Can Do – Steve Perry, Ross Valory
  10. Opened the Door – Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon

On January 9, 1958.

On January 9, 1958, “Jamie Records” label released “Have ‘Twangy’ Guitar Will Travel”, the debut Duane Eddy album. It was recorded in 1957, at “Audio Recorders” in Phoenix, Arizona, and was produced by Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill.


  • Duane Eddy – guitar
  • Al Casey– electric bass, piano, rhythm guitar
  • Steve Douglas– saxophone
  • Corki Casey O’Dell – rhythm guitar
  • Buddy Wheeler – electric bass
  • Bob Taylor – drums
  • Mike Bermani – drums
  • Plas Johnson– saxophone
  • Gil Bernal– saxophone
  • Ike Clanton – bass
  • Jimmy Simmons – upright bass
  • Jimmy Wilcox – bass
  • Donnie Owens– rhythm guitar
  • The Sharps– backing vocals
  • Jack Miller – engineer
  • Eddie Brackett – engineer
  • Greg Vaughn – mastering
  • Tom Moulton– mastering
  • Ben Demotto – liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Duane Eddy and Lee Hazlewood, except where noted.

  1. Lonesome Road – Gene Austin, Nathaniel Shilkret
  2. I Almost Lost My Mind – Ivory Joe Hunter
  3. Rebel Rouser
  4. Three-30-Blues
  5. Cannonball
  6. The Lonely One
  7. Detour – Paul Westmoreland
  8. Stalkin’
  9. Ramrod – Al Casey
  10. Anytime – Herbert “Happy” Lawson
  11. Moovin’ ‘N’ Groovin’
  12. Loving You – Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller

In April 1972.

In April 1972, “Rising Sun” label released “Hobo’s Lullaby”, the sixth Arlo Guthrie album. It was recorded October-December 1971, and was produced by Lenny Waronker and John Pilla.


  • Arlo Guthrie- vocals, guitar

Track listing:

  1. Anytime – Herbert Lawson
  2. City of New Orleans – Steve Goodman
  3. Lightning Bar Blues – Hoyt Axton
  4. Shackles and Chains – Jimmie Davis
  5. 1913 Massacre – Woody Guthrie
  6. Somebody Turned on the Light – Hoyt Axton
  7. Ukulele Lady – Richard A. Whiting, Gus Kahn
  8. When the Ship Comes In – Bob Dylan
  9. Mapleview (20%) Rag – Arlo Guthrie
  10. Days Are Short – Arlo Guthrie
  11. Hobo’s Lullaby – Goebel Reeves

On March 9, 2001.

On March 9, 2001, “Parlaphone” label released “One Nil”, the second Neil Finn solo album. It was recorded in 2000, and was produced by Tchad Blake, Neil Finn and Mitchell Froom.


  • Neil Finn– guitar, vocals, high bass, piano, guitar synthesiser, orchestra bells, Wurlitzer electric piano, vibes, harmonium, bass, Chamberlin strings
  • Wendy Melvoin– E-Bow fuzz guitar, chorus, drums, low bass, guitar, bass, percussion, backing vocals, shaker
  • Jim Moginie– ukulele, guitar, fuzz guitar
  • Lisa Germano– chorus, violin
  • Suzanna Melvoin – chorus
  • Doyle – chorus on
  • Tchad Blake– Groove box
  • Mitchell Froom– Penny owsley, keyboards, Hammond organ, Chamberlin, Wurlitzer electric piano, piano, celeste
  • Lisa Coleman– keyboards, backing vocals
  • JJ Johnson – drums
  • Liam Finn– backing vocals
  • Sharon Finn – backing vocals
  • Jim Keltner– drums
  • Edmund McWilliams – backing vocals
  • Sheryl Crow– vocals, accordion
  • Sam Gibson – drum programming, programming

Track listing:

All songs were written by Neil Finn, except where noted.

  1. The Climber
  2. Rest of the Day Off – Neil Finn, Wendy Melvoin, Tchad Blake
  3. Hole in the Ice – Neil Finn, Lisa Coleman
  4. Wherever You Are
  5. Last to Know – Neil Finn, Wendy Melvoin
  6. Don’t Ask Why – Neil Finn, Wendy Melvoin
  7. Secret God – Neil Finn, Wendy Melvoin
  8. Turn and Run
  9. Elastic Heart
  10. Anytime
  11. Driving Me Mad
  12. Into the Sunset


On April 29, 1997.

Cheap trick

On April 29, 1997, “Red Ant Records” label released the self-titled, second Cheap Trick album. It was recorded December 1995 – January 1997, at “Pie Studios” in New York, and was produced by Ian Taylor, Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, Tom Peterson and Bun E. Carlos.


  • Robin Zander– lead vocals, acoustic, slide, baritone and electric guitar, tiple, piano
  • Rick Nielsen– backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, E-bow, piano, electric saw
  • Tom Petersson– backing vocals, bass, 12-string bass, acoustic, baritone and electric guitar, E-bow, tamboura
  • Bun E. Carlos– drums, tambourine
  • Mike Beert – cello
  • Richie Cannata– piano
  • Ian Taylor – engineer, mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson and Robin Zande,  except where noted.

  1. Anytime
  2. Hard to Tell
  3. Carnival Game – Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, Jerry Dale McFadden, Robert Reynolds
  4. Shelter – Jamie Mika, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, Robin Zander
  5. You Let a Lotta People Down
  6. Baby No More
  7. Yeah Yeah (original version)
  8. Say Goodbye (studio version)
  9. Wrong All Along
  10. Eight Miles Low
  11. It All Comes Back to You – Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, Jerry Dale McFadden, Robert Reynolds