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On April 1, 2002.


On April 1, 2002, “Parlaphone” label released “Release”, the eighth Pet Shop Boys studio album. It was recorded September 2000 – November 2001, at “Studio PSB”, “Sony Music Studios” in London, and “Chillout” in Berlin, and was produced by Pet Shop Boys and Chris Zippel.


  • Neil Tennant – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Chris Lowe – keyboards, drum programming, vocals
  • Pete Gleadall – programming and engineering
  • Johnny Marr– guitar
  • Jody Linscott– percussion
  • Steve Walters – bass guitar
  • Chris Zippel – keyboards
  • Little Mike” – guitar and bass

Track listing:

  1. Home and Dry
  2. I Get Along
  3. Birthday Boy
  4. London
  5. E-Mail
  6. The Samurai in Autumn
  7. Love Is a Catastrophe
  8. Here
  9. The Night I Fell in Love
  10. You Choose



On April 1, 2002.


On April 1, 2002,” Wiiija” label released “Handcream for a Generation”, the fourth Cornershop” studio album. It was produced by Tjinder Singh.

Track listing:

All tracks by Tjinder Singh.

  1. Heavy Soup
  2. Staging the Plaguing of the Raised Platform
  3. Music Plus 1
  4. Lessons Learned from Rocky I to Rocky III
  5. Wogs Will Walk
  6. Motion the 11
  7. People Power
  8. Sounds Super Recordings
  9. The London Radar
  10. Spectral Mornings
  11. Slip the Drummer One
  12. Heavy Soup (outro)
  13. Bonus Track

On April 1, 1987.

Solitude Standing

On April 1, 1987, “A&M” label released “Solitude Standing”, the second Suzanne Vega album. It was recorded 1986 – 1987, at “Bearsville Studios” in Woodstock, NY, and “RPM Sound Studios” in NYC, and was produced by Steve Addabbo and Lenny Kaye.


  • Suzanne Vega– vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Michael Visceglia –bass, synthesizer
  • Anton Sanko – synthesizers,classical guitar
  • Marc Shulman –electric guitars
  • Stephen Ferrera –drums, percussion
  • Johnny Gordon – guitar
  • Shawn Colvin– backing vocals
  • Sue Evans– percussion, drums
  • Mitch Easter– rhythm guitar
  • Steve Addabbo– guitar
  • Frank Christian– electric guitar
  • Steve Addabbo– producer, recording engineer
  • Lenny Kaye– producer
  • Mitch Easter– producer
  • Rod O’Brien – recording engineer
  • Shelly Yakus– mixing engineer

All tracks by Suzanne Vega, except where noted.

  1. Tom’s Diner
  2. Luka
  3. Ironbound/Fancy Poultry – Suzanne Vega and Anton Sanko
  4. In the Eye – Suzanne Vega and Marc Shulman
  5. Night Vision – Suzanne Vega and Anton Sanko
  6. Solitude Standing – Suzanne Vega, Michael Visceglia, Anton Sanko, Marc Shulman and Stephen Ferrera
  7. Calypso
  8. Language – Suzanne Vega and Michael Visceglia
  9. Gypsy
  10. Wooden Horse (Caspar Hauser’s Song) – Suzanne Vega, Michael Visceglia, Anton Sanko, Marc Shulman and Stephen Ferrera
  11. Tom’s Diner (Reprise)

On April 1, 1979.

Life in a Day

On April 1, 1979, “Zoom” label released “Life in a Day”, the debut Simple Minds album. It was recorded December 1978 – January 1979, at “Rolling Stones Mobile”, “Abbey Road Studios”,”Townhouse” in London, and was produced by John Leckie.


  • Jim Kerr– vocals
  • Charles Burchill– guitar, violin, vocals
  • Derek Forbes– bass, vocals
  • Brian McGee– drums, percussion, vocals
  • Michael MacNeil– keyboards, vocals

Track listing:

All lyrics by Jim Kerr, all music by Charles Burchill and Jim Kerr.

  1. Someone
  2. Life in a Day
  3. Sad Affair
  4. All for You
  5. Pleasantly Disturbed
  6. No Cure
  7. Chelsea Girl
  8. Wasteland
  9. Destiny
  10. Murder Story


On April 1, 1975.

Journey 1st

On April 1, 1975, “Columbia” label released the self – titled debut album by Journey. It was recorded in November 1974, at “CBS Studios”, in San Francisco, and was produced by Roy Halee.


  • Neal Schon- lead guitar
  • George Tickner– guitars, bass
  • Gregg Rolie- keyboards, vocals
  • Ross Valory- bass guitar, piano
  • Aynsley Dunbar- drums

Track listing:

  1. Of a Lifetime – Gregg Rolie, George Tickner and Neal Schon
  2. In the Morning Day – Gregg Rollie and Ross Valory
  3. Kohoutek – Neal Schon and Gregg Rollie
  4. To Play Some Music – Neal Schon and Gregg Rollie
  5. Topaz – George Tickner
  6. In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations – Gregg Rollie and Ross Valory
  7. Mystery Mountain – Gregg Rollie, George Tuckner and Diane Valory

On April 1, 1974.

Meet the Residents

On April 1, 1974, “Ralph Records” label released “Meet the Residents”, the debut Residents studio album. It was recorded February – October 1973, and was produced by The Residents.

Track listing:

All tracks by The Residents, except where noted.

  1. Boots – Lee Hazlewood
  2. Numb Erone
  3. Guylum Bardot
  4. Breath and Length
  5. Consuelo’s Departure
  6. Smelly Tongues
  7. Rest Aria
  8. Skratz
  9. Spotted Pinto Bean
  10. Infant Tango
  11. Seasoned Greetings
  12. N-ER-GEE (Crisis Blues)


On April 1, 1984.

Marvin Gaye

On April 1, 1984, Marvin Gaye died aged 45. He was shot by his father, Marvin Gay, Sr. at their house in West Adams district of Los Angeles. Gaye was cremated and his ashes were spread in the Pacific Ocean. His death was listed at No. 8 on “VH-1” “Classic’s 100 most shocking moments in music”.