The Dave Clark Five: Coast to Coast

In December 1964, “Epic” label released “Coast to Coast”, the fourth US Dave Clark Five (The) studio album. It was recorded in 1964, and was produced by Adrian Clark.


  • Lenny Davidson – guitars, backing and harmony vocals
  • Mike Smith – lead vocals, keyboards
  • Rick Huxley – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Dave Clark – drums, backing vocals
  • Denis Payton – saxophone, backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Any Way You Want It – Ron Ryan
  2. Give Me Love – Dave Clark, Denny Payton
  3. I Can’t Stand It – Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson
  4. I’m Left Without You – Dave Clark, Denny Payton
  5. Everybody Knows – Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson
  6. Crying Over You – Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson
  7. Say You Want Me – Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson
  8. When – Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson
  9. Don’t You Know – Dave Clark, Denny Payton
  10. To Me – Dave Clark, Denny Payton
  11. It’s Not True – Dave Clark, Mike Smith


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