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In December 1968.

In December 1968, “MGM” label released “Love Is”, the third Eric Burdon and The Animals album. It was recorded in October 1968, at “TTG” and “Sunset Sound Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Eric Burdon, Zoot Money, Andy Summers, John Weider and Barry Jenkins.


  • Eric Burdon— lead vocals, spoken word
  • Zoot Money— bass, backing and co-lead (3, 8a) vocals, organ, piano, spoken word (8a)
  • Andy Summers— guitar, backing vocals
  • John Weider— guitar, violin, backing vocals
  • Barry Jenkins— drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Robert Wyatt- backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. River Deep, Mountain High – Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich
  2. I’m an Animal – Sylvester Stewart
  3. I’m Dying (Or Am I?) – Eric Burdon
  4. Ring of Fire – June Carter, Merle Kilgore
  5. Colored Rain – Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood
  6. To Love Somebody – Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb
  7. As the Years Go Passing By – Deadric Malone
  8. Gemini – Steve Hammond / Madman – Zoot Money, Andy Summers

In August 1970.

In August 1970, “Capitol” label released “Mongrel”, the third  Bob Seger System studio album. It was recorded 1970, and was produced by Punch Andrews and Bob Seger.


  • Bob Seger- guitar, vocals
  • Dan Honaker – bass, guitar, vocals
  • Pep Perrine – percussion, drums, vocals
  • Dan Watson – organ, piano, keyboards, vocals
  • Bob Schultz – organ, saxophone, vocals
  • Engineer: Jim Bruzzese, Greg Miller
  • Design: cover art, photography: Thomas Weschler

Track listing:

All tracks by Bob Seger, except where noted.

  1. Song to Rufus
  2. Evil Edna
  3. Highway Child
  4. Big River
  5. Mongrel
  6. Lucifer
  7. Teachin’ Blues
  8. Leanin on My Dream
  9. Mongrel Too
  10. River Deep, Mountain High – Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector

In June 1971.

In June 1971, “RCA Victor” label released “Aerial Pandemonium Ballet”, the seventh Harry Nilsson studio album. It was recorded 1966-1968, with new vocals and remixes in 1971, and was produced by Harry Nilsson and Rick Jarrard. This was one of the first-ever remix albums.

Track listing:

All tracks by Harry Nilsson except where noted

  1. Introduction
  2. 1941
  3. Daddy’s Song
  4. Richland’s Favorite Song
  5. Good Old Desk
  6. Everybody’s Talkin
  7. Bath
  8. River Deep – Mountain High – Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich
  9. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend
  10. Don’t Leave Me
  11. Without Her
  12. Together
  13. One
  14. Closing

In June 1970.

In June 1970, “Colgems” label released “Changes”, the ninth Monkees studio album. It was recorded in October 1966 and September 1969, at “RCA Victor Studios” and “The Sound Factory” in Hollywood, and was produced by Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, Bill Chadwick and Jeff Barry.


  • Davy Jones – lead vocals
  • Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, Ron Hicklin – backing vocals
  • Wayne Erwin, Gerry McGee, Louie Shelton – guitars
  • Tommy Boyce – acoustic guitar
  • Larry Taylor – bass
  • Billy Lewis – drums
  • Bobby Hart – organ
  • Harold Ayres, John DeVoogdt, James Getzoff, Joy Lulu, Norman Serkin – violins
  • William Hymanson, Gareth Nuttycombe – violas
  • Frederick Seykora – cello
  • Jay Miglior – saxophone
  • Chuck Findley – trumpet
  • Alan Robinson – French horn
  • Dick Hyde – trombone
  • Gene Estes – bell
  • Arranged by: Jimmie Haskell

Track listing:

All tracks by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim, except where noted.

  1. Oh My My
  2. Ticket on a Ferry Ride – Jeff Barry, Bobby Bloom
  3. You’re So Good to Me – Jeff Barry, Bobby Bloom
  4. It’s Got to Be Love – Neil Goldberg
  5. Acapulco Sun – Ned Albright,Steven Soles
  6. 99 Pounds – Jeff Barry
  7. Tell Me Love – Jeff Barry
  8. Do You Feel It Too?
  9. I Love You Better
  10. All Alone in the Dark – Ned Albright, Steven Soles
  11. Midnight Train – Micky Dolenz
  12. I Never Thought It Peculiar – Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart

In May 1974.

In May 1974, “ABC Records” label released “Rags To Rufus”, the second Rufus studio album. It was recorded 1973-1974, at “Quantum Studios” in Torrance, California, and was produced by Chaka Khan, Dennis Beifield, André Fischer, Kevin Murphy, Al Ciner, Ron Stockert and Bob Monaco. The album was certified Platinum in the US by the “RIIA”.


  • Chaka Khan– lead vocals, background vocals
  • Dennis Belfield – background vocals, bass
  • André Fischer – drums, percussion, background vocals
  • Kevin Murphy– organ, clavinet, background vocals
  • Al Ciner– electric & acoustic guitars, background vocals
  • Ron Stockert – lead vocals, keyboards, background vocals
  • Tony Maiden – guitar, vocals, talk box
  • Nate Morgan – keyboards
  • Clare Fischer– orchestration
  • Don Sciarrotta – chief recording & re-mix engineer
  • Tony Sciarrotta – assistant engineer
  • Vic Zaslow – audio mastering
  • Ron Stockert, Dennis Belfield, Al Ciner – string & horn arrangements

Track listing:

  1. You Got the Love – Chaka Khan, Ray Parker, Jr.
  2. I Got the Right Street (But the Wrong Direction) – Ron Stockert
  3. Walkin’ in the Sun – Jeff Barry
  4. Rags to Rufus – Kevin Murphy, André Fischer, Chaka Khan, Ron Stockert, Dennis Belfield, Al Ciner
  5. Swing Down Chariot – Kevin Murphy, André Fischer, Chaka Khan, Ron Stockert, Dennis Belfield, Al Ciner
  6. Sideways – Kevin Murphy, André Fischer, Chaka Khan, Ron Stockert, Dennis Belfield, Al Ciner
  7. Ain’t Nothin’ But a Maybe – Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson
  8. Tell Me Something Good – Stevie Wonder
  9. Look Through My Eyes – Dennis Belfield
  10. “In Love We Grow – Dennis Belfield
  11. Smokin’ Room – Dennis Belfield

On September 13, 1974.


On September 13, 1974, “Warner Bros” released “I’ve Got My Own Album to Do”,the debut Ronnie Wood solo album. It was recorded December 1973, April – June 1974, at The Wick, Richmond in London, and was produced by Ronnie Wood and Gary Kellgren.


  • Ronnie Wood– lead vocals, guitars, percussion, harmonica, guitar effects
  • Keith Richards– guitars, electric piano, piano, backing vocals, percussion, lead vocals, guitar effects
  • Willie Weeks– bass, guitar effects
  • Andy Newmark– drums, percussion
  • Ian McLagan– organ, electric piano, ARP synthesizer, piano
  • Ross Henderson – steel drums
  • Sterling – steel drums
  • Mick Jagger– backing vocals, guitar
  • David Bowie– backing vocals
  • George Harrison– slide guitar, backing vocals
  • Mick Taylor– bass, electric guitar, electric piano, ARP synthesizer
  • Jean Roussel– organ, electric piano, piano
  • Martin Quittenton– acoustic guitar
  • Pete Sears– bass, celeste
  • Micky Waller– drums
  • Rod Stewart– backing vocals
  • Ruby Turner– backing vocals
  • Ireenand Doreen Chanter – backing vocals

Tracks listing:

All tracks by Ronnie Wood except where noted.

  1. I Can Feel the Fire
  2. Far East Man – George Harrison, Ronnie Wood
  3. Mystifies Me
  4. Take a Look at the Guy
  5. Act Together – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  6. Am I Grooving You – Bert Russell, Jeff Barry
  7. Shirley
  8. Cancel Everything
  9. Sure the One You Need – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  10. If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody – Rudy Clark
  11. Crotch Music – Willie Weeks

On September 11, 1964.


On September 11, 1964, “His Master Voice” label released “The Five Faces of Manfred Mann”, the debut Manfred Mann studio album. It was recorded in 1964, at “EMI Studios” in Abbey Road, London, and was produced by John Burgess.


  • Manfred Mann– piano, organ
  • Mike Vickers– guitar, flute, saxophone
  • Mike Hugg– drums, vibes
  • Paul Jones– vocals, harmonica, maracas
  • Tom McGuinness– bass guitar
  • Norman Smith– engineer

Track listing:

  1. Smokestack Lightning – Chester Burnett
  2. Don’t Ask Me What I Say – Paul Jones
  3. Sack O’ Woe – Cannonball Adderley
  4. What You Gonna Do? – Paul Jones, Manfred Mann
  5. Hoochie Coochie – Willie Dixon
  6. I’m Your Kingpin – Manfred Mann, Paul Jones
  7. Down the Road Apiece – Don Raye
  8. Got My Mojo Working – Preston Foster; credited to Muddy Waters
  9. Canadian version: “Do Wah Diddy Diddy – Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich
  10. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine – Rose Marie McCoy, Sylvia McKinney; credited to Joe Seneca, J. Lee
  11. Anello – Mike Hugg, Paul Jones, Manfred Mann, Tom McGuinness, Mike Vickers
  12. Untie Me – Joe South
  13. Bring It to Jerome – Jerome Green
  14. Without You – Paul Jones
  15. You’ve Got to Take It – Paul Jones