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On March 29, 2012.

On March 29, 2012, “Tooth & Nail Records” label released “The Everglow” the second Mae album. It was recorded in 2011, and was produced by Ken Andrews.


  • Dave Elkins – vocals, guitar
  • Zach Gehring – guitar
  • Rob Sweitzer – vocals, keyboards
  • Mark Padgett – bass
  • Jacob Marshall – drums

Track listing:

  1. Prologue
  2. We’re So Far Away
  3. Someone Else’s Arms
  4. Suspension
  5. This is the Countdown
  6. Painless
  7. The Ocean
  8. Breakdown
  9. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
  10. Cover Me
  11. The Everglow
  12. ready and Waiting to Fall
  13. Anything
  14. The Sun and the Moon
  15. Epilogue

On September 5, 2005.

On September 5, 2005, “Mute” label released “Coles Corner”, the fourth Richard Hawley studio album. It was recorded in 2015, at “Yellow Arch Studios” in Sheffield, UK, and was produced by Richard Hawley, Colin Elliot, and Mike Timm.


  • Richard Hawley– vocals, acoustic, electric, 12-string acoustic, 12-string electric, baritone, and Spanish guitar, Hawaiian lap steel, hammer dulcimer, enchanted lyre, Omnichord, piano, drums, steel drum, vibraphone, baby glockenspiel
  • Andy Cook – drums
  • Colin Elliot – baritone guitar, electric and upright bass, piano, percussion, backing vocals, string arrangements
  • Shez Sheridan – acoustic, electric, 12-string acoustic, 12-string electric, baritone, and reverb tremolo guitar, backing vocals
  • Jon Trier – piano, Fender Rhodes, vibraphone, baby glockenspiel
  • Johnny Wood – upright slap bass
  • Gaynor Sutcliffe, Lizz Lipscombe, Susannah Simmons, Lizzie Ball – violin
  • Naomi Koop, Simon Graham – viola
  • Liz Hanks – cello

Track listing:

All tracks by Richard Hawley, except where noted.

  1. Coles Corner
  2. Just Like the Rain
  3. Hotel Room
  4. Darlin’ Wait for Me – Richard Hawley, Shez Sheridan
  5. The Ocean
  6. Born Under a Bad Sign
  7. I Sleep Alone
  8. Tonight
  9. (Wading Through) The Waters of My Time
  10. Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet? – traditional, arranged by Richard Hawley
  11. Last Orders

On March 19, 2013.

On March 19, 2013, “Yep Rec Records” label released “The Happiness Waltz”, the 10th Josh Rouse studio album. It was recorded in 2012, at “Rio Bravo Studios” in Valencia, Spain, and was produced by Brad Jones.


  • Josh Rouse – vocals, acoustic, nylon string and electric guitar, bass, harmonica, vibraphone, engineer
  • Cayo Beliveser – electric and upright bass, piano, Vox organ, shaker, background vocals
  • Xema Fuertes – 12 string acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, Fender Rhodes, piano, Wurlitzer, background vocals, art direction
  • Brad Jones – Fender Rhodes, 12 string and Hi string guitar, Hammond B3, piano, upright piano, vibraphone, background vocals, marimba, mixing, overdubs, engineer
  • Paco Loco – Hammond B3, pedal steel, pump organ, engineer
  • Raul Fernandez – piano
  • Paul Niehaus – pedal steel
  • Jim Hoke – flute, baritone saxophone
  • John Guindon – trombone
  • Esteban Perles – drums, percussion
  • Daniel Tashian – background vocals
  • Robert Di Pietro – mastering
  • Jim DeMain – mastering
  • Paz Suay – art direction, design
  • Allen Clark – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Josh Rouse, except where noted.

  1. Julie (Come Out of the Rain) – Josh Rouse, Daniel Tashian
  2. Simple Pleasure
  3. It’s Good to have You – Brad Jones, Josh Rouse
  4. City People, City Things – Blair Daily, Josh Rouse
  5. This Movie’s Way Too Long
  6. Our Love – Josh Rouse, Daniel Tashian
  7. A Lot Like Magic – Josh Rouse, Daniel Tashian
  8. Start Up a Family – Josh Rouse, Daniel Tashian
  9. The Western Isles – Brad Jones, Josh Rouse
  10. Purple and Beige
  11. The Ocean
  12. The Happiness Waltz

On April 1, 2014.

On April 1, 2014, “Favorite Gentlemen / Loma Vista Recordings” labels released “Cope”, the fourth Manchester Orchestra studio album. It was recorded June 2012 – March 2013, at “Fluxivity Studios” in Brooklyn, NY, and was produced by Dan Hannon, Andy Hull, Chris Freeman, Andy Prince and Tim Very.


  • Andy Hull – vocals, guitar
  • Chris Freeman – keyboards
  • Andy Prince – bass
  • Tim Very – drums
  • Robert McDowell – guitar, engineer
  • Nick Day, Brad Fisher – engineer
  • Greg Calbi – mastering
  • John Agnello – mixing
  • Jordan Noel – layout, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy Hull.

  1. Top Notch
  2. Choose You
  3. Girl Harbor
  4. The Mansion
  5. The Ocean
  6. Every Stone
  7. All That I Really Wanted
  8. Trees
  9. Indentions
  10. See It Again
  11. Cope

On May 22, 2007.

On May 22, 2007, “Island” label released “The Sun and the Moon”, the second Bravery studio album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Brendan O’Brien.


  • Sam Endicott- lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Michael Zakarin – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • John Conway – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Mike Hindert- bass, backing vocals
  • Anthony Burulcich – drums, backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Sam Endicott.

  1. Intro (featuring Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 on the Moonversion)
  2. Believe
  3. This Is Not the End
  4. Every Word Is a Knife in My Ear
  5. Bad Sun
  6. Time Won’t Let Me Go
  7. Tragedy Bound
  8. Fistful of Sand
  9. Angelina
  10. Split Me Wide Open
  11. Above and Below
  12. The Ocean

In February 1970.


In February 1970,“Island” label released “Stormbringer!”, the first John and Beverly Martyn album, and the third overall John Martyn album. It was recorded in Woodstock, New York, and was produced by Joe Boyd.


  • John Martyn – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Beverley Martyn – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Harvey Brooks- bass
  • Paul Harris- piano, organ, musical direction, arrangements
  • John Simon- harpsichord
  • Levon Helm- drums
  • Herbie Lovell- drums
  • Billy Mundi- drums
  • John Wood- engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by John Martyn except where noted.

  1. Go Out And Get It
  2. Can’t Get The One I Want – Beverley Martyn
  3. Stormbringer
  4. Sweet Honesty – Beverley Martyn
  5. Woodstock
  6. John The Baptist
  7. The Ocean – Beverley Martyn
  8. Traffic-Light Lady
  9. Tomorrow Time – Beverley Martyn
  10. Would You Believe Me?

On March 28, 1973.


On March 28, 1973,“Atlantic’ label released “Houses of the Holy”, the fifth Led Zeppelin studio album. It was recorded December 1971 – August 1972, at “Island Studios”, “Olympic Studios” in London, “The Rolling Stones Mobile”, “Stargroves Estate” in Hampshire, and was produced by Jimmy Page. This was band’s first album composed of entirely original material. In 1999, “Houses of the Holy” was certified 11 x Platinum in US by the “RIAA”. In 2012, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 148 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of all Time”. In 2007, “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” inducted “Houses of the Holy” in “The Definitive 200: Top 200 Albums of All-Time”.


  • John Bonham– drums, backing vocals
  • John Paul Jones– bass guitar, keyboards, synthesiser bass, backing vocals
  • Jimmy Page– acoustic, electric and pedal steel guitars, theremin
  • Robert Plant– lead vocals
  • Keith Harwood– mixing
  • Hipgnosis– sleeve design
  • Andy Johns– engineering, mixing
  • Eddie Kramer– engineering, mixing
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering engineering
  • Aubrey Powell– cover photography

Track listing:

  1. The Song remains the Same – Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  2. The Rain Song – Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  3. Over the Hills and Far Away – Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  4. The Crunge – John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  5. Dancing Days – Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  6. D’yer Maker – John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  7. No Quarter – John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  8. The Ocean – John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant