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On April 2, 1990.

On April 2, 1990, “Parlaphone” label released “Groovy, Laidback and Nasty” the ninth Cabaret Voltaire studio album. It was recorded in 1989, and was produced by James Reynolds, Robert Gordon, Mark Brydon, Marshall Jefferson, Stephen Mallinder and Richard H. Kirk.


  • Stephen Mallinder – vocals, keyboards, programming
  • Richard H. Kirk – keyboards, programming
  • Herb Lawson – guitar
  • David Josias – percussion
  • Glenn Morimoto – trumpet
  • Paris Brightledge, Bob Bono (Robert Bond) – vocals
  • Marshall Jefferson – vocals
  • Ten City – vocals
  • Steel – rap
  • Lorita Grahame – vocals
  • Deborah Haslam – vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Richard H. Kirk and Stephen Mallinder, except where noted.

  1. Searchin’ – Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder, Marshall Jefferson
  2. Hypnotised
  3. Minute by Minute
  4. Runaway
  5. Keep On (I Got This Feeling)
  6. Magic – Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder, Marshall Jefferson
  7. Time Beats
  8. Easy Life

On March 5, 1996.

On March 5, 1996, “4AD” label released “Lovelife”, the fourth and final Lush studio album. It was recorded May – August 1995, at “Protocol Studios” in London, and was produced by Pete Bartlett, Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson, Phil King and Chris Acland.


  • Miki Berenyi – lead vocals, guitar
  • Emma Anderson – vocals, guitars
  • Phil King – bass guitar
  • Chris Acland – drums
  • Jarvis Cocker – vocal
  • Audrey Riley – cello, arrangements
  • Giles Hall – engineer
  • V23 – art direction, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Miki Berenyi, except where noted.

  1. Ladykillers
  2. Heavenly Nobodies
  3. 500 (Shake baby Shake) – Emma Anderson
  4. I’ve Been Here Before – Emma Anderson
  5. Papasan
  6. Single Girl – Emma Anderson
  7. Ciao
  8. Tralala – Emma Anderson
  9. Last Night – Emma Anderson
  10. Runaway
  11. The Childcatcher
  12. Olympia – Emma Anderson

On February 6, 1978.

On February 6, 1978, “Grunt” label released “Earth”, the fourth Jefferson Starship album. It was recorded July – October 1977, at “Wally Heider Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Larry Cox, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, Pete Sears, Craig Chaquico, John Barbata and David Freiberg.


  • Grace Slick– vocals, piano, arrangements, art direction
  • Paul Kantner– vocals, rhythm guitar, arrangements, art direction
  • Marty Balin– vocals, arrangement, art direction
  • Pete Sears– bass guitar, electric piano, organ, Moog, synthesizer, piano, celeste, clavinet, arrangements, art direction
  • Craig Chaquico– vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, arrangements, art direction
  • John Barbata– vocals, electric drums, drums, congas, percussion, arrangements, art direction
  • David Freiberg– vocals, bass, organ, arrangements, art direction
  • Jesse Barish– background vocals
  • Gene Page – horn and string arrangements
  • Larry Cox – engineer
  • David Frazer – assistant engineer
  • Steve Hall – recording
  • John Golden – mastering
  • Pat Leraci (Maurice) – production coordinator, art coordination
  • Nat Quick – illustration
  • Cynthia Bowman – art coordination
  • Bill Laudner – art assistant
  • Gribbitt (Tim Bryant) – art director
  • Don Davis– Earth dust sleeve illustration, Earth label illustration
  • Roger Rossmeyer – photography
  • Paul Dowell – amp consultant

Track listing:

  1. Love Too Good – lyrics by Gabriel Robles, music by Craig Chaquico
  2. Count on Me – lyrics and music by Jesse Barish
  3. Take Your Time – lyrics by Grace Slick, music by Pete Sears
  4. Crazy Feelin’ – lyrics and music by Jesse Barish
  5. Skateboard – lyrics by Grace Slick, Craig Chaquico, music by Craig Chaquico
  6. Fire – lyrics by Mary Balin, Trish Robbins, music by David Freiberg, Pete Sears
  7. Show Yourself – lyrics and music by Grace Slick
  8. Runaway – lyrics and music by N.Q.Dewey
  9. All Night Long – lyrics by Paul Kantner, Mary Balin, Jesse Barish, Grace Slick, music by Paul Kantner, John Barbata, Pete Sears, Craig Chaquico, David Freiberg


On November 26, 1996.

On November 26, 1996, “EMI” label released “Broken China” the second and the final Richard Wright solo album. It was recorded in 1996, at “Studio Harmonie” in  France; “Whitfield Street Studios”, “RAK Studios” and “The Astoriain London, and was produced by Richard Wright, Anthony Moore and Laurie Latham.


  • Richard Wright– vocals, keyboards, programming
  • Anthony Moore– computer programming, arrangements, ‘telephone vocal’
  • Sinéad O’Connor– lead vocals
  • Tim Renwick, Dominic Miller, Steven Bolton – guitars
  • Pino Palladino– bass guitar
  • Manu Katché– drums, percussion
  • Sian Bell – cello
  • Kate St. John– oboe, cor anglais
  • Maz Palladino – backing vocals
  • Storm Thorgerson, Peter Curzon- sleeve design
  • Tony May – photography
  • Jason Reddy – computer
  • Julien Mils, Finlay Cowan – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Richard Wright, except where noted.

  1. Breaking Water – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore
  2. Night of a Thousand Furry Toys – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore
  3. Hidden Fear – Richard Wright, Gerry Gordon
  4. Runaway
  5. Unfair Ground
  6. Satellite
  7. Woman of Custom
  8. Interlude
  9. Black Cloud
  10. Far from the Harbour Wall – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore
  11. Drowning
  12. Reaching for the Rail – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore
  13. Blue Room in Venice – Richard Wright, Gerry Gordon
  14. Sweet July
  15. Along the Shoreline – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore
  16. Breakthrough – Richard Wright, Anthony Moore

On October 9, 2015.

On October 9, 2015, “Dine Alone” label released “If I Should Go Before You”, the fifth City and Colour studio album. It was recorded in 2015, and was produced by Dallas Green.


  • Dallas Green- vocals, guitar, congas
  • Dante Schwebel – guitar
  • Doug MacGregor – drums, percussion
  • Jack Lawrence- bass guitar
  • Matt Kelly – pedal steel, keys, trumpet
  • Alysse Gafkjen, Leah Miller Green- backing vocals
  • Karl Bareham – guitar, keyboards
  • Mark Watrous- violin

Track listing:

All tracks by Dallas Green.

  1. Woman
  2. Northern Blues
  3. Mizzy C
  4. If I Should Go Before You
  5. Killing Time
  6. Wasted Love
  7. Runaway
  8. Lover Come Back
  9. Map of the World
  10. Friends
  11. Blood

In October 1976.

In October 1976, “MCA” label released “New England”, the seventh Wishbone Ash studio album. It was recorded in 1976, at “Laurel Edge” in Connecticut and “Criteria Sound Studios” in Miami, and was produced by Ron Albert and Howard Albert.


  • Martin Turner– bass, lead vocals
  • Andy Powell– electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals, mandolin
  • Laurie Wisefield– electric and slide guitars, backing vocals
  • Steve Upton– drums
  • Nelson “Flaco” Padron – percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Martin Turner, Andy Powell, Laurie Wisefield and Steve Upton, except where noted.

  1. (In All of My Dreams) You Rescue Me
  2. Runaway
  3. Lorelei
  4. Outward Bound
  5. Prelude
  6. When You Know Love
  7. Lonely Island
  8. Candlelight – Martin Turner, Andy Powell, Laurie Wisefield, Steve Upton and Ted Turner

In September 1981.

In September 1981, “Magnet” label released “Gosh It’s…”, the third Bad Manners album. It was recorded in 1981, at “Rockfield Studios” in Monmouth, Wales, and was produced by Roger Lomas.


  • Buster Bloodvessel– vocals
  • Louis ‘Alphonso’ Cook – guitar
  • David Farren – bass, string bass
  • Martin Stewart– keyboards, bagpipes
  • Brian Tuitt – drums, percussion
  • Chris Kane – saxophone, tin whistle
  • Andrew Marson – saxophone
  • Paul “Gus” Hyman – trumpet
  • Winston Bazoomies – harmonica
  • Ted Sharp – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Buster Bloodvessel, Louis ‘Alphonso’ Cook, David Farren, Martin Stewart, Brian Tuitt, Chris Kane, Andrew Marson, Paul “Gus” Hyman and Winston Bazoomies, except where noted.

  1. Walking in the Sunshine
  2. Dansetta
  3. Can Can – Jacques Offenbach
  4. Weeping and Wailing
  5. Casablanca (Rags and Riches)
  6. Don’t Be Angry – Nappy Brown
  7. Ben E. Wriggle
  8. Runaway
  9. Never Will Change
  10. Only Funkin’
  11. End of the World
  12. Gherkin

On February 7, 1994.

Marillion - Brave

On February 7, 1994, “EMI” label released “Brave”, the seventh Marillion, studio album. It was recorded November 1992 – August 1993, at “Marouatte Castle” in France, and was produced by Dave Meegan. In 2000, “Classic Rock” selected “Brave” as one of the “30 Best Albums of the 90s”, and in 2003 as one of “Rock’s 30 Greatest Concept Albums”.


  • Steve Hogarth– vocals
  • Steve Rothery– guitars
  • Mark Kelly– keyboards
  • Pete Trewavas– bass
  • Ian Mosley– drums

Track listing:

All music by Steve Hogarth, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Pete Trewavas and Ian Mosley. All lyrics by Steve Hogarth except where noted.

  1. Bridge
  2. Living with the Big Lie
  3. Runaway – Steve Hogarth, John Helmer
  4. Goodbye To All That
  5. Goodbye To All That (continued)
  • Wave
  • Mad
  • The Opium Den
  • The Slide
  • Standing in the Swing
  1. Hard As Love – Steve Hogarth, John Helmer
  2. The Hollow Man
  3. Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury
  • Now wash your hands
  1. Paper Lies – Steve Hogarth, John Helmer
  2. Brave
  3. The Great Escape – Steve Hogarth , John Helmer
  • The last of you
  • Falling from the moon
  1. Made Again – John Helmer
  2. The Great Escape – Steve Hogarth, Helmer
  3. Unlisted Water Noises – John Helmer