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On August 1, 2006.

On August 1, 2006, “HighNote” label released “Billy Hart Quartet”, the sixth Billy Hart album. It was recorded in October 2005, at “Ambient Recording”, in Easton, Connecticut, and was produced by The Fiesta.


  • Billy Hart- drums
  • Mark Turner- tenor saxophone
  • Ethan Iverson- piano
  • Ben Street- bass

Track listing:

All tracks by Billy Hart except where noted.

  1. Mellow B – Ethan Iverson
  2. Moment’s Notice – John Coltrane
  3. Charvez
  4. Confirmation – Charlie Parker
  5. Lorca
  6. Irah
  7. Lullaby for Imke
  8. Iverson’s Odyssey – Mark Turner
  9. Neon – Ethan Iverson


In October 1976.

In October 1976, “MCA” label released “New England”, the seventh Wishbone Ash studio album. It was recorded in 1976, at “Laurel Edge” in Connecticut and “Criteria Sound Studios” in Miami, and was produced by Ron Albert and Howard Albert.


  • Martin Turner– bass, lead vocals
  • Andy Powell– electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals, mandolin
  • Laurie Wisefield– electric and slide guitars, backing vocals
  • Steve Upton– drums
  • Nelson “Flaco” Padron – percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Martin Turner, Andy Powell, Laurie Wisefield and Steve Upton, except where noted.

  1. (In All of My Dreams) You Rescue Me
  2. Runaway
  3. Lorelei
  4. Outward Bound
  5. Prelude
  6. When You Know Love
  7. Lonely Island
  8. Candlelight – Martin Turner, Andy Powell, Laurie Wisefield, Steve Upton and Ted Turner

On September 15, 1972.

On September 15, 1972, “RCA” label released “Rocky Mountain High”, the sixth John Denver album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Milton Okun.


  • John Denver – 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars, vocals, arrangements
  • Gary Chester– drums, percussion
  • Eric Weissberg– banjo, steel guitar
  • Bill Danoff, Martine Habib, Bruce Innes, Mike Kobluk, Taffy Nivert– backing vocals
  • Richard Kniss – double bass, arranger
  • Frank Owens – piano
  • Paul Prestopino – acoustic guitar, autoharp
  • Mike Taylor – acoustic guitar
  • Pupils of the Whitby School, Greenwich, Connecticut – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Rocky Mountain High – John Denver, Mike Taylor
  2. Mother Nature’s Son – John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  3. Paradise – John Prine
  4. For Baby (For Bobbie) – John Denver
  5. Darcy Farrow – Steve Gillette, Tom Campbell
  6. Prisoners – John Denver
  7. Goodbye Again – John Denver
  8. Season Suite: Summer – John Denver, Mike Taylor, Dick Kniss
  9. Season Suite: Fall – John Denver, Mike Taylor, Dick Kniss
  10. Season Suite: Winter – John Denver, Mike Taylor, Dick Kniss
  11. Season Suite: Late Winter, Early Spring (When Everybody Goes To Mexico) – John Denver, Mike Taylor, Dick Kniss
  12. Season Suite: Spring – John Denver, Mike Taylor, Dick Kniss


In June 1978.

In June 1978, “Columbia” label released “Nested”, the seventh Laura Nyro studio album. It was recorded in 1977 in Danbury, Connecticut, and was produced by Laura Nyro and Roscoe Harring.


  • Laura Nyro – vocals, electricand acoustic piano, church organ, guitar, strings
  • Will Lee- bass guitar
  • Andy Newmark- drums
  • Vinnie Cusano- guitar
  • John Tropea- guitar
  • Nydia “Liberty” Mata – percussion
  • John Sebastian- harmonica
  • Cyril Cianflone, Tony Levin – bass guitar
  • Felix Cavaliere- electric piano, organ
  • Dale Ashby, Frank Koenig – engineer
  • Adger W. Cowans – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Laura Nyro.

  1. Blue (Song of Communications)
  2. Rhythm and Blues
  3. My Innocence
  4. Crazy Love
  5. American Dreamer
  6. Springblown
  7. The Sweet Sky
  8. Light
  9. Child in a Universe
  10. The Nest


On June 12, 1995.

On June 12, 1995, “Dischord Records” label released “Red Medicine”, the fourth Fugazi album. It was recorded January – February, 1995, at “Inner Ear Studios” in Arling,  Virginia, “Guilford House” in  Guilford, Connecticut,  and was produced by by Guy Picciotto, Ian MacKaye, Joe Lally, and Brendan Canty.


  • Ian MacKaye– guitar, vocals
  • Guy Picciotto– guitar, vocals
  • Joe Lally– bass, vocals
  • Brendan Canty– drums
  • Jem Cohen – cover art, photography
  • Joey P. – photography
  • Don Zientara – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Guy Picciotto, Ian MacKaye, Joe Lally, and Brendan Canty.

  1. Do You Like Me
  2. Bed for the Scraping
  3. Latest Disgrace
  4. Birthday Pony
  5. Forensic Scene
  6. Combination Lock
  7. Fell, Destroyed
  8. By You
  9. Version
  10. Target
  11. Back to Base
  12. Downed City
  13. Long Distance Runner

In January 1978.


In January 1978, “Blue Sky” released “I’m Ready”, the thirteenth Muddy Waters studio album. It was recorded in October – November 1977, in Westport, Connecticut, and was produced by Johnny Winter. In 1978,the album earned Waters a “Grammy Award”.


  • Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield ) – vocal, guitar
  • Jimmy Rogers– guitar
  • Big Walter Horton– acoustic and amplified harmonica
  • Bob Margolin– guitar/bass
  • Pinetop Perkins– piano
  • Willie “Big Eyes” Smith– drums
  • Johnny Winter– guitar
  • Jerry Portnoy– amplified harmonica

Track listing:

All tracks by McKinley Morganfield; except where noted.

  1. I’m Ready – Willie Dixon
  2. 33 Years
  3. Who Do You Trust
  4. Copper Brown
  5. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man – Willie Dixon
  6. Mamie – McKinley Morganfield, Jimmy Rogers
  7. Rock Me
  8. Screamin’ And Cryin
  9. Good Morning, Little School Girl – Sonny Boy Williamson



On September 27, 2004.


On September 27, 2004, “Matador” label released “Antics” the second Interpol studio album. It was recorded March – May 2004, at “Tarquin Studios” in Bridgeport,  Connecticut, and was produced by Interpol and Peter Katis.


  • Paul Banks– lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Daniel Kessler– lead guitar
  • Carlos Dengler– bass, keyboards
  • Sam Fogarino– drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Interpol.

  1. Next Exit
  2. Evil
  3. Narc
  4. Take You on a Cruise
  5. Slow Hands
  6. Not Even Jail
  7. Public Pervert
  8. C’mere
  9. Length of Love
  10. A Time to Be So Small


On April 18, 1989.


On April 18, 1989, “4AD” released “Doolittle”, the second Pixies studio album. It was recorded October 31 – November 23, 1988, at “Downtown Recorders” in Boston, “Massachusetts”  and  “Carriage House Studios” in Stamford, Connecticut, and was produced by Gil Norton. In 1995, the album was certified Gold by the “Recording Industry Association of America”. In 2003 “NME” magazine writers ranked  “Doolittle”as the second-greatest album of all time, and “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 226 on its list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Black Francis– vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Kim Deal– bass guitar, vocals, slide guitar
  • Joey Santiago– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • David Lovering– drums, vocal, bass guitar
  • Arthur Fiacco – cello
  • Karen Karlsrud – violin
  • Corine Metter – violin
  • Ann Rorich – cello

Track listing

All tracks by Black Francis, except where noted.

  1. Debaser
  2. Tame
  3. Wave of mutilation
  4. I bleed
  5. Here comes your man
  6. Dead
  7. Monkey gone to heaven
  8. Grieves
  9. Crackity Jones
  10. La la love you
  11. 13 baby
  12. There goes my gun
  13. Hey
  14. Silver – Black Francis and Kim Deal
  15. Gouge away