Sammy Hagar: Space Between

On May 10, 2019, “BMG” label released “Space Between” first Sammy Hagar and the Circle album, the eighteenth Sammy Hagar studio album overal. It was recorded in 2019 and was produced by Jaimeson Durr, Sammy Hagar and Vic Johnson.


  • Sammy Hagar – lead vocals
  • Vic Johnson – guitar, backing vocals
  • Michael Anthony – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Jason Bonham – drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Audie DeLone – keyboards
  • Brett Tuggle – keyboards
  • Ian Hatton – additional guitar
  • Steven Campodonico – engineer
  • Ian Hatton – engineer
  • Alan Howarth – engineer
  • Jaimeson Durr – recording, mixing
  • F. Reid Shippen – mixing
  • Ted Jensen – mastering

Track listing:

All lyrics by Sammy Hagar, except where noted, all music as noted.

  1. Devil Came to Philly – Sammy Hagar
  2. Full Circle Jam (Chump Change) – Jason Bonham, Michael Anthony, Vic Johnson
  3. Can’t Hang – Sammy Hagar
  4. Wide Open Space – Sammy Hagar
  5. Free Man – Jason Bonham
  6. Bottom Line – Sammy Hagar
  7. No Worries – Sammy Hagar, Tom Solis
  8. Trust Fund Baby – Jason Bonham, Ronnie Montrose
  9. Affirmation – Samar Hagar
  10. Hey Hey (Without Greed) – Sammy Hagar

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