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On April 7, 1992.

On April 7, 1992, “Verve” label released “Qué Alegría”, the seventh John McLaughlin album. It was recorded November 29 – December 3 1991, at “Studio Bauer” in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and was produced by John McLaughlin.


  • John McLaughlin– acoustic guitar, Photon Midi interface
  • Trilok Gurtu– percussion
  • Dominique Di Piazza– 4 string and 5 string bass guitars
  • Kai Eckhardt– bass guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by John McLaughlin except where noted.

  1. Belo Horizonte
  2. Baba – Trilok Gurtu
  3. Reincarnation
  4. 1 Nite Stand
  5. Marie – Dominique Di Piazza
  6. Hijacked
  7. Mila Repa
  8. Qué Alegría
  9. 3 Willows

On December 3, 2007.

On December 3, 2007, “Lime Records” label released “Chris Squire’s Swiss Choir”, the second and last Chris Squire album. It was recorded September – October 2007, and was produced by Chris Squire, Gerard Johnson and Alan White.


  • Chris Squire – vocals, bass guitar, arranger
  • Steve Hackett– guitars, acoustic guitars
  • Gerard Johnson– keyboards, arranger
  • Jeremy Stacey– drums
  • English Baroque Choir– chorus
  • Jeremy Jackman– vocals, musical direction
  • Amy George – soprano voice
  • Laura Macara – vocals
  • Alan White– drums, piano, keyboards, backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Adam Lay Ybounden – traditional
  2. I Saw Three Ships – traditional
  3. O come, O come, Emmanuel – traditional
  4. Silent Night/Night of Silence – Franz Xaver Gruber, Joseph Mohr
  5. Ding Dong Merrily on High – Thoinot Arbeau, George Ratcliffe Woodward
  6. The Three Kings – Peter Cornelius
  7. Sans Day Carol – traditional
  8. Personent hodie – traditional
  9. Sussex Carol – traditional
  10. Gaudete – traditional
  11. In the Bleak Midwinter – traditional
  12. Past Three O’Clock – traditional
  13. Run With the Fox – Chris Squire, Alan White, Peter Sinfield

On December 3, 2013.

On December 3, 2013, “Frontiers” label released “Life, Love & Hope”, the sixth Boston studio album. It was recorded 2003 – 2013, and was produced by Tom Scholz.


  • Tom Scholz- guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, vocals
  • Brad Delp- vocals (posthumous)
  • Gary Pihl- vocals, guitar
  • Kimberley Dahme- vocals, flute
  • Tommy DeCarlo- vocals
  • Curly Smith – harmonica
  • David Victor, Louis St. August, Jeff Neal, Jude Nejmanowski, Beth Cohen – vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Tom Scholz, except where noted.

  1. Heaven on Earth
  2. Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love
  3. Last Day of School
  4. Sail Away
  5. Life Love and Hope
  6. If You Were In Love
  7. Someday
  8. Love Got Away
  9. Someone
  10. You Gave Up on Love
  11. Te Quiero Mia
  12. The Way You Look Tonight
  13. O Canada

On December 3, 1983.

On December 3, 1983, “RCA” label released “The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome”,  the eleventh Slade studio album.It was recorded in 1983, at “Portland Studios” and  “Rak Studios”, and was produced by Jim Lea and John Punter. All tracks written by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea.


  • Dave Hill- lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Noddy Holder- lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Jim Lea- bass, keyboards, guitars, backing vocals, lead vocal
  • Don Powell- drums, percussion, gongs
  • Andy Dummit– saxophone
  • Pete Drummond– announcements
  • Andy Miller, Dave Garland, Mike Nocito, Pete Schwier – engineers
  • Andrew Christian – art direction
  • Shoot That Tiger! – design
  • John Shaw – photography
  • Phil Davis – set designer

Track listing:

All tracks by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea.

  1. Slam the Hammer Down
  2. In the Doghouse
  3. Run Runaway
  4. High and Dry
  5. My Oh My
  6. Cocky Rock Boys (Rule O.K.)
  7. Ready to Explode
  8. (And Now the Waltz) C’est La Vie
  9. Cheap ‘n’ Nasty Luv
  10. Razzle Dazzle Man

On December 3, 2015.

Sxott Weiland

On December 3, 2015, Scott Weiland died aged 48. Being musician and singer-songwriter, Weiland was best known as the lead singer and frontman of Stone Temple Pilots (1986 to 2013), and “The Velvet Revolver” (2003 to 2008). He also had a solo career, releasing four studio albums, one cover album  and one live album. Weiland passed away in his sleep while on a tour stop in Bloomington, Minnesota.

On December 3, 1971.


On December 3, 1971, “Island” label released “Islands”, the fourth King Crimson studio album. It  was recorded in October 1971, at the “Command Studios” in London, and was produced by Robert Fripp, Mel Collins, Ian Wallace and Boz Burrell.


  • Robert Fripp– guitar, mellotron, harmonium, sundry implements
  • Peter Sinfield– words, sounds and visions, cover design, painting
  • Mel Collins– saxophones, flute, bass flute, backing vocals
  • Ian Wallace– drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Boz Burrell– bass, lead vocals, choreography
  • Paulina Lucas – soprano vocals
  • Keith Tippett– piano
  • Robin Miller – oboe
  • Mark Charig– cornet
  • Harry Miller– double bass
  • Uncredited musicians – strings
  • Robert Ellis – photography

Track listing:

Music by Robert Fripp, lyrics by Peter Sinfield.

  1. Formentera Lady
  2. Sailor’s Tale
  3. The Letters
  4. Ladies of the Road
  5. Prelude: Song of the Gulls
  6. Islands
  7. Untitled

On December 3, 1965.


On December 3, 1965, “Brunswick Records” label released “My Generation”, the debut Who studio album. “My Generation” was recorded in April and October 1965, at the “IBC Studios” in London, and was produced by Shel Talmy.


  • Roger Daltrey– lead vocals, harmonica
  • John Entwistle– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Keith Moon– drums, percussion, backing vocals on “Instant Party Mixture”
  • Pete Townshend– six and twelve-string acoustic and electric guitars, backing and lead vocals
  • Perry Ford – piano
  • Nicky Hopkins– piano
  • The Ivy League– backing vocals
  • Jimmy Page– lead and rhythm guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by Pete Townshend, except where noted.

  1. Out in the Street
  2. I Don’t Mind – James Brown
  3. The Good’s Gone
  4. La-La-La-Lies
  5. Much Too Much
  6. My Generation
  7. The Kids Are Alright
  8. Please, Please, Please – James Brown, Johnny Terry
  9. It’s Not True
  10. I’m a Man – Bo Diddley
  11. A Legal Matter
  12. The Ox – Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Nicky Hopkins